Grown-ish (2018) s06e02 Episode Script

Reachin' 2 Much

We now disrupt your
previously scheduled version
of Junior to bring you
Andre Johnson.
New year, new me, big expectations.
And I'm picking up
right where I left off
after Way Too Turnt Fest, as an official
entrepreneurial studies major.
Because what is a bigger boss move
than being your own boss?
Get my point across ♪
Yeah I'm too sauced ♪
I spent the summer handling
all of my general requirements
so that I could spend the
year figuring out what kind
of entrepreneur I wanna be.
'Cause I may have felt
like I got a slow start
to the summer, but I
did something about it.
And I'm not just talking academically.
Yeah, need a meg
stallion for the kick drum ♪
While Zoey and Aaron were dealing
with the struggles of living
on top of each other
Am I the only one that
closes cabinets around here?
I closed one yesterday, honey.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Even though it's easier to get things
- when you keep them open.
- Yeah?
You closed one yesterday? One?
Whose Ninja Turtle socks are these?
And why do I live with two men
who both own Ninja Turtle socks?
Annika and I were struggling
with wanting to be on top of each other
from 1,700 miles apart.
What I'm dripping and dropping ♪
And then they all get loud ♪
Take a swim up in these waters ♪
And you all might drown, right ♪
Move a little faster, please ♪
Take a chance, do your
little dance for me ♪
Don't want it if it
ain't a [] masterpiece ♪
And she run it right
back like an athlete, yeah ♪
And after one long-ass summer,
we were both ready for this reunion.
Don't want if it ain't
a [] masterpiece ♪
And we got the block hot like ♪
Look who it is! Annika!
Annika, repost me!

Sorry, Junior.
BOTH: Watch out, world ♪
I'm grown now ♪
I'm grown ♪
Learn something new every day ♪
I don't know so I'ma feel my way ♪
Got the weight of the world on me ♪
But no regrets ♪
This is what I say ♪
BOTH: Watch out, world ♪
I'm grown now ♪
I'm grown ♪
You can't tell me nothin' ♪
BOTH: My heartbeat is so loud ♪

