Grown-ish (2018) s04e18 Episode Script

Empire State of Mind

After four long years of mind-blowing, life-changing, gut-wrenching ups and downs at Cal U from an Addy addiction to dropping out of college to a faux marriage and a very real arrest in Mexico, and some fashion internships sprinkled here and there, I had finally reached the finish line and made it to the end of my collegiate journey.
And even though I had given my parents plenty of reasons to doubt I would ever get here, I was officially poised to walk across the stage, shake hands with an old White guy, and collect my diploma.
- Zoey Johnson.
- Oh, okay.
- Ready, ready.
- All right.
All right, guys.
- Here we go.
- All right.
- I'm good this way.
- Okay, babe.
Zoey Johnson? - Where's my Zo-Zo? - Oh, my God.
Hey, guys, have you heard from Zoey today? - Not me.
- She's your daughter.
I mean I texted her this morning, but she didn't respond.
Her phone's going direct to voicemail.
Zoey Johnson? And I wasted my good bra for this shit.
Hey, that good bra ain't wasted, baby.
- Hey! - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Last call for Zoey Johnson.
But as it turns out, my parents were right to have those reservations after all.
Zoey?! Oh, look at Cinderella.
How is it that the day before graduation, she finally figured out how to make herself useful around here? Will you be doing this for Luca when you move to New York with him? Okay, first of all, I'm not moving to New York withLuca.
I am moving to New York to accompany Luca to help launch a brand which, by the way, I helped build.
But that's only if our investor meeting goes good today, so It will.
I said a little prayer.
Oh, well, send some of that prayer my way, because apparently, Phil's been talking to a lawyer about my potential cross-country move.
Turns out that a custody battle is just what I need to decide between Cal U and Yale Law.
Cal U versus Yale? That's like deciding between Idris Elba and Chance from the Stallionaires.
Okay, well, for right now, let's just celebrate the fact that Nomi is a single mom who pulled off graduating on time, which no one thought she would do.
So let's just let her bask in her moment.
I wish I could bask with you guys.
Enjoy your moment.
I'm gonna go take my third shower today.
It's the only thing I have going on.
Poor little guy.
You know, we should really try and do something to perk him up.
You could [BLEEP.]
him again.
- Hmm? - I'm really sorry.
I put a little too much tequila in my orange juice this morning.
You know, I'm trying to stay buzzed for the graduation this weekend.
Okay, well, you know what? I should finish getting ready.
Javi's introducing me to my new supervisor for the job he hooked me up with.
Um, I'll call you guys later to discuss "Operation: Cheer Up Vivek.
" - Okay.
- Okay.
It'd be a whole hell of a lot easier if she just did "Operation: Dome Up Vivek," right? - So much.
- Absolutely.
So after four long years of building my fashion career, everything seemed to come down to this moment.
So, what do you think? I think it's amazing.
Obviously we'll have to tweak a few things to make it more accessible for the masses, but I see Macy's, I see Saks, I see Bloomingdale's Seriously? Seriously, you see our clothes in places with their own credit card? Places that even have their own parade? Oh, my God.
Luca, this is gonna be huge.
Sooo, it's kind of official.
Your girl's gonna be a New Yawker! Oh, my gosh.
That is so awesome.
Thank you.
Also, be sure to use that accent on the subway and see what happens.
- Hey, guys.
- Ahh! Uh-oh.
I'm afraid to ask what happened by the look on your face, but how did everything with Phil go? Okay, it went amazing.
Okay, he doesn't want to take Luna away from me.
He wants to come with us to Yale.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! - I know.
- Oh, my God.
Nomi, you're going to Yale! - I think I'm going to Yale.
- You're going to Yale.
Oh, my God! We're gonna be East Coasters! Oh! That is so exciting.
You're finally getting your perfect little family.
I guess it does always work out for White people.
It kinda does.
Heyo! "Operation Cheer Up Vivek" is officially in full effect, man.
- All right? - Hey, dude! You still riding high from our meeting, too? Uh, yeah.
I was kind of hoping we could actually talk about Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
Um it'll just have to wait, because Ana is less than 20 minutes away with Vivek, so we gotta go set up the place.
Can you - Okay, be careful.
- Okay.
Well, this is weird foreplay, but I've never been harder, so - Please stop talking.
- Okay, that's tight.
All right.
