Grey's Anatomy s18e18 Episode Script

Stronger Than Hate

1 ♪ MEREDITH: Our bodies play host to trillions of bacteria and other microbes.
They live on our skin, in our guts, up our noses.
Alright, the kids are cleaning their rooms.
What's next? Uh, appetizers, salad? Anything.
I should've taken this whole day off.
Microbes are found in almost every part of the body.
It doesn't need to be perfect.
It's just dinner.
It's a dinner party to welcome Nick.
You know what? I don't remember getting a welcome dinner party.
You arrived during a pandemic.
Plus, Nick is very important to Meredith, and I want to get to know him.
- Mm-hmm.
You want to grill him.
That's what you wanna do.
Hospital? [SIGHS.]
Wendell's room service is on the way.
How's he doing? Apparently living it up.
On my dime.
At least we got our couch back.
So when's he supposed to hear about that job in Boston? - Well, he says any day now.
Oh, do you want me to slice these? No, Amelia's gonna make guacamole.
Where is Amelia? Microbes help us produce vitamins and stimulate our immune system.
♪ Wow.
That was Better than forcing me to go sight-seeing? Ah.
I don't know.
The view from the Space Needle is pretty spectacular.
More spectacular than this? You can see Mount Rainier [SIGHS.]
Puget Sound, Meredith's house Turn it out, give 'em what they came for ♪ We're late.
We g we gotta go.
Maggie is gonna freak out.
We gotta go.
Just tell me the place and time ♪ You sure? They break down food and perform many other functions that we need to survive.
- Nope.
- Make it look like I never try ♪ Now shake it, shake it, watch me move ♪ [TELEPHONE RINGS IN DISTANCE, INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
- Hey.
- Hey.
I thought you had a transplant.
No, I'm all done.
Olick is in the ICU.
I'm gonna drop by my place - and then I'm gonna head to yours.
- Okay.
I just have one more patient and then I'll see you there.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- What? - No, it's nice.
Just living in the same city.
I like it.
It's nice.
Well, hopefully you feel the same way after tonight.
If you're trying to scare me off, it's gonna take a lot more than your sisters and your kids.
Promise me you won't get home and decide to skip the party.
And miss the awkward small talk? - Never.
See ya.
You're still here? - Don't tell me the party is canceled.
- Wow.
I got all the senior residents working, a babysitter.
I got my party shoes in the car.
Do not ruin this for me.
Bailey, the party is not canceled.
- I will see you there.
- Good.
Look at my face.
I need fun.
Me too.
Ay, yi, yi, yi.
ABG looks good.
Patient's less acidotic.
You want me to run another one in an hour? No, no.
You should go home.
I don't want your hours to become a problem for the Medical Accreditation Council, hm? Why aren't you in party clothes? - [BREATHES SHARPLY.]
- You have chemo.
Yes, I have chemo.
You have a party.
A dinner party.
Look, I promised if you did this trial that I would stand by your side for every step.
Baby, you went with me to my first infusion.
I'll be fine by myself.
I'm not breaking my promise.
♪ We're here! - Everyone, this is Kai.
Hi! Nice to meet you.
I'm Maggie.
I'm Amelia's sister.
- This is Winston, my husband.
- Ooh! - Ooh! Sorry! And this is Zola, Bailey, and Ellis.
Hi! Sorry we're late.
It was my fault.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, put put us to work.
Uh, how can we help? Did you bring the ice? Ah.
- Alright, I'll go pick that up.
- Thank you.
What else can we help with? - Oh.
- ZOLA: Hey, that's mine.
- No, it's not.
- Yes, it is.
It's not.
Can you keep them from breaking each other? Hey, guys! Why don't we take this party outside? - Yes! - Yeah! You play soccer? I was hoping that you do.
Come on.
Is that how we greet our guests? I thought it was Mama.
- Aww.
- I'm sorry.
- Come in.
Come on in.
- Okay.
Um, Meredith isn't here yet, - obviously.
- Okay.
And you are on time to the minute.
Yeah, it's a transplant surgeon thing.
If I'm late, organs die, so - Yeah.
- Here you go.
