Grown-ish (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

Back & Forth

1 I thought you were off of relationships ever since Cash broke your heart.
I was.
Me and Luca will hang out for 12 straight hours.
Then Going home to change for the dance or something? I'm not going to that.
And then, when I'm with Aaron, it feels like we are in the friend zone.
- Then - I like you like you.
AARON: And I'm down to make this a thing if you are.
Luca! Before tonight, I didn't even realize either of you cared.
Now, you know.
ZOEY: It was time for me to grow up and make a decision.
What are you doing here? I screwed up.
I-I'm sorry.
I should've never let you go.
College is about figuring out who you are, maybe before you're even ready.
It's when you decide what you want to be what you care about what kind of choices you're gonna make and even who you want to be with.
Look, I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I don't want to be without you.
Can we talk for a minute? But at the end of the day, being grown is about facing those tough decisions head on.
I'll text you.
Want you to wait on me, baby [EXHALES] Watch out, world, I'm grown now I'm grown Learn something new every day I don't know, so I'm-a feel my way Got the weight of the world on me But no regrets, this is what I say Watch out, world, I'm grown now - I'm grown - You can tell me My heart beating so loud Mama, look, I'm grown now I'm grown So, I'd gone from wanting to know how two guys felt about me [EXHALES] to knowing exactly how three guys felt about me.
And now, I didn't know how I felt at all anymore, except for completely confused.
And, yes, I know there are worse problems in the world than having three boys chasing after you [EXHALES] but it didn't really feel like it.
[JADEN SMITH'S "WATCH ME" PLAYS] Can't find me up up and away I give a'bout your wave My I surf every day Drownin' my soul is the basement, aye I ain't got much in the bank I got a lot I could say - Got a blue goddess to save - Oh.
- Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Well, it looks like we won't be working out today.
[SIGHS] Del Taco? Mm.
Hold on 'Sup, ladies? BOTH: Hey.
You guys working out? Why don't you jump in? You should jump out.
Why are you even here? The basketball season is over.
You should be out shopping for your pink tuxedo for the draft.
Actually, um, I'm considering staying another year.
- [SCOFFS] - Why? You're gonna be the number-one pick.
I made a commitment to this program.
And I feel like, next year, we could have a real shot at the championship.
Okay, relax, All-America.
This isn't "SportsCenter.
" Yeah, be real.
What's going on? [SIGHS] I'm just gonna copy and paste a Wikipedia article, then change all the font to Wingdings, then act totally surprised when the professor says that the file was corrupted.
Just like that, boom! Bought myself an extra week on the assignment.
Nomi, this is a group project.
[SNIFFING] Do you smell that? [SNIFFING] Oaky notes of carob and subtle undertones of [SNIFFS] hibiscus.
I think that's just weed.
Oh, no, friend-o.
That's not just weed.
[SNIFFS] That's Blueberry Hornet.
I thought this was just a myth.
[SNIFFING] [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Think that they know me - [INHALES DEEPLY] - I'll be who I wanna be Yo.
Come in.
Or don't.
I don't care.
This is [SIGHS] I know, right? Maybe it's 'cause of my life that I don't see you anymore Wow.
The blueberry finish on this is really special.
I'll buy your favorite decor, maybe I'm drunk on the floor I want to say that I see what you're going for, but I also don't want to lie to you.
Party my life away, tell me my life is the Hold up.
Are those cut-up pieces of Is that Zoey's belt? Is this about Zoey? Aww, Luca! [SIGHS] I'm sorry, ma'am.
It's not my fault you slept all day.
This is what's left.
Look at me.
Do you honestly think lettuce and honeydew are gonna cut it right now? Yo.
Looks like we both had a big night.
Hard to say.
Last thing I remember is Nomi trying to kiss me.
Right Okay.
So, look, quick question.
Um, do you think Zoey would like it if I surprised her with "Hamilton" tickets? I'd nod my head, but everything hurts.
I just wanted to make sure before I sold all the microwaves at Hawkins.
- [CLEARS THROAT] - You'd really do that for her? Yeah.
I mean, I probably shouldn't, but I would.
Wait, what's happening here? So, after spending the day locked in my room trying to make a decision, I finally decided that spending the day locked in a room is a horrible way to make a decision.
At the end of the day, I told myself that the grown thing to do was get my ass out of bed, go to class, finally face these guys head on, and and that was about as far as I'd gotten.
Mira, we need to talk about Aaron.
We need to talk about Luca.
[ELEVATOR DINGS] Girl we need to talk about Cash.
I kind of want to go back to my room.
Wait, what are you doing? We're supposed to be in class in five minutes.
Class?! How do you expect to go to class at a time like this? We've got three guys in the palm of our hands.
- Sit.
- "Our hands"? What, were you expecting to make this decision on your own, Zoey? I mean, how selfish can you be? All right, fine.
Maybe it wouldn't be the worst idea to talk it out.
I mean, I was thinking of creating a comprehensive pro/con list Sweetie, that's the dumbest shit I've ever heard.
Guys, this would be the best game ever of [bleep], Marry, Kill.
