Groom (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Excuse me?
I'm here for the birthday of
Yeah, that's it.
Where should I put this?
Set it on the table
with the other gifts.
Do you know when he'll be here?
I think he's on his way.
He shouldn't be long now.
I wouldn't presume to tell you
what to do with your past, Sir,
but you should know, some of us
would like to know what you plan to do
with your future.
"Batman Begins"!
Alfred to Bruce Wayne
in the staircase.
Well done, Sir.
In thirty years, I've never
managed to outwit you.
Humankind could benefit
from a mind such as yours.
Wait, are you being serious
or was that another quote?
I'm being serious, Sir.
Doesn't it piss you off
to constantly call me Sir?
Sorry. Doesn't it annoy you
to constantly call me Sir?
Not at all, Sir.
I call you Sir, Sir,
like my father
called your father Sir, Sir.
And before him, his father's father
called your grandfather Sir, Sir.
A simple "no" would've been fine.
Hey bro, what's the address
for your birthday?
You said it was a grand hotel
but you didn't say which one.
No. It's called The Grand Hotel.
Oh, OK.
Man, I'm so excited,
this is gonna be wicked!
Wicked cool!
Be there in a sec.
Ciao. Ciao ciao. Ciao.
You might consider
moderation tonight, Sir.
Come on, you know me!
How are you?
Oh, crap
Whoa, whoa!
No, please don't
Put this down.
No, no, no, no!
- That was unnecessary
- But you like it!
Go! Go! Go!
- This is between us.
- Yeah
Come on, he's not dead.
No he's only got one broken arm,
two broken legs and eight broken ribs.
I guess you're keeping murder
for your 31st birthday.
Come on, Dad,
nobody reads the papers anymore.
You think this is a joke?
I'm not surprised.
Everything is a joke to you.
This is all my fault.
I gave you everything and let you
act like a fool for thirty years.
It was easier than taking care of me.
Shut up!
I will not be embarrassed by you again.
You have one year to learn
what life is all about.
You'll work and learn how to figure out
your own shit.
And if you fail
You won't inherit a thing
and you're no longer my son.
If I fail what exactly?
At work, you asshole!
You will replace the bellboy you sent
to the hospital, but before that,
give me back everything I gave you,
starting with your Black Card.
- There, your card.
- William?
- Here you go.
- William
Your Visa, William.
So I can't even order food anymore?
You will cook your own meals.
This will be very beneficial to you.
See you later, buddy.
No, no, no!
Oh, no!
No more motorcycle.
I don't even care.
I don't have to drive,
I have Hubert.
Coming, Hubert?
You know what?
I'll do your fucking job!
I fuck life!
I don't need to learn about it.
What the
What's wrong with it?
And you should know that a workday
starts at 8 a.m.
Good morning, Sir. Welcome to the
Grand Hotel. How may I help you?
I'm the bellboy.
They let you out, already?
Incredible, they gave you a new face.
Those cheekbones are great!
No, I'm the new bellboy.
I am filling in for the one I
the one who was injured.
I should have known,
your clothes look different.
And the way you
Speaking of clothes, am I supposed
to pick up a uniform somewhere?
Yes. The changing room is over there,
on your left, downstairs.
But be careful.
There might be a ghost.
Holy fuck!
Who are you?
I'm the concierge. You're three hours
late! I've never seen that in 14 years.
Now, put on your uniform.
I'll see you out there in two minutes.
Don't you think it's a bit ridiculous?
You wearing such a respectable uniform
is indeed ridiculous.
Let's go.
You're in a five-star hotel,
a luxury hotel.
You will abide by two things: my orders
and the customer's wishes.
Yeah, the customer is King
No, I am the King.
The customer is God.
And what about me?
A bellboy.
- And where are we going now?
- Meet the manager.
What for?
At a new job, you introduce yourself
to the manager.
Haven't you ever worked?
You've never worked.