Oh, thank you so much.
Yeah, well, I wanted to bring flowers, but Meredith said that only stresses out the host, because then they're forced to find a vase and put water in it, so Listen, wine is always welcome.
- Okay.
So, uhh, Winston is out getting ice, - and I'm a little behind on the food.
- Oh, okay.
So, uh, make yourself at home, - and I Yeah, okay.
Hey! It's customary to be at least 15 minutes late! - We could wait outside, or - No, no, no.
Come in, come in.
- Hey! - Hi.
Uh should I open these? - I'll take the two of them.
- Oh, of course.
- No! No, he can't.
- No, no, no.
It's alright.
It's alright.
Um, who's not on call? Me.
- Alright.
- Come on in.
Well, good night, Dr.
Have fun at your party.
- It's just a dinner.
Well, it's not work.
Fair point.
Plus, it gives the residents a chance to step up and help.
I remember having that attitude.
Alice Tom.
Massive facial trauma and complaining of right arm and abdominal pain after an assault at a bus stop.
Oh, my God.
Tachy in the 120s, BP 140 over 90.
She received 4 of morphine en route.
- Okay, let's get her inside.
- What happened? Bus driver said the attacker was using racial slurs and yelling at her to go back to where she's from.
- Oh, my God.
- Okay.
- We've got you, Alice.
Oh, UCSF's starting trials on a new treatment.
Maybe we should look into it, huh? Maybe.
Does your oncologist come to all your appointments? This is my husband.
He's not my oncologist, but he is a doctor.
One who cares very much about your health.
- Mm.
- Hm.
Synovial sarcoma.
Hmm, that's tough.
We like to say it's persistent.
- You.
- You like to say it's persistent.
He's being exceedingly optimistic.
For me.
How much longer? I'm 35 weeks and Not that she's counting.
No, of course I'm counting.
You have to be able to meet him.
RICHARD: Oh, nanotechnology's come a long way.
Maybe we should look into that.
- Maybe.
- Mm.
So, have you two picked out a name yet? [WOMAN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY ON PA.]
Please tell me everything.
I need a distraction.
I know it hurts.
Push another 2 of morphine.
She has a comminuted mid-shaft humerus fracture with a wound over the fracture site.
♪ It was a hate crime, wasn't it? It appears that way.
MEREDITH: We can get another ortho surgeon No, no, no, no.
I'm here.
I'm I'll do it.
I'd like a maxillofacial scan.
I am seeing some fluid in the upper left quadrant.
Let's order a CT to rule out any other injuries.
I'll call CT.
Okay, I'll clean out this fracture wound as soon as you're done with your evaluation.
Let's get her started on antibiotics and just page me as soon as you're done.
- Okay.
♪ Right.
Oh, may I? No, you are the guest of honor.
who has impressive knife skills.
- Please.
I got it.
What? Oh.
Hey! I can help.
Oh, uh It's a salad.
So, uh, how long you been at the clinic? - [KNIFE CHOPPING.]
Um, about 16 years.
I did my residency in D.
before that.
You didn't like the East Coast? No, I got a fellowship back home, and, well, to be honest, my uh, sister couldn't stay sober long enough - to remember she had a toddler.
- So, two birds, one stone, I guess.
That's probably the wrong analogy, but you get the picture.
You got kids? Oh, yeah, yeah.
Hey, I got ice.
- Nick, hey.
- Hey.
- Welcome.
- Backyard cooler.
Hey, where does Mer keep the games? Games? It's a dinner party.
Well, I mean is dinner ready? [DOORBELL RINGS.]
How are you? - [FUSSING.]
- What's wrong? Oh, geopolitics are a mess, global warming's getting worse You meant him.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I think he wants Amelia.
- Oh, it's okay, buddy.
Here we go! Hey.
It's okay.
Hey, it's okay.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Food's in the kitchen, drinks are out back.
- Come on.
Come with me.
- [SIGHS.]
Go, I got him.
♪ Why didn't you say that? Hold on.
What does that mean? [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS.]
Well, good evening, Chief Bailey.
Can I take your coat? How about a drink? - [SIGHS.]
