Gunpowder (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

I am Robert Catesby.
My purpose is to kill the King of England.
We mean to lead the Catholics of England out of their oppression.
We will seize Princess Elizabeth, we will place the child upon the throne.
Northumberland shall be Lord Protector.
You will all have heard of Father Gerard.
He now stands with us.
My master is the protector of the Catholics of England.
Spain and England have need of this treaty.
You have so much of your mother in you.
The King, his counsellors and his Parliament, - I will blow them all to hell! - Enough! Let me help you with that, little brother.
Put them down there.
There must be 4,000 lbs of powder here.
I doubt there'll be a firkin of powder left anywhere in London.
Two hundredweight? Aye.
Well done.
Laid on top of the powder, the nails will fly like wolven through the air.
We've laid our plan.
We must see it through.
I will meet with you presently.
(BELL TOLLS) Forgive me for keeping you waiting, Your Excellency.
Will you take a refreshment? Wine from Galicia.
It is the best.
Then let us not delay.
- Salud.
- Salud.
This is very good.
Very good.
Father, I hear rumours of a multitude of plots and schemes.
The misguided men behind them put the future of the holy church in England at stake, though it is not their intention.
Cecil and his heretic fanatics will use these plots to fall like wolves upon lamb.
The words you speak will be my own, sir.
You counselled against their proposed course? I did.
Catesby and Wintour .
they visited me in Spain to ask for our assistance.
Their hearts are set on revenge.
And they will not be moved otherwise.
Can you help us, Father? Can you tell us what Catesby intends? He confessed to you.
If Catesby and his friends are not stopped, Cecil will arrest innocent Catholics all over the land.
He will tear them limb from limb.
You alone have the power to save thousands of innocents from such a terrible and dreadful end.
I cannot speak of what I was told in the confessional.
Do you know to whom you speak, sir? This is Don Juan Fernandez de Velasco, Duke of Frias, Constable of Castile.
- You owe him obedience.
- I owe obedience to a higher lord, sir.
I believe you are sincere and want nothing more than to avoid further bloodshed.
I do.
With all my heart and soul.
Can you help us, Father? Is there someone to whom you can direct us? By your speech you are from Yorkshire.
I'm from Stonegate in York.
- Your father? - A notary.
Does he still live? Dead.
- Your mother? - She married another.
And you, do you have a wife? - You would interrogate me? - I would know you.
There is nothing you need to know except I am a soldier.
When the time comes, when those who have wronged us assemble above, I will light the fuse and I will see them blown to hell.
Her name was Maria.
My wife.
Was? Is she dead? She's dead to me.
You have everything? Once I've lit the match I'll ride to Dover for the arrival of Stanley's army and I'll join them for the rebellion.
To time the fuse.
All that is left for me .
is to say farewell.
- Gerard? - Safe.
He left for the coast and he is in hiding there, awaiting passage to France.
- And Garnet? - Also safe.
- I would make peace with you, cousin.
- I will not lose you, Robin.
I am not lost.
I do God's work now.
For the first time in my life my purpose is clear and my heart is full for it.
- I think you love me, cousin.
- You know that I do.
Grant me a promise, then.
Should I fall or we fail in our endeavour, protect my son.
Cecil will try and take the boy and make him his ward so he may have possession of my house and land.
Do not suffer this to happen, I beg you.
When I can no longer safeguard my son, take him into your care.
You may safeguard him yourself.
- Take him and fly from the kingdom.
- You know that I cannot.
What you intend is murder.
- There is no other name for it.
- Counsel me not.
All I ask is a promise.
Protect my boy.
The path you tread is right well worn.
It leads to a bitter and lonely end.
Turn back, Robin.
It is not too late.
Protect my boy.
Farewell, cousin.
Farewell, cousin.
Farwell, little cousin.
Father Gerard, wait, please! I am a friend and servant of His Excellency the Constable of Castile.
What do you want from me? Father, I seek urgent conference with Robert Catesby.
I do not know that name.
Father, my instructions are to seek out Master Catesby and his friends and lend them whatever assistance they may need in their design against the King.
God be praised.
I-I do not know where he hides.
He is a hunted man.
Do you at least know how he intends to strike this blow? They will strike at the Opening of Parliament.
And the method? Gunpowder.
You are all men of honour and piety.
I am proud to stand with you.
In two days this tyrant king and his lords will be buried under the rubble of the Parliament.
Stanley will invade with his army, and across the land our followers will rise to overthrow the heretics.
True religion shall reign once more.
Our business now lies to the north.
Tom, keep you here a while to see the blow is struck, and when Fawkes's work is done, ride hard and bring us news of it.
God bless us all.
Farewell, Tom.
Godspeed, Thomas.
We'll see you on the morrow.
At the dawning of a new day.
Your Parliament opens in two days, does it not? - It does.
- The King will be present? He will.
- And the Queen? - Yes, and the Prince, too.
But not the Princess Elizabeth? No.
She is in the country for her schooling.
