Guilt (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 The cattle are prowlin' The coyotes are howlin' Way out where the doggies bawl Where spurs are a-jinglin' A cowboy is singin' This lonesome cattle call He rides in the sun till his day's work is done And he rounds up the cattle each fall I'm afraid I've got a confession to make.
It won't be easy.
But it's something I need to do.
I drove past your house yesterday.
Well, I suppose your old house.
I'm in a wee flat in Pilton.
- Jesus! - Oh, it's only temporary.
You were saying? I drove past your house and I saw your wife.
My angel.
Hold that thought, Kenny.
Hold that thought.
Because well, there was a man there.
And there was a goodbye kiss, which was both protracted and performed, frankly, with significant gusto by both parties.
Oh, no! No Listen, you need some time to yourself.
Why don't you give me the paint sample? I've got a few loose ends to tie up today on the Walter front, I can take it to the lab myself.
They've already got it.
The sample, it's, er, it's at the lab.
I get up early these days.
Get up, say thanks for the day ahead, you know, wired into a grapefruit.
Cheers, Kenny.
Cheers, Max.
Tell, me, Max, erm when you say, "kiss" Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the fu? There's voddie in there, Max.
No, it's lemonade, you asked for lemonade, didn't you? I did.
But this bears the unmistakable scent of cheap voddie.
- Well, I don't see how it could - Regret, that's what that smells like to me, Max.
Terrible, terrible regret.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry, Kenny.
Let me stick a fuckin' rocket up Jaffa's arse and get you your lemonade! Or red wine? Sorry? Huge health benefits, great for the ticker.
Just a lemonade please, Max.
- Lager tops? Sportsman's pint.
- A lemonade.
Kenny, you deserve a proper drink.
I know what you're doing, Max.
I know why you told me about my wife.
I know why you wanted to meet me here.
And I know why there's voddie in that glass.
You're challenging me, Max.
Like a good friend should.
You want to know if New Kenny's real.
- Not particularly.
- Well, yes, he is, Max.
Yes, he is.
And New Kenny has many rivers to cross and this new mystery man, this driveway Casanova he's just another river.
New Kenny's real, Max, and New Kenny's strong and New Kenny's going back to work.
That was such a good class, wasn't it? Hey.
Oh, hey.
I was getting worried.
Top-three murdered solo artists.
Lennon, Tupac, Sam Cooke.
Wow, that was weirdly quick.
You know that after Sam Cooke died, his wife married Bobby Womack and his daughter married Womack's brother? God, how do I know this shit? I like it.
Well, that's lucky, cos I don't have much else in my locker.
No, you don't.
Well, other than the whole sort of boyish thing which, without putting words in your mouth, is probably quite endearing.
Not seeing it.
Oh, it's very subtle.
I want you to have these, for your store.
I don't even know how I begin trying to ship 'em home.
No, I couldn't do that! Come on, they must be worth something.
Oh, they are, but it's a collection.
It's like a family built with love.
It needs to stay together.
And the longer they're here, the longer I can be here to educate you about them.
Hi, Angie, I'm so sorry to bother you, but I was I understand if you were confused.
Oh, confused, right.
It was late at night and I presume, respectfully, that your eyes are shot to pieces? Well, they're no' great, son, they're no' great.
And I'm sorry to hear that.
Very kind.
So, I dunno what you think you saw, but what you actually saw were two Samaritans helping an old man home.
Samaritans, right.
- Hm.
- So there we go.
There we go.
Right, then.
20 grand.
- Sorry?! - You heard me.
I've just told you what happened.
- Now, I - You killed him.
- You listen to me very - With your car.
You and the other lad.
You killed him.
I'm going to give you five, which is ridiculous and certainly isn't an admission of anything, but I'm going to give you five Ten.
- It's too much.
- Pfft.
No' with that car you drive.
Nor with what you did.
I can't get my hands on that kind of money without someone noticing it's gone.