Surprise! This is for you! A special ceremony just for you so you can bask in the glory of your day on the roof of our freshman dorm - where it all started.
- Wow.
I can't believe you guys did this for me.
And, "Upon the recommendation of The Crew, V-Didge has been awarded a Bachelor of Science in 'Swag-Drip' with a minor in 'Illegal Pharmaceuticals.
'" Hey, guys, I can't even put into words how much this means to me.
I can only hope I find friends as good as you when I start classes again this fall.
Oh, my gosh.
You actually enrolled somewhere? Why didn't you tell us before? Because it isn't Cal U and you guys aren't gonna be there.
- Aww! - Aww! But it would have made my dad proud.
Aww! - Aww! - Aww! - Let's get this party started! - Let's go! Hey, uh, can we finally talk about that investor meeting? Yeah, of course.
I mean, I left that meeting so pumped.
I can't believe I almost went to Africa and missed out on the most incredible opportunity ever.
Yeah, I just don't think I want to pursue that opportunity.
Okay, wait, what the [BLEEP.]
did you just say? - - Okay, so, what the hell do you mean you don't want to pursue this opportunity? I mean, when I left the meeting this afternoon, my head was all messed up.
I just feel like that's the universe - trying to tell me something.
- Okay.
Hey, are you guys coming or what? Hey, no, uh, we're gonna just hang back a bit, but I'll see you back at the house.
I mean, when I started Anti-Muse, I never envisioned it being mainstream.
That just wasn't my goal as a designer.
What the hell was the goal then, Luca? To just have a select few people wearing your shit? I mean, I thought we were in this together to launch a real business.
I upended my life for your company, and now you get to decide to just pull the plug.
Look, loss of creative control to make it more accessible for mass consumption that's selling out to me.
So because that's what I want, I mean, I must be a sellout then, huh? Hey, I want to thank you again for the party.
Had to hold a plank for three straight minutes to get that erection down, but seriously, you guys are so sweet.
You're welcome.
Hey, how'd that meeting go with your new supervisor? Um it was actually, um, really great.
Uh, he really loved me and wants me to start ASAP.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
And then I turned down the job.
What? You turned it down? Why? Uh You know, the thing is, I-I-I get that this job is a great launching pad, and I'm sure that I would learn a lot.
But I don't think I wanna learn a lot clerking for a conservative judge.
Honestly, I really just want to take the summer and and waitress at home while I figure out - what law I want to study.
- Hmm.
Just Just something more in line with who I am now.
God, a little bit of time off sounds great.
Right? Especially with me starting classes again in the fall.
What if I drove you to Miami? Are you serious? Yeah.
I got a couple thousand miles left on the G Wagon before they repossess it.
Could be fun.
Yeah, it could be.
All right.
But if there are any planks or erections, I am grabbing that wheel, and I am driving off the nearest bridge.
Oh, there's gonna be erections.
Yo, isn't it crazy how this whole experience is about to be over? I mean, it's surreal.
I'm just glad we reconnected before we all went our separate ways.
- Yeah, me too.
- It's crazy, 'cause I remember I used to say if we broke up, one of us would have to transfer.
But, hey, look at us now two adults coexisting maturely and platonically.
I'm proud of us.
Yeah, well, it seems like I interrupted some "non-platonic" kicking-it the other night when you was on your little dating thing.
Is that your situation? Uh, it is.
It's more of like a "work in progress" situation.
But, you know, Des is actually the first guy since you that I've had real feelings for.
Kind of like you and Kiela.
You know, I guess we kind of both got lucky.
Oh, me and Kiela are Yeah.
Yeah, we both lucky.
'Cause you, Jazlyn Forster, are a hard act to follow.
Thank you.
You know, for as much of a genius as you are, you are the most cowardly, self-sabotaging human being I have ever met.
This isn't about self-sabotage.
This is about setting boundaries - for what I don't want.
- Mm.
Like how I set the professional boundary that you're my creative soulmate, but I have no romantic feelings for you? God, Luca, is that what this is all about? Bro, you're the most self-absorbed, narcissistic, basic-ass person I've ever met.
If I recall correctly, I'm the one that told you to go follow your equally basic-ass boyfriend to Africa.
I gave you my blessing when it wouldn't even benefit me, and apparently you can't do the same! So you want my blessing.
That's all you want? Well, fine.
Here it is.
