Grimsburg (2024) s01e12 Episode Script

Younger Games

[eerie music]

Never understood
why people need songs
with multiple notes.
One is plenty.
[continues whistling]
Lieutenant Kang?
I have something for you.
[lightning crashes]
So when you said
you had something for me
Oh, it was just the knife.
I don't have
anything else for you.
Yep, nope,
that's what I thought.
[groans softly]

[lightning crashes] Oh my god!
Call the police, he killed that man!
[footsteps approaching rapidly]
Sorry, just gonna take my knife.
My grandpa gave it to me.
And it has my fingerprints
all over it.
God, that is catchy.
[exciting music]
Our investigations
turned up Jane squat.
Maybe it was a random
killing or maybe he knew too
much about why Anya
Taylor-Joy was sent to Earth.
Either way, Kang's dead.
So I brought in Grimsburg's
best and only grief counselor.
Okay. Uh, hey.
Okay, gotta go fast.
After this I've got
a stabbing, two bludgeonings,
and a poisoned empanada.
So let's start by sharing
some memories of, um
- Lieutenant Kang. Go.
- Well, I'll always remember
that puffer jacket he used to wear.
- Mm-hmm.
- Me too.
- So puffy.
- Great.
- What else? Speak now.
- He also had glasses I think.
Kang didn't really
share his life with us
- or his fries.
- I know I kept it really hidden,
but I kind of had
a crush on him.
BOTH: Yeah, we know.
Guess you'll have
to like someone else now.
Perhaps one of the two guys
in the office still breathing?
Flute, you haven't said anything.
Kang was your mentor.
Oh, yeah, well, Kang's death
is obviously a huge loss.
But I've already processed
my grief, and I'm doing great.
Sorry, you're gonna need
a new printer.
- This one's dead.
- [sobbing] No!
It had so much more
left to print!
Now it's just dead,
like I'm gonna die.
I'm already 44,
which is halfway to 88,
which is the number
of keys on a piano,
which is playing my death march.
Maybe I haven't processed it.
[mysterious music]
I can't believe Kang's gone.
Boo-hoo, very sad.
Anyway, Chief who can
promote me, great to see you.
Forehead's looking enormous.
- [chuckling] Oh, thank you, Martinez.
- Hey, you know what's weird?
This department's
never had a Latinant.
That's a Latina lieutenant.
Unrelated, have you thought about
appointing someone to replace Kang?
Haven't really thought about it
'cause I've been too busy doing it!
Meet Lieutenant Ravi Kumar.
Please, Lieutenant Kumar is my
father if he were a lieutenant
instead of a sustainable
bikini salesman.
Let's keep it cazh
and call me Lieutenant Ravi.
No way.
We can use your first name?
Uh, hierarchy?
Lieutenant Ravi bikes
to work, loves Gucci Mane,
and did improv in Amsterdam
for a year.
Sorry, did you say something?
It gets pretty loud working
on spaceship engines.
But that's Mars for ya.
- Hold this torque wrench.
- There's nothing there!
Hey, Lieutenant Ravi,
can we work outside today?
- Sure, I'm down with that.
- All right! I love this guy.
Detectives always
work outside, ya doof!
Ah, Kang's apartment.
Time to get me some closure.
I bet he used this chair
for sitting.
And that fridge is probably
where he stored food
so it wouldn't go bad.
And this closet
You know this son of a bitch
could tell some stories.
[bones crack]
My back.
This is it.
Death time.
End of the line.
I'm coming to meet you, Kang.
Or maybe you're in hell.
I did see you get a refill
from the fountain
at Chipotle when the sign
clearly said "no refills."
And when I pointed it out,
you said it only applied
to soda, not iced tea,
but come on.
- Iced tea's different.
- [gasps]
No carbonation.
And Lieutenant Ravi already
gave us nicknames.
He calls me Robot Pattinson.
I'm technically a cyborg,
- but, uh, I'm gonna let that slide.
- He's a jerk.
- We gotta take him down!
- He's nice. And I should know.
People say I'm the nicest guy
in the office.
[loudly] Who wants donuts?
And 'Nones,
I know you've been feeling
pretty bummed about Kang,
so I also picked you up a copy
of "Cysts With Hair and Teeth"
Oh! The "30 Cysts under 30
to Watch Out for
Because They Could Be
Indicative of Something
Far More Serious" issue?
[gasps] Thanks.
Nicest guy in the office,
no question.
That guy needs to go down
after I grab a Boston cream.
[suspenseful music]
I know you're not real!