Oh, for fff - What have I missed? - Just some grapefruit stuff.
- I think that's the most recent.
- Mm-hm.
Oh, it looks like a wee birthday party.
- Yeah.
- Started without me? Hi, Max.
Kenny, a quick reminder, any updates should go through me first - and not the client.
- I'm happy to get them directly.
- It's not a good idea.
- Why not? Things can get confusing.
Well, that's true.
I just wanted a photo of Walter for the legwork.
Ah, oh.
His last movements and so on.
Is there anything else I can do? Er, it's worth taking a look at his financials, if you can find them.
- The root of all evil and whatnot.
- I'll try.
Walter kept things kind of loose.
But the really interesting one's the paint fragments.
They should be back from the lab in a couple of days.
Oh, I'm not sure how interesting they'll be.
Well, if it's car paint then that's interesting, Max.
I mean, that's very interesting.
- We'd get model type, factory.
- Cup of tea? Maybe even the garage the car was bought from.
I think there's some So, wait, there might have been an accident? Would that explain the bruising? What paint fragments would explain is that at some point your uncle, while wearing those trousers, came into some kind of contact with a car, which isn't exactly the revelation that Kenny here - seems to be suggesting it is.
- Could be nothing.
Could be everything.
This could drag on a bit.
So, we can e-mail you of our updates Hey, you know what? I'm going to be right here till Kenny's done.
I'll have a cup of tea, Jake.
Nice cup of tea.
I thought you said you could handle her? I thought you said you could handle Kenny.
- Oh, I'm dealing with it.
- Because if those paint samples come back then they'll see it's your car.
Just to make things easy, just assume that everything you think, I've already thought.
Right, it's just that to the untrained eye it appears you've done fuck-all.
- You have no idea what I've done.
- What does that mean? It means I'm keeping things very simple for you.
I'll take care of everything else, all you have to do is keep her in check until we get her out the country, OK? - Jake? - Yeah, OK.
Well, you might notice some money coming out the joint account.
What for? Jake's shop's in trouble.
I'm just going to clear his debts and help him get back on an even keel sort of thing.
The shop's always been in trouble.
You find it funny.
- I don't find it funny.
- Yeah, you do.
Yeah, maybe a bit.
But he seems different now.
- He's making an effort.
- Because of Angie? Exactly.
Yeah, I think there are a few changes he could do to turn things round, you know? Or, you know, at least fail slower.
How much? Um I think it's about 20 grand.
What?! Yeah, I know it seems like a lot.
It doesn't sound like a lot, Max.
It sounds insane.
- Well - No.
- It doesn't have to be twen - No, you have done more than enough for him.
I mean, you bought him that place.
If he's that bad at running it, he should just jack it in.
I thought you had someone looking after his books.
You're right, you're right.
I'll just give him some advice, that's all.
Sorry, Claire, I don't know what came over me.
I'm getting a bit whatever.
Not like me.
Hey, so, I'm not a stalker.
Solid start.
But you've really dodged the social media bullet.
My ex was kind of controlling.
Don't get me wrong, I like it.
It's cool.
Stay above the fray and all that.
It's Dylan-esque.
In a good way.
Man, there's a lifetime of crap in here.
See you later, bye.
I've been very patient.
You have.
But it's time to face reality, and the reality is that I'm a respected lawyer with no criminal record, and a LOT of friends in this city.
Oh, that's very impressive.
And the problem you have with your somewhat ham-fisted attempt at blackmail is what's called an evidentiary deficit, which means you've got nothing, which means you're getting nothing.
Cheers, pal.
Isn't the idea that they buy something? He's from my accountant.
This was my dad's favourite album.
Then your dad was a great man.
We were at Rick Danko's last gig.
What, you were at The Arc? I took Dad for his birthday.
His eyes were shot to shit by then so we sat at the front and I had to tell him what Rick was wearing, what he was drinking.
