Guilty Party (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Guilty Party

- Beth, you're fired.
- Okay, fine, fire me.
But please take the story.
- You know I can't.
- I don't know
who else to turn to.
It's okay.
I'm having a hard time
getting the story out there.
I can't believe you're
doing this to me again.
- Toni, I'm g-I'm gonna fix it.
- No!
Can I tell you something?
I made up the quote.
Can I tell you something?
I killed Wallace.
- What?
- It was me.
I killed Wallace.
God, that feels so good to say.
Sit. Sit.
Dude, don't!
What up, bro?
Thought you was getting
a tan-n-tug from Raquel.
- Yeah, I cut out early.
- Two-pump chump over here.
Yeah? At least my wife
isn't circumcising me.
Fuck off.
She only got my thigh.
Dick too small to make contact?
- Shut the fuck up, Freddy.
- Hey.
Don't you disrespect my dog.
You want some eggs?
I want to talk to you
about something.
You know my boat?
The S.S. Big Plimpin'?
Brand-new, blue and red?
It's 30 fucking feet long.
It's kinda hard to miss.
Yeah, I know your boat.
You do know it. Good.
Good, good, good.
So you'll know where to go
to clean out that mountain of
human shit from its crapper.
- The fuck you talking about?
- Georgie, you're busted.
I know you took a shit
in my new boat.
- Piss the fuck off.
- You know how I know it was you?
'Cause you're the only one
stupid enough.
The plumbing is not
connected, fucktard.
You basically shat in a bowl.
And that bowl is on my boat.
And I want it gone.
- Yo, ask your dumbass brother.
- You're cleaning it up.
Hey, fuck you!
Fuck off! Let me go.
I'm not your fucking wife,
you asshole!
Listen, Cinderelly,
you go get your bucket
and your mop
and your little fucking pumpkin,
and you're gonna make
that boat sparkle.
- All right?
- Get the fuck off, man!
When you're done, I will be
checking your work,
you little bitch.
You better pull that trigger
you motherfucker!
Oh, fuck.
No, no, no, no, no, no
Oh, fuck.
Was that too much to say?
No, no, no, no.
No, not at all. Um
thank you for-for telling me.
You get it, right?
I mean, I-I didn't mean to.
And I mean, I was high,
and I-I don't
touch that shit anymore.
Yeah. No, no, no,
I, uh, I totally get it.
What about the tanning salon
and Raquel?
Witnesses put you there.
Well, yeah, I was there.
But I didn't stay long.
You ever pay for sex?
It doesn't feel good.
Not like this.
Mm. Mm
Hey. Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I just, I like being able
to see you.
These cute curls.
So-so what did you do after?
I cleaned up.
It was pretty bad.
Sometimes I think
it was a good thing.
You know, that the world
is better without him.
Toni is better without him.
That I kind of
saved her from him.
Except she's in prison.
Yeah, but she's still alive.
I mean
you know,
the way she was going,
he was gonna kill her.
But her life is destroyed.
Hey, that wasn't me.
I mean, the cops went
after her so hard,
what was I supposed to do?
Go up to them and be like,
"Uh, excuse me, Officers,
but you got the wrong person"?
There was nothing
I could have done.
No, I-- Yeah.
No, I totally get that.
I do.
I was out by the lake
in my car.
That's that's when I knew
you'd understand.
That you'd been sent
to help me.
I mean, yeah, I feel bad
about Toni, don't get me wrong.
But, I mean, there's gotta be
something we can do
to get her out, right?
Like, we prove she didn't do it,
but we don't say
who did do it.
You'll think of something.
My girl.
Sweet, smart girl.
Um, okay. Hey, um
- What's wrong?
- Nothing. I just
I-I need to pee.
I'll be right back.
It's cold.
This Nuggets team
has really impressed me
lately, Peter.
They're calling on those skills,
and their ability to control
the ball on offense
has been the best in the league,
in my opinion.
They've gone 7-3
in their last ten games,
winning on the road
in five of those contests,
which, as you know,
is very hard to do.
