Grown-ish (2018) s04e10 Episode Script

It Was Good Until It Wasn't

'Sup, playboy? Oh.
Historically, men have waged war over many things, but this war was over a woman, who thought taking an internship with her ex-boyfriend would go over swell with her current boyfriend.
You're gonna be Luca's intern? Technically, on paper.
Oh, so you you already said yes, then? Yeah.
And with that single punch heard 'round Cal U, a full-blown battle over ego and emotion had officially begun.
Aaron, stop! What the hell was that?! Just go back and enjoy your little luau, Zoey, seriously.
Would you Aaron! Babe! Are you are you here? Often, after a particularly grueling battle, soldiers are left with combat fatigue.
Stunned, disoriented, and forever changed.
Yo, your communication skills is lacking.
We've been blowing you up all day.
Yo, what happened last night, man? You good? Yeah.
I'm good.
Are you? Because there's some severity to what you did.
A T.
punching a student? You could have lost your job or even gotten arrested.
Worth it.
Yo, man, fights amongst the crew is no good, man.
You're gonna make kickbacks, hanging out, chilling, and you know that little that little day trip that I planned to Catalina? That's gonna be mad awkward now.
I swear to God, if I don't get to go whale watching Anyways, you are the last person to be talking to me about making shit awkward.
You are smashing Luca's sister behind his back.
I'm This isn't about me right now.
Okay, well, look, bottom line is Luca has never been in my crew.
He's just an annoying pest who likes to hover and interfere with me and Zoey, and when I told him that he overstepped about the whole Twitter situation, what does he do? He offers her an internship.
That is the exact opposite of stepping back.
Bro, he's doing his homegirl a solid because his tweet got her fired.
Come on.
Are you seeing that? Are you Are you secretly smashing Luca instead of his sister? 'Cause you are you're swinging from his man sack a little a little too heavy.
Yeah, you are riding him pretty hard.
- Ah! Ah! - Hmm? Not my watermelon lemonade.
That's for my acid reflux.
Put it back.
And not that, either.
That's for my Cognac.
They running out of beverages down there on campus or what? No, Pops.
I just wanted a change of scenery.
And I'm kind of in a weird spot with my boyfriend.
I really didn't want to answer a ton of questions from my nosy roommates.
- Mm.
- Mm-hmm.
I get it.
Some people can never just mind their own business.
So, what is going on with you and that handsome boyfriend of yours? I hope you're treating him right, 'cause if you aren't, another older, sexier, curvier woman with acid reflux might.
- Hold on.
- Mm? Before Zoey gives us all the details, maybe we need a drink.
Oh, yeah.
How old are you now, Zoey? 16? Sure.
That's fine.
What was that for? I had a really good night with you.
And morning.
Me too.
We should do it again.
And again and again and again.
Nah, but seriously, I can see myself getting used to this.
I should go.
So, Rattail punched Dreadlocks when Rattail found out you took an internship with Dreadlocks? - Mm-hmm.
- Exactly.
- Hmm.
- And now I don't know what to do because Aaron won't even talk to me.
Look, what you got to understand is when you took that other boy's job offer, you bruised your boyfriend's ego.
You didn't think about how, you know, taking it was gonna make him feel.
- Maybe.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
- Don't listen to your grandma.
Now, if you want to know how to handle a headstrong man - Oh? - how about getting advice from a headstrong man? Hey, um, guess who I ran into last night getting trashed with a bunch of sweaty bros with 40s taped to their hands? - Ooh, who? - The father of my baby.
- Wait, Phil? - Mm.
What? No way.
Wait, what what is he doing in L.
? I don't know.
We don't talk, we don't text.
I've had zero interaction with him.
Okay, well, did seeing him change anything for you? Maybe make you want to reach out and have a conversation? No.
After his last text telling me to leave him alone, no.
Hell no.
If anything, seeing him last night just made me more upset to know that he's, like, running around in the same city as his daughter without even bothering to check up on her.
Whose flowers? Oh, um, Vivek said those came for you.
- I don't know.
- For me? - - Who are they from? I'm sorry, but there's a very large elephant in this room named Zoey Johnson and I just can't ignore it anymore, so are you and this elephant done? Look, obviously, I still love her, okay? And I want to resolve things, but it's just a lot to process right now, and I don't feel like dealing with it, so could you stop so I can focus on the game? How do you expect to resolve a situation when the other person who's involved doesn't even know what you're thinking? Doug's right, okay, and in my romantic experience, it's important to let your mate know where your head is.