- Oh, Bailey! Want to play Boggle? [CHUCKLING.]
I very much do not.
Come on, it's so much fun.
You made me the ambassador of fun, remember? Yeah, I never understood that.
Uh, Grey couldn't bother to make it to her own party? Or set out a few crackers? Chief.
Yeah, Meredith is running a bit late, but, uh can I get you a drink, glass of wine? Bourbon.
And generous.
- Okay, I approve.
This way.
No, no.
I'm not playing Boggle with you.
I've been texting you for like 10 minutes.
What the hell are you doing here? Having dinner? [INHALES DEEPLY.]
My lenders are after me.
I couldn't stay at the hotel.
- Wendell.
- Maggie, you look so nice! H-Here you go.
Do you happen to have room for one more? ♪ [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
I am so sorry.
I never thought he would just show up here.
Did you tell him we were having a party? No, I told him I was going to a party.
That guy's a walking sales pitch.
I wonder what he's selling them now.
Maggie, please.
I will I'll ask him to go.
No, no, I'm not asking for that.
No, I-I-I want to.
I just I need a minute to figure out how he doesn't make a big scene about this.
- Hey.
Um, are you okay? Fine.
I'm not just talking about tonight, Winston.
- I am worried about you.
About us.
I know.
Sorry, the t-timer's still going.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You into music? Do I like music? Yeah, I like music.
Uh, unless you're asking me to join your garage band.
Then Then, no.
No, I-I don't.
Got it.
What's your opinion on contact sports? [LAUGHS.]
Uh, hard pass for kids, and I'm I'm more of a running/cycling guy.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Mountain bike? Not a lot of mountains in Minnesota.
Ah, right.
This back burner's [LIGHTER CLICKING.]
been finicky for over a year.
When Meredith was in the hospital with COVID, it was me, Amelia, and four kids living here.
- So - I grilled a lot.
So you and Amelia are are Scout's parents? Yep.
♪ You're probably friends with Kai.
Friends? I-I mean, not really.
But, impressed, yes.
Their Their work has brought in some pretty amazing grants to the clinic.
There's a reason they work with David Hamilton.
♪ So you're saying my ex traded up.
It's hard to say.
I haven't known you that long.
♪ I'm gonna need more beer.
♪ [SIGHS.]
- I know.
Hey, we should, uh, have a playdate soon.
Your kids play with Scout? Yeah, Amelia.
I'd say that she's their favorite aunt, but my sister would be mad, so Aunt? Unofficial.
Mm, yeah, she was there the day I got Leo.
And she drove Teddy to the hospital when we had Allison, so That's right.
Aunt, okay.
- Okay.
He's overtired.
Or overstimulated.
I'm gonna I'm gonna try and put him down.
Ellis wants more sparkling cider, and my drawing app froze.
Oh, here.
Let me try to restart it.
Would you mind? - Oh, s-sure.
- Yeah.
- Bailey.
- Bailey.
Maggie couldn't have made this spinach dip.
She's a Boston girl.
She knows better than to put garlic salt instead of Look, how bad is it? Well, you know, Nana Ante only used sea salt, so the situation's fairly dire, - but we won't be too loud about it.
- The lenders, Wendell.
When you say that they're after you, does that mean physically, or NICK: Oh, hey, man.
Can you tell Maggie the veggies have another five minutes? - Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Wendell Ndugu.
- Hi.
I'm Winston's brother.
Nick Marsh.
Everyone here related, or? Uh, Wendell's just visiting.
- Got it.
- Well, for now.
Seattle's not so bad.
Might be nice to be around family.
Come on, you love Boston.
- You love Boston.
- No one loves Boston.
- That's a fact.
It's true.
It's very true.
That can't be good.
No, I think it's just small talk.
What if Nick is a con man like Wendell? Because con men only talk to each other? Because the only person who has charmed me as much as your brother is Nick Marsh.
What about me? - WENDELL: I haven't.
- Yeah, we're NICK: Okay.
OFFICER: There's the husband, right there.
Thank you so much.
Excuse me.
Hi, I'm Meredith Grey.
- Uh-huh.
- And this is Dr.
We are part of the medical team working on your wife.
