Guilty Crown (2011) s01e08 Episode Script

Summer Day:Courtship Behavior

1 Hey, Shu! Open this for me! Huh? Are you going out somewhere? We've been over this! My club's going on a vacation.
Oh, yeah, I sort of feel like you told me that did you? Yes, I did.
I'm not going to be home for a while, got it? What, you're leaving me here all alone?! It's not my fault, you know.
But I'll be lonely! I'm coming with you! Stop it, you're heavy! Inori! Shu says he's abandoning me! Enough, okay? Let go! You're going to Oshima, right? Yeah.
I see.
Pay your father a visit, then.
So, everything that makes me whole I'll give that to you now I'm yours I'm yours I'm yours Say, there's lots of happiness in this world, isn't there? Someday, if we're together Even if someone calls you a liar and tries to hurt you with cruel words, even if the world does not try to believe you and places a crown of thorns upon your head, I can take your side, and yours alone I know your pain and loneliness So everything that makes me whole I'll give that to you now We're here, we're here! What a nice day! I'm so glad it's not raining.
So, I hear we're heading to your family's vacation house? Uh, yeah.
I lived here when I was a little kid.
Man, you're a lifesaver! Tamadate Souta? You mean the one in my class? Yes.
Bring him to Oshima.
We're going to infiltrate a GHQ facility there.
We need his Void's power to break through their security.
Of all people All you have to do is invite him on a trip.
You can't tell me that's hard.
I can do it.
Very good.
Always cherish your friends.
Stupid Gai.
He doesn't understand my feelings at all.
Whoa! This place is so fancy! What do your folks do for a living, Ouma? Er What's with this mansion? Gai said the Kuhouin Group arranged it for us.
There you two go getting affectionate again.
Save it for when you're at home, okay? Wh-Where did that come from? You do live together, don't you? Huh? What do you mean? I caught 'em in the act! They were going home together.
Let's ask the couple.
How did your romance begin? Come on, stop it! There's nothing between Inori and me.
She's got a violent older brother, and I happened to know her, so Yeah, yeah.
We don't need to hear excuses! Let's leave the lovebirds alone and go hit the beach! Beach time! Wait, shouldn't we unpack and— That can wait! We're at a resort, guys! We gotta have all the fun we can! Tamadate! We're at the beach! Woo-hoo! Hurry up, everybody! Jeez, he's so pushy! He's just being himself.
Sheesh I have a hard time dealing with Souta.
He's pushy, he has no tact, and he's oblivious to everyone around him If it weren't for this mission, I'd never go on a trip with him A trip I let my guard down, didn't I? You can do it, Hare! Hey, Shu! Let's go swim with them! Uh.
um Hurry up! Hey Hare! Hey, wait! It seems Tamadate Souta made it here without issue.
He's having way too much fun for someone on a mission! Should we really be lettin' them goof off? Everything is going well so far.
The issue here is the facility's security.
Tsugumi and Ayase are looking into that now.
So we're just on standby for a while, huh? But what the hell could be on this island, anyway? "Gai only knows," it seems.
Incidentally, Argo Aren't you overheated? Well, I'm fired up.
Huh? Where's Shu? He left before us.
He said he had a stop to make.
Come to think of it, Oshima is where his father's Um, I caught this! Thank you.
Good afternoon.
Whoa! What a classy lady! Tsugumi, why are you in that ridiculous getup? Your outfit looks splendiferous on you too, Madame Ayase.
Ouma Kurosu, eh? You know about him? He was a professor at the old Tennozu College.
He was also the leading expert on the Apocalypse Virus.
Seriously? Why don't you know about him? We don't talk about stuff like that at home.
I heard that he was Haruka's teacher, though "Haruka"? Oh, she's my mom.
Anyway, I don't really remember my dad.
He died ten years ago, after all.
Lost Christmas, eh? Everything changed after that day.
Say, what are you doing here? It's not to visit a grave, is it? No.
A shrine? Look at it with these.
Is that— It's a secret GHQ facility.
What I want is inside.
What you want? The rock that started it all.
That's what we need to get our hands on most right now.
You and the Void you draw will be the key to the operation.
I trust you understand.
Tamadate Souta yeah, I understand.
The mission begins at 2200.
Bring him to the designated point by then.
You make it sound so easy It is easy.
Just use bait.
Bait? I hear he's an Egoist fan.