Well, uh Seriously? Honestly, you guys want me to make the biggest decision in my young adult life based on some drinking game? Hey! This is not a game! Do you hear me? This is real life.
Oh Whoa I I'm sorry.
I-I just I can't stand it when people don't see the bigger picture.
Like, damn.
Well, Jazz, it's actually a pretty efficient way of organizing your thoughts.
I mean, think about it.
Wouldn't it help to figure out which guy you're most attracted to, which you actually see a real future with And which bum-ass loser deserves to die.
I mean, it's the game.
Well I guess you guys can't make me any more confused than I already am.
I will go first.
And, guys, this will be quick and painless, 'cause I've already figured this out.
[CLEARS THROAT] All right, so, here's what you do.
You sleep with Cash.
You got to keep your number down.
You know what they say Under seven, straight to Heaven.
Oh God, Nomi, I am so sorry.
Joke's on you.
Jews don't believe in Heaven.
- Mm.
- You kill Luca.
'Cause look at yourself, and then look at him.
That's not someone you're ever really gonna take seriously.
I think I saw him wearing eye shadow the other day.
Yeah, he does do that sometimes.
Which is why marrying Aaron is the obvious choice.
The end.
You're welcome.
- Okay.
- Okay, wait, I don't get it.
I thought you actually hated him.
Well, actually, we talked today.
And he really cares about you.
He's surprising you with "Hamilton" tickets.
Mm what?! You pried it out of me.
All right, look, you've been crushing on him since day one.
He's gotten you to be passionate about issues that you never even cared about before, and that's what you like about him.
He challenges you.
Well Did he tell you where our seats were? Okay.
Good evening.
Or morning.
I still don't know what to call this time of night or day.
So, today/tonight's class will be going very, very long as I am bingeing "Narcos" and have found myself incapable of carrying on with life until I reach what is sure to be the series' climactic conclusion where I predict Pablo Escobar will successfully retire to the south of France.
Yo, fellas, where the ladies at tonight? Davy Crockett-ass hair usually has a pretty good track on Zoey.
Maybe he knows.
Are you in a bad mood or something? You break a pencil sketching on your mariachi mustache this morning? Look, I don't know where she is, okay? I don't care.
Professor Telphy.
Sorry to interrupt.
But I'd like to introduce you to a potential new student.
Who, [HUSHED VOICE] should he decide to remain enrolled at our fine university for another year, will also be your top student, as he will be getting an "A" on every test.
Got it.
Will do.
Thanks for stopping by.
Yo, Cash! Got an empty seat right here, bro.
What's up, my man? Excuse me? Run, Pablo.
Run to the south of France.
[CLEARS THROAT] Excuse me, Professor Telphy? What exactly is tonight's lesson? Uhh [CHUCKLES] It seems so obvious.
I almost feel like you can tell me.
I really can't.
Well I'm clearly teaching [CHUCKLES] marketing.
Because you see Wait! I get it.
It's brilliant when you think about it.
Aha! Aha [CHUCKLES] Yes! I mean, what drug lord has been better at marketing than Pablo Escobar? [CHUCKLING] Hm.
All right.
I'll see where this goes.
[CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY] ZOEY: I'm just saying, if it's this section, it's a partially obstructed view.
I'd basically be watching a support column rap about colonial tax policy.
Aaron's a bum and history's stupid.
Okay, my turn.
Kill Cash, marry Aaron, bang Luca.
You just said Aaron's a bum, but you also agree he wins? No, no, no.
I said bang Luca.
Luca's the winner.
Pretty sure that's not how the game works.
You can still have sex when you're married.
Like, with other people? 'Cause if open marriage is on the table, I mean, I'm gonna have to reassess the rules here.
No, with your husband.
Who wants to have sex with their husband? Mm.
All right, we get it.
Okay, Nomi, why in the world Luca? Why not? Do you ever notice that you're constantly bitching about Cash and Aaron? Okay Okay, I am constantly bitching about a whole lot of other things, too.
You haven't said one bad thing about Luca.
That's because she cares way more about them than Luca.
It's because you and Luca have something different.
He's the one guy that you haven't had to change yourself for, okay? There's a deeper connection there like, painting-pictures-using- swatches-of-your-clothing deep.
You just said that like it's some common phrase I'm supposed to understand.
JAZZ: Nomi might actually have a point.
Play your cards right and you can end up in an unmarried, purely sexual relationship with a failed painter slash dressmaker who teaches street yoga.
Dibs if you're out.
- So down.
- All right.
[EXHALES] [CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY] Uh Now, some people might say that cutting the throat of your rival and pulling his tongue through the wound is a savage way to murder someone.
But, uh, that isn't how Señor Escobar saw it.
He saw it as a, uh - Branding opportunity! - An opportunity to brand! Opportunity to brand.
How, exactly? Pablo had his own brand of murder The Colombian necktie.
Come on, guys, this is marketing 101.
Isn't it? [LAUGHS NERVOUSLY] Psst.