How is she? Will she be okay? Uh, she has a she suffered a pretty serious attack, sir.
She's in surgery right now.
She has a broken arm and some facial fractures, which our plastics and orthopedic teams are working on.
She also suffered an injury to her spleen, which at this point, opening up her abdomen could do more harm than good.
And the blood flow to her organs is stable.
Oftentimes, these things heal themselves.
We have a family dinner every week.
She went to the store to buy chocolate syrup so the grandkids could have sundaes for dessert.
I said I'd drive her, but she was an engineer for the city's Transportation Department for 30 years before she retired.
She insisted on taking the bus.
♪ When will I be able to see her? ♪ Very soon.
And And I will let you know as soon as she's out of surgery, okay? Can we get you anything? Coffee or or more water? Uh, no, no, no.
I'm fine, thank you.
But is there a way I can tell Alice that I'm here? That we're all here? I want her to know that she's not alone.
Of course.
I would be happy to tell her that.
And again, I'm I'm very sorry - that this has happened.
- Yeah.
♪ ♪ - Ooh! - SIMON: Kris? Ooh, that was weird.
I'm sure it's nothing.
Oh, honestly, I hate puzzles.
Why do we do them? You hate doing puzzles.
You love having finished them.
Mm, but at what cost, babe? At what cost? [CHUCKLES.]
Sweetheart, you know, I was thinking we should create a wellness room at home.
You know, with a yoga mat, a meditation stool.
KRISTEN: Yeah, I did that, too.
It's now a very calming storage room for our golf clubs and our luggage.
Aah! What? Contractions? Should be too early for that.
Maybe he's just kicking because he hates puzzles, too.
Maybe we should call Dr.
W-Wilson's your OB, huh? Yeah, she's checked in on us a few times since we've been here.
- Page her, baby.
Yeah, I am Okay.
What if Ah! What if No, no, it's too early for that.
- What if it's not? - RICHARD: Nurse.
Ahh! Take some deep breaths.
♪ ♪ Who's gonna cut the rope? ♪ When I was a kid, I used to stare at my face in the mirror and wonder if I could use my mom's makeup to make me look more "American," which, of course, I understood to mean more white.
You wanted to be like all the other kids.
And my teachers and people I saw in movies and on TV.
I wanted to feel normal.
Like I belonged.
Carry on ♪ Do you even think we'll ever stop being seen as foreign? Well, being wrongly blamed for COVID did not help.
But also, the Watsonville Riots.
The Japanese American internment.
Vincent Chin.
A long history of being outsiders.
How ironic.
We are Americans.
How do I drain all of this bad blood? ♪ Your face is American.
♪ I do the best I can ♪ Have her vitals been stable? Uh, yeah, she's okay for now.
Do you mind if I Balancing on the edge ♪ MEREDITH: Alice, your husband is here, and your whole family is here.
We're going to take care of you.
You're not alone.
You are not alone, Alice.
I'll check back in a bit.
Carry on ♪ I'm so sorry.
Carry on ♪ ♪ What do you say when your chance is gone? ♪ Fair enough ♪ Fair enough ♪ I heard, and I didn't want to go home.
How do I drain all of this bad blood? ♪ [CRYING.]
No one called for help.
No one intervened or even took a video.
♪ It's so awful.
♪ And I just I wish I could help.
♪ JO: Okay.
Okay, Kristen.
So, your contractions are irregular and not too strong, so it appears to be just Braxton Hicks.
Doctors always say "just" Braxton Hicks as though they don't actually hurt.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Doctors are the worst.
Excuse me? Stop hovering.
Mind your business.
Come over here.
Thank you.
We really appreciate you taking a look.
Of course.
I do want to take you to OB triage, do a cervical exam, and to monitor you just for a bit in case.
And we can see how the baby's doing with the contractions.
No, no.
I-I can't leave Simon.
You'll just be upstairs, and we can page if any Please.
I don't want to be alone.
- Hey.
- CATHERINE: Richard, take her up.
You've been cooped up here all night long.
Simon will keep me company, and you and Kristen can go somewhere where there are no puzzles.
- Please, babe.
