Grown-ish (2018) s02e12 Episode Script

Fake Love

1 - Hey.
- Hi.
You okay? Oh, God.
No [sniffles] Aaron, I'm not.
I feel like I've had some huge bomb dropped on me.
Oh, shit.
I am, uh I'm so sorry.
[Voice breaking] I feel like I'm on the verge of of a nervous breakdown.
- I've never felt so blindsided.
- [Sighs] I put myself in this position Look, Zoey, we didn't mean to hurt you, okay? It was just I don't know.
Ana's so cool, and things just kind of they happened, you know? What are you talking about? What happened with you and Ana? Wait.
Did Ana not talk to you? Talk to me about what? About, um Hello? "We didn't mean to hurt you"? What does that mean? I just meant we, in general, like, didn't mean to hurt you like that time we clowned you when you were watching "MasterChef Junior.
" In your defense, Reggie didn't deserve to be blasted over a beef kabob the kid's 8.
Aaron, why are doing that stupid rambling thing you do when you're hiding something? I'm not rambling.
I'm just trying to talk to you about a great show, "MasterChef Junior.
" If I was rambling, I'd talk to you about O.
"MasterChef" Aaron, stop.
What the hell are you talking about? - You and Ana? - Okay.
Uh, Ana and I we, you know, fell into a little situation, and we've been kickin' it, so "Kickin' it" like how? Just kickin' it, kickin' it.
Like, really kickin' it hard.
Kickin' it and stuff naked.
We've been naked together.
[Cellphone chimes] [Crunches] [Gasps] [Door opens] Hey.
[Vomits] Watch out, world, I'm grown now I'm grown Learn something new every day I don't know, so I'm-a feel my way Got the weight of the world on me But no regrets, this is what I say Watch out, world, I'm grown now - I'm grown - You can tell me My heart beating so loud Mama, look, I'm grown now I'm grown ZOEY: Since the dawn of womankind, much about humans has adapted and evolved.
You know, like how we used to sleep in caves or comb our hair with rocks.
However, there is one rule that has and will always withstand the test of time Girl Code.
That unspoken, yet very strict set of rules we ladies live by.
And the number-one rule of Girl Code is "Don't date anyone your homegirl has been in a relationship with.
" The number-two rule of Girl Code? Read rule number one over and over and over again until you die.
But what happened to Girl Code when your generation redefined traditional relationships and turned them into something different? "Situationships.
" [Ding!] Things become a lot less black and white.
In fact, they can get murky.
And for Ana and me, they were about to get hella murky.
What the hell are you saying right now? She's saying she's a snake-ass bitch with no respect for Girl Code.
But I have hella respect for her creep game, though.
Right in our faces! Okay.
Creeping, secrets, that's whatever.
You do realize what you did to your best friend, right? Your roommate? Our roommate? I know.
And that's why I need your help.
Look, Zoey found out before I had a chance to tell her, and now she's locked herself in her room.
She won't come out, no matter how hard I try.
[Knocks softly] [Whispering] Zoey, you want to talk? Okay.
No, I gotcha.
Another time.
It's fine.
And, believe me, I'm gonna keep trying, but Believe you? How the hell are we supposed to believe anything that comes out of your trifling-ass mouth anymore? I didn't think it would get to this point.
Look, it truly started innocently, and then, it just [Sighs] It just snowballed.
[Groans] I just want this whole mess to be over.
Well, none of the people in this room have slept with Aaron, so you need to ovary the hell up, get in there, and fix this, because my parents are not paying this much in rent for me to be unhappy in this beautiful apartment.
Bro, you and Ana? How does that even work, like, physically, politically, spiritually? Was it everything I imagined it was? Like a Maxwell video? - Get your boy, man.
- That's That's your boy, man.
Unfortunately, he's both of our boy.
Aww, that's so sweet.
Bro, look, I'm not even trying to judge you, but smashing within the friend group is straight treacherous.
It's not like I went looking for this.
It just kind of happened.
I wish that stuff just kind of happened to me although, flip-side, Zoey's probably pissed at you.
Ana's probably pissed at you.
Zoey's definitely pissed at Ana.
I wouldn't have the emotional bandwidth for that.
I should probably reach out, you know, hit her up, shoot her a little text.
- No.
- No, you can't do that.
- Dude, come on.
- You cannot text her right now.
Big facts.
Plus, Ana's probably in the middle of it.
What? No.
I'm talking about texting Zoey.
Are you a dumbass? - The hell? - That shit's got to stop.
Dude, you are sleeping with Ana.
Do you really think she'd really appreciate you checking in on Zoey? You're right.
So, I check on both of them.
Group text.
All the wrong moves, B.
Give me your phone.
Bro, you made a lot of bad decisions today.
Let me help you make a good one.
- I don't want to.
- Come on.
Come on.
Thank you.
Be right here until you get it together.
Fix it now.
[Knocks softly] See? It's no use.
- I'll try tomorrow.
- No.
[Knocks loudly] ZOEY: Come in.
