Grey's Anatomy s18e14 Episode Script

Road Trippin

1 When a patient goes into cardiac arrest, we follow a specific set of protocols to resuscitate them.
Start with CPR, give oxygen, assess heart rhythm to determine if the patient needs to be shocked.
If needed, push epinephrine every three to five minutes.
Consider an advanced airway and need to administer additional medications.
Then check the pulse and start the cycle all over again.
CPR, shock, meds, pulse check sometimes for hours.
You ready? Here we go.
Until, hopefully, you change the course and save a life.
Good morning, everyone.
Good morning.
I know everyone's been following Fierce Fernanda as she has traveled across the country with her family.
I first met Fernanda and her family in Boston last fall.
She suffers from congenital aortic valve disease, which led to aortic stenosis.
At 13 years of age, she's already had two heart surgeries.
Nothing has worked.
Until today.
We're doing a Ross procedure.
Only seven programs in the country perform Ross procedures, and you are training at one of them.
Someone tell me what it is.
Uh, it's taking a patient's pulmonary valve and moving it into the position of their aortic valve, preventing the need for lifelong anticoagulant therapy.
It also has the added benefit for pediatric patients since it is their own valve, it will grow with them.
And on a pediatric patient, it's even more challenging.
Pierce is one of only a few surgeons in the country who have done this successfully.
Ndugu will be working with me today, as will one of you.
So, who's ready to meet Fernanda? Say hello to the Grey-Sloan team, Fernanda.
Hi, Dr.
Hi, everyone.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Fernanda's condition left it unsafe for her to travel on a commercial plane, so she and her family have been driving all the way across the country from Boston.
She'll be here in approximately two hours.
So who's ready to scrub The spinal fracture is healing well.
No signs of malalignment.
How's PT going? My strength's improving.
I'm putting more weight on the leg every single day.
- A lot of progress.
- Great! Okay, I'll want another exam and set of films in two weeks.
So, I can go back to work? Today? No, no.
- We're not there yet.
- Amelia Owen, you're not ready.
You would have to stand for hours at a time in an OR.
You have to build up your endurance.
My endurance is fine! Pick it up without the crutch.
How scientific.
I'm not clearing you.
There's a physician shortage! Two weeks! And keep the pen.
Fierce Fernanda and her family just made it to Ellensburg.
- Really? Already? - Yeah.
Let me see.
My throat hurts.
Mine, too.
You're not going to work, right? You're worse than me.
Am not.
Hello? And where the hell are you? My mom said it's not nice to say that word.
Okay, then, um, may I talk to your mom, Miss Zola? - No, ma'am.
- Excuse me? No, ma'am.
And my I ask why not? Because technically, "no" is a complete sentence.
Can I have the phone? Bai Bailey.
I'm sorry.
Oh, you sound gross.
- I know.
- Grey, no.
Uh, y-your name is on the board for a Whipple, esophagectomy, two lap choles.
I know, but I was actually just getting ready to call.
I can, um I can call someone Bye! Richard, oh, thank God.
Grey is sick.
Can you take over some of her Where are your scrubs? I'm handing off my assignments.
Until I get my assessment No.
And technically, that's a complete sentence.
Bailey, I cannot operate until I've had my assessment.
- Says who? - Says me! Look, I-I just don't trust myself right now.
Well, I trust you.
T-There's a potential foreign body in the rectum in bed 9.
You're welcome.
You W Richard! You are fine! Look, you've been doing this for decades.
We all have good days, bad days.
Well, I've had more bad than good lately.
You do know that we are in the middle of a physician shortage.
I cannot pick up a scalpel or supervise anyone until I know it's safe.
Assessment's next week.
- Chief! - No.
Incoming trauma, two rigs.
And someone just threw up blood in trauma two.
I just I just I just I just I just I Okay.
Pierce! Thank you.
I've wanted to see a Ross procedure - my entire career.
- Hm.
I know the surgery's extremely difficult.
I mean, the complications alone hemorrhage, myocardial infarctions, stroke, obviously death.
Yeah, I think you've covered it, Helm.
Would you please go see if her scans are up to date? Yes.
Ndugu, Dr.
Pierce Aortic dissection just came in downstairs.
Patient is decompensating fast.
Was he DOA? What the hell? I'm alive! It's too easy.
You jump at everything.
Thanks, Karen.
He promised you wouldn't have me fired.
And who are you? Uh, uh, Maggie, this is Wendell.