What romantic experience? And what mate? Look, you'd be surprised how much "romantic experience" your boy's recently had, okay? I get it in.
All I'm saying is a simple gesture, like a sweet message or a romantic bouquet of flowers, goes a long way, because I get it in.
- Right.
- Yeah.
Well, anyway, well, I'm not gonna press this issue anymore 'cause you're a grown man.
All I'm saying is, is if you let these negative feelings fester, you're gonna end up doing something destructive again.
And you need to confront these issues head-on, brother.
All right.
Guess I got some stuff to clear up.
Hey, can we talk? May I? Nah.
You can say your apology from right there.
Ridding all your bad energy would kill my Palo Santo supply, so Right.
Uh, well, first of all, I'm not here to apologize.
I'm here to confront whatever the situation is between us head-on, so Oh, like you did last night when you sucker punched me? And he was wrong for that.
You brought reinforcements? What do I care? I have nunchuks.
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, bro.
It's not like that.
Look, I'm just here as a neutral party to make sure there's no more fights within the crew.
What I'm saying is a man who needs to have - his ego catered to - Mm-hmm.
is weak.
No secure man lets anything come between him and his woman.
I seem to recall a time where that ego needed a ton of catering to.
After my short-lived, steamy dalliance with legendary rhythm and blues crooner Mr.
Johnny Gill.
- Grandma! - Hey.
You had a fling with Johnny Gill? Yeah, well, whose red dress do you think he was talking about, baby? - Yeah.
- Oh, here we go.
Oh, hey, here we go.
Earl, I'm just saying, you didn't have to do that to the man's car! He wasn't talking that "My, My, My" mess that night.
Oh, I got your "My, My, My" up in these streets! So, I've actually had enough of this dysfunction, but shockingly, this has actually helped me clarify some things.
I think I know what I need to do.
I mean, I was sure I wanted to end things with Des, - and now I just don't know.
- You let the D cloud your judgment.
Happens to the best of us.
No, I let seeing Doug and Luca's sister assault each other with their tongues cloud my judgment.
Wait, they're messing around? Damn, things get juicy when I'm gone.
Things get complicated when you're gone.
Why? Wait, if this is over Doug, I'm gonna break Olympic training to come slap some sense into you myself.
Girl, no.
I am so over Doug.
But I was supposed to be ending things with Des, and now here I am actually feeling him.
Which is crazy, because a queer man who wears dresses is completely out of my comfort zone.
Look, I don't know what I would do in your situation, but a very wise twin once encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and date a White man, which is much worse.
But I'm glad I did.
So if you like him, maybe you need to take some of your own advice and step out of yours.
So, uh y'all wanna talk about this alleged disrespect - that's been going on? - There's no alleged.
It's a fact that he disrespected me when he offered Zoey that internship.
Isn't that right? The only reason I gave her the internship at Anti-Muse to right a wrong I made and to help a talented friend.
Or to keep an eye on an ex.
'Cause it seems to me you'll do anything to stay close, just waiting for an opportune time to swoop in.
You're way too deep in your head with this thing, man.
Oh, no, I'm definitely not.
I peep how you're there for all things Zoey.
All things.
I-if she wants to dump her trash on somebody, you're there to pick it up.
If she wants some sage advice or wants to know when the moon is in retrograde, who's there? - You.
- Wow.
Okay, I get it.
You're projecting.
Projecting? What are you What are you talking about? - How am I projecting? - I'm talking about you doing exactly what you just accused me of when I was with Zoey.
Don't Okay, now you're trying to switch it up No, I'm serious.
You're always there to pick up the pieces.
You're helping her find a major, helping her with relationship advice, helping her with, I don't know, Black stuff? You want to talk about me defending her? I mean, weren't you the guy inserting yourself in a very private argument we were having at Joey Bada$$'s pop-up? Or were you the guy that conveniently gave her a ride to the airport hours after we broke up? Right.
So, before you try to check me, maybe you should have checked yourself.
I guess I, uh never really saw my behavior as interfering before.
Well, it was.
All right.
Well, uh, shit, you know, I'm, um I guess what I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry to you, man.
Wow! That was beautiful.
Now we can all get to the part that matters the healing, which we can continue to do next weekend in Catalina while witnessing beautiful humpback whales cresting the Pacific.
So, Luca, you maybe want to give Aaron a little something? Maybe some mistakes were made and a few boundaries were crosses.
Doesn't it feel good to unburden ourselves? To finally get all our cards on the table? Well not all the cards.
