Gunpowder (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 My Holy Father.
My tender God.
My great King.
My good Shepherd.
My everlasting salvation.
Dominus vobiscum.
WORSHIPPERS: Et cum spiritu tuo.
- Corpus Christi.
- Amen.
- Corpus Christi.
- Amen.
Our brother in Christ, Father Daniel, leaves us today for the seminary in Douai to perfect his understanding of the Holy Church.
Show this pass to any whose assistance you require.
I put my name to it.
If they are loyal to the one true Church, they will succour and protect you.
Before Father Daniel departs, let us renew the fourth vow of our order.
I, Henry Garnet I, John Gerard I, Daniel Smith .
promise a special obedience to a sovereign pontiff in Rome, our Holy Father PRIESTS: .
to faithfully further and protect the interests of the one true Church.
(DOOR CRASHES OPEN) My lady, there are men outside on foot and horse.
They surround the house! By God, they shall not enter.
No, Robin, keep your sword still.
We are well prepared.
Go upstairs, turn the beds and put the cold side up.
Quickly! Yes, my lady.
(BANGING ON DOOR) Forgive me, Father.
By order of the King, I command you within to open this door! Hurry, Father.
Just be still.
(BANGING ON DOOR) (BANGING ON DOOR) - Who demands entry? - I'm Sir William Wade.
- What is your business here, Wade? - It is the King's business.
Now open this door before I order it blasted! Robin, I beg you, do not give them cause to do us violence.
(BANGING ON DOOR) (BANGING ON DOOR) I know you, Catesby.
And I know your skill with a sword.
Have a care what you do in my house! It is curious, madam, that your cousin did prevent my entry for such an unconscionable length of time.
Sir, what man would admit a troop of desperate men armed with swords and pikes to a widow's house scarcely before she and her niece have risen from their beds? Your intrusion is impolite .
and unlawful.
I shall have the names of all those within these walls.
Question the servants closely as to their names, the parish of their birth and the length of their service with Lady Dorothy.
Madam .
I counsel you most earnestly .
deliver up the priest.
Priest? I know there is a Jesuit priest in this house.
Search for this phantom priest if you must, but if you truly seek one who has not the right to be here, go, sir, to a mirror.
Search closely.
Search every room, every closet.
For every bed slept in, find the man or woman that laid there.
Your eager hounds will find nothing here to gorge their appetites.
How long have you been serving Lady Dorothy? (CLATTERING) We have made a thorough search of the house.
They have nothing out of the ordinary.
Your sport here is finished, Wade.
Be gone.
(FOOTSTEPS RECEDE) (KNOCKING CONTINUES) Are you playing at a child's game, sir? Your searchers have told you plain, there is nothing here.
Your breath is foul, sir.
And this house, madam, is rancid .
with popery.
Mistress Anne Vaux.
About you .
I have heard a great deal.
Tell me.
Is it true you lie with the priests you shelter? This is indeed child's play, and impertinence.
It is a sign that you have nothing of importance with which to charge us.
Measure carefully without .
and within.
34 55 again.
Sir! The measurements without do not tally with those of the hall.
Do you mean to pull down my house, sir? Sir, every corner of my home has already been searched and disordered.
Madam .
be quiet.
(CLATTERING) What is your name? - Smith.
- Smith.
Why do you have such a paper in your possession? Who gave you this paper? Answer me! I-I have no memory of who gave it to me, sir! It is signed Henry Garnet.
Garnet gave you this.
This is to secure your passage to Flanders, was it not? This paper will see you dead, boy.
- Take him away.
- No! (SMITH GASPS) Please Hmm.
I am responsible for this house and all within it.
I alone.
They knew nothing.
- Take her as well.
- What? It has never been the practice to take the women.
The practice no longer fits the times in which we live.
No, sir.
You shall not take her.
Madam, I shall take who I please! By God, you shall not I shall go with them.
I am not afraid.
There was nothing to incriminate Catesby? A woman exonerated him and his cousin from complicity in the hiding of the priest.
Garnet was sending the boy to Flanders, undoubtedly with intelligence for Stanley.
Stanley plots the invasion from without, Garnet the rebellion from within.
It is imminent.
Flanders is where these dangerous spirits are gathered, and Stanley is their leader.
Did you put the boy priest to torture? To the gentler tortures at first, my Lord, then he was racked.
I had hoped you would bring me a full confession.
It would help to convince His Majesty of the true danger the Catholics pose.
Can His Majesty not see the danger the kingdom is in? His Majesty wants to be Solomon, a blessed peacemaker.
He fears that harsher persecution will jeopardise the peace treaty he seeks with Spain, a treaty he is most anxious to secure.
Scribe! Write, the priest Smith was found to be in possession of a laissez-passer, written in the hand and signed by the traitor Henry Garnet, who styles himself Jesuit Superior in England.
