Guilty Crown (2011) s01e18 Episode Script


1 Shu! What the Gai?! It's him! T-To all units! Defend Tsutsugami Gai! Huh?! What are you talking about? I don't know what's going on, but this is an order! Please obey, Lieutenant Daryl! No way! He's the enemy! Huh?! Prometheus One to Delphi.
Target located! This is Delphi.
You are authorized to use RM warheads.
Annihilate them.
I repeat: annihilate them! This is bad! Do something about it! You can do something, can't you?! No! Go.
What?! What happened?! Gai The reality of the destruction around us fills our mind The raging rain sounds like a storm of tears Notice that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your eyes were given to you to acknowledge others, that your voice was given to you to tell others how you feel and that your hands were given you to hold those dear to you All living things bear witness to my song Your heart contains all its truth Even when all you see in your path are storms remember that your strength is no coincidence and on it, rely Gai! You're all right! But why Damn you! I'm not the same person I was before.
Will you obey me nonetheless, or die by my hand? But What's wrong with you, Gai?! What's going on here? Don't get close to Sir Gai! Screw you! Why should I protect someone like you?! You're in the way, runt.
Run! Okay That was Shu! Tsutsugami Gai! If it weren't for you, things would've never ended up like this! Like this! Emergency Bailout! Hurry! Gai! Are you hurt? Keidou, it's me.
I'm coming back.
Gai Have I been useful? I've done everything you told me to do.
Well done, comrade Arisa.
From now on, we will work together for Sir Gai.
How ironic.
Ten years ago we were sent to rescue them.
Now I don't want to think that it was all in vain, but still This isn't an invasion.
We are merely cleansing the virus.
Burn them with fire! The seventh squadron has been annihilated.
No way To every human living on this planet! I am Tsutsugami Gai.
Your lives are all in my hands.
How does it feel to be locked in a cage? All movements are being followed by 256 Leukocytes.
Hereafter, no military will mobilize without my permission.
Also, any approach within a 300 km radius of central Tokyo will be considered a hostile act and the Leukocytes will fire.
I have only one demand.
Don't interfere.
That's it.
Shu It has been three days since the announcement.
The world is watching how the situation is developing, but just as Tokyo is surrounded in complete silence, the world is subdued by silence as well.
So, we still don't know the location of your comrade, Ouma Shu? Yes.
However, according to the reports of students who managed to escape, Tsutsugami Gai has stolen his Void powers.
I see.
That power is at the root of this situation.
They must have been aiming for that the entire time.
You mean, the Da'at? Da'at? It's a secret organization older than both the Freemasons and the Zionists.
They're so old that many have considered them to be just a myth.
However, they've lived on.
And not only that.
They've gathered sympathizers, are are involved in organizations around the world.
But Also, it seems that lady Arisa encountered them in Tokyo.
I see.
Can I trust you to handle further negotiations with the OAU? Yes.
But what about you? There is something I must do.
Sorry, Shu.
But, now you are free from the fate of the king.
You should live Please Report from squad E.
The third block is clear.
I see.
Is something wrong? I heard you volunteered for this mission.
Because Gai Sir Gai is our lord and master.
Show respect.
I wonder why Sir Gai wants Yuzuriha Inori.
There is no need for pawns like us to consider the reasons.
Darn, you got me.
But I promised.
Let us ask for an audience with Sir Gai.
You lost intentionally? I have lots of questions for him.
Don't you? Aren't you hungry? I'm sorry Everyone, I'm so sorry I was wrong about everything.
I'm sorry The target has been located.
We'll leave immediately.
It's an ambush! We're surrounded! Stay here.
I'll check what's going on.
Stop shooting! Stop! Stop shooting! I did not think you were this foolish, Arisa.
Tsutsugami Gai is a man who considers nothing but his goal.
No matter how much you serve him, you will see no reward.
You will stop there.
We have an important duty.
Why are you chasing a boy who lost his power? There should be no use for him.
You are wrong.
Our priority is Yuzuriha Inori.
Either way, I cannot let you have your way anymore.
I shall clear the shame on my name with my hands! Die, Arisa! I have become soft.
Grandfather Well done.
I'm their target? But why What do we have here? It doesn't matter.
Get her.
Inori Shu! Shu! Shu! What's wrong? Inori Inori, stop! Inori Yuzuriha Inori.
If Gai wants you, then I shall Request Endlave dispatch! I can't keep this up At this rate, I'll end up killing Yes.
You'll definitely end up killing Shu.
Because you're a monster.
A monster? Your heart is a fake.
A monster has no heart.
Come back to me.
Before you kill Shu.
Okay? I'm a monster? My heart is a fake? Inori! Well, I've wanted to ask you for a while What? Um, well Why is your Void Ah, on second thought, never mind.
Why? It's just that it must have something to do with your soul But you are you.
I am me.
Blooming wildflower I beg you, please tell me, Inori Why do people fight and hurt each other? Valiantly blooming flower Huh? What's wrong with me? Listen, Shu.
Don't hate yourself anymore.
You don't have to blame yourself.
Being with you, I've learned to feel many things? It's all thanks to you.
Even if everyone says you're a liar Even if you hate yourself I'll be by your side.
Inori Let's go.
They're all looking for me.
So I'll be the decoy.
Use that time You can't do that! If it's worth sacrificing yourself, then I should Inori Sweet dreams, Shu.
A monster I'm fine with being a monster.
I'm fine with having fake emotions.
But I'll protect Shu.
Because I am me! Even if I'm just a fake To me, I'm the only real one! Look at yourself.
You've always been on our side.
Why would you tag along with a human? Monster.
Inori? Now that I am all alone in this world, what should I feel and think? After we spend countless days together and shared our feelings, we will never be truly apart I took you for granted, and now you are gone That's the pain I've come to bear Even if I had held onto your hand when you left me, and not let you go, I would have done it purely out of self-interest I'm such a horrible liar When I whispered that I was doing it all for you you had already stopped believing it Now I run to you to make up for it, no matter how often I may fall or get lost Wait for me, I'm coming to meet you, no matter what hardships may await me