You're a ghost,
as prophesied by the idea I had
for a book called
"Ghost Detective,"
alternate title, "Lieutenant Spooky."
I'm assuming the publisher will
want to weigh in.
Flute, put the chair down.
There's an explanation.
And it's nowhere near
as preposterous
- as you writing a book.
- I already got it all up here.
Just need to write
the words down.
Flute, listen to me.
- I'm immortal.
- What?
Wait, sorry, did you say
"a mortal" or "immortal"?
- Immortal.
- Yeah, I guess the other one's
really not that newsworthy.
This is incredible.
You really can't die?
See, many years ago
I stumbled upon
a magical brook, and I
whoa hey!
[car horn blares]
[people screaming, tires screeching]
Wow, immortality.
This is the coolest thing
I've heard of
since I learned
Harry Styles has four nipples.
Please don't do that.
Dying still hurts.
And the jacket's not immortal.
My immortality comes
from a mystical potion I drank.
It was in the amulet
the killer stole from me.
Well, I don't blame him
for trying to cheat death.
All I can think about
lately is dying.
And how good John Boyega
would be in a rom-com.
Now, luckily, I have this.
[mystical music]
- What have you done?
- I'm immortal.
Now I don't have to be
worried about dying.
I can worry about other things,
like whether Boyega's people
are really thinking
about his career as a whole
or just job-to-job.
I wasn't finished. This blue
potion makes you younger,
but the pink one he stole
makes you older.
You need both to lock into
your forever age,
- and then you're immortal.
- So I'm gonna get younger?
- Well, yes, but without the other one
- Whoo! Yes!
Did you see how high
that roundhouse was?
It's working.
I'm Benji-Buttoning, baby!
Please stop that, it's annoying!
[people screaming, tires screeching]
[chuckles] Ooh!
When he climbs back up,
I'm gonna shoot him.
This is incredible.
My hairline has magically returned.
I feel like LeBron James,
Jeremy Piven, Elon Musk,
Matthew McConaughey,
Jude Law, Billy Bob Thornton,
Elton John, Bradley Cooper,
Joel McHale
Flute! There is not
enough time in the world
to list every celebrity
who is lying to us
about the natural fullness
of their hair.
- Will Arnett.
- [sighs]
We need to find a clue that can
help us solve my murder.
Yeah, and we gotta get
the other potion back.
Oh, man, being immortal
is gonna be so cool.
It's not all it's cracked up to be.
You can't really get
too close to people
because you're gonna lose 'em.
But you don't have to wear
sunscreen, so mixed bag.
I wouldn't mind
locking in at this age.
I feel like I could do anything.
Maybe I could even
touch my toes.
Should I even try?
Okay, I'm gonna try.
I'm so nervous.
Ha! I did it!
And without any cracks,
grunts, or blood clots.
Wow, these are not the shoes
I thought I had on.
Huh. Jacaranda petal.
And there's only one jacaranda
tree in Grimsburg. Let's go!
- Elon really had a hair transplant?
- Oh, yeah, it's super obvious.
Just search, quote, "Did
Elon Musk get a hair transplant
"while allegedly having an affair
"with Sergey Brin's wife
at the same time he was
having twins with one of his
top executives?" end quote.
[mysterious music]
Okay, so you know
how you said we need a plan
to take care of Lieutenant Ravi?
Well, I've planted
a prank device on his chair
such that when he sits,
a sound will be emitted
that people might believe
came from his body,
specifically the bottom part.
Are you talking about
a whoopee cushion?
He'll be forced
to resign in disgrace!
Forget it.
I'll bring him down myself.
Wonder if I still have the number
- of my orgy-photoshop guy.
- Hey, gang, cop a squat.
I want to go over some procedures.
I know, snooze-ville, right?
[whoopee cushion farts]
[laughs nervously]
Um, okay.
That was weird.
So as far as the procedures
by by the way, I honestly
don't know what that sound was.
I mean, I know what
it sounded like, but
wait, I I didn't mean to say
it sounded like butt.
It shouldn't have come out like that.
I mean, what I said shouldn't
have come out like that,
not the noise
that came from my butt
I mean, that shouldn't
come from my
Thanks for leading us right
to the killer's lair, tree.
Almost makes me sorry
I peed on you.
Look, they've tracked me
for generations.