(LIVELY CHATTER) - There you are.
- Thanks.
Dear Aunt, will you not make a plea to save your life? There's no time for conversation.
It seems there is ample time to torture and maim but yet not one minute to speak words of love and pity.
What world is this? I beg you, save yourself.
Dearest Anne, shed no tears on my account.
I am happier today than I have ever been.
Dear Robin.
May you find peace.
God give you strength.
(SHOUTING) Will you repent, and pray before God? I will not pray with you.
And you shall not pray with me.
I will not say amen to your prayers, nor shall you to mine.
Dorothy Dibdale, you have refused to enter a plea for the charge brought against you, namely that you harboured and abetted a Jesuit priest at your house at Baddesley Clinton, in the county of Warwick.
Will you answer the charge? I will not.
My niece and heir will be free of the stain with which you would smear her.
And you will not, by my plea, dispossess her of her inheritance.
I pray for the King .
that God might turn him to the Catholic faith.
(SHOUTING) And that after this mortal life, he might receive the blessed joys of heaven.
You must remember .
and confess that you die for treason.
No, no, sir.
I die for the love of my Saviour, Jesus Christ.
(ANGRY SHOUTING) Traitor! Pull off her apparel.
You must die naked.
This judgment was given and pronounced against you.
(FABRIC RIPS) (HE STRAINS) Make a plea, woman.
Save yourself.
I am already saved, sir.
Speak to me no more.
(SHE GASPS, CROWD CHEERS) (SHE GASPS, CROWD CHEERS) Lord Jesus have mercy upon me (CROWD CHEERS) Plead, woman.
(SHE PRAYS IN LATIN) (SHOUTING) (SHE PRAYS) (BONES CRACK, SHE GASPS) (SHOUTING) This man, who calls himself Daniel Smith, has been tried and condemned as a heretic and a hellish Jesuit! Where is Garnet? (CROWD CHEERS) (FLESH RIPS) (HE GROANS) No! (CROWD ROARS) (BLADE FALLS, CROWD ROARS) (CROWD CHANTS) (BLADE FALLS) (CROWD CHEERS) Oh-ho-ho! Well done! (HE LAUGHS) (CHEERING) By God, I love thee dearly, Philip! Mwah! Did my cankered beagle enjoy the performance? Very much so.
You have astonishing skill, sir.
Perhaps you would care to perform some tricks of your own for our amusement? Sadly, I am not shaped for tricks.
There would be no amusement in it.
On the contrary, there would be great amusement to be had from watching you perform.
Have you had an opportunity to read the papers I sent you, sir? What of them? There are nests of conspirators abroad in the country who seek Spain's aid and that of the Pope to plot an invasion.
The dangers to Your Majesty and his family are of the gravest nature.
We have heard this siren's song from you before, Lord Cecil.
- You must bring down a heavy hand.
- Must? Must is not a word you use to princes.
You forget yourself.
Every papist in the kingdom is a potential traitor.
They must be watched, harried and made to answer for their crimes.
There are already good and sufficient laws for the suppression of the Catholics.
We need new laws, rigorously applied.
What you propose, sir, is a recipe for rebellion.
On the contrary, my Lord Northumberland, it is a necessary recipe to avoid rebellion.
New laws will cause great offence to the Spanish.
Further provocation would serve us poorly in the negotiations to come.
Your papers prove nothing.
Catholics, in my experience, are loyal and quiet if left in peace.
Continue to hang their priests as you find them, Master Secretary, but keep the disturbance on my Catholic subjects to a minimum.
We must have peace with Spain.
Again! One, two, three.
We shall need harder evidence.
Get you to the Tower, Sir William.
There is a prisoner I wish to meet.
(CHEERING AND LAUGHTER) (SQUELCHING) For I am the resurrection .
he who believeth in me, though he be dead, shall live.
Pater, Filius, Spiritus Sanctus, amen.
ALL: Amen.
Our sister was crushed like a seed .
our brother butchered like a hog.
They will be revenged.
You have always been quick to draw your sword, Robin.
But now is not the time to kindle spirits into flame.
Tonight, we lay these two martyrs in their grave.
Tomorrow night, it could be me or it could be you.
If we do not raise the sword in our defence, what then do we do? - How are we to survive? - The sword plays no part in what we do.
It must .
if we are to save ourselves.
Thou shalt commit no murder! (SHOUTING) Captain Turner, you have been a soldier these 14 years past? - I have, my Lord, and always served - Why are you here? - My Lord? - Why stand you a prisoner in chains? I was indicted for the killing of a man, my Lord, by some that sought to profit from my death.
That is, my Lord, I quarrelled with a man, hard words were offered.
