Guilty Crown (2011) s01e15 Episode Script


1 We'll rank all the students on a scale of A to F based on their genomic resonance values, and you, Shu, will reign over them.
You could call it a Void ranking system.
I'll make the boo-boo all better! That girl's Void is really something! I want her to heal me, too.
You healed that injury really well before.
Thanks a lot! No problem.
Compared to you, my Void is just The important thing isn't how strong your void is, it's how you you use it.
Keep up the good work.
The reality of the destruction around us fills our mind The raging rain sounds like a storm of tears Notice that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your voice was given to you to tell others how you feel and that your hands were given you to hold those dear to you All living things bear witness to my song Your heart contains all its truth Even when all you see in your path are storms remember that your strength is no coincidence and on it, rely We did perform a general Void exam, but I couldn't accept Yahiro's Void ranking plan.
I don't think supervising everyone in a way that makes them feel bad could possibly work.
Still I can't honestly say there aren't any problems in our school right now.
Excuse me, Tsugumi! Security training has been so hardcore, that it's made me extremely hungry!.
So what?! N-Nothing! Nothing at all! We've got all kinds of problems.
And the red line is getting closer and closer all the time.
If we don't keep it together We're in trouble.
We haven't even completed half of our plans to set up a barricade, or secure vaccine and ammo supplies.
This is why I keep telling you to implement the ranking system! People work twice as hard when there's a clear hierarchy.
I can't accept that! Discriminating against people because of their Voids It's not discrimination.
It's distinction.
That's just semantics, you know? If they feel like it's discrimination, it's the same thing, isn't it? It's not that I don't understand how you feel, but the red line isn't going to stop.
Do you think that's okay? Well, you've got a point, but Sympathy only gets people hurt.
That's what Gai always said.
I bet you just don't want people to hate you.
That's not it! What do you want to do, Shu? Don't think about what the others want.
What do you want to do? Thanks.
What's going on between Yuzuriha and Shu? Huh? Why are you asking me? Oh, I want to know too! Come on! Tell us Ayase! Like I said, why are you asking me? I was startled back there.
I thought Shu was against the ranking system.
Inori could tell that Shu was uncertain.
You know, I was happy that Shu became president.
I thought he could be a kind king "King"? Yeah, this is pretty much Shu's kingdom, isn't it? If you're going to tease me, then forget I said anything! Hurry up and confess to him already! Tsugumi! Where did that come from? Just look at the times we're living in.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Am I right? What the hell?! "Distinction?!" It's just discrimination! I-I think so too.
I'm disappointed in you, Shu! I can't believe you'd use a system like that! I'm not going to use it! You know I wouldn't.
Oh, I see.
I'm sorry I said I was disappointed in you, Shu! Should I bow? Forgive me! You don't have to go that far Shake hands, then.
This means we're friends again, right? Yeah.
Okay then, let's give a good howl! Howl? Times like these, a good shout together deepens a friendship.
You've seen it in movies, right? Never assign people ranks! Don't discriminate against your friends! Don't do it I love Inori! What's that got to do with it? We're young.
We're supposed to do this kind of stuff.
Go on, you say something, Shu! I'm not cut out to be student council president! Yeah, that's true.
What's wrong with not wanting people to hate me?! What's wrong with wanting girls to like me?! Down with the Void ranking system! Hey, guys! I— It's no good.
No matter how you calculate it, this isn't enough.
What if we injected smaller doses? We can't.
It has to be a fixed dosage.
We've got a problem, Shu! We don't have enough vaccine.
For now, we should at least secure Ouma's dosage.
Wait! I shouldn't get special treatment If you get sick, who's going to protect the school? It's not just you.
The most useful Voids should be given priority, too.
Here's everyone in order of rank.
We'll distribute the vaccine based on this.
Souta's in the lowest rank? We have no choice if we want to survive.
Decide, President Ouma.
It is the duty of the person in charge to make these decisions.
I found it while I was cleaning out the student council room.
What's this "Void ranking system"? All of us are in the lowest rank! So are they going to just give up on us?! Shu.
You're not going to use the ranking system.
Right? R-Right.
Listen, we have a favor to ask.
Will you draw out our Voids? Huh? Why? We want to practice.