You know, you said it, Matt,
the outside ball movement
is what impresses me most.
It is winning them these games.
I mean,
speaking of winning, you know,
who knows if they can continue
You know, they lost Stelling,
possibly for the season.
Let's take a look at this.
Oh, look at it buckle.
Comes down hard on his ankle.
Looks like an Achilles injury.
He was actually taken off
the court after that
It's not his Achilles,
that's for sure.
- Ah.
- How do you know?
Stelling's in D wing.
Right now?
It's probably a fracture.
Bad one, too.
He's ready to point.
He really is.
And just losing him
- Come on.
- No.
- Five minutes.
- Just a peek, that's all.
when the Nuggets
started the season,
they went 2-8
in their first ten
It is a stark contrast
to the team
you're seeing
on the court tonight.
They were sloppy on defense,
they gave up
way too many turnovers.
Didn't seem like they had
the desire to win.
And you know,
to your point, Matt,
exactly what I think is
so great about this team,
they're deep.
You know, we get an injury,
there's someone on the bench
to go to.
And there has not been
a guy like
Do you really
think these young guys
can make a deep run?
I hope so. I mean, I know
they have high hopes for 'em.
Let's see.
I mean, here,
let's take a look at this.
This comes down to the very end
of the game.
They usually win
these games handily.
The final shot
from three-point land,
and look at that.
Wow! Makes the three
at the buzzer
to give the Nuggets
the win on the road.
What an amazing shot
by the youngster.
Yeah, just fantastic.
And look at them
lining up right here.
They go to the outside.
He's got nowhere to go.
What does he do?
He shoots it back up top,
drives into the key,
into the corner
Come on, baby.
We're here, we're here.
We're here.
Hey, move!
Move your damn car!
Uh, almost done.
Really needed to go.
It's really cute in here.
Everything's so little.
I've never peed
on a boat before.
I mean, when it's not
on the water.
How's it going in there?
Good. Good.
That's enough.
Time to get out.
So much better.
Where were we?
Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey,
you look so tense.
- Don't do that.
- Don't do what?
That. Don't--
Don't do that shit.
Did something happen?
You think I can't tell
what's going on here?
That you think I'm a monster,
that you fucking hate me?
George, George, no.
I don't, I don't hate you.
- I swear.
- I love you.
Do you know that?
- Do you even know that?
- No, no.
I-I didn't know that.
But I-I appreciate it.
It's very flattering.
We're just getting
to know each other.
Look, it's the early days
for us.
Love is something that
takes time
to grow and to blossom.
We just, you know, we just
need to give it time.
Leave with me tonight.
And go where?
- Jackson, Wyoming?
- Yeah.
The Tetons. You ever been?
No, but I've heard
a lot about 'em.
My cousin Jay's got
a rafting business.
There are cabins for staff.
Nothing fancy,
but enough, you know?
I could guide,
and you could write.
I thought we'd have kids.
Oh, wow.
Wow, that-that all
sounds perfect.
For real?
Yeah, for real.
You're lying.
No, I'm not.
You basically laid there
with my dick in your hand
and told me you were
a born liar,
and I'm like, "Oh, yeah?
Give me another kiss,
I love you."
God, I'm stupid, stupid,
fucking stupid!
Hey, stop it.
Look at me. Look at me.
It's not like that at all.
You've been working
your evil chick magic.
Making me fall in love.
I think I'm gonna
go home now.
Y-You need some time
to cool off,
and we-we can talk tomorrow.
Hey, where are my clothes?
You used me.
You used my body.
All right, I'm just gonna,
I'm just gonna go like this.
You can give me the clothes
another time.
All you ever cared about
was Toni.
- George, let me go.
- Don't you get it?
I can't let you go.
You've left me with no choice.
I'm sorry.
Fuck! Fuck!
Oh, my God.
Where you gonna go, huh?
You think you can run from me?
- Help! Help!
- The hell are you doing?