Mama, look, I'm grown now ♪
I'm grown ♪

Wow, this suite is amazing.
They even have a handicap shower!
Yeah, because people who
can't walk have it so good.
Who's ready for year two, bitches?
Oh, those go in that room.
And you can start
color-coordinating my closet.
God, I love my fans.
I missed you guys.
- Missed you too.
- Oh, missed you.
I've been getting the
villain edit on the show,
so they love when I boss them around.
Am I in the right place?
I could have sworn the sign
outside said sober dorm.
Well, it might as well say genius dorm,
because we totally gamed the system.
Cal U has these themed dorms,
like the Asian-American
dorms and the LGBTQ+ dorm.
So we just signed up for
the least popular one,
which was the sober dorm, duh.
- And
- Cool, cool, cool.
Man, it was great
catching up with you guys.
You wanna show me the crown molding
in your room, buttercup?
I'd love to, my beige prince.
We're still trying to figure out
the right pet names for each other.
- Yeah.
- Try harder.
Oh, finally alone together
after a long, long three months.
Well, some things are worth waiting for.
Sorry. Sorry.
Sorry. I just
feel all gross and sweaty from moving.
Babe, I don't care if you
ran a marathon around the Sun.
You're still perfect to me.
I just want it to feel right, you know?
There's just such high expectations,
especially after all this
time about us fantasizing
about our first time.
Ooh, tell me more about that.
I'm serious.
We just have to wait
a little bit longer.
Okay, I understand. You know what?
You get in the shower,
make yourself feel right.
I will head over to
my place, set the mood,
and make everything feel special.
Your mama raised you right, Andre.
So um, see you in 30?
Ah, I'm just kidding.
Unless sorry, did you say something?
No? Okay.
Take your time. But not too long
Boy, if you don't get out of here
Great. Yeah, you can send the rider
over to DougieFizzle,
and I think we're all set.
No, no, no. You have a blessed day.
Okay. All right.
Bye-bye. Take care now.
Your boy just reached
middle-shelf status
at Bar None.
Well, anyone can be middle-shelf status
at Bar None. That's how bars work.
Well, anyone didn't just
confirm Anderson .Paak
and the Free Nationals to perform
an underground show at Bar None's
school-year kickoff party.
So I will be getting alcohol gratis.
Oh, like your living arrangement?
Bro, why do you have to be like that?
Aaron, are those your stray hairs
that I found in my bubble bath?
Who can say, you know?
Maybe they're your hairs that you insist
on rubbing on the shower wall,
like you're collecting them for later.
Okay, those hairs obviously
came from a 4C dragon tail.
Okay, maybe I missed a few strands.
Do you mind drying off?
'Cause you're dripping on the computer,
and you know I don't
believe in warranties.
Okay, you know what?
You better start that dragon tail
a whole little OnlyFans
account on the side,
because you owe me 40 bucks
for that calming cucumber
bath bomb that I wasted.
Those are my bath bombs.
I don't know why she's so
edgy, you know what I mean?
I really don't get it.
Uh, she's not making any money,
she had to fire her staff,
Anti-Muse is a mess
Okay, wait. I am
I hear it out loud now.
That makes sense.
I'm thinking this is more than, uh,
just hairs in a bathroom shower.
Aaron, can you focus, please?
Maybe I just need to do something
to bring us back to our
romantic summer loving, you know?
Show her that she's my priority,
lay down that PhD.
Emphasis on the D. Yeah.
Kiki, I appreciate you
helping me out part-time.
I feel like this is a nice
new chapter in our friendship,
except you're my protégé.
Oh, hold up.
I'm not looking to be
your young grasshopper.
You need help, and I need a new job
now that I've left RA hell.
I'm just I'm here to help throw
parties instead of busting them.
Well, I've got some
big plans for this year.
Come on.
Kicking off with this
Anderson .Paak show.
And this is going to
exceed expectations.
I can feel it.
So did you get everything off the rider?
Including the, uh, premium
VIP greenroom for the talent?
This is actually why
I called you down here.
Are you familiar with a
program called "Pimp My Closet"?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Because we're about to.
Well, then I will need a power washer.
To clean with, not to fill with cognac.
Okay. Less critiquing
and more pimping, all right?
Thanks, Kiki.
To you, freshman.
I know we've been low-key
Ike and Tina lately,
so I thought a romantic
rejuvenation dinner was in order.
- Thank you, baby.
- Yeah.
And you know you did not have
to go through all this trouble.
Plus, can I say I'm sorry?
I know I've been a little extra stressed
- about Anti-Muse lately
- It's okay.
And I've been taking it
out on you and the cabinets,
which, by the way, I
noticed are all closed.
That's because you're
my number-one priority.
- And you're mine.
I'm just let me turn my ringer off.
- Just a second.
- It's all right.
Oh. Oh!
Oh, my God. Whoa.
This is an email from Genevieve
Evans from Instagram Fashion.
Oh, wow. Okay.
Uh, she invited me to be a correspondent
at this year's Fashion Week.
I thought she was just another person
that was that was blowing me off.
But I guess this means
that she was blowing me in?
- She's blowing you in, babe.
- She's blowing me in!
- She's blowing you in.
- Oh, my God.
Aw, I love to see you two
lovebirds happily sharing a nest.
We celebrating some big news?
Now we are.
Uh, I think I just got a
chance to resuscitate Anti-Muse.
You guys wanna celebrate with us?
Uh, we don't wanna intrude
on your private couple time.
On a totally unrelated note,