[WHISPERING] Hey, aren't you that homeless dude that interned with Zoey, right? - What? - Yep, that's him.
That's That's the one.
Good eye.
And you're her, like, gay best friend? [LAUGHS] Nailed it, my guy.
Any chance she talked to either of you two about us getting back together? Nah.
I was with her last night, and she didn't say anything like that.
I was also with her, later in the night, and she didn't say anything like that at all.
Well, I was with her after you, so Pretty sure I was there later.
But you know, hey, let's just keep Gentlemen, gentlemen, what's all the ruckus? CHARLIE: I'm quite sure these young men are just brimming with excitement over this very relevant lesson.
You know what? Yeah, I've got a question [CHUCKLES] When Pablo decided he was gonna stop going back and forth, playing games with cocaine, right, go all in, how did he make it clear to the other dealers you know, like the big-shot, famous dealers or the wannabe hipster, indie dealers that it was his time now? You know, I'm just curious.
- Hm.
- That's a good question.
Uh, better question Was there ever a point where Pablo stopped talking about cocaine like an object and realized he was on some weird psycho territorial trip and maybe let cocaine figure out which dealer she wants to be with? "She"? So, you think that it's wrong for Pablo to fight for cocaine? Doesn't cocaine deserve somebody who doesn't just sit back and act like he's too cool for cocaine? Isn't it maybe, also, possible that Pablo shouldn't be underestimating the connection that other dealers have with cocaine? Uh A lot to unpack there.
[LAUGHS] Am I crazy, or is cocaine actually Zoey? But that would mean you're not gay.
But you you can't not be homeless.
[LAUGHS] Professor Telphy, if I may, I think I can answer some of these questions.
All right, the way My God, this class practically runs itself.
It's incredible.
[LAUGHS NERVOUSLY] And to think I get paid for this.
[LAUGHS NERVOUSLY] Right? - Zoey? - Yes? Come on, at least tell us who's in the lead.
Honestly, all three guys are great.
Okay, forget the guys.
Which ones of us wins? I think you both equally convinced her to stay single.
Oh, like you two have the answers? We do.
It's simple.
Marry Cash.
Wait, why why Cash? 'Cause that boy is willing to put off the NBA just to be with you.
What are you talking about? He said he's stay here if you wanted him to.
Are you serious? That doesn't really feel like a good move for him.
Girl, that's what we said to ourselves.
Not in front of him.
Well, you know, I can't believe he would do that for me anyway.
Believe it, dude.
That boy is about to be worth millions.
He's a human lottery ticket.
His name is literally Cash.
I hate to be that girl, but haven't we been down this road already? And didn't it end horribly? NOMI: Okay, I think we're losing focus here.
We're just trying to figure out who Zoey should smash.
Have you not been listening? The man is down to put off the NBA for her.
Luca and Aaron can go [bleep] each other for all I care.
You know what, don't listen to her.
Zoey, don't turn your back on love at first sight.
Aaron is the one.
He always has been.
Bitch, do you want a wedding at the Mondrian on South Beach or in the common room of Hawkins Hall? Jazz, will you shut up? [INDISTINCT YELLING] This no longer seems like it's about me.
[YELLING CONTINUES] [SCOFFS] They won't even notice I'm gone.
[YELLING CONTINUES] [RIHANNA'S "LOVE ON THE BRAIN" PLAYS] Listening to my friends, through the good arguments and the not so good, actually did help me put some things in perspective.
And you got me like, "Oh" Since the day I'd gotten to school, I'd been doing everything I could to figure out what type of a person I wanted to be who I wanted to grow into Don't quit loving me Just start loving me Ohhhhh And, babe, I'm fist-fighting with fire Just to get close to you Can we burn something, babe And each of these guys had been huge parts in me taking steps forward Must be love on the brain But here's the thing I still had a long way to go.
That journey was gonna continue no matter who I chose.
It beats me black and blue And when I finally stopped trying to figure out what the future might hold Must be love on the brain when I realized the only way to make this decision was based off of who I was at that very moment the choice suddenly became clear I'm no good without you And I can't get enough Must be love on the brain [CHLOE X HALLE'S "GROWN" PLAYS] Your first love is always going to be one of the most important people in your life.
And finding someone who challenges you to be better is definitely something worth holding on to.
- Oooh - I'm grown You can tell me nothin' I'm grown Like a heart, I'm stuntin', babe Oooh But if you can find something deeper, something different Oh, my gosh.
Um Is that me? Yeah.
I can't really seem to get you out of my head.
You never know what it might grow into.
Watch out, world, I'm grown now It's about to go down My heart beating so loud Mama, look, I'm grown now I'm grown Wow.
That is some amazing, violent, and yet, educational content for our students.
Now, I was hoping we could discuss business.
I had a feeling you were gonna come to me with this.
I figure we can get our operation up and running in no time.
We'll use the freshmen as runners.
And with our proximity to the Mexican border, we'll get all the weight Charlie, I was talking about extending your teaching contract with the university.
I, too, was also talking about that, as well.
But on second thought Ah See you next term, muchacho.
Oh, dear God.