He's my little brother.
Of course.
I've seen pictures.
Pleasure to finally meet you.
Grey-Sloan's nice.
Lots of trees, right in the middle of the city.
You can even see the Space Needle from the other side.
When it's not raining.
It's not raining.
Shouldn't it be raining? It rains a lot in the spring.
Rained the day before our wedding, actually.
I'm sorry for not making it to the wedding.
You didn't even RSVP.
I know.
I just I kept thinking I'd make it last minute, but it It was a rough time.
I-I had a job go south, and I was a little embarrassed.
I couldn't even afford a bus ticket to Seattle.
You should've called.
We could've We could've helped or something.
But we're glad you're here now.
Oh, uh, and I have a job.
You are now looking at Trinity Labs' new medical sales representative.
- Bam! - Hm.
With benefits.
Wendell, we have a huge case today.
Yeah, uh, go, go.
- Go save lives.
- Yeah.
Maybe we'll do dinner later.
Yeah, I'd like that.
Call you when we're finished.
- You gonna be alright? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'll just I'll keep myself busy.
Adell to the N.
That's good.
Yes, trauma two.
Has it been like this every day? Some days it's worse.
We're backed up down here, we're backed up thank you On the OR floor.
Trying to find someone to take Grey's Whipple at noon.
But now even my go-to locum tenens is avoiding me.
I've got a stack of paperwork so high, I can't even get to my desk.
I know someone that could do the Whipple.
Yes, yes.
Nice try.
Shepherd told me you're not cleared.
I meant you.
Go operate.
Who's supposed to handle this mess? Me.
Bailey, half the chief's job is to be a traffic cop and to solve problems.
I've done it before, and I can do it again.
You want to be chief? W Just for the day.
I'll be in the OR Chief.
Okay, Laura, let's try this again.
You do realize I'm not less pregnant than the last time we tried this surgery? - Uh-huh.
- Um, Laura Eames, 34, severe mitral valve insufficiency and scheduled for a transcatheter valve repair.
- Again.
- You know, I'm really hoping this isn't one of those "rule of three" situations.
Wait, where's, uh, Dr.
Pierce? Hi, Laura, I'm Dr.
I'll be doing your surgery today.
Pierce has a big case coming in from Boston which was Yes! The girl in the RV.
I saw her this morning on "Good Morning Seattle.
" - Yeah, she's doing a Ross procedure.
- Mm-hmm.
And I'm here.
Wow, that's a lot of fruit.
Yeah, I ordered it online.
Didn't realize it would be this big.
Probably looks bananas.
Hm? I'm so sorry, uh, again.
It's so sweet.
You didn't have to - Oh.
- get me It's for Laura.
You know I can't eat before surgery, dummy.
Uh, then, it is for you? Thanks.
Alright, the family's been on the road for weeks, so anything they need Um, meals, cots, clothes, just put an intern on it.
Hospital services has been in touch with them about a utilities hookup for the RV, but we should confirm.
Here they come.
Daniel, what's wrong? I-I don't know, she suddenly was starting to feel a little dizzy.
Come, come, come.
Helm, get a gurney.
It's Dr.
Maggie and Dr.
I feel everything spinning.
When did it start? About 20 minutes ago.
I drove as fast as I could.
We need to get her inside right away.
Maggie, are we here? Did I make it? Yes, Fernanda, you made it.
You're in Seattle.
You're at Grey-Sloan.
- I made it.
- Yes.
I made it.
We got to get her to the PICU right now.
Tell Altman she can have OR 2.
She requested OR 1.
Yeah, because she thinks OR 2 has a buzzing sound, but it doesn't I know this because nobody else has ever heard it.
You want me to tell her that? I want you to tell her that she has OR 2.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Ndugu and Pierce want to cancel Hendrick's CABG this afternoon.
Whoa, whoa, that's gonna throw our whole schedule off.
Well, they need to run a few more tests on Fernanda, and they want to make sure an OR is open if they need it.
FYI, Dr.
Lin is in OR 5 with a Z-plasty, not OR 4.
What? Since when? Since I saw her go in OR 5 with Baldwin.
Does Chief Bailey know you're doing this? Yes, I'm acting chief today.
You know, I was chief of surgery for five years.
You're chief of surgery? Uh, yes, at least for the day.
I was told to speak with you.
Wendell Ndugu.
Oh, any relation to - Winston is my brother.
- Ah.