don't come in my room for 20 minutes.
Actually, you know what?
I had a Gatorade today.
Make that 30.
Welcome to my love den.
We've got peony petals
leading to the bed,
because roses are for basic bitches.
Enough candles to
make Boyz II Men blush,
and I even found Michael B. Jordan's
personal panty-dropper playlist.
It's mostly just the "Creed II"
soundtrack, but it's still fire.
I'm here for it.
Waiting was totally the move.
Now, time to reward all
that patience, Mr. Johnson.
It's all so nice ♪
Close as we ever been ♪
Damn, we so intimate ♪
Don't wanna waste no more time ♪
When I got one thing on my mind ♪
Okay, so when is this, uh, Fashion Week?
Uh, well, the public calls it a week,
but it's really more like a month.
Okay. That's that's very misleading.
Remind me to never see
a scary movie with you.
Okay. I may jump at first,
but then the purple belt in me kicks in.
You know, I just really think
this is exactly what Anti-Muse
and I need to make a comeback.
Hit the New York pavement,
start pitching on the go,
charming investors.
Are they always this loud?
Most of the time.
But just let the sensual
sounds of MBJ take you away.
Hey, you know what? I
could use some of that charm
right on me right about now.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
Well, you know, they don't call me
Princess Charming for nothing.
I like the way you pour ice.
Okay, we've reached
the point of no return.
Where are my headphones?
At least she's getting lucky tonight.
That is literally my sister.
Don't worry, everyone.
I picked up your theme
dorm welcome packets.
We got me, Annika, Zaara, and
Sofia? Who the hell is Sofia?
Maybe they spelled my name wrong.
Like, really, really wrong?
Lauryn, you filled out
the safety waiver, right?
You know, the one I
forwarded everyone three times
with the all-caps subject
line, "Fill this out right now,
or we won't live together"?
- Girl.
- Look, I know I come off
as the strong, unbothered female,
but the truth is, I'm
still not over Zeke,
so waivers are really
triggering for me right now.
Waivers. Like football waivers.
Like Zeke. How is this not obvious?
I support your self-care, girl,
but question your decision-making.
Excuse me.
Am I unhoused now?
The LA homelessness crisis is real.
Do it how you wanna do it ♪
It's your thing, do
it how you wanna do it ♪
Yeah, do it how you wanna do it ♪
After a few attempts to
make our first time together
memorable, Annika and I decided
the third time would be the charm.
But first, we had to
celebrate the big win
of landing Anderson .Paak
and the Free Nationals for Doug.
So we rush through it now ♪
Oh, my God, I love to see it.
The kids are hyped.
It looks like they're
all on detergent pods.
No, this is all for
AP and the Free Nats.
And also thanks to this man right here.
Yes, sir.
I'm always happy to fire
up the old Migos text chain
to help a Gamma brother out.
So exciting.
- We didn't miss them, right?
- No, no, no.
They're chilling down in
the basement greenroom.
I had to get them
everything on their rider.
Hope it's enough to distract them
from the half-power-washed basement.
Well, I'm about to
go tend to the talent.
Uh, I made an executive decision
about the essential oil diffuser.
I went with vanilla chiffon.
Hopefully, they rock with it.
I'll see you guys. Have a good time.
- Night.
- To the bar, guys?
- To the bar.
- To the bar.
What's up, fellas?
These are my favorite Nationals.
We'll probably get you
guys on in the next ten.
- Cool?
- Oh, hold up, Doc.
Ain't no rush.
This vanilla chiffon is next-level cozy.
Okay, where'd you get
this picture of Diana Ross?
It's giving me love instinctively, man.
Say, how about we push that
ten to about an hour, 15?
- See where we at after that.
- No, no, no, come on.
Y'all don't wanna be down
here with the plush couches,
and the sushi boats, and
the and the premium alcohol.
That's exactly what
y'all want, isn't it?
Man, this place nicer
than my condo, man.
But but there's a bunch of sweaty,
drunk college students expecting
to see you guys upstairs.
And I'd I'd hate to disappoint them.
Hey. Pipe down, okay?
- About to play our shit.
- Okay.
But y'all y'all could really
play y'all's shit upstairs.
Yeah, yeah. Give us a minute.
- Give us a minute.
- [LAUGHING] Oh, my gosh.
A minute.
All my secrets are sound ♪
All the work that she done ♪
[LAUGHS] Okay.
- Another toast.
- Yeah?
- Or is that too many toasts?
- No, no, no, not for me.
To being blown in.
To being blown in to Fashion Month.
It'll really be nothing, though.
Because if you think about
it, you'll be so busy,
and I'll be busy,
and we'll just pretend like
I'm working in the other room,
because I am.
It's just that that other
room is 3,000 miles away.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Honey, we've we've, uh
we know this playbook.
And yet, here we are.
Hey, guys.
Uh, would you finally
come celebrate with us?
We'd love it. Yes.
Yeah, we were just we
were just on our way out.
- No!
- Sorry.
No, you're staying, 'cause
I'm gonna get some drinks.
Four-way toast.
I just wanna do a two -way.
Hey, can I ask you a question?
Uh, does he sound happy?
Yeah, totally.
- Really happy.
- Yeah?
Because you guys did long
distance, and you were fine.
Hell, we did long
distance, and we were fine.
Just and they do say absence
makes the heart grow fonder.
- Good evening, Cal U Titans.
Make some noise!
I have the pleasure of
introducing to you tonight
the act you've all been waiting for.
When I say Free, you say Nationals.
- Free!
- ALL: Nationals!
When I say Anderson, you say .Paak.
- Anderson!
- ALL: .Paak!