He had slandered my good name in respect of a woman, and I had no other recourse but to seek satisfaction.
You stabbed an innkeeper through the eye after you had laid hands upon his wife.
You were observed by a score of witnesses, stood trial at the assizes and now are condemned to death.
Such is my unhappy and undeserved fate, my Lord.
- Your family are of Catholic stock? - No, my Lord! On my life.
Jacob Turner of Battle in the county of Sussex.
Your father, I believe, at the sessions of Michaelmas was accused of recusancy, fined 27 shillings.
Robert Turner of Battle, Sussex, your brother My Lord, I detest popery with all my heart.
My family are unknown to me these 12 years past.
- Upon my honour - Your honour, Captain Turner, such as it is, holds no interest for me.
You're here because you may yet perform some service to the King, your country and me.
On my life, I will perform whatever you ask of me.
Your life now belongs to me, Captain Turner.
This is your cipher.
Each symbol represents a letter.
Your correspondence will be with His Lordship.
His Lordship is number one, you are number32.
Never refer to yourself or His Lordship by name.
Do you understand? Alum ink.
Invisible to the eye unless it be exposed to heat.
In Flanders, you will seek out a notorious papist, Sir William Stanley.
Do you know him? He's a soldier of great repute.
Stanley is a turncoat and traitor.
And the leader of a nest of dangerous Catholics who plot the King's destruction.
You will discover his designs and stratagems.
And report them back to me.
This will ease your entry into his society.
Now go.
A ship for your passage awaits you.
- (HORSES' HOOVES CLATTER) - (DOOR OPENS) They demand payment by tomorrow.
If we sell these, it should raise what we need.
- Does it hurt? - No, Uncle Tom.
'Tis nothing but a broken head.
Nothing but a broken head? It takes a strong will to stand your ground.
Your grandson's a brave lad.
What were you thinking, letting him fight with those bullies? A man must learn to take his bruises.
You're selling those too, Father? The house empties by the day.
Would you rather that I conform? The more I resist them, the more they take.
Look at your father when he speaks to you, Robert.
May I go? You saw that, Mother.
He fears me.
Sons should fear their fathers .
the better they may learn to fear God.
Anne Hudson of Kenilworth, widow, on 17th September 1603 at Stoneleigh is alleged to have spoken the following.
"The Spaniards will come, and I would they would come soon.
"A plague of God light upon all the King's subjects.
" (CROWD MURMURS) How do you plead? I put myself on God and my country.
Bring forth the witness.
You were present at the alehouse when the accused spoke the said seditious words? I was, sir.
And what did you hear her say? I heard her say the words in the indictment, sir.
(THEY WHISPER) We find the charge is proved.
Additionally, James Hudson, her son, aged eight years or thereabouts, labourer, stole bread from Robert Edmunds to the value of ten pennies.
Yes? 50 strokes by the beating for the mother, 20 for the son.
(SHE SOBS) Who comes next? Popish recusants, sir.
Robert Catesby, come to the bar.
Thomas Wintour, come to the bar.
John Rawlings, Edward Titmarsh, Anne Wellings, Robert Bolton.
You are come again before us, Catesby.
Are you so addicted to these sessions? (LAUGHTER) I am addicted to the truth, sir.
You make a grand claim, sir, for one whose priests pander superstition and magic to their ignorant, deluded flock.
We both know the reasons why I am come here, sir.
I suggest we proceed.
You stand indicted for being absent from your parish churches for 40 Sundays.
This court fines each of you the sum of £5.
(CROWD GASPS) And in respect of you, Robert Catesby, and you, Thomas Wintour, there are outstanding sums as yet unpaid, £8 and £3 respectively.
With respect, sir, it has always been practice that arrears We have commission from His Majesty to sit in judgment at these general sessions and to levy such fines as we deem fit.
These fines are beyond all reasonableness.
Our authority comes from the King himself.
- The King is but a man.
- Robin The King wields no power over the mortal soul of his subjects.
- God alone has that power.
- I'd mind your speech, sir.
Is it the King's privilege to sit in judgment on men's souls? Silence! I say I owe my soul's allegiance to God alone.
- Silence! - I will not bow my head to any man whose flesh and blood carries no more divinity than mine own! Silence! It is the order of this general session that you both be held in jail until payment is made.
Take them away! (SHOUTING) Sir Joseph.
Mistress Vaux.
£13 for my cousin Catesby and £8 for Thomas Wintour.
The prisoners may now be released.
- Not yet, Mistress Vaux.
- Not yet, sir? The prisoners caused such outrageous stir during their appearance that they may now face additional charges - of contempt.
- You say they MAY be charged? - They have not been charged? - Not as yet.
Then, Sir Joseph, you must by law release them.