- [Quietly] Go.
- [Quietly] Okay! [Breathes deeply] All right.
Hi? Okay.
All right.
So, I guess I'll just, um I'll just dive right in.
Um, Zoey, first off [Sighs] I'm sorry.
But I need you to know that I wanted to be the one to tell you.
It's just that, every time I tried, the time was just it just wasn't right.
The point is, you're my best friend.
And And you should have never heard it from anyone else.
Please say something.
You're a shady piece of backstabbing trash.
Um Great first step.
You know, a-at least we're communicating.
Zoey, I I You have to believe me.
We never meant to hurt you.
Oh, pause.
"We"? Ugh, a bitch is using plural pronouns! Okay, I'm gonna need Ana to take two steps forward, 'cause I'm tired of looking under homegirl's shorty robe.
ZOEY: When did all of this start happening? Okay, well, we started hanging out a little while ago.
Um, and no nothing happened, really, just flirting w-which I I stopped.
And then, like, um, a week or so ago, it, um, turned into more.
Do you have any idea how dumb I feel? You are supposed to be my best friend.
I am.
Best friends don't sleep with their best friend's ex.
With all due respect, Aaron technically is not your ex.
Never trust anyone who starts a sentence with "all due respect.
" That's right behind, "I have tons of black friends, but" But Ana does have a point.
How Sway? Aaron is totally Zoey's ex.
Technically, they were never together.
Then, technically, what were they? They were more of a, um, situationship.
Without the official "relationship" label, you aren't in an official relationship.
If Aaron and I were never in a relationship, then why'd you sneak around? You knew that we had had feelings for each other.
You knew that we had hooked up, that he's been to my house, that he has met my family.
Matter of fact, you were the one who told me to choose him over Luca.
Right! And you chose Luca! Okay, now Zoey is just straight-up wrong, okay? Her and Aaron were never in a relationship.
Remember last year, when she said she wanted a relationship - like you and Doug? - [Chuckles] Everyone wants what we have.
Yeah, including you.
[Quietly] Just 'cause you don't have it anymore.
I mean, with all due respect, of course.
Okay, well, my point is that Zoey had to choose between two situationships Aaron and Luca to decide which relationship she wanted to be in, and she chose Luca.
Her and Aaron were a situationship.
Case closed.
Okay, aren't you guys forgetting about Cash, who you guys told her to choose? - I don't recall.
- I don't recall.
What What do I have to do to get you to believe me? I am so sorry.
I know that you are sorry for hurting my feelings and for keeping secrets, but are you sorry for getting with him in the first place? Right.
Well, I hope it was worth it.
[Door slams] [Clears throat] [Door opens] With Girl Code in all kinds of shambles, there was only one place that I thought would make me feel better.
Oh, my God, dude.
Do you want to hear the craziest thing that just happened? Is it crazier than these lifer dudes from "Penitentiary Kitchen" that will make Michelin-star meals out of Flaming Hot Cheetos and cigarette lighters in their cells? Yeah.
It is.
Um Ana has been hooking up with Aaron.
Oh, yeah.
I knew about that for a while.
Exc Um What What What did you just say to me? I'm not crazy for thinking that Aaron isn't Zoey's ex, am I? If he was, there's no way I would have messed with him.
She sat on that couch and said to me that they were never in love.
They never even had sex.
Well, wait, so you have to have had sex to be off-limits? - Yes! - Well, what if they had an emotional connection? You know, people can connect on a deeper, more intellectual level.
SKY: Intellectual? Wait, we are talking about Aaron and Zoey, right? Yeah, no, I'm just asking, like, how far do two people have to go physically in order for them to be considered off-limits? Dry humping.
What? I said what I said.
Look, it doesn't matter what level of physical interaction I've had with a dude from my past.
If he's from my past, he's completely off-limits.
Even Lil' Rico with the baby teeth from sixth grade? Especially Lil' Rico with the baby teeth from sixth grade.
Unh! Even with your punk-ass spinnies, that's a 9-3 lead for The Digital.
You're great at fake soccer.
"Fake football" to you.
AARON: Guys, I got it, all right? I've decided I'm not gonna text, but, instead, go over to Zoey and Ana's talk all the drama out in person.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! - Man, stop the clock! You can't go over there right now.
Now, who knows what kind of mess you'd be walking into? Could be all sorts of crazy, you know, screaming, and and hair pulling, and bras everywhere.
Maybe I should go over there and defuse the situation.
Bro, I I don't think you understand the magnitude of what's going on right now.
You smashed two homegirls.
You're public enemy number one.
I never smashed Zoey.
All right, so, look at this.
How would you feel if one of us tried to get at Zoey? Okay.
Before high school, any dude's fair game, 'cause, you know, all that stuff's above the belt, anyways.
But ninth grade and on? Off.
Cool, so I can, like, totally go after Lil' Rico from sixth grade, right? Of course if you want to get yourself nice and [bleep] up.
Guys, enough.
I don't want to hear about physical limitations, statute of limitations, or Girl Code.
