Grown-ish (2018) s04e15 Episode Script

Can't Let You Go

College the four-year playground for burgeoning minds preparing to step off the precipice of academia and swan-dive into the deep end of the real world, and for me, Zoey Johnson, my time here at Cal U has been some of the most rewarding, challenging, transformative years of my young, impeccably dressed life.
Okay, cut! All I asked was for you to state your name and major, Zoey.
Nobody asked for your dang wisdom.
Okay, Diane, but I am an aspiring fashion mogul weeks away from graduating.
If I'm gonna lend my likeness and my brand to something, I have to be my authentic self, even if it is just for your high school business class project.
Look, I appreciate you allowing me to follow you around for the day, - and, yes, I agree authenticity is key.
- Right.
So, can you cut the "I go to class every day" crap and show me something real? I mean, I'd settle for just one alcohol poisoning.
Oh, yeah, come on, there's gotta be somewhere more interesting that you can show us.
What about where the fast ladies - lay their heads, huh, huh? - What? I'm good on that.
But what does a normal day entail for Zoey Johnson? Well, normally, I'd probably head to my internship around now.
Well, why can't we do that? - Uh no reason.
- Great.
Lead the way.
- Ah - Go on.
Romantic turmoil has historically torn apart some of the greatest creative partnerships of all time.
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Cardi and Offset, and with one irresponsible kiss, I was worried that Luca and I were going to join their ranks.
And finally, this is Anti-Muse's "Intention Altar.
" My boss actually makes me light these candles every day to make sure our creative chakras are cosmically balanced.
Boss? I mean, that's kinda weirdly formal.
Hello again, children.
I never know which one to look at when I'm talking to twins.
Wait, you did not tell me your boss was your ex-boyfriend.
- Okay.
- Mm.
We gotta go.
But I'm sure we'll be seeing you at the Hawkins chicken and waffle breakfast at midnight, yeah? - Uh y uh, yeah.
- Okay, boss.
- Finally, something that sounds interesting.
- Mm.
Um, oh, Diane, I was thinking we could do a little filming in the fashion lab, then go check out the Shield, then finally hit the Black Library? - Sound good? - Yeah.
I don't care what race it is.
I don't want to go to a library.
Oh, my God.
Can we please unload him somewhere? Yes, we can.
Thank you.
See, this is what I'm talking about.
Man, this ride-share driver life seems so exhilarating.
I'm never gonna go to college.
So, who's our next passenger? Actually, we're gonna clock out for a bit and go pick up my boy from a meeting across town.
- Oh.
- Oh.
You know him.
- It's Aaron.
- Oh, yeah.
That dude's my guy.
Wow, Jack.
I thought for sure you'd take your sister's side - in the breakup.
- Wait, what? Zoey b-broke up with Aaron? I mean, technically, Aaron broke up with Zoey.
He was feeling like he wasn't the best version of himself in their relationship, so he broke up with her so he could focus on number one without the worries of a woman.
Honestly, I don't know if they'll ever get back together because Aaron's been thriving ever since.
His rise has been meteoric.
Let's go pick up my boy.
Okay, so what did you think of your tour of Anti-Muse, huh? - Yeah, it was fine.
- Mm-hmm.
But it's pretty apparent there's something going on between you and Dreads.
I mean, the awkward body language, you trying to get us out of there as fast as possible the odor of barely-contained throbbing lust.
Oh, my God.
What kind of YA novels are you reading? - Beg your pardon? - Penning.
Well, just enough of the creepy sex talk.
Why don't you just save it, channel it into the page? I'll stop when you admit it.
You know Luca strikes me as a real dainty lover.
Was that your experience? Oh.
Oh, my God.
- You win.
You win.
- Mm.
There may have been an itty-bitty, itty-bitty kiss the other night, but that was it, and we haven't even talked about it since then.
So, does Aaron know you cheated on him? - Okay, Diane, I did not cheat on Aaron.
- Mm.
'Cause he broke up with me a couple weeks ago.
You Because he broke up with me weeks ago.
You What? He broke up with me weeks ago.
Happy? He did? I knew the universe would find me a way to be with that man.
Okay, um, what do I do? Do you mind if I slide into his DMs? You know what? Whatever.
Who cares? I am sliding, all right? Thank you, Lord.
So, is this like a second dinner situation or an extremely early breakfast situation? Nah, this is more like a "everyone's gonna be up late "cramming for finals, so why not host a little midnight snack" situation.
Yeah, nothing helps you concentrate like the meat sweats.
Luca, aren't you supposed to be helping? - I am.
- No, you've been staring at your phone for the past 20 minutes.
What? Checking to see if you've been Me Too'd for kissing your intern at work? Actually, I'm trying to see if Tyler's people hit me back about Anti-Muse.
Why are you like this, bro? Because it's always something with her.
There's drama between you and Zoey? No, there's not.