Uh, actually
Come in!
- Good morning, Ma'am.
- No!
Call me Sylvie.
All right, Sylvie.
How is your first day going?
Well, I lost my cell phone on my
birthday, so I was a bit late
A bit late? Three hours!
In 14 years, I've never
Yeah, OK, OK.
Don't worry, that's fine.
You'll see, it's like summer camp
around here, we're pretty chill.
What do you think about this?
You like motorbikes, don't you?
I do have one, yes.
I love it!
Next time you go for a ride,
let me know, OK?
Let her know in advance,
so she has time to buy a motorbike.
Well, I'm sorry, guys, but
Hands out of your pockets!
This isn't a bar.
All right. This is the hall, this is
where you will see to clients' needs.
- OK.
- There is the front desk.
And that is Thomas.
He's in charge of greeting clients,
checking their booking, allocating rooms
Yes. OK.
When there is a customer at the desk,
you take their luggage
up to their room.
Thomas! That crap on your name tag,
I told you to take it off!
Hello, welcome to the Grand Hotel.
What can I do for you?
I have a reservation under Boissier.
Boissier Room 101.
You see, she's a customer.
She's "checking in", as we say.
And soon he will offer her a room.
Here is your card.
Now! Take her suitcase and bring it up
to 101. It's on the first floor.
Can you do it?
Carry a suitcase?
Well, it won't be easy,
but I'll try my best.
I see. But I'm not sure
your best is good enough.
OK, now go.
Do you come here often?
Quite often.
And are you with someone?
Quite often.
What kind of someone?
Not a bellboy.
- Shall we?
- Yes, yes.
Where is my luggage?
Oh, right. I lost it.
Now what?
When I lose something,
I buy another one, that's easier.
Don't worry about looking for it,
you just got here!
I won't, but you will, you moron!
Chill out, it's my first day.
It will be your last
if you don't find my goddamn luggage!
Is there a problem, Miss Boissier?
I thought I heard you say "goddamn".
No problem.
Wonderful. I'm here
in case you need anything. Goodbye.
You have one hour.
Hello, I'm the new bellboy.
No, you're the jerk
who fucked this place up.
You should calm down,
I'm the boss's son.
Oh, sorry, you're the boss's son
who fucked this place up.
Did you find a suitcase?
I did. I have it here
So, no suitcase?
Yes, I do have your suitcase.
OK, I've had my fun.
Here it is.
- Very funny.
- Wait, I have a small suitcase in my pocket.
It might be yours.
Is it your finger? It is your finger.
Thanks for the humiliation, I have to
go now, I have a suitcase to find.
Lose something?
It's just me.
I lost my microfibre cloth.
You did what?
In a hotel, we don't lose things.
Oh look, here it is.
Are you crazy?
You scared me!
Thanks. I'm not sure I
I didn't do it for you.
We're not friends. I hate spoiled brats who
think they can get away with anything,
but I hate management oppressing
their support staff even more.
You're a human being, you make mistakes,
you need protection.
- Thank you.
- I still hate your guts.
I have a minor problem.
I lost a suitcase.
OK. Where did you last see it?
In front of the elevators.
I know where it is.
It was right there!
Someone must have stolen it.
Let's do like with foxes!
What do you mean?
In the countryside,
when foxes eat hens,
you put a hen somewhere
and you wait for the fox.
You hide away in a shack
and when the fox comes
You catch it
Then you kill it.
But we don't have a shack.
Welcome to the Grand Hotel.
We'll help you with your luggage
immediately, Mr. Lebrun.
Uh, sure
Just like in the countryside!
Imagine a fox turns up.
And that fox is Robin Hood.
People would say:
"There's a toon in the hotel."
A toon? A toon!
There's a toon in the hotel!
There's a toon in the hotel!
Keep quiet or the fox will never come.
Oh, fuck!
What's happening?
The suitcase, it's gone!