I have an amazing opportunity for you.
Okay, we're trying to get her blood pressure back up, but she is extremely dehydrated.
We're giving her fluids, but we noticed that her murmur's much worse.
What about my surgery? Can you still do it? Uh, we're not sure.
We'll have to run an echo, do a cardiac MRI Her dehydration, is that because of the trip? Possibly, but we knew it would be tricky getting Fernanda here.
We should've gotten here sooner.
We never should've stopped.
He made us stop and And sight-see I thought we had time.
Fernanda's numbers were good.
She was feeling great.
We've been in and out of hospitals, so I just wanted the kids to see the country, have some normalcy before the surgery.
I didn't think it would hurt to stop for a few pictures.
- Dad? - Mr.
Lima, are you okay? I'm fine, I'm fine.
Just a little back pain.
I've been driving this RV for two weeks.
We'll have someone take a look at it.
In the meantime this isn't anyone's fault, okay? So let us just do the scans, and we'll go from there.
Alright? Hang tight, Fernanda.
Are you okay? Dr.
Wagner to Radiology.
Wagner to Radiology.
Free fruit! Ugh.
We're gonna be in OR 2.
Okay, I think I'm gonna try and cram in another practice test until then.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Hi, uh Hi.
- Oh.
- Oh, yeah, I-I was just sharing.
Who doesn't like fruit? I don't know.
Uh, serial killers? Cats? Um do you want to grab dinner tonight? Keep up the tradition of hanging out when my sister's in the hospital? - I would.
Um, yeah.
- Okay.
But I-I have to study for my annual OB resident's exam, so I will be holed up in a library.
Okay, well, I don't get in the way of a library.
Uh, uh, also, Laura was asking for some ice chips.
Oh, yeah, um, okay.
Oh, hey.
Do you Would you mind grabbing ice chips for this patient here? Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Okay, I know that it's probably not He he's not technically a a patient, so I Oh, relax, Wilson.
I married a patient once.
For insurance.
- So I'm not judging.
- Okay.
Um, and just for the record, the thing with Link is over.
What thing with Link? Remember how I slept with Link? You slept with Link?! Oh, my God, be quiet! Yes, remember how I told you at the bar? I barely remember the bar.
Are you Are I have to go.
W Did I Did I tell you anything at the bar? Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, excuse me, can you direct me to the residency director's office? Oh, uh, Dr.
Webber isn't in today.
Uh, try Chief Bailey.
The pain could be positional from driving so many hours a day, but I'm happy to do an exam, order scans? Okay.
He may be downplaying his level of pain because he doesn't want to take attention away - from Fernanda's care - Mm-hmm.
Oh, no.
Winston, come listen.
And it's not without precedent.
In Europe, a pilot program with a similar BioTech Drone succeeded in saving a patient 11 out of 12 takeoffs.
So you're saying we can send a drone ahead of an ambulance carrying a defibrillator? A defibrillator in a drone, for now.
In about four to six months, we're talking about other portable emergency equipment Powered AI rovers.
I mean, the lives we can save.
You know, this all sounds pretty amazing.
I will definitely kick this up to the board.
Your brother's selling some pretty high tech.
Very futuristic and cool.
I I had no idea.
This is your brother? - Yeah.
- Hold on.
Shepherd? - Dr.
Amelia Shepherd? - Yeah.
I've read about your work on ultrasound-guided tumor reduction.
I didn't know I was meeting a celebrity.
Wendell Ndugu, former black sheep of the family.
Ah, from one former black sheep to another, it's very nice to meet you.
How long are you in town? Uh, you should come for dinner.
You know what? I'd love that.
Wendell, uh, you mind if I talk to you real quick before I head up to radiology? Yeah, yeah, sure thing.
Nice talking to you, Dr.
Thank you.
- Right in here.
- Yeah.
Why are you wearing scrubs? What are you doing? I'm just doing my job.
Wendell, you don't work here.
Where do you think medical sales happen? In a hospital.
And, you know, I just wish you would've talked to me about it first, man.
I don't even know what you're selling.
These people are my colleagues.
Some of these people are my bosses.
How do you think I got the job? You used my name to get the job? I mean, I had to at least mention that my brother's - a hotshot surgeon at Grey-Sloan - Mm.
and that my sister-in-law is head of cardio, and that I know Dr.
Richard Webber.
You don't know Richard Webber! Well, I mean, I could if you would introduce me.
