Guilty Crown (2011) s01e13 Episode Script


1 This is GHQ's Public Information Division.
In accordance with Infection Control Law Article 9, Section 3, an emergency quarantine is now in effect.
Citizens are strictly prohibited from venturing outside Loop 7.
It's been two weeks since then.
Tokyo has changed completely.
The incident from two weeks ago The Apocalypse Virus outbreak called "the second coming of Lost Christmas" has led to the blockage of the entire city center.
Internet and phone lines are down and the TV and radio stations have gone silent.
People are now living at local evacuation sites.
Students have automatically gathered here at Tennozu First High School.
They can't contact their families and they can't go home because they live outside the blockaded area.
So, they've stayed here.
The GHQ announcements say the blockade will be lifted at any moment.
But some people, like Yahiro, seem to doubt that But I don't think the blockade will last much longer.
You're here again? Yeah.
My feet just seem to take me here.
It's all over now, isn't it Gai.
The reality of the destruction around us fills our mind The raging rain sounds like a storm of tears Notice that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your voice was given to you to tell others how you feel and that your hands were given you to hold those dear to you All living things bear witness to my song Your heart contains all its truth Even when all you see in your path are storms remember that your strength is no coincidence and on it, rely Ouch What am I even doing? A little rowdy, aren't you? Are you okay? Can you stand? Get lost.
Don't be like that.
We're just offering to help.
I didn't ask for your help.
Oh, you're one of those "I can do it myself" types, huh? Go away! What, you only sweet to your "honey"? There's nothing wrong with being stoic, but it pisses me off when people don't appreciate my kindness.
So let's be friendly with one another.
Hey, stop it.
What do you want? No, what are you doing? To a girl that fell down too.
We were demonstrating a spirit of cooperation in this time of trouble.
Yup! Is there a problem with that? Missile Kick! What the hell what that for? What was that for? You tell me! What are you doing to Aya? Perverts! Hey, don't lump me in with— Piss off, shrimp— Nay! I'm just getting started! Hey.
You'll regret this.
Yeah right! Like I'd waste a single millibyte storing this memory! You all right? Did something happen? Nah, they were just hassling me a little.
Say, would you mind leaving? But I told you before, didn't I? I refuse to accept help from anyone.
I don't look elegant crawling up into it.
Let's go, Shu.
Right She's in pretty bad shape.
I knew it Gai's death hit Aya the hardest.
I wonder if the Undertakers will close up shop now We got separated from the other members when it happened.
We don't know where most of our other members are, but Ayase and Tsugumi are blending with the students and taking shelter here.
And Gai is gone.
The Kuhouin Group is airlifting supplies in, so we're still in pretty good shape there.
I'm a little worried about the vaccine stock though The effects of the virus are a concern too.
I'd like to secure a good supply of vaccine.
Can we ask for your help? All right.
I'll try to negotiate something with my grandfather.
Aren't you worrying too much? The quarantine won't last that long.
We can't afford to be too optimistic.
It's been two weeks, which is about when people start losing it.
It sounds like there's already been a small riot in Shinjuku.
He has a point.
We've been seeing fights within the school too.
It's because everyone's tired.
There are a lot of kids who want to go home and can't.
If we could at least give them a breather, that would help Come to think of it! What is it, Souta? Say, how about we do a Culture Festival? Huh? Normally we'd be having the Culture Festival this month, right? Come on, let's do it! Are you kidding? We're in the middle of a crisis.
That's exactly why we should! Let's liven things up with something big and clear out the bad atmosphere here! That might be a good idea.
You too, President? We have enough food to last us a while.
I think we can pull off something if we keep it small.
You heard the lady! Read the atmosphere, Chief Cabinet Secretary Samukawa.
Is this really okay? Not to worry.
These conditions will end soon.
In that case Then it's okay, right? Right, Shu? Yeah.
Ah, it's finally time? Yes sir.
They said we'd have approval in a few days.
Life will be boring until then Shall we do a little preview? Please sir! No more joking around! You aren't in the same position anymore Chief Segai.
We've both landed in difficult positions, haven't we? I couldn't agree more.
I didn't expect you to agree too.
I guess maybe I felt like living it up too.
So this was inside me? Why are you able to hand it to me now? During the last fight, I think my powers changed.
How do we put it back? Try letting go of it again.
These "Voids" are just one mystery after another, aren't they? But why are you suddenly so interested in Voids? Curiosity.
I don't think I'll be using this power again, though.
Do you really believe that? What do you mean? These conditions won't last long.
And by that I mean the opposite of what Kuhouin does, Shu.
Your right hand, its power You'll have to use them again soon enough.
I-I don't need those! Oh, don't say that.
Here you go! Hey, Shu! Ta-da! What's that outfit for? They told me this was an Animal Cafe.
You're really part of the school now aren't you, Tsugami? Well, moping won't help anyone.
So we have to take this opportunity to have some fun! But I don't have anything to do with it.
Don't laugh.
Sorry, sorry.
They look good on you.
Sheesh Say, where's Inori? Hey, Shu! Over here! A live Egoist concert? It's the festival's main event! Leave the stage directing to me! Tamadate, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, will show you what I'm made of! Are you okay with this, Inori? I want to try it.