- Just like the countryside.
- Enough with the countryside!
In the countryside,
my friend Ludo went missing.
The police was looking for him.
So they thought:
Let's think like Ludo.
If we were Ludo,
where would we go?
OK, great!
So I'll pretend to be a suitcase?!
I'm inside.
No one saw you.
Operation Ludo, underway.
Now go away.
Go away! If you stand here,
no one will come.
Good point.
Good point.
OK, that's it.
We're moving.
We're turning left
We're slowing down.
It's probably carpeting.
A magnetic card beeping.
We must be near the rooms.
It's smoother.
It must be tiling.
We're going through a door.
We're stopping.
Come on! Work!
Who are you?
Who are you,
coming up behind me like that?
- I came out of the suitcase you stole.
- What?! Listen here,
I've been working
in this spa for 5 years.
I've never had a problem
and now, you're calling me a thief?
- Yes.
- I've never been so insulted.
I'm telling the concierge.
No, not him, please!
Excuse me, I'm sorry.
I will find the culprit.
It's fine, I was kidding,
you really think I would tell him?
But enough with the accusations.
I'm very sorry.
No problem.
See you later.
Well, that's
the new fire alarm.
But there's no fire.
Yes, exactly,
it's the new fire alarm.
It prevents fires.
It's an anti-fire alarm.
Maybe it's my phone over there.
OK, I admit it!
I did it.
It was me: the suitcases, the phone.
I surrender.
I'm sorry.
What's the problem?
But I don't get it.
What do you do? Sell them?
Not at all.
I keep the suitcases for a while.
Then, I bring them back
to their owners.
And since they're loaded, they pay me.
So you steal them
and you bring them back.
Not exactly.
That's when you come in.
Technically, I didn't steal them.
You just lost them.
The thing is, now that I know,
I'm going to rat you out.
Sure, but the thing is,
if you want to rat me out,
you'll have to tell them you emptied
a client's suitcase
to hide inside of it.
Let's do this: I'll bring the suitcases
back to the clients,
that way, I'm covered.
And I'll give you half of the money.
All right, but did you empty
only half of the suitcase?
All of it, I'll give you all of it.
- I think we'll really get along.
- Sure.
With your stupid face.
- Here you go, Sir.
- Thank you.
- Have a good day.
- You too.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Incredible! You lost three
suitcases on your first day!
But he found them,
that's very different.
He found them after losing them.
Which proves that Will knows
how to bounce back.
One has to fall in order to bounce back.
He fell three times in one day.
Three times isn't so bad! Is it?
It's really not that bad.
Yes, it is. Especially when
it's 3 suitcases out of 3,
that's to say,
all the suitcases of his career.
He's really set the wheels in motion!
Congratulations, William.
Congratulations, William!
Well done, Willy!
That's really unnecessary.
The wheels are in motion
The two wheels, you see?
That's good.
We get it.
She's hot, right?
She's pretty.
She's a whore.
Why would you say that?
No, I mean she's an escort.
She has sex with people for money.
She works here.
He's in love with a hooker!
About your job
You should know,
it doesn't bother me.
It could bother you?
Of course she sleeps with people,
she's a whore.
- Our turn!
- Escort.
If it comes out that I work,
oh, the shame!
I have to hide!
You're the worst employee
in the history of hospitality.
Could you bring my luggage up?
Can't you do it yourself?
No. No!
Hm, you have a vein here.
I'll kill you!
I will not stand for any deaths
in this hotel.
Whoa-whoa-whoa! What are you doing?!
- No need, then!
- No need for what?
Here we go!
Slight problem
- No, don't do it!
- Don't get closer. I'll jump.
- There are other stars?
- Yes. There's
- Claw ed.
- Claude?
Claude Log.
Claude Log?
Hey, sir! Sir?
I'm a billionaire's son,
of course, I'm going to live it up.
This is my home!
Piss off!
Cool stuff.
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