Wendell, come on, man, you lied! You know, Dad told me not to come here.
Dad told you not to You're still talking to Dad? He said you wouldn't help me, said you wouldn't get it.
You know what I said? I said, "No, no, no, no.
It'll be different this time.
" Because I finally have a job that you could be happy about.
A type of job you've been telling me to get for years.
I said you would be proud.
I guess Dad was right.
The giant panda, also known as the panda bear, is a bear species indigenous to China.
The daily routine for a panda is spent roaming and feeding at the bamboo forests and hill regions Thank you.
of South Central China.
They spend up to 16 hours a day, eating mainly on one nutrient protein source bamboo.
Pandas communicate with each other in a variety of ways.
They might chirp Oh, good job, Mom.
That's not easy.
vocalization, they also It is when I'm with you.
Is it weird that I wish we got sick together more? Yes, but I was just thinking the same thing.
to mark their scent.
That Whipple was perfection.
And it brought me joy, Perez.
Do you see my joy? I see it.
Your closure was almost jaunty.
- Happy for you, Chief.
- Yes, I'm looking for the Chief.
She's right here.
Is the esophagectomy next? Uh, I think so.
Oh, hi, excuse me.
I'm sorry.
I'm looking for Chief Miranda Bailey? Oh, not today, ma'am.
Excuse me? If you're looking for the chief today, please see Dr.
Owen Hunt.
He'll help you with whatever you need.
Uh, If you'll excuse me, I have a surgery.
Yoon to OR 1.
Yoon to OR 1.
Where do I find Dr.
Hunt? We'll see you upstairs, okay? Fernanda's aortic stenosis has gone from severe to critical.
Made worse by the dehydration.
Aortic jet velocity's through the roof.
What are you thinking? Damn it.
The ventricle is too small.
Seems to be a narrowing of the LVOT.
Risky just became riskier.
I don't even think I can fit a pulmonary valve in there.
Maybe they should have spent less time taking pictures.
They could have gotten Fernanda here in less than four days, and instead, they took crowd funding money from strangers and blew it on a sight-seeing tour.
They wanted to spend time together as a family.
Well, that extra time just caused Fernanda to become sicker, which means we're walking into an impossible situation in the OR.
So it's selfish.
Her family was selfish.
Are you okay? Fine.
Look, if it were up to me, I would change course at this juncture.
You want to cancel the Ross procedure? Yeah, I do.
Is this your medical opinion, or are you looking to punish this family for what you consider to be their "selfishness?" Winston, I know that you're having problems - with your brother right now - Look, my opinion is based on the scans, Maggie.
But I'll support whatever you decide.
What? You can't put a five on a king.
- What is wrong with you? - Wait, no, you said fives are magic.
No, I said they're half magic.
We've been playing this game for 10 years.
How do you still not know the rules? - Dr.
- Yeah.
Will you please tell my brother that you can put a five on a king? Well, uh, she is getting heart surgery today, - so she can do whatever she wants.
- Mm.
I knew you two would gang up on me eventually.
Here for me? No, I thought I'd get a quick appendix removed while we wait.
You're going to be fine.
Yeah, that's what you said last time.
And you were fine.
My uterus compressed my IVC and my heart stopped.
And you woke up.
And you were okay.
And your baby was fine.
Okay, look.
Okay, so I'm I'm studying for this test right now.
My entire OB-GYN residency rides on it.
So basically all I do is deliver babies, examine vaginas, and read about delivering babies and examining vaginas.
So if there is one person on the planet right now who's prepared to help you, it's me.
And, look, now you know we have your baby's health as our first priority, so if anything doesn't look right, we will stop, just like we did before.
You're gonna be okay, Laura.
Thank you.
You ready? You got this.
Love you.
Love you.
Alright, let's head out.
You want to try a different kind of surgery? Today? It's called a Ross-Konno procedure.
It's still the Ross procedure, but we need to make sure that Fernanda's ventricle can handle it, so we need to enlarge it first.
And how do you do that? We cut it in half.
You want to cut our daughter's heart in half? Dividing part of the ventricle allows for better flow to the heart, which will ensure that the Ross procedure actually corrects Fernanda's stenosis.
Is it riskier? Yes.
We have to cut around the fibers that control her heart beat.
She could go into complete heart block.
- Oh, my God.
- Meu Deus do céu Have you or Dr.
Winston done this procedure - on someone as sick as Fernanda? - We haven't.