Wow, you've lived
through so much history.
Was soda pretty awesome before
they took out the cocaine?
What about when you saw
your first car?
Were you just like,
thank God, now we can finally
arrive somewhere
not smelling like horse?
- Yes. We all reeked for many years.
- Hang on.
Check out the smoke show.
I remember when
I looked this good.
Back in my late 20s,
when my belly button was cute
and not big enough to mix
- a tableside Caesar salad in.
- Flute, look at this log.
The entries are signed
J, T, and S Vandersloop.
Ah, yes. I believe
Vandersloop is Dutch for
"one who sloops."
I knew a Vandersloop
back in the 1840s.
He must have noticed
I wasn't getting older
and passed it on to his kids.
That's the problem
with being immortal.
You can only stick around so long
before people start to catch on.
Right, gotta keep moving.
Okay, so I guess
the two of us could be, like,
an immortal detective team
that goes town to town.
We could call ourselves
"The Never-Die-tectives"
Or something better.
We have literally
an infinite amount of time
to pitch on it.
Guess it might be nice having another
immortal around. It can get lonely.
Plus, it'd be good to have
someone watch my computer
when I hit the bathroom
at Starbucks.
Hand over that potion!
[exciting music]
You know, it's hard
to get motivated for a chase,
but once you're doing it,
it feels so good.
I'm totally gonna get
back into chasing people.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee!
I thought being
in my late 20s was great,
but 21 is even better!
I'm not out of breath at all.
I'm young, dumb,
and full of lung.
Where are you going?
This bar, it has alcohol!
I'm gonna drink it
'cause I'm 21
and I follow my impulses.
But you need
to drink the potion!
Don't you want to be 21 forever?
Oh, yeah! That reminds
me. We should also go
to Forever 21, 'cause I
want to get a trendy outfit
I can wear once
and throw in the trash.
Yeah, he seems a little rattled,
but he's not gonna quit his job
- over one tiny little butt-burst.
- Oh, really?
- Tanya, please, don't leave me.
- I thought I could trust you.
You said you were taking
your anti-gas medicine,
but now the whole town
is talking about
how you beefed at work!
I see the looks they give me
in the streets.
"There she goes,
the wife of a cheese-cutter."
That's not the life I signed up for.
I'm leaving you, Ravi,
and I'm taking the kids.
[tires squeal]
Guess your little fart was
deadlier then I thought.
[glass shatters]
I have nothing!
[choked up] I don't
know who I am anymore!
I don't even know
when I'm farting,
so I have to break
all of these windows
- to air this place out!
- That's enough! You're fired!
Looks like I'm the nicest guy
in the office again.
[laughs diabolically]
Ooh, maybe we should
have a party
a pizza party.
[laughs diabolically]
Dear God,
What hath I wrought?
All right, that's how we do it
here at Jed's
Country & Westwing Bar.
Now it's time for
the Congressional
Oversight Committee Tush Push!
- Flute, we need to go.
- Oh, come on,
I just want
to down a MartinSheen-i
and ride the mechanical
Toby Ziegler.
[hydraulics whirring]
- ID?
- Me? I'm being carded?
Oh, my God, I could kiss you
right now and might.
- I'm in my experimental phase.
- You're 44?
Yeah, right. Plus, you
overdid it with the photoshop.
- No human being looks this gross.
- I'd just eaten a trick jelly bean.
Now give me the drink, Seaborn.
You're gonna sit there for
a couple hours and settle down.
Sir, please, in a couple
hours it'll be too late.
Or would it be too early?
No, I'm going backwards,
time's going forward.
You had it right.
Ignore me.
I'm in college now
and likely on shrooms,
which would explain all this.
[dramatic music]
[hydraulics whirring]
[people screaming]
I'd say thank you, but I'm
an entitled 21-year-old,
so get out of my way, Boomer.
I just got the strongest urge to
go see "Men in Black" right now.
You're getting too young
for this crap.
[exciting music]
I hope Vandersloop's still in here.
Freeze, you
extremely old dead man?
Huh, he must have tried the
pink potion, but since he
didn't have the blue one
yet, he aged himself to death.
Well, the important thing is
he must have the potion on him,
so I can take a sip
and get dat immortality, son!
No, no, no!
He must have fallen
on it when he died.
[kid voice]
So is that gonna happen to me,
- but, like, in reverse?
- Don't be scared.
We don't know for sure
what will happen.
Pretty soon I'm gonna be
like Nirvana's best album,
They were a huge band
when I was this age.
- Look, let's not panic
- My pubes are gone!
Can I buy some of yours
to glue on?
I-I'll totally pay you
when I get my allowance.
[groans] This sucks.
Of course it happened to me.
Everything happens to me.
Are you sure you're allowed
to ride in the front seat?
Ooh, ooh, pull over.
I want to get a sour blue slush
and pour a box of Nerds in it.
- You've already had a lot of sweets.
- Forget it. what's the point?
I'm probably gonna die anyway
or or be unborn.
Y-you know what I mean, jeez!
I thought younger was
supposed to be better.
This is worse than being 44.
Ugh. Just take me
to Harmony's house.
Don't you think you might be
a little young for
- Just take me there, jeez!
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.
- I'm going, I'm going. Look.
- Can I get one thing
- I ask for in my life
- I'm turning around.
Or is that too much?
[mysterious music]
Okay, now that you taught me
to ruthlessly pursue
what I want with no regard
for how it might hurt others
- I did not teach you that!
- My new plan is to trick
Wynona into dating me by embarrassing
her so much she'll
have no other options.
And I'll do that with the help
of a prank device
that I've placed on her chair.
Oh, come on,
another whoopee cushion?
No, the same one.
They're reusable!
That's it.
Come with me.
- I think you need to see something.
- Okay, but if it's "Encanto,"
I've already seen it 112 times.