I don't want you hurting, too.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Come with me.
I'll be fine.
I promise.
- This way.
- Promise.
Williams to Radiology.
Sandra Williams to Radiology.
So, uh, Nick, what's your favorite place to do a transplant? Oh, um, well, I put a pig's kidney on a man's groin the other day.
That was pretty fun.
Uh, no.
Probably San Diego.
It doesn't matter when you get off work, you can always find - Tacos.
- tacos.
Uh, I did a rotation there in med school.
UC San Diego? G.
- Under Ned Powell.
- Ooh, Ned Powell.
Incredible surgeon.
Terrible at cards.
Uh, what about, uh, board games? The people in this house are fiercely competitive.
What about Scrabble? Sure.
I mean, you know, that game isn't so much about the vocabulary as the math.
Yeah, long, brainy words made up of one-point A's, T's, and R's aren't nearly as good as words like "X-ray.
" Yes, with the "X" on a triple letter score.
Ever try cryptic crosswords? [CHUCKLES.]
How 'bout Boggle? Uh [IMITATING TRAIN ENGINE.]
You know, I always wanted one of these when I was a kid.
I liked the Y-shaped pieces the idea that you could veer off the main course but still be on track intrigued me.
You know, I-I just thought trains were cool.
I'm supposed to remind you there are hiding people out there waiting for you to seek them.
Oh, yes.
- Scout? - Oh, he's upstairs with Amelia.
Okay, good.
Coming! And after ten years of studying [DOOR OPENS, KNOCK ON DOOR.]
You having your own party up here? Yeah.
He's almost settled.
You want me to take him? Hm.
I could be the closer.
I'm pretty boring.
I got him.
I really don't mind.
And you have a date.
It's okay.
But thank you.
"patients with inoperable plexiform neurofibromas showed durable tumor shrinkage" Are you reading a medical journal? [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
I can be boring, too.
"How does this nomogram correlate with survival" [LAUGHTER.]
Who was on the phone? No one.
Uh, is dinner ready? Uh Wendell.
Hey, uh, I-I don't think you should stay.
Alright, um, I'll pack up some food for you, but then you should go back to the hotel.
Alright? Look.
The people that I owe they're not good people.
They know you're here in Seattle? - Yes.
- Wendell.
But that's why I need to disappear for a while.
Look, I just wanted to spend one more night - with my big brother.
- Hm.
And ask for some cash.
Look, I'll pay you back in a month You've gotta be kidding me.
No, i-it's not a lot.
J-Just enough These people know where you are and you came here? You came to this house? Nobody's following me, if that's what you mean.
Do you know that for sure? No, but There are children here, Wendell! Winston, calm down.
You're putting my family at risk.
No, I'm your family.
♪ Leave tonight.
♪ Leave Seattle.
♪ Should we Eat.
OWEN: Hey, uh, here.
Oh, thanks.
I'm sure Amelia will be back soon.
I'm sorry you got stuck on kid duty.
Oh, not a problem.
I'm used to it.
Oh, you got kids? Uh, niblings.
Nieces and nephews.
So do you you want kids? [INHALES DEEPLY.]
Oh, uh [SIGHS.]
Uh, no.
My career is my baby.
Why, are you trying to unload one of yours on me? No, it's just you kind of sound like Amelia, before she had Scout.
LINK: I finally sold the last one last week.
Poor guy dropped his first ring in the Sound - while he was proposing.
- Mm.
I gave him a good deal.
Why'd you buy so many? [CHUCKLES.]
I-I used to ask myself that a lot.
None of the answers made sense, so I just tried to move past it.
How'd that work out? Um I burned my relationship with Amelia to the ground.
I trashed my friendship with Jo.
So not great.
Is it 'cause you slept together? I don't regret Scout, if that's what you mean.
Not Amelia.
She told you? Well, we were drinking.
You say things when you're drinking.
Did she mention anything about feelings? 'Cause, apparently, there were some feelings.
There are no longer feelings? - Now there's Todd.
- Oh.
I-I hardly see her anymore.
I miss my friend.
But, you know, I want her to be happy.
And she deserves the best.