I asked if we could meet Rick afterwards and he bought dad a drink, and they talked about Hank Williams.
Dad said it was the best night of his life, which, seeing as I was born at night, was kind of a mixed message.
You OK? No.
I guess that's me busted.
I was an ugly kid.
Oh, look at that hair.
Why did they let me leave the house? Whoa, what's this? So that's you? Of course it's me.
And I know it's not great, but what did you look like as a teenager? Well, kind of like this.
Well, between that and this is 20 years of teasing, bullying, gyms, diets, eating disorders, shame, and the shitload of insecurities that have drawn me to some truly atrocious men.
So, you know, all the good stuff.
I'm sorry, it's just a bit confusing.
It's OK.
And you didn't need to do any of that stuff.
What do you mean? Well, because you're, you're, you're perfect.
Well, I mean, no-one's perfect, that would be ridiculous, but you're not far off it.
You know, you're just a sort of good 95% all round, if that makes any sense.
But I'm getting away from the main point, which is you didn't need to do it.
Thank you.
And if you don't mind, I'm going to take this and, you know, burn it.
So, I was thinking we could go for a drink, discuss a few things, obviously starting with that guy's shorts.
Sorry, but I need to shoot off.
- OK.
- But I'm texting you my address.
Why? Well, I thought you could swing by sometime.
OK, yeah, maybe.
Claire, when I said that I like women, what I really meant is that I like women like you, and I'm sorry if that makes you uncomfortable but, well, I wanted to say it.
Right, well thanks.
I mean, obviously, I've saved the address just so I have it for, you know, Christmas cards or whatever.
Not that anyone sends Christmas cards any more, - which I think is a real shame.
- I'll see you later.
OK, yeah.
Oh fuck.
Who's that? A friend.
Who? Angie.
What do you two even talk about? Loads of stuff.
Ooh, such as? About things in my life, Max.
All seems a bit unnecessary.
I wanted to talk to another human being about things in my life, that's what normal people do.
Yeah, why her? I don't know.
Maybe because you made us move out of town to this soulless shithole.
How many soulless shitholes have a four-car garage? Maybe because the only time we go out is when we're meeting who you call high-calibre people, which means pricks, Max.
- Actually, it means pricks.
- OK, Claire, I get it.
I called her and I like her and I'll probably call her again, so fuck you.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
I'll get home from work tomorrow at a decent time and we'll go for some dinner, OK? How about that place that you love and I hate? I promise.
We'll go out, we'll have a drink and you can tell me all those things.
Rather than her.
Summer was high When you caught my eye Though I was pledged to another The feeling was strong when you came along Now Lord only knows how I suffer Something weird was going on with Walter's money before he died.
Oh, yeah? He gave it away.
Like, all of it.
From the statements I think it was cheques, but I haven't found them yet.
I suppose if he knew he was dying you can't take it with you.
Or maybe he didn't know he was doing it.
Feels a wee bit dramatic.
You said that Max used to be Walter's attorney? Yeah, until Max got too big for that stuff.
Would he have handled Walter's money? Look I can't pretend that Max is big on the right and wrong vibe, but all he's ever wanted to be is someone with a flash office, a car, and a house and wife, very possibly in that order.
He wouldn't risk it all just to steal a few quid from your uncle.
And if I ever thought Max had done something as shitey as that, then I'd shop him myself.
Now, you probably think you know Rod Stewart.
I feel like I know him as much as I need to.
No, you know late Stewart.
Late Stewart was one of the great artistic collapses of our time.
I'm going to introduce you to early Stewart, and believe me, once you've met early Stewart, things will never be the same.
It's gone.
I ca I really don't know what else to say, it's God's sake, Kenny! I've never heard of a lab losing a sample before.
I mean, misplaced maybe, or corrupted in some way, but never just, pfft-pfft.
It's negligence, Kenny.
That's what this is.
Have you still got the trousers, we could take another sample.