I wish you the best of luck on your quest for artistic integrity and whatever the hell your dumb-ass definition of success is! You know what? Actually, screw you and New Yawk! No.
After a long, sleepless night of no phone signal and a constant replay of my blowout fight with Luca playing over and over again I woke up on the hard cement rooftop of the building that started my journey at Cal U.
Brent Hernandez.
And I couldn't believe this was how my journey was about to end.
Laurie Friedman.
Uh, what's up? I know my parents are freaking out so badly right now.
I mean, why do I just have to keep screwing up right until the very end? Dude, you didn't plan on getting locked up here.
No, I didn't.
But all the shit I did plan you know, us, New York, success was so far off from what you wanted.
You weren't off.
I just didn't know it was something I didn't want until it was presented to me.
And honestly, if you really want the opportunity, why don't you just do it? What? Okay.
Right, Luca.
I'm just gonna pack my things and, uh, take all my little bags and move to New York by myself.
I'm serious.
What's stopping you? I mean, you are Anti-Muse.
You've been just as influential to the brand as me.
Think about it.
You chose every piece of fabric, chose every button, chose every thread.
I mean, you even designed that trench coat that was the anchor to our entire collection.
You revived the brand when it was on the verge of death, and I think you have the vision to take it mainstream.
I know I always tease you about being the anti-muse, but the truth is, you're the muse to all of my work and the entire company.
So what exactly are you telling me? I'm saying Anti-Muse is yours if you want it.
Hey, guys, guys, guys, have you guys heard from Zoey? Because I got a weird call from her dad that she missed graduation.
- Wait, what? - Yeah.
I mean, I went into her room this morning just to wish her good luck and she was gone, but I figured it was 'cause she left early 'cause the Fashion School graduation's up first.
Okay, so wait, when was the last time anybody saw her? Finally.
Oh, my God.
Thank you.
I can't believe this.
After all the blood, sweat, the tears, the money Yeah.
you didn't even walk the stage.
Yeah, I hear you, Dad.
I mean, how do you think I feel? It was my graduation.
And now I'm not gonna get to see you because you'll be off to New York.
Well, I mean, that's where there may be a silver lining, because I'm not sure I'm going to New York anymore.
What happened? I-I thought that was a done deal.
It was, until Luca decided that he didn'twant his clothing line in some mall store next to a Wetzel's Pretzels, and dude pulled out.
Are you kidding?! The only thing that could make my life bearable right now - is a Wetzel's Pretzel.
- Right.
I'm sorry that your offer fell through.
It didn't fall through exactly.
Hmm? I mean, the offer is still on the table.
It's just that I would have to go alone.
You know, and I'd have to run the business by myself.
I-I just I Dad, I-I just don't think I can do it alone.
What? What the hell did Cal U do to your confidence? Look, baby, I didn't spend all that money for you to behave like Junior.
As much as I don't want to encourage you to leave, you can't let your fears hold you back, baby girl.
You started this journey all by yourself with nobody to help you though it and you figured it out.
At the top of the year, you told me to trust you because you had good instincts.
Well, now it's time for you to do the same and trust those instincts.
Don't bail on yourself or an opportunity that you really, really want.
You're right.
Thanks, Dad.
And if you really want, I could go to New York with you.
I have nothing keeping me here.
I think I can manage alone.
Four years had come and gone in what felt like four minutes.
And in that time, we had each done our own version of growing up from that very first day when we sat in a classroom together to tell a "truth" about ourselves.
And looking back, we found that those truths had evolved and so had we.
Some of us went from living out loud to living for someone else, which coincidentally and happily still shocked our parents.
Some of us found our own identities outside of our siblings, while also finding peace and saying goodbye to an old love.
Some of us didn't succeed in what we originally set out to do but discovered that if we were willing to humble ourselves, a second chance is always possible.
Some of us came here knowing absolutely for certain who we were, but left honest enough to admit that the world can change you.
While some of us came here knowing absolutely for certain who we were and were absolutely right.
And for some of us, who had spent our journey learning to embrace the confidence and courage that it would take to step into the world independently, it turned out that the next part of that journey was a little harder to bear all alone.
Um, Aaron! Aaron? Ooh.
But luckily, we had learned to trust our instincts and to have faith that just like at Cal U, we would find ourselves, find our people, and eventually find our way.
And maybe, just maybe, love would find us.
Love you.
That's my baby! God, I really miss her.

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