Do you have feelings for her? Sometimes.
Maybe, a little.
I'm Should I tell her? That you maybe have occasional small feelings? No.
Okay, good.
BAILEY: The food was delicious.
But this seems like way more plates than people.
Well, three of those are the other Bailey's.
He doesn't like his food to touch.
You have cooked and cleaned, as my guest.
I My mother would be mortified in her grave.
Well, my mom's probably proud.
Sorry about earlier.
Winston's brother is, uh, complicated.
Well, complicated people can be hard to love.
Erica, my younger sister, she has an uncanny ability to break my heart and enrage me all at once.
She's been doing it for two decades now, and I-I fall for it every time.
You see her much? No.
No, I-I don't.
I really don't.
But even when I do, it doesn't matter if she's sober or not.
She still lies to my face without an ounce of remorse.
She's a master manipulator.
Despite all of it, despite all she's taken from me, I-I still struggle to say no when she asks me for something.
Honestly, sometimes it's the easiest way just to avoid another heartbreak.
♪ Here.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
For your hand? ♪ Yeah.
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Any of those clinical trials have success? The ones I've read are still ongoing.
Before Simon's diagnosis, I always thought that cancer was this thing that you either beat or didn't.
Like it was a stupid puzzle and we just needed to find all the pieces.
But I didn't realize that there was a third, awful option where you don't die, but you don't get rid of it.
You just live with it waiting for it to get worse and praying that it doesn't.
Yeah, I know the feeling.
For a long time, I was in denial.
I was sure that Simon would be the exception.
That we would find a way to beat the thing that's, uh ♪ Yeah.
I think I became obsessed with us conceiving because it would mean that he couldn't die.
There's no way, right? God wouldn't kill a man before his child was born.
I was so happy when we got pregnant.
So happy that we'd finally be a family.
♪ And then I'd realized that we'd always been a family.
Me and him.
♪ And by not letting him accept and grieve the fact that he might not survive ♪ I'd left him alone in it.
♪ And no one wants to be alone.
- MEREDITH: What's happening? She's hypotensive.
Her crits are dropping, and her belly's distended.
And I'm seeing way more free fluid than before.
Yeah, her spleen has probably ruptured.
We need to get her to the OR stat.
Let's call the OR and tell them we're bringing her down.
She's in V-fib.
Let's get the crash cart in here, now! [BREATHING SHARPLY.]
Come on, come on, let's go.
Take out the cut down tray.
We're opening her up in here? Yes, we're opening her up in here.
We're not going to let her die, Schmitt.
She's not dying.
Charge paddles to 120.
Charge again.
- Clear.
♪ [SIGHS.]
My fire is starved of oxygen ♪ ♪ A flicker in the howling wind ♪ ♪ Beware, the night is closing in ♪ ♪ And if I fall asleep ♪ [RATCHETING ECHOES.]
the shadows win ♪ ♪ [VOCALIZING.]
♪ ♪ Oh, to sing and make my mother proud ♪ ♪ [VOCALIZING.]
♪ ♪ Mm, to sing and make my mother proud ♪ ♪ In the dark, I learned to love again ♪ ♪ A sacred place it's always been ♪ ♪ Where souls depart and life begins ♪ [MONITOR BEEPING RAPIDLY.]
The dark led me to light again ♪ ♪ Yeah, the dark led me to light again ♪ [MEREDITH SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY.]
She is okay.
♪ Thank you.
We We could never thank you enough.
Yeah, the dark led me to light again ♪ We still have to monitor her for the next few days, as well.
Of course.
Popo's okay! Yay! ♪ ♪ [HUMMING.]
♪ Mm.
Catherine, honey I want you to live forever.
And if I could do that with a surgery, you know I would.
Richard, I can't listen to another study right now.
- No, no Just Baby, - I can't do it.
What, um What I'm gonna say is, uh if you're putting yourself through this for me, then don't.
If you want to stop, I'm going to support you.
I don't want to stop my treatments, baby, no.
It's just [SIGHS.]
Sometimes I feel like I just need time to think.
Like I need to just be able to live in the moment without judgment or worrying about what's next, even when I'm doing this chemo.