[door creaks]
Hey there, Champ.
I thought you told your mom
to stop setting you up
on playdates
with other weird kids.
This one looks worse
than the Nerf-eater.
- Dad?
- How did you
[chuckles] I'd recognize that
look of disappointment anywhere.
[sighs] I'm only disappointed
because I messed up.
I came to hang out with you
because I tried
to become immortal and
You want to hang out with me?
- Okay!
- Stan? You have a friend?
Oh, my God, I can't wait
to tell your dad
so he can pay up.
On an unrelated bet
that we made,
n-n-not about
you making friends.
[doorbell rings]
Robot Pattinson, 'Teenz.
Come on in.
Sorry, I'd offer you a seat,
but my wife took them all.
She said she wanted to get them
as far away from my butt
as possible.
- Hey, we gonna to do this?
- Yeah, just a minute.
I'm selling him
my grandfather's watch
to pay the bills,
and then for an extra 50,
I'm gonna dress like his boss
and let him beat me up.
Now do you see what your
- trick toot turned you into?
- You're right.
I may be the nicest guy
in the office again,
but I had to become
the meanest to get there.
I'm as fake as the whoopee
cushion I put in his seat.
I-I'm I'm sorry,
are you saying
that was just a whoopee cushion?
Wow. Um, fun fact,
I don't know if you heard,
but that little prank
made my wife and kids leave me.
- Yeah, we saw the whole thing.
- Oh. You saw it happening,
but you wow.
So all of this,
my ruined life, my firing,
the guy waiting in there
to hit me in the sack
with a golf club while wearing
my dead grandfather's watch,
is because of you two?
- Good prank.
- Thanks for forgiving me,
former Lieutenant Ravi.
You really are a nice guy.
Well, we should get out of here
and let you get back
to whatever's left of your life.
You have well, I
was gonna say have fun,
but I don't think that's
what he's paying for.
Tell me I need to work weekends.