- Oh, Wyatt! Help me, please!
- Vivian Steele? What the fuck?
Move. Let me
get a shot. She's the one.
The one who
broke into our house.
- No!
- The one who Tuna wanted dead.
- No, no, no. It's not true. No.
- She's working for the Feds.
He killed Wallace.
He just told me.
The hell are you talking
What the fuck
is she talking about?
- Dude, move!
- Killed Wallace?
- Let me get a clean shot!
- What the fuck?
Okay, she's playing us.
She's a fucking narc!
He left the tanning salon early.
Right? You know that.
And then he came back here and
he shot Wallace. He shot him!
Ask him.
You didn't fuckin' shoot
What the fuck
is she saying, man?
- Yo, George, what the fuck?
- No.
George, what the fuck
is going on, dude?
- No, bro, I
- Why you looking all
- fucked-up like that?
- I didn't.
He told me. Wyatt, please.
Tell me you
didn't fucking kill him!
Look at him. He's lying. Look.
George, what the fuck?!
- George!
-: I'm sorry!
Okay? It was an accident.
It was a fucking accident!
He was
he was being an asshole,
and I just wanted
to scare him to, like,
teach him not to fuckin' talk
to me like that, and then
- then Freddy barked, and
- Fuck no, dude.
What the fuck, dude? No.
I'm sorry!
I'm I'm so fuckin' sorry!
Fuckin' little bitch!
Goddamn, I fuckin' knew it!
Ah, fuck!
- Fuckin' psycho! Fuck!
- George,
- please
- Oh, no, no,
I didn't fuckin' want this.
I never wanted this.
I didn't fuckin' want
to hurt anyone.
No, no, no. Shh.
It was an accident, okay?
- Y-You didn't mean it.
- I'm the one who should be dead.
Yeah, I fuckin' agree.
If you don't do it,
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
- Would you shut up! No.
- No, he's right.
- Goddamn I'm right!
- No, he's not.
You can still do so much good.
You could help Toni.
Do you know that?
Would you do that?
Would you do that for me?
Hey. When I when I came
to your house tonight
and knocked on the door,
it was you that I wanted.
It was real.
Hey. I know you didn't mean it.
I know you're good.
I know.
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
- Fucking hell!
- Wyatt!
- George! Stop!
- Cut your bitch-ass feet off!
- George, please!
- Stay the fuck away from me!
What happened to helping Toni?
Making things right?
Changed my mind.
I don't want to go to prison.
Wait, George! Don't don't go!
Yo, Vivian!
How about a little fuckin' help?
Pajama Pants!
Help me the fuck out!
Aah! Goddamn it!
Get away from my van.
Wait, Patty.
Patty, Patty, it's me.
- Toni?
- Yeah.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
But h h-how did you
No, i-it's a long story,
but they're already after me.
Uh, babe, babe, I need your van.
Wait. That's why you're here?
No, no, no.
And to see you, of course.
To see my girl.
To see my sweet, sexy girl.
A-And when it's safe,
I'll come back for you.
I promise.
And then we'll both,
we'll hit the road, you and me.
But until then
take care of those sweet lips
for me.
- Hey, hey.
- Yeah, I can't let you
- drive out of here.
- Baby, what
are you doing?
I thought you wanted to help me.
I do. More than anything.
But, uh, that's why
we're gonna walk up
to the house,
we're gonna pick up the phone,
- we're gonna call the police.
- What? No.
- You-you wouldn't.
- I have to. Let's go.
Patty, what? You're
You're not really doing this.
You know what'll
happen out there,
on the road?
Within hours,
state police'll hunt you down.
- Mm-hmm.
- And if you put up a fight--
and we both know you will--
they'll kill you.
And then how would I feel?
Leading my poor little
sweet lamb off to the slaughter.
No, you can't send me back.
Aw, Toni,
I know you don't like prison,
but it's the only place for you.
- Don't say that.
- Look, you and I only work
when you're on the inside.
Okay? Otherwise,
you're dead, I'm alone,
and we both don't want that.