No, they're washed.
Jake found them a little creepy.
OK It breaks my heart to have to do this, it really does, but I'm afraid we're going to have to let you go.
Argh Are we? Angie, this isn't about your case.
This is reputational damage to my practice.
There's a wider context.
Yeah, I'm starting to think there is.
No, but Max is right.
We've lost a critical line of investigation.
I've got to throw myself on the old sword.
Well done, Kenny.
You come out of this with a measure of dignity.
Drop in your invoice to me, sometime.
Jake, let's go.
Angie, I feel like I've said this before, but I hope you enjoyed your time here and safe journey home.
Yeah, you've said that before.
Jake, shall we? I'll hang here for a bit.
No, Jake, I don't think that would be - a good - No, let's catch up later.
I need to sort some shit out before I go.
Oh, right.
I'm sorry, Angie.
I really wanted to get this one right, I really did.
But I just Sorry.
What do you think happened? Maybe there was some funny business going on internally that the police couldn't see.
You don't think it was the cancer? Keep looking.
Was that you? I'll not burden you with that knowledge, Jake.
Well, was it? I mean, no-one got hurt along the way, I take it, other than Kenny, but he'll be OK.
- Will he be OK? - I took care of it, Jake.
I took care of the Angie thing.
What Angie thing? We need to sort this place out, it's embarrassing.
I'll look in here, it's here somewhere.
It's cool, she explained it.
She lost weight, changed her whole look.
It can be hard for women, Max, all that body image stuff.
Can be absolutely crippling.
Here we go, gents.
That's her.
- And you ID'd her and so on? - Of course.
I couldn't settle the estate till she signed for the records.
Where'd you find her? A family friend.
She's from Chicago.
I did a wee bit of Connery for her.
- The Untouchables.
- Oh, great movie.
OK, thanks, Henry.
Jake just wanted to check, the record collection's worth a few quid, and, you know - I run a clean business.
- 'Course.
Look at your brother here, hey.
High flier.
So he tells me.
- No, I don't.
- Repeatedly.
I remember when he set up by himself, took on that big office right in the arse-end of the recession.
Everybody thought he was crackers.
Well, fair play to you, Max.
No, you've gone from strength to strength.
Well, thanks for your time, Henry.
Could be nothing.
Could be everything.
Oh, this is a great day, Jake.
Believe it or not, this is a GREAT day.
What's wrong with ya? Fuck, it's over, Jake, it's done.
As of right now, we can get back to normal life.
What if I don't want to, Max? What if I don't want to get back to normal life? Jake, I know that on some level maybe all this added a measure of excitement to your life that isn't I mean, it's not missing, it's just a different sort of Who have the Hibs got on Saturday? - I thought you were a fan? - I am a fan.
How many games have you been to since relegation? Oh You know what I did after relegation? - I bought a season ticket.
- Hm.
It's called loyalty, Max.
- Right.
- It's called keeping the faith.
It's called having fuck-all else to do.
Is it nice, Max? Is it nice with your job and your money and Claire? Yes, Jake, as shallow as it might appear, I take great comfort in having a good job and money and Claire, - and not living above a chip shop.
- It's a pizzeria.
Does it do chips? Is this about her? She's going, Jake, and it's for the best.
And it might not seem like that now, but it really, really is.
Let me be very clear, Jake.
It's time for her to go and you need to make that happen.
Ayr United.
On Saturday.
They're playing Ayr United.
I told the others, it was a dummy camera.
"Others"? Walter's friends, two of them.
White-haired guy, drives a nice motor.
I've seen him around the place.
Sorry I can't be more help.
Listen, pal, I'm just clearing things up for Walter's family.
I'm not interested in you and I'm not interested in whatever level of disability allowance a part-time limp gets you these days.
I fell down a manhole, working on the bins.
I'm not interested in you.
But that's not a dummy camera.
- Night, John.