We should have just
stayed downstairs, man.
This why y'all can't have nice things.
Been down, but I swim back up ♪
Almost drowned, and I been messed up ♪
Held my breath till I gave it up ♪
What what happened to free whiskey?
Yeah, I think AP and the Free
Nationals took it as party favors.
Oh, man.
This is this is a disaster.
It's like the higher I
set my expectations, the
the harder I fall, every time.
I mean, look. We're in a basement.
I don't know, man.
This isn't so bad
for a basement.
It's actually pretty cool.
Yeah, no.
It's no, it doesn't
just have to be a basement.
You're right.
I mean, there's actually a vibe.
You know, I could turn this into my own
sophisticated speakeasy situation.
Live performances, all of that.
There you go.
And they took my Diana Ross photo.
Yeah, I think you got
hustled by Anderson .Paak
and the Free Nationals.
Yeah, I did.
Setting expectations
can be the first step
to disappointment,
but letting go of them can
be the first step to freedom.
I've wanted this for so long.
Third time's the charm. [PANTING]
That was, uh, nice.
That was really, really, uh solid.
So I entered this year
new year, new me, big expectations.
But maybe I should have
gone a little more medium.
You want a Gatorade?
I would have even taken a medium well.
Just like the words said ♪
They can't be unsaid ♪
May I have this dance?
Of course.
Ooh, tears can't be unshed ♪
So when are you leaving?
They haven't booked my travel,
but they do want me to leave right away.
You know what I was thinking?
Maybe I could, uh, fly
up there and meet you.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I'd really love that.
Um, they said my first
day off is in two weeks.
And I started scheduling some meetings
with design houses in New York.
And then if that goes well,
they'll bring me to London
for UK Fashion Week.
None of it's a a sure thing, though.
Zoey, you are a for sure thing.
But uh, my question to you
is, in your dream world,
where do you end up?
In New York.
We both know we can't do this anymore.
I know that you have to go.
Hell, I I want you to go,
even though it breaks my heart.
But I cannot pretend
that I don't know how
this long distance thing ends.
So what now?
I don't know.
But I know that I love you so much.
Yeah. I love you too.
Tell me, babe ♪
When did we go down ♪
Burnt from the flames? ♪
I know it now ♪

I still cannot believe
that you fit everything
- in this one suitcase.
- Ooh, no.
Are you crazy?
I shipped it all.
This is just my plane skincare.
I know you're gonna
look good on the outside.
But how about the inside?
How you feeling?
I don't know. I'm
feeling a lot of things.
I've left before, but
also the first time Aaron
hasn't brought me to the airport.
I mean, I know it hurts like hell.
But I feel like most of the time,
the most mature decision
is the most painful one.
And you guys are both headed
in the right direction,
even if if it's away from each other.
Maybe you're right.
You're a pretty good brother.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Love you.
- I love you.
- Love you too.
Have a safe flight.
Can I help you with
those bags, freshman?
You hate to see me go, but love
to watch me walk away, huh?
[LAUGHS] Maybe just a little.
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