No man may be kept under restraint without charge Mistress Vaux .
as you will discover when I bring suit against you for the unlawful detention of two of His Majesty's subjects! There is law yet in this land, and I will see that you answer for what you do.
A jail! Even bleaker than I remember.
Next time, we should demand a cell with a better aspect.
I cannot go on as I am, Tom.
My lands are mortgaged and my name disgraced.
I am spat upon and reviled.
Well, toughen your hide.
I will never be taken prisoner again.
Come on.
Thank you, Anne.
Yet again.
You should not have paid, cousin.
I would give all I possess to see you free.
He is anxious to speak with you.
- Tom - Go to London.
I'll tell young Robert that his father is a free man once more.
Hmm? (BELLS RING OUT) You will see Father Garnet himself has put his name to it.
I do not know this man Garnet, and I do not know his signature.
Sir, I'm certain you must know him.
Father Garnet does the Lord's work in England, at great hazard to his life.
I know neither the man nor his works.
I must speak with Sir William Stanley! This man I do not know either.
(HE SIGHS) (DOOR SLAMS) Is this all there is from Turner? There is nothing more? Nothing, my Lord.
Our captain has so far failed even to make the acquaintance of our prey.
This will not serve for what I have in mind.
Give me Turner's original.
(HE WHISTLES CHEERFULLY) Ah! To the hunt again, Sir Philip! I see you do love this sport.
I love tennis, hunting, dogs and horses.
Nothing else in the world.
Do you not love the King, sir? With all my heart.
I do believe it.
And His Majesty favours you handsomely, sir, for your skill in the field, on the court, in all manner of manly pursuits.
The King has been most kind.
Such is his nature.
Will you help me preserve the King's life? I mean, sir, the King is in mortal danger.
This morning, I received this cipher from my most reliable espial.
He has penetrated a conspiracy of desperate Catholics, whose end is to murder the King and all those he holds dearest.
Has the King been told? The King takes counsel from his Scottish friends only.
You, sir, are the one Englishman to whom the King will listen.
- If you love the King as you say - No man loves him better.
Then I must urge you at all costs to convince him that the threat to his life is grave .
and immediate.
Go with God, my son.
Father Garnet.
I am humiliated .
despised and impoverished.
I have nothing left except the kindness of a loving cousin.
You have a son, Robin.
A finer lad I ever saw.
The only woman I ever loved died because of him.
Robin .
you cannot blame your son.
Women know when they conceive, they carry both life and death.
And childbirth is the most dangerous time.
You're a father, Robin.
You must love your son.
I have no room for love.
Hate I have room for, anger Our plight is difficult.
But we have friends at court .
who every day plead our cause to the King.
Do they report success? How can they, whilst Cecil remains in office? A spider in the middle of his web.
The King has not been moved by the pleadings of our friends, nor will he be.
Perhaps Perhaps he'll be moved by tumult.
What mean you by tumult? I am not alone, Father.
Not all men possess your patience.
Have nothing to do with desperate men .
who would entice you to tumult.
I AM a desperate man.
Can you not see? This is very heavy.
But most necessary for your security, Your Majesty.
Your care for me touches me deeply, dearest Philip.
Their numbers swell like rats in a granary.
They want no more than to practise their Mass quietly in a corner.
Perhaps you have your own popish corner in mind.
I am no papist.
Aye, but you permit papists to swarm over your household.
There are some of my household that do have oars in that boat Huh! .
but they are perfectly loyal to His Majesty.
(DOOR OPENS) Gentlemen .
I am persuaded and convinced that there are abroad in the land evil-doers, intent even on murder.
It is our pleasure to summon the Parliament to devise new and timely laws for the certain suppression of these wicked designs.
Spain will not countenance a more Severe persecution.
The peace you seek will be lost.
This is England, sir.
Our laws are nought to do with Spain.
You are come.
- How are you? - I'm well, Robin.
What is he doing here? We are going to have need of men like Jack Wright.
Captain Turner, I am come from Sir William Stanley.
Where are you taking me? You wish to have conversation with Sir William, do you not? I do.
Then gather your courage and follow me.
(BELLS RING OUT) We need to strike at the root, Tom.
The nature of the disease requires so sharp a remedy.
CHANTING: God save the King! God save the King! God save the King! - This is Turner? - Yes.
What do you want with Stanley? I wish to dedicate my life to his cause.
What do you know of any cause, Turner? You are a light and dissolute fellow.
YOU are no man for any cause but your own.
I've been changed, thanks to the grace of God.
He has a laissez-passer signed by Garnet.
You command? I'm a soldier, like you.
There is no just cause but the one true Church.
I come to lay down my life to defend it.
(CHEERING) In that Parliament have they done us all this mischief.
Perhaps God has designed that place for their punishment.
Who are you? My name .
is Guy Fawkes.