I can't believe I won't be around
to find out how messed up
you turn out.
But you gotta figure
something out, Dad.
What about your Crime Mind?
Well, I don't know how it'll go
with this tiny,
primitive child half-brain.
No offense.
It's just science.
But it's worth a try.
[rock music]
Crime had better look out,
because Detective Marvin Flute
is here.
I can solve anything,
except my life.
Flute, we have
to find the potion.
I'm coming.
Keep your signature jacket on.
Watch him face off
against the evil Vandersloop.
The potion is mine.
And I'll get the other potion
too so I'll be immortal!
No, you're supposed to say,
"I'm never giving you the potion."
And then you drink it
and get old and die.
But I wouldn't do that.
I know how these potions work.
- I've been studying it my whole life.
- But that's what you did.
Or did I?
Gotta tell
[baby voice] Kang!
The body was a fake!
Vandersloop's still alive!
[indistinct muffled speech]
Well, aren't you a clever little
detective with chipmunk cheeks?
Yes, I dug up a corpse
to make it look
like I'd aged myself to death
so that Kang would let
his guard down enough
for me to track him down
and get this.
Oh, and surprise, I still have this.
I transferred it before I put
the broken amulet
under the dead guy.
So now I can finally prove
my ancestors were right
about you and become immortal.
And you'll be too busy
being unborn to stop me.
But but I
I don't want to die!
Uh, shh, shh.
All right, d-don't cry.
- Yoink.
- Hey!
[suspenseful music]

[indistinct muffled speech]
What are you waiting for?
Drink the potion.
You'll be stuck at four,
but if you don't take it,
we don't know what'll happen.
Are you having an oopsy?
Ah, I'm not drinking it.
I thought
my problem was my age,
but there's bad stuff
about every age.
Y-you just have to go with
whatever age you're supposed to be.
And never getting close
to anyone again
- sounds pretty stinky.
- Yes, it is stinky.
But for some reason,
I got close to you.
So now you can't leave me alone.
Come on, immortal
detective buddies, remember?
- Open up for the choo-choo.
- Shh.
Oh, let's just enjoy the
few minutes we have goo.
Uh, um, I mean gaa.
Uh, uh-oh.

Goodbye, Flute.
If I had to get close
to one person this century
I'm glad it was you.

Pfft. You're crying?
Jeez, now who's the baby?
Huh, the immortality in
my tears must have reversed
Who care why?
My pubes are back!
Oh, I missed you guys,
even you white ones.
- Glad you're okay, but
- What are we even doing?
- Are you trying to tickle me?
- Can you please no.
- I'm not four anymore.
- You're just a little heavy
- All right, I'll
- Flu
- I can explain.
- I don't even care.
Stan made a friend!
It helped talking
to Lieutenant Ravi.
Now I can go after Kang's job
and hold my hair high,
knowing I did the right thing.
And I'm gonna win over
Wynona with my charm
instead of gaslighting her.
Hey, gaslighting, like a fart.
[chuckles] Maybe I'll charm her
with jokes like that.
[both scream]
Kill the zombie!
No, no, no, it's okay.
Turns out Kang is immortal.
Just like Keanu Reeves.
I'll forward you the links.
- I'm so glad you're back.
- Me too mostly.
So, immortal.
That explains why
you've never let anyone,
- especially me, get close to you.
- Exactly.
I now realize I'm ready
to let myself get close to people,
even if I'm gonna watch you all die.
ALL: Aww.
But if you tell anyone my secret,
I will spend the rest of eternity
eliminating your bloodline
off the face of the planet.
You guys, this is gonna be
so much fun.
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