- Night, Max.
Oh, you had a visitor.
Some wee old lady.
She left you this.
Wee bit of gingerbread there.
I mean, that's it more or less.
What was that? Oh, yeah, that.
I mean, all you can really tell is there's two of them.
Has anyone else seen this? No.
- Is he in? - Yeah.
Oh, Max.
What a pleasant surprise.
How much? 20 grand.
You've got 20 grand, Max.
I do, but this would be less visible.
Is there anything for me to worry about? No.
I'll work it into your payments over time.
No problem, Max.
I've not seen you look like this before.
- Like what? - The others.
Thanks, Cameron.
He said it's a dummy camera.
Well, he's not a man who wants attention.
He's on all the benefits they're trying to do away with.
Don't worry about him.
He doesn't know what you did.
And don't worry about the niece.
Who? I've seen you both keeping an eye on her.
Very clever.
So, who does this cover? Me.
I'm the only one who knows what you did.
I'm the only one who knows what that is.
That isn't anything.
You can't even see that it's You can't see anything.
Well, that wouldn't be the end of it.
But it could be the start of it.
Are there any other copies? No.
This is it.
This is you done.
I don't have to give you this, but I'm choosing to do so because I want to move on.
This is my decision.
You look tired, son.
I am tired.
I'm not surprised.
After everything you've done, after everything you've been through.
Well, you can leave all that right here with me.
Let it go, son.
Oh, sh Oh, fine.
Claire? I was just in the area, so I thought I'd, you know It's just a hello, really.
I don't think I should come in.
We're closed, Kenny.
Sorry, Max, um I just popped in on the off-chance, to hand in my invoice.
Out of interest, did you ever speak to any of Walter's neighbours? No.
What, none? No.
It's just that I've been chatting to the Well, all the best, Kenny.
Thanks, Max.
Oh, thanks.
You OK? Yeah.
I like your place.
I bet you've got a nice house.
I hate my house.
I should go.
You shouldn't.
Shit! I know, I know, I know I've been a dick.
And not just today, I know that.
It's just It's just that things have been so busy with work and everything.
- You wouldn't believe.
- I don't care.
Claire, please, just listen to me.
I'll be honest.
The last few days, or week, whatever it's been has been hard, Claire.
It's been really hard.
But I've done it.
I've done it.
Everything's normal now.
Me and you.
So, come on.
Let's go out.
It's too late.
I know, Claire.
I know, but please, let's just move on from here, because everything will be different.
I'll be different.
I'm just tired.
I need a shower, and then Let's just stay in, shall we? Yeah yeah.
Of course.
Hey, this isn't a good time.
OK, listen, just let me say this or I won't get it out.
OK, I'm listening.
When I was younger and in the band, it looked just for a minute that we were going to make it, and then it turned to shit and, well, I've just sort of drifted, I suppose, and I felt more and more scared, if I'm honest, really fucking scared.
And then I met you, and I know it's not been long and it's pretty odd circumstances and tragic too with your uncle and that, but I just feel like things are going to get better for me.
And I suppose what I'm saying, and I've gone round the houses on it here, but what I'm saying is that I want you to stay.
Yeah, I'm staying.
You must leave now Take what you need You think will last But whatever you wish to keep You better grab it fast Yonder stands your orphan with his gun Crying like a fire in the sun Look out, baby The saints are coming through And it's all over now, Baby Blue The highway is for gamblers Better use your sense Take what you have gathered from coincidence The empty-handed painter from your streets Is drawing crazy patterns on your sheets The sky, too, is falling in over you Why are you still here? Because I think you lied to me about what happened, about what this is.
It's time for you to go home.
I'm not going anywhere until I know what you did.
What we did.
Well, strike another match Yeah, go start anew Go start anew Cos it's all over now, Baby Blue Yeah, yeah It's all over, it's all over now Baby Blue It's all It's all over now Oh, yeah It's all over now All over now