I just want to make things right with Zoey.
Well, maybe if you did care about those things, you'd probably still have your friendship, Ana.
You don't think I've lost my friendship with Zoey over this, do you? Look, Ana.
Lying is a really hard thing to get over.
But I didn't lie.
I mean, a lie of omission is still a lie.
I didn't want to lie.
I just didn't know if this was a fling or if it was real, and I didn't want to bring Zoey into it until I knew.
It's the fact that you allowed yourself to catch feelings in the first place that poses the problem.
I mean, once someone hurts you and leaves you vulnerable, it's really hard to ever trust them again.
[Sighs] Okay.
So, you know they were hooking up, and you kept it from me? Not my secret to share.
- [Sighs] - Whoa! Dude was about to uncork his pruno.
Oh, my goodness.
I do not care about Vato Dan's toilet wine! There should be no secrets between us like when I told you that I think Bow Wow is a legend.
Like, anything else you're hiding from me? You sleeping with Ana, too? Okay, I know you're going through something, so I'm gonna ignore that extra-ass comment.
It's not extra to feel betrayed because my best friend is sleeping with my ex.
Your "ex"? Dude, you know what I mean.
In fact, I don't know what you mean.
And I don't know why it matters whether or not Ana is hooking up with Aaron.
Because, at one point, I had real feelings for him.
"At one point.
" You're with someone else now.
You're with me.
Yeah, Luca, I know, but I am allowed to be upset at the fact that you hid this from me.
I've been made a fool of by my best friend and, apparently, my boyfriend.
Seems like it's less about you feeling like a fool and more about you still having feelings for old boy.
[Scoffs] Am I right? No.
God, I I mean, I don't know.
I do know.
I I do know.
It's just that everything is is like still so new that I'm in shock, and it's really confusing, and I'm still processing it.
Maybe you should find another place to process it.
[Scoffs] Are you kidding me right now? No, you're not.
[Paintbrush clatters lightly] ANNOUNCER: Tonight, we take you to Rikers Island.
In this all-inclusive resort, guests need more protection than just SPF 15.
- [Metal door clangs shut] - Yo, Zoey.
What's up? - Hey.
- Are you looking for Aaron? - 'Cause he's not here.
- No, I know.
That's why I came by.
Checked my friend tracker.
I have nowhere else to go.
ZOEY: So, my parents had cut me off, Ana betrayed me, and Luca had kicked me out because he believed I still had feelings for Aaron.
Chips? - We don't have any salsa.
- No.
I just needed to talk to someone who had no dog in the race, no Girl Code, and, in Vivek's case, no love life to pull from.
Feels like everyone just needs time to heal.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, Vivek's right.
You can't just dead a friendship without thinking about it for a minute.
Yeah, well, thank you guys for letting me hang out here.
I wasn't quite ready to go home yet.
Of course.
You do exactly what you need to do for you right now.
That's how I live my life.
- I'm about to go take a tub.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
- [Chuckling] Okay.
Enjoy that bath bomb.
[Chuckles] [Cup taps lightly] Um, Zoey, you know you're welcome to stay here as long as you want.
Thank you.
But what's your guesstimate? Because this is where V-Dig racks out.
- You sleep here? - Most nights.
I mean, once they buy me out of yay-yo, the guys at the Winthrop house don't really talk to me much, so They don't seem like good friends.
They're not.
It's why I like to hang out here with my boys.
You know, Zo, your girls really love you.
And whether you want to hear it or not, Ana loves you, too.
At the end of the day, our girls are all we've got.
Huh? [Cellphone chimes] [Cellphone chimes] [Cellphone thumps lightly] [Cellphone chimes] [Sighs] [Scoffs] Mama's concerned about how I've been turning out Says I've been stayin' out late and I'm burning out I start to think too much I gotta get away Miss Independent - Dependent on Chardonnay - [Cellphone chiming] Falling to pieces, but you do not see it You don't You don't, you don't Falling to pieces, but all you can see are my faults My faults I need a break I need some space I need some time Oh, I Oh, I I need a break I need some space I need some time Oh, I Oh, I I need a break I need some space I need some time Oh, I Oh, I I need a I need a Yeah I need a I need a Break [Birds chirping] Zoey.
I'm so sorry this happened.
At that moment, I couldn't get what Vivek said out of my head.
He was right.
As much drama that was caused, my girls were the only things I'd always have.
I mean, isn't that what Girl Code is about protecting each other and sticking together, even when it hurts? I'm sorry, too.
Girl Code says we shouldn't let a guy get between friends.
But we're not friends anymore.
You're just a girl I live with.
[Door slams] That's another game of fake soccer for me, as well as another real 20 bucks from you.
One more, double or nothing.
Dude, I have all your money.
Bro, one more.
First goal wins.
Come on.
- Okay.
- Come on.
I warned you.
[Grunts] [Gasps] Oh, dude, I told you about the spinnies, man.
Fake soccer, fake soccer injuries.
What's this right here? Call that real baby brick.
[Whispering] My baby brick.