And you are so serious all the time, sometimes that makes me feel sometimes that makes me feel worse.
Because [CHUCKLES.]
a-any one of us could drop dead tomorrow from a million different things.
I have cancer, and that sucks.
But I still want to live.
I still want to laugh.
♪ I-I can come up with a good joke if you give me a minute.
That's mmm.
That's what I need.
- That's what I need.
- Oh.
Is Scout okay? Yeah.
Sometimes he just needs some soothing reassurance.
Takes after his mom.
Your family and friends seem like good people.
They are.
You'll see, once you get to know them.
And I promise Scout is not always this fussy.
He became real to me tonight, because I got to see what an amazing parent you are to him.
And to Meredith's kids.
You are so much more than just an aunt.
I don't want kids, though.
I have things I want to do with my life professionally and personally.
If I had kids, all of that would have to come second.
I don't want to do that.
Well, y-you've told me that before I am not going to change my mind, Amelia.
♪ W-What ♪ What does that mean? ♪ I thought this was going really well.
Yeah, I did, too.
And I don't know.
♪ I just know I don't want to lead you on.
♪ Because I was once led on by someone who did not want what I did.
♪ Oh, I needed that.
I had fun.
You know, despite what you all think, - I know fun.
- I will never doubt it again.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
- Hey, are we - Mm-hmm.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Come here.
- OWEN: It's good.
- Mm.
- Come on, now.
- Oh! You people are parents.
- Come here.
Wendell left about 45 minutes ago.
Yeah, I'm sorry I walked out.
I just I needed a minute.
And I'm sorry that he showed up here when he's in so much trouble.
If I had known that he had people Winston, I'm not worried about Wendell or his lenders.
I gave him the money to pay them back.
I really wish you hadn't done that, Maggie.
I know, I know, I know.
I should have asked you first.
It's not your place to pay him You're right.
$10,000 is a lot of money, but I had the savings and he's my family now, too, so Maggie.
I gave him the money, too.
MEREDITH: Microbes may sound like uninvited guests ♪ but most live harmoniously - in and on our bodies.
♪ Oh.
♪ I didn't realize I'll go.
Nice out here.
It's quiet.
It is.
I don't mind a heavy heart ♪ You know, I read somewhere you can see the Northern Lights from Seattle.
Is that true? Sometimes.
Very faintly.
'Cause it's a little bit hard, a little bit so much ♪ You know everyone was vetting you tonight.
Yeah, I mean, I figured when Maggie was asking me if I support public television and the U.
Postal Service.
It kinda clued me in a little bit.
I'll hold you tight ♪ I don't blame them.
when you're feeling lonely ♪ Everybody loves Meredith.
We're gonna miss her a lot.
I know.
No matter what, I'll stick around ♪ Do you have any questions for me? Please know I'll be your one and only ♪ Meredith left once before.
After my brother died.
She just disappeared for a year.
She was hundreds of miles away, and I have never felt closer to her.
But you find it somewhere ♪ I knew she left because she was drowning in grief and pain here same way that I was.
How it changes color when you get there ♪ ♪ Cause it's a little bit hard ♪ I think you make her happy.
And she deserves to be happy.
Others would have been broken by a fraction of what she's survived.
I want her life to be full of love and joy.
- Know you can cry ♪ - [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
My only ask of you when times get ugly ♪ I'll never go and let you down ♪ is just to want that, too.
No matter what, I'll stick around ♪ Please know I'll be ♪ Your one and only ♪ [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES.]
We need a diverse set of microbes working together to stay healthy.
You're still here.
Yeah, I'm still here.
I'm sorry I'm so late.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
It's okay.
They're an essential part of our systems.
What's all this? Well, I figured you had a tough case.
Probably didn't have a chance to eat, and I thought you might need some company.
I'll hold you tight ♪ When you're feeling lonely ♪ Know you can cry ♪ [BREATHES DEEPLY.]
when times get ugly I love you.
♪ I'll never go and let you down ♪ I love you, too.
No matter what, I'll stick around ♪ Please know I'll be ♪ It turns out, they're right where they belong.
Your one and only ♪ ♪
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