But you've come of all this way because you trusted me.
So I need you to keep trusting me.
This is Fernanda's best shot.
So how do you know you can even do it? Mom everyone else said no.
Everyone except Dr.
Is it the best option to replace her valve? It is.
But we need to go now.
Do the surgery, Dr.
Hey, Rafael.
Everything okay? Just a little dizzy It hurts to breathe Okay, alright.
Um, here.
C-Come with me.
Come on.
Right in here.
Take a seat.
Okay, deep breaths, okay? Inhale hold, three, two, one exhale.
Again, like that.
Panic attacks are sometimes the body's reaction to fear or stress.
You're worried about Fernanda, right? Rafael? I'm a horrible brother.
Hey, come on, what are you talking about? You came all the way here with her.
I'm a left winger, y'know? Fastest in school.
I can dribble past anyone, any age, any size.
Like Neymar.
Yeah, except I lost my soccer scholarship because I had to leave school.
My sister's heart isn't just killing her.
It's killing all of us.
My dad may have just fractured his back, my mom hasn't slept in days No one can breathe.
None of us can breathe.
We took a week.
We took some pictures.
We laughed, and we ate stupid tourist food, and we saw the Badlands, and we were happy for a minute.
And now that might've killed my sister.
Now they have to cut her heart in half.
'Cause we took a few extra days! It feels like we're getting punished.
Like, I don't know what we did wrong.
But we just keep getting punished.
If my sister dies because we stopped at the Badlands we won't ever recover.
We won't make it.
We won't make it.
We won't make it.
What What do you think you're all doing? I could ask you the same thing.
Pierce is about to start Fierce Fernanda's surgery.
We heard a rumor that she's now doing a Ross-Konno procedure.
And we snagged front row.
- Uh, for the learning opportunity.
- Hm, okay.
Tseng, you're supposed to be covering the ICU, and I have not received your monthly case report.
Perez, you're assigned to general, which means you should be in OR 3 assisting Ruiz with a colectomy.
Hunt, this is a once-in-a-career surgery How many times does Dr.
Bailey need to remind you there is a physician shortage? All of you, up.
Go do medicine instead of watching it.
Now! What? I'm still not clearing you.
Hunt? Yeah, how can I help you? You're a hard person to track down.
Maryann Such an, from the Medical Accreditation Council.
We need to talk.
Must be really nerve-wracking, doing this kind of surgery with so many eyes watching.
I mean, the entire country's pulling for this little girl, and you just made a rare procedure into an even rarer one.
Helm, are you finished scrubbing? I am.
Are you Please pick a different question.
Are you aware that your entire body is tense? Even your jaw is locked.
I was wrong.
I was wrong to tell you to call this off.
This surgery is mildly terrifying, but I can do it.
Even so, I need someone in there who can assist me.
And I need that person to be completely focused.
So I'm asking you, Winston, do I need to page Altman? Whatever's going on with your brother When my mom had cancer, Wendell and my dad, they flipped out on the outside.
Wendell would get into fights with anyone who crossed him.
And my dad drank and just threw away money.
And he landed in jail a few times.
And even after everything he put us through over the years, Mom forgave him.
And she would use her money for her treatment to bail him out.
And because Mom had cancer, I was also freaking out.
Just on the inside.
And they didn't help.
They just made it worse.
And I started Started having panic attacks, and I almost had to quit my fellowship.
My whole life almost derailed because of them.
And now I have this amazing thing here and I think I got scared that Wendell's somehow just gonna do it all over again.
But I'm not gonna let him.
Because my wife is a genius.
And we have a life to save.
Hell, we have a whole family to save.
Ready to deploy the clip.
How's her pressure? Steady.
And you're sure about the valve size? A 3D-CTA was performed.
We're a match.
And you have a proper alignment? Is there a problem with the fetal monitor, Dr.
Wilson? - Nope.
- Well, and I trust you when you tell me that, so trust me when I tell you - that everything is okay up here.
- Sorry.
I just have all these study questions in my head, so I'm going over every worst case scenario.
Nothing to do with the fact that fruit-boy's sister is on the table? Can I ask a question? How long do we think this procedure will take? Why? Well, Dr.
Pierce upgraded Fernanda's surgery to a Ross-Konno.
So I thought maybe I could head over No, you can't ask a question.
As you can see, it's not an isolated incident.
We've received over 15 complaints about Grey-Sloan's residency program in the last six months.