Go on.
Aw, fuck.
I could get in a lot of trouble
aiding and abetting a murderer.
I'm not a murderer.
And you've always disgusted me!
Oh. Oh. Baby got a boo-boo?
Where's it hurt, huh?
- Here?
- Aah!
Maybe things got out of hand
when you attacked me!
Maybe I had to protect myself.
Huh? If a crazy prison escapee
tries to kill me,
what choice do I have?!
Stop shooting!
Stop hiding!
Looking for these?
Come on, honey.
I don't want
to have to hurt you.
Do not hide from me.
- Give me the gun.
- No! No! No!
No, no. Hey.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no
Hey. What are you doing home?
I thought you were in Malibu
till tonight.
I-I flew back early.
Well, is everything all right?
Wh-Where's all your stuff?
Actually, what are you wearing?
Marco, please, not right now.
These are for you.
I was gonna put them in a vase
when you came home, but
Well, here.
They're they're pretty.
You're pretty.
- So, we should talk. Um
- Okay, hon, could it wait?
I-I just feel like I really
- need to get in the shower
- Hey. It really can't.
Dr. Woodhouse called, and he had
a last-second cancellation
I'm sorry, a-are you talking
about your urologist right now?
I reversed the vasectomy.
The sperm is back in my semen.
Okay, I-I'm sorry,
I can't deal with this.
Well, I know
this comes as a shock, I do,
but I had to do this, okay?
For me.
The next decisions,
we make together.
Okay? The Tetons,
we make it together.
A family,
maybe just, maybe someday
we make that choice together,
for real.
My God, I know you're sleeping
with Tessa.
Wait, what
- what are you talking about?
- I saw her here last night,
and you with your-your pants off
doing the thing.
Jesus, Beth.
I I-I'm so sorry.
Beth, I love you.
You-you know that, right?
Tessa, she doesn't
mean anything to me.
I swear it was
a one-time thing,
- and it's over know.
- Oh, my God. Toni?
What the hell?
Oh, my God. Hey.
- Ow!
- What are you doing here?
Wait, you're hurt.
You're bleeding.
No. No, I'm okay,
I'm okay, I'm okay.
What the hell is this?
I don't understand.
How is this happening?
Did you escape?
Look, I-I need Laila's address.
Toni, George did it.
- George killed Wallace.
- What?
He told me last night.
Then he panicked and drove off.
But I know where he's going,
so we can find him.
No, no, no, no.
I just need the address.
That's the only reason
I came here.
You were with George last night?
A-Are those his clothes?
Is that what he wears?
You can't go to Laila.
You can't.
- You're in so much danger.
- No, don't tell me what to do.
Just give me the address.
Okay, fine.
Uh, look, congrats on escaping,
I guess.
Okay, but if you go to her
right now,
probably get killed.
- No.
- You'll definitely get caught.
- She'll lose you forever.
- No.
- No.
- And you'll lose her.
Please, just find George first,
then clear your name--
that's the only way
this is gonna get
a happy ending.
Listen, I just want to see her.
- I know, I know.
- Listen,
fucking, I'm tired, okay?
I'm doing this by myself.
I got to go.
I'm not gonna let you do this
by yourself anymore, okay?
We're gonna find him.
- Okay.
- What? What?
No. What do you mean, "we"?
Yeah, what doyou mean, "we"?
You're not really gonna leave
with the fugitive?
I'm all packed.
Beth, what the hell
are you doing?
Fuckin' hell!
Beth! You're gonna go to jail!
Stop. Wait.
Just wai
Damn it.
W-Would you stop already?
No. This is the only way.
You know it. I know it.
Come on, we have to go.
Go find George
and then get Laila?
- Oh, come on, will you?
- Okay.
Hey, hey, hey.
Are you really leaving?
- Yeah.
- Well
well, are you coming back?
I don't know.
Let's go.
- You're doing great.
- Thanks.
Don't worry, we got this.
I hope you're right.
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