Zoey and I are friends and business partners.
We let the heat of an electric, creative moment overpower us.
- That's all.
- Not buying it.
Well, I'm not really trying to sell you anything, Kiela.
I'm just trying to focus on these smothered potatoes and collard greens.
Where'd you get this stuff, anyways? You know, I helped Jazz out with a little situation a couple weeks ago, so, you know, she hooked me up by, you know, letting me have her dad's food truck as a as a thank-you.
So, uh like, uh, why didn't you mention that your ex-girlfriend was the friend you were helping the night of my panel? Because my ex-girlfriend is is my friend now.
- Great.
- Right.
- Mm-hmm.
- Drama.
So - Hey, hey.
- So, this is where it all goes down.
The parties, the binge drinking, the teen fornication.
Unprotected teen fornication.
Wow, Diane.
Look at you.
You're so big now.
Looks like someone's wearing a bra now.
Looks like someone isn't.
Huh? How was, um, the campus tour? Well, it's been a mixed bag, but the highlight was definitely Zoey's joke of an internship - where she goes around kissing her boss.
- Oh I'm sorry.
You kissed Luca? - Oh.
- Diane.
Is nothing sacred to you? What? I didn't say anything about your Bible-thumping roommate smashing your college dropout roommate.
You just did.
I do not care for this girl.
Well, join the club, sweetheart.
Anyways, I'm gonna go raid your medicine cabinets to see who's the pill-popping trash.
I'm guessing it's the White girl.
Well she isn't wrong.
Oh, don't mind the camera just ignore it, and by all means, you know, carry on.
Diane Johnson, everybody.
Okay, wait a minute.
Are you and Luca getting back together? That kiss meant nothing.
Nothing? So, you're telling us there's no feelings? Whether or not there are feelings really doesn't matter, because I'm not trying to mess up this magical creative partnership we have.
Your "magical creative partnership"? So, there are feelings there.
- No.
Luca is a friend - Mm-hmm.
who pushes me to do my best work, and when I need him guess what he's there for me.
To kiss.
In bed.
Luca has been there for me since freshman year, before we were together, and then when we were together, and now again when we're not simple as that.
- Okay.
- Hmm.
Yeah, that is true.
So, kind of like I don't know, like a soulmate.
What? There's No.
No, no, no, no, no.
Is Luca my soulmate? Why is this so crazy to you? Did it really never occur to you - that Luca could be your soulmate? - Okay, sure.
When I was with him.
But then when I got with Aaron, I swore it was him until he broke up with me.
I mean, obviously, he doesn't feel the same way.
Well, maybe it's because he realized that you already had one.
- Luca.
- Okay, and how do you know that? Zoey has only been within the Cal U bubble.
There are multiple people out there for everybody.
Yeah, sure, multiple people you connect with, but there's only one that you would, you know, jump in front of a truck for or take a bullet for or climb inside of a lion's mouth for.
Before anybody feeds themselves to a jungle cat, let me let me ask you this.
Who speaks the same creative language as you? Aaron or Luca? - I guess Luca.
- Okay.
Who inspires you more? I mean in terms of work and stuff, it would be Luca.
Whose interests, tastes, and sensibilities most align with yours? Wow, it's - Luca again.
- Of course it is.
Okay, yeah, I guess those questions are important, but honestly, to me, the real question is out of the two, who can't you live without? And And you think if somebody asked Luca these questions, I would be the answer to all of them? I think Luca would jump into a lion's mouth for you.
I guess I need to talk to Luca.
Yeah, it's gonna be sick.
All right.
Talk soon.
- Can I help you? - Dude.
Come on, you're in my room.
And I'm guessing you're still salty 'cause I outed your little kiss with homegirl? I would certainly prefer it if you didn't put me on blast while I still figure out how I feel.
Are you serious? You know, I've never seen someone occupy so much of your headspace the way this girl does.
Nobody occupies as much physical space as she does.
She's my friend, coworker.
She's everywhere.
I mean, even as a girlfriend, she's the only one that called me out on my shit and let me be who I am.
It doesn't seem like something you say about an ex.
Ex or not, she's the only human I don't mind being around.
Possibly the only mammal.
Well, I mean, sounds to me like you just sorted through your feelings.
You always lock it.
Come on, you know how to open it.
Thanks for picking me up, dick.
- Hey, language.
- What? - Baby on board.
- Oh! Jack and the beanstalk, what's up, dude? How How are you? What are you doing here? My best friend Aaron asked you a question, Jack.
Please don't disrespect him in my whip.
Well, you know, how's it been? How's it been going? What's up? It's going.
Just outchea, living my best life.
Dodging the haters.
Being my future's best hope.
You know, stuntin' on hoes.
Stuntin' on hoes? Wow.
Sounds like you got a lot going on.
Busy man.
- Yeah.