From the actual residents? It's anonymous, so it could be anyone.
But the complaints include working over 80 hours a week, being asked to perform surgeries without supervision, participating in a program with a glaring lack of teachers And, Dr.
Hunt, I witnessed you yelling at a group of residents today.
Oh, um, uh, we've been short-staffed recently So you kicked students out of an incredible experience to observe a surgery that's never been done before? I apologize for that, but Apologies don't fix a systemic problem, Dr.
But why am I speaking to you about all of this and not Dr.
Webber or Chief Bailey? Scalpel.
They were right to travel across the country for you.
But I already knew that.
I did it, too.
Here we go.
Is Laura okay? Dr.
Altman said that everything was was Oh, yeah, no, Laura's great.
- Oh.
- She's annoyed at me, which means that she's doing just fine.
Thank you, by the way.
I really didn't want to have to tell her - that you were wrong.
- Mm.
You know, about her being okay.
I got to say, if you talk to all your patients the way you spoke to my sister, you are going to pass this test with flying colors.
Yeah, there's just a little bit more to it than bedside manner.
- Oh, is there? - Mm-hmm.
You don't just put your arms out and catch the babies? No.
I don't want to presume Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Uh, these are for you.
And I-I didn't know what you liked, so the gift shop lady told me to go with roses, to be safe.
So here.
They're perfect.
Thank you.
And Study snacks.
- What? - Yes, yes.
- I got you water - Uh-huh.
- electrolytes, chips - Obviously.
dark chocolate, and I wanted to put some fruit in, but I thought I over-fruited earlier.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Well, nobody has ever bought me study snacks before.
Yeah, and I've never kissed a girl in a library before.
But the same reason that kept me from doing it in the past is keeping me from doing it now.
And what's that? People come to libraries to study.
That's right.
Good luck on your test, Jo.
Good night, Todd.
Coming off bypass.
Moment of truth.
Come on, Fernanda.
Come on.
Still nothing.
Welcome back, Fierce Fernanda.
It worked? It worked.
- Oh! - Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh! Oh.
Come on.
Come on.
- Thank you.
- Oh! Thank you.
Brazilians are huggers.
It's okay.
No, she's got a long road to recovery, but so far, so good.
Thank you.
Thank you, Dr.
Thank you.
Thank you for saying yes.
Oh! Mm.
Um you have your worried face on.
No, I don't.
Zola, it's me.
You keep ignoring Dr.
Hamilton's phone calls, and you won't text Dr.
Marsh back.
Do you want the truth? They want to talk to me about something that I probably should talk to you about first.
What is it? I've been offered a job in Minnesota.
You already have a job in Minnesota.
But this job would require me to give up my job in Seattle.
So we would move? We would have to, yes.
How w How would you feel about that? Would the job save a lot of lives? Maybe.
Would you see Dr.
Marsh more? Probably.
Would that make you happy? You, Bailey, and Ellis make me happy.
We would follow you anywhere.
Researchers studied patient codes at hundreds of hospitals.
They found patients had increased survival rates at hospitals with longer attempts at resuscitation.
Of course, there are limits on how much we can do.
Thanks for coming back.
I'm surprised you called.
I still blame you for Mom dying.
I didn't give Mom cancer.
I know.
But sometimes I think that she would still be alive if she didn't put all of her money and energy into you and Dad.
I know I know that's not fair.
Look, her cancer it took us out.
It took us both out in different ways, man.
And she would be so angry if she knew if she knew that we let it take us away from each other.
I miss you, man.
I'm glad you're here.
And if you want to stick around, Maggie said you can stay with us, and I will try to introduce you to some people at the hospital, alright? It'll be different this time.
I hope so.
Should we hug it out? - No.
- No? We should get some food.
Come on.
Some beer.
Maggie's waiting for us.
Uh, can you cover me for dinner? I'm kidding.
Wow, look at that face.
It's on me, actually.
Uh, you know, company card.
- It's on you? - Yeah, exactly.
As hard as we try, not every patient has a happy ending.
One day in that chair, and you look 10 years older.
See? That's why I needed today.
So thank you.
I did that Whipple, a fun do, two endoscopies.
I even squeezed in an ex-lap that came from that horrible pile-up on the bridge.
I haven't done that much surgery in one day since I was a resident.
Ah, I feel centered now.
This is manageable now.
What? What is it? Our residency program this is an official notification.
They're trying to shut it down.
Sometimes we just have to call it.

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