Oh, come on, man.
Not right now.
We're so close to those whales.
Yo Yo, me and Kiela have been kickin' it.
Oh, shit.
Uh, what? You and Kiela I don't get Kickin' it? What does that entail? C come on, man.
Y you know what I'm trying to say.
Me and your sister, we've been smashing.
Guys, this is really veering off the path of healing a and brotherhood and whales.
A brother just doesn't sleep with another brother's sister.
No, no, he does not.
You're right about that.
But you gotta admit, at least he had the courage to tell you that he was smashing your sister.
Right? Obviously, I should've been more up front about the situation.
I know that.
Yo, bro, and for that, I apologize, man.
An apology doesn't really make a difference now, does it? Okay, then what will, bro? W-What, you want to punch me in the face again? Fine.
What, you want me to call up Kiela right now and and end the whole thing? I'll do it.
So I can look like the bad guy? Absolutely not.
I mean, you guys obviously couldn't be without each other, despite me asking you not to, and between you, me, and my sister, there's only one person that has a problem with you two being together, and that's me.
So, I'm gonna remove myself from the situation, and you three will kindly remove yourself from my house.
You serious right now? I think he is, man.
My bad.
Sorry I'm late.
Why the hell are you sending me flowers to the house with an obscene card in front of our roommates? Do you want people to find out we smashed? Would you rather I sent it to you secretly? I'd rather you not send them to me at all.
Look, what happened between us was a one-time thing that I told you I never want to redo, rehash, or relive.
I'm sorry, flowers after a bangin' night of sex is a go-to V-Didge move.
You know, I want my partners to feel respected and valued.
I don't want to feel respected or valued! Look, I just I want to be clear that we never, ever, ever speak about this again.
Clear? - Yeah.
- Great.
I love secrets.
Hey, Nomi, it's Phil.
Um, I'm sorry we ran into each other before I got a chance to tell you I moved to L.
So, if you want to grab a cup of coffee sometime, I'm around.
I promise I won't tape it to my hands.
After a day on the front lines of my grandparents' relationship, I was surprisingly optimistic about me and Aaron.
I mean, if those two could make it work, I knew we could get past this latest skirmish, too.
I'm sorry for ignoring all your calls and texts.
I just had some things I needed to figure out.
I mean, i-it's really okay, and I owe you an apology because it was really insensitive of me to jump into the whole work thing with Luca without considering your feelings.
I-I know I should've talked to you first.
I appreciate that, you know, you saying that, but I don't think that would have changed anything.
What's that supposed to mean? Um, I mean, that I clearly have a problem when it comes to you and Luca, and I'm not proud of it, but I'm just trying to be honest.
I quite honestly don't even know what to say to that because I really want to work at Anti-Muse.
As you should.
You absolutely should.
And I don't want to be the petty boyfriend that comes between you and your career, but I know myself, and I know that once you guys start working together again, I'm I'm not gonna like it.
But, Aaron, you know that's ridiculous because there's nothing going on between me and Luca.
- You know that.
- Y yes, I know.
I know.
That's why this is 100% me problem.
Do you understand? Like, something is off.
It's been off for a minute.
Starting with Mexico, then the midnight class demotion.
All of this.
You know, me punching a guy in the face.
It's not who I am.
It's not who I want to be.
I just think it's best if I remove myself from the situation, just so I can figure figure myself out so I don't drag us both down.
Okay, and "the situation" meaning our relationship? Zoey Oh, God.
Ah, man.
I'm sorry, you know? I wish it was different.
I wish that I felt differently about it.
You know, maybe if I was in a better place in my life or with my career, you working with him wouldn't bother me so much, but it does, you know? And I don't know.
I just gotta got some work to do, clearly, on myself.
Um, well I I You know what? [Bleep.]
The thing about allies is it's all good when you're both on the same side fighting the good fight, but when your comrade wants to surrender, at that point, there's nothing left to do but put down your weapon and walk away.
There's nothing, not even a devastating breakup, that late-night tacos can't cure.
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, my gosh.
- I'm so full, I can't eat anymore.
- True that.
"Thank you for the time inside you.
With love, V-Didge.
" Excuse me? Wait! You sent Ana the flowers?! You were inside of her? - Uh - You? - You? - You.
I can't talk about it.
Sleepy time.
Night, y'all.
We had sex after Doug and Luca's party, and it was amazing and hot and not fast at all, and I'm so glad you guys know now because without being able to talk about it, it's like the magic never happened, but it did.
And it was magical.

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