Okay? Of course.
I look forward to it.
Come on, a festival now? There's something wrong with these people.
Maybe the germs have spread to their brains.
That hurt! What if I were injured!? Be more careful! Oh sorry! But hey, perfect timing! Here, you take this.
Hey! Why should I have to— This too please.
And this! Why do I have to do work like this? Man, you're a weakling.
No, you just gave me too much to do! Aw, take this and cheer up.
What is it? Your reward.
I don't want that yucky food.
When someone does something nice for you shut up and accept it! St-Stop it! Whoa, Shinomiya, you're good at this.
You can call me Ayase.
Your name is Menjo, right? Please, call me Hare.
I'm sorry for asking you to do this out of the blue.
Why me, though? I suppose I looked lonely by myself? No, that's not it.
Um, Shu's changed lately, you know? In a good way.
I just thought that must be thanks to the people in the Undertakers.
So I wanted to say thank you.
Thank you very much.
Huh? Yeah, that's right.
Yuzuriha Inori, Ouma Shu—everyone's here.
This is way too complicated.
You could just destroy this place right now! No, that won't do.
We're in the middle of deliberations right now.
We can't make any direct moves.
No direct moves At any rate, don't interfere.
You understand? Yeah, got it.
What is this thing? It looks so cheap.
The next time I see that runt, I swear I'm going to torment her.
The Tenno Festival is now officially open.
Have fun, everyone.
Isn't this fun, Aya? I wonder if we'd be doing this too, if we went to school like normal kids.
What do you think? Look, mini-hotcakes! It's mini-hotcakes, Aya! They're having a Cultural Festival.
That's not right.
Not in tough times like this where people are starving.
You said it! This is a job for us "Philanthropists," am I right? A Humvee and a Gautier Endlave? Are they the real thing? How'd you get those? A gift.
Whoa, are you serious? He said he was a wealthy man who agreed with our cause.
He seemed a little sketchy, but turned out to be a good guy.
"Good guy?" It just goes to show the high hopes people have for our justice.
Come on, let's go! We're gonna teach those happy school kids what a harsh world this is.
You sure you don't want any? These are really good.
Say Hey Aya, this is the last one! Here say "ah.
" Stop it! What was that for? Hey, why did you cut it? Huh? What do you mean? Why did you cut my connection that day!? I could've kept going.
I could've protected Gai! That's crazy What, so you wouldn't have minded if you'd died? I wish I did die! My life right now is so half-assed After the accident and now too Don't say things like that.
You're gonna make me sad.
I'm sorry, Aya.
I'll go back to the festival.
And then the music will start, but don't come out yet okay? Come out on my signal.
She has her songs.
She's not like me.
I'm just some girl her lost her Endlave Ayase.
Shu What are you doing over here? Don't you want to come closer? There's no point.
I'm not useful for anything anyway.
Nobody said that.
I'm saying you're one of us, so you should be with us more.
Gai died, you know! No I couldn't protect him.
I let him die.
You're wrong, Ayase.
I'm the one who let him die.
It was me.
An Endlave! Bingo! The riots have reached us too!? No.
That's a military machine.
Dammit! What the hell is this about!? Where's Shu? Hey! There's no need for you to fight! Let's get you somewhere safe! But I don't want to run away! Don't cut my connection! What are you doing? Ayase Are you okay? You want to make me into a slacker too!? No, I Gai gave me legs.
Legs that could run fast anywhere, jump any height.
But I It's no good! I can't let it end this way! Please, Shu.
Let me stand on my own! Everyone head for the old college building! Menjo! This is my Void.
Pretty sweet, huh? Yes! Gai, I'm moving forward too.
Even if you're not here, I'll go forward! What the hell was that? How should I know? She's— Shit I'll shoot you! For real! You're under arrest! Go, Aya! Right! See, you were useful.
Dammit, what the hell is this!? Shu! Blooming wildflower I beg you, please tell me Why do people fight and hurt each other? It's been a long time since I ran full-tilt on my own legs like that.
It felt good.
I feel a little better too.
Maybe, I was just overthinking things before.
I can't accept what happened to Gai yet, but I want to think it through little by little.
I want to think about what I can do.
Me too.
Thanks, Shu.
Hey everybody! The TV's back on! Transferring the feed to the monitors In our investigation, we have been unable to find any survivors within the Loop 7 area who aren't highly cancerous.
The provisional government and GHQ have thus agreed to cease rescue operations and completely seal off the area for the next ten years.
Loop 7? But we're inside Loop 7! What? We will devote our utmost efforts to eradicating the Apocalypse Virus and thereby dispel the concerns of the international community.
As the newly inaugurated President of Japan's provisional government, I believe it is my duty to bring about rebirth via purification.
What the hell is going on!? Now that I am all alone in this world, what should I feel and think? After we spend countless days together and shared our feelings, we will never be truly apart I took you for granted, and now you are gone That's the pain I've come to bear Even if I had held onto your hand when you left me, and not let you go, I would have done it purely out of self-interest I'm such a horrible liar When I whispered that I was doing it all for you you had already stopped believing it Now I run to you to make up for it, no matter how often I may fall or get lost Wait for me, I'm coming to meet you, no matter what hardships may await me