My Void was useful when you used it before, wasn't it? But when I use it myself, all I can do is open a can I think I can get better with a little practice.
Okay? Please, Shu! Please! Ouma! Mr.
President! We want to be useful! Please! Draw them out! Ouma! They'll come.
Now that they don't have enough vaccine, they'll definitely come.
They're just a bunch of students.
Is it worth sending me out just for them? Lieutenant, when that patriotic young man offered to hand over members of the Undertakers the other day, you didn't shoot, did you? Shouldn't you prove that you can pull the trigger, before any unfortunate rumors spread? Of course I can! You're quite good at this! Just what I'd expect from the Undertakers' chief advisor.
Can I assume you're telling the truth when you say that when I win, you'll let me see him? That's if you can win.
I thought you'd be here.
Everyone's been looking for you.
I screwed up a little and became depressed.
What did you screw up? Well, lots of things, but really It's more about how I only think about what people want to hear.
In front of Yahiro I agree with him, and in front of Souta I agree with him.
I bend so easily.
Everyone's like that! Is that so wrong? Of course it is, especially for a leader.
I have to be stronger.
Hare? It's okay.
I know many of your good points, Shu.
You never make a lot of noise.
Whether you're sitting in a chair or putting something down, you do it softly, don't you? And I love how you don't go around declaring things.
That's only because I don't have any confidence.
Hare When you say "love"? Don't look! I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to say that to you, but Ouma? Tamadate and the others just left the school! Souta?! They're all holding their Voids.
Does that mean that you approved this? There's a hospital up ahead.
A hospital would probably have the vaccine.
Souta! Don't do anything stupid! What do you mean, "stupid"? You're trying to say I'm stupid because I'm a Rank F? We're going to bring back the vaccine and prove we're not the lowest rank! Wait, is that what you were planning when you asked me for your Voids? You lied, too! So we're even now! No! I didn't lie— The Anti Bodies! Run, all of you! Hide in one of those buildings! We're surrounded! We're done for Everyone! Use your Voids to fight! Help me! Are you okay?! I'll draw them away! We've found Ouma Shu.
He's alive?! Going after him is your top priority! If Ouma Shu is alive then is the runt alive, too? Today's not the time for that.
Hare! Fix the car over there! Car? So we can escape! If we don't, Shu'll be in danger too! Souta? What's he doing? Please, hurry up! H-Hold on! Bandages? If you think I'll let you fix a car with those, you're dreaming! Run, Hare! Hare! I can't believe Shu went out on his own.
Does he understand the position he's in? There's here! Three helicopters and four Endlaves! Reinforcements? What now, Sir? What do you think? Today's mission is to kill them all.
What is this? What is this? Get away from here! This is a good target for them! Shu! No Hey, Shu.
Have you ever read a picture book called The Kind King? The king was really kind.
He gave everyone money and land, until the country was no more.
All the people were angry at the king.
But I really loved him.
I think he was my first love.
You're like that king, Shu the way you lose out because of your kindness.
Hey, there's one over there.
You know what? I think you're going to be a great king.
So Is Shu? Thank goodness.
Shu, I'll give you my Huh? What happened? Hare! Hare! Shu.
No! You've finally shown yourself, Ouma Shu.
You're kidding.
Is that really Shu? What? Y-You bastard! Shu! Shu! I'm sorry! It's my fault! It's because I asked Hare to fix that car! That's right.
Shu! It's your fault Hare died.
Because of your vanity, you took Hare out there.
Shu— Didn't I tell you?! Shu, stop it! Hare died because of you! Bring her back! Bring her back to life! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Shu! Hare believed in me She said I had a lot of good points.
Hare Shu! Come on, that's enough.
Shu?! I was wrong.
Kindness is pointless.
We have to separate the good from the trash.
I'm going to become king.
Now that I am all alone in this world, what should I feel and think? After we spend countless days together and shared our feelings, we will never be truly apart I took you for granted, and now you are gone That's the pain I've come to bear Even if I had held onto your hand when you left me, and not let you go, I would have done it purely out of self-interest I'm such a horrible liar When I whispered that I was doing it all for you you had already stopped believing it Now I run to you to make up for it, no matter how often I may fall or get lost Wait for me, I'm coming to meet you, no matter what hardships may await me