You want me to use Inori?! That's horrible! Why not? You use something the other person is interested in to bring him in.
It's the most basic play there is.
Even if that "something" is Inori?! I can see there's no point in arguing any further.
If you can't do it, you don't have to.
Just stay in bed.
Hey! Wait! I haven't gone on a trip with friends in forever! Thanks for coming with us, Kanon.
What are you talking about? I am a member of the club, you know.
Even if in name only.
But since Yahiro didn't come He doesn't have anything to do with this! I'm so glad you're here.
If I were all alone with Yuzuriha, I'd Wow, Inori, you've got great skin! Hey, can I touch you?! Huh? Um Whoa! It's so smooth! What about here, then? Don't touch there I wonder how Yuzuriha feels about Shu.
Hey, Shu.
What? Is there really nothing between you and Inori? I told you before, there really isn't— If there isn't, I'm going for it.
I'm going for Inori.
Want to start tonight? A mission you drag your friends into It's certainly not a job that suits Ouma.
I disagree.
That's what friends are for.
That sounds like you.
A life with no adventure in it is boring.
The least a friend can do is stir up a little trouble in your heart.
Tsutsugami Gai.
What do you want? Are you sure about this? It doesn't matter.
I'm not entirely convinced he's even my son.
His mother was a no-good woman.
Unlike you.
Sorry this was so sudden.
The stars are really pretty, huh? We hardly ever see them in Tokyo well, I guess this is Tokyo too, huh.
It's not a problem.
There's no problem with leaving them alone together.
There's something I want to show you.
I was so touched by Egoist's music video, I just couldn't contain myself.
So I tried making one of my own.
What's he doing? Blooming wildflower I beg you, please tell me He's doing something I'd do Does he think Inori'll be interested in just any guy who does that? It's pretty.
Why do people fight and hurt each other? I-Inori! I I don't know you very well yet, but When your singing moved me, that feeling was real! I want to know you better, Inori! Because I really l-lo Stop right there! Shu?! Why are you here?! Inori is my— Shu.
Hey, what's the big idea? Don't draw that thing out here! How long have you been there?! You have no self-control.
Ayase? "Inori is my—!" H-Hey! This is an unexpected development.
What now, Gai? There'll be no change of plans.
We'll go now, as is.
Got it? Aye-aye! "Inori is my" what? We're all here, then? Tsugumi's blinded the guards.
The issue is what's inside here.
Ogumo! Yes, Sir.
When you confess your feelings, you should do a proper job.
Shu, shoot the gate with that camera.
Is this a Void for opening things? Let's go.
What's your business? My apologies, Chief Keido— Don't worry about it.
I'm just a wraith passing by.
Could they be on to us? No, this isn't about us.
This is Hurry! Shu! Let's go.
Why would a Void like this come from inside Souta? I couldn't care less about the reason.
The important thing is that his Void can "open" even a mechanism like this.
What is this room? Our objective lies ahead.
Does this mean?! Gai? What are you We're withdrawing.
I should have known it was you, Keido.
"The double grief of a lost bliss is to recall its happy hour in pain" Kurosu.
I won't stop.
Are you okay? Shu Huh? Where's Inori?! She went back.
What's your problem? Souta.
I'm not going to help you anymore.
You have feelings for Inori after all, don't you? If you feel that way, then tell me from the start! I never know what you're thinking! You're no better! You're pushy, you have no tact, and you're oblivious to everyone around you! That really bothers me about you.
I have a hard time dealing with you, Souta.
He must hate me now.
But that's fine.
I should've been honest from the start.
If he was my friend, anyway I figured as much.
Souta? I'm glad you gave it to me straight.
I mean, you're always kind of distant, you know? So The truth is, it was a little hard for me to deal with you, too.
So I'm glad that you were honest.
That means you've opened up to me, right? I know it's a little late to ask this, but what are Voids? I don't really understand them yet, but I get the feeling I have to.
I mean, after all, my right hand is touching people's hearts.
Gai told me that Voids change along with the states of people's hearts.
They do? Oh So does that mean if I form a bond with someone, my power changes too? These days you love me no more nor am I still treasured by you Now I am all alone What did you tell me when we parted? The words hung in midair and never reached me I know my dreams and wishes are illusory and yet I cannot give up on them You said, "Don't let go, hold onto my hand" and, "We will always be together" Your hands as I held them were warm and tender