- What else has been going on? Last time I talked to you, you were, uh you were putting together a "Call of Duty" team, I think.
So, what what do you guys rank nowadays? Yeah, we're, uh, 438th in the world, best kill-to-death ratio on the continent.
That's without quick-scoping, so Without That is amazing, man.
- Yeah.
- I'm I'm proud of you guys.
Look, I would love to come watch you play, actually, - 'cause I've been really - Hey, driver, can I request a silent ride? And also, I'll take another piece of that, you know, Arctic Chill, please.
He said he wants a quiet ride.
I know that.
We're just gonna go.
Thanks, bro.
Wow, so this is how you're plating my dad's food, huh? You got the kimchi hush puppies next to the glass noodle mac n' cheese.
- You should know better.
- No, you right.
Your pops taught me better than that.
Don't worry.
I won't tell.
Hey, how's your moms? - Does she still ask about me? - Always.
You know Yolanda's secretly in love with you.
Hey, me and Yolanda we got secrets, man.
Anyways, um I'm just glad this all worked out, and, uh, for real, I really want to thank you for coming by and coming to my rescue when I was feeling a little emo.
It really meant a lot.
Jazlyn, it's me.
I'mma always be here for you.
- All right? - Okay.
Well, I'm going to hit this chicken and the books, - and I'll see you later.
- Alligator.
What y'all want? Dude, like, I just got your text, and Tyler wants to do our line? - That is huge, Luca.
- It is.
It's It's gonna be big.
Big things for us and Anti-Muse.
So I guess we better talk about us then, huh? Yeah.
We, uh we probably should.
Over the course of our four years at Cal U, Luca and I had hooked up, broken up, made up, and messed up a hundred different times, and here we were again.
But this time, my feelings had never been more clear.
What I'm trying to say is it's obvious there are still feelings between us.
I agree.
- I think there always will be.
- Right.
When I decided to work with you at Anti-Muse, I made a lot of promises to myself and other people that I wasn't gonna let that get messy.
But with that kiss, we got messy.
I mean What are you saying? Okay.
What I'm saying is that moment and everything that led up to it you pulling me out of my spiral, the two of us creating an incredible line together, and and you even giving me the confidence to design again I just made me realize what the feelings between us actually mean.
Luca, you're my soulmate.
But, like, a creative soulmate.
Does that make sense? Yeah.
I It's exactly what I was gonna say, too.
Really? Okay.
Honestly, I am I'm so glad we're on the same page, because I was just worried about how this was gonna affect our professional relationship and our our friendship, and the last thing I want to do is jeopardize what we have and how you feel about me.
Zoey, nothing will ever change how I feel about you.
I'm so glad we talked.
I'm so relieved.
Glad we talked.
Got you a waffle and a leg, man.
I'm I'm more of a breast guy.
All right, look, hey, just for a second, I know that, um I know that Vivek told you about me and Zoey breaking up, and I know that you're mad at me, and I'm sorry.
We should have told you the news ourselves, and it just it never felt like the right time, you know? I just don't understand why you had to mess everything up.
We had such a good thing going.
I mean, don't you still love my sister? I do and I always will.
So, then why not be with her? It's not that easy, man.
Why not? Well, because I want to be the type of guy that your sister deserves, not the type of guy that I was being.
And I have to do that on my own.
It's kind of like how you became a good sniper without using a scope.
I have to do this without any help.
Okay, well, when you put it like that, I completely understand.
I'm glad you get it.
And you'll always be my little bro, regardless.
Come on.
You gotta holster it, otherwise it doesn't work.
- Yeah.
That was nice.
- Hey, uh, you really not gonna eat this chicken, though? I kinda have All right.
You good? No.
He still loves her.
This shit really hurts.
It does.
So did I give you enough content for your project? I got about as much as I expected.
- Mm.
- Well, believe it or not, it was actually so fun having you finally visit me over here.
- Mm.
- And if you had come earlier in my college career, it would have been more exciting, a little less complicated.
- Ah, dang, really? - Mm-hmm.
Well, then, when should I have come? The year you dropped out, the year you cheated, or the year you were speeding on pills? Jazz and I have grown very close.
- Clearly.
- You know what? I got one more question.
All right.
Hit me.
So, when Ana asked who the one person you couldn't live without was, it's Aaron, isn't it? Yeah.
Yeah, it is.
Well, good luck to you, sis, 'cause I am deep in those DMs, so game on.
Good night.
What's this? A parting gift.
I am returning the underwear you let me borrow the night of my panel.
- A parting gift? - Yeah.
You know, I-I finally figured out why you and my brother are such great friends.
You let women from your past occupy - so much of your present.
- Come on.
You're not still tripping about that Jazz thing, are you? Really? You gonna look me in my eyes and tell me you still don't have feelings for her? Yeah.
That's what I thought.
Enjoy your underwear.
Yo, these aren't mine.
Yo, these aren't mine!
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