Then the Princess will survive.
They mean to murder you all at opening of the Parliament.
You will save the King's life by this generous intelligence, My Lord.
I am most grateful, Your Excellency, and rest assured this generosity will be met with the light liberality when the articles of the treaty are settled.
Our army will gather at Pepperhill at dawn on the 5th.
How many? Hundreds have sworn allegiance to our cause.
There is more.
And this is just a fraction of the muskets we've been promised.
Put this in your master's hands.
Do not delay in your duty.
I will speak with my friends in the lower house and urge them to vote for the proposal.
This is most excellent news, - (KNOCK ON DOOR) - my Lord Monteagle.
My Lord, I was charged to see that Your Lordship receive this letter.
Charged? By whom? A stranger, My Lord.
I did not know him.
Bring more wine.
My Lord, I keep you from your correspondence.
No, might be some tedious matter of business or law.
I would hate to think that I detained you from your affairs.
Something amiss, My Lord? Most strange.
Most strange.
What is it, My Lord? "God and men have concurred to punish the wickedness of this time, "and think not slightly of this advertisement but retire yourself "into your country, where you may expect the event in safety.
"For though there be no appearance of any stir, "yet I say they shall receive a terrible blow, this Parliament.
" "Yet I say they shall receive a terrible blow, this Parliament, "and yet they shall not see who hurts them.
" My Lord Monteagle, you needs must show this to the King.
It is most likely written by a madman or a fool, nevertheless I thought it the safest course to bring it to Your Majesty's attention since I was unable to decipher its meaning, and Your Majesty's gifts of interpretation being what they are.
My Lord, you must asleep.
I would not have presumed to disturb His Majesty's repose were it not for one line in this strange letter.
"They shall not see who hurts them.
" It makes no more sense than any of the rest.
His Majesty's father died by the hand of someone he never saw.
How did he die? Destroyed as he slept in his bed by an explosion of powder.
You are playing one of your games, Master Secretary No, sir.
Games, tricks, sporting pleasures these are your domain.
I am sworn to preserve the King's life.
You have been removed from the fireside and now seek to warm your backside by the means of this ruse.
He wants to play you like a lute, My Lord.
Sir William.
Your Majesty.
Conduct your searches.
Go to it, man! If this be a game, sir .
it will be the last one you play.
You two circle down there.
Keep an eye out for any loading carts.
You're with me.
Come on.
Every corner.
No lip from you, boy, you hear me? I told you before and I won't tell you again! (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) (KNOCK ON DOOR) Open this door in the name of the King.
Open this door now! (BANGING ON DOOR) Open or we break it down! WOMAN: What's happening here? Get out.
Master Percy has the lease of this undercroft to store his firewood.
You will not trespass without his permission.
Now be gone.
Master Percy will hear about this.
What have you found? No, My Lord.
Nothing? You searched every house? We did, sir.
From the corner to the Parliament stairs.
Saving Thomas Percy's undercroft.
What? The undercroft.
Where his firewood's stored.
Fetch Lord Cecil.
Now! (VOICES OUTSIDE) I told your men you can't come in! Master Percy has the lease of this cellar in the name of his patron.
What patron? The Earl of Northumberland.
Break it down.
(HE YELLS) Cut the fuse.
Go! Come on, you whore's son papist! Open your eyes.
See how your work is undone.
I have issued a warrant for the arrest of Thomas Percy by all possible means, especially to keep him alive so that the rest of the conspirators may be discovered.
Bring this man.
Whatever he is, bring him before me.
Kneel before your dread sovereign lord.
I will not.
You will kneel.
What manner of man are you? Answer the King.
What is your name? John Johnson.
Are you a papist? What do you have to say for yourself? Would that I wish I had blown you Scots all the way back to your mountains.
I will never .
doubt you again, My Lord.
You were master of your own salvation, sir.
It was you who divined the meaning of the letter, not I.
Yet another troubled night.
Come, My Lord, I'll get you to bed.
I will have my wife by my side.
I am shocked, sir.
If my kinsman Percy has committed any crime he will answer for it.
We shall speak of this presently.
Until then .
keep to your house, My Lord.
You sent word to summon them here? Aye, they promised to join us.
- At Pepperhill? - Aye.
Our powders are damp.
We have to get to shelter.
Fawkes is taken! And the deed? No.
He was discovered before the Parliament assembled.
All is lost.
We must fly for Spain.
We fight on! If we stay, we die.
What shall we do? Robin? We could run.
We could ride for the coast.
With luck we might even make it.
What then? What then? Waste our days hiding away in Flanders or Spain, drawing up plots we will never enact? No.
I will not live the ruined, scheming life of the exile.
I will plant my feet in this soil.
I will fight.
You will lose.
Then I will sound a defeat so loud our enemies quake to hear it.
They shall know the English Catholics suffer in silence no longer.
What we have done, what we have dared .
shall put the fear of God in them.
Those of you who wish to leave go.
Those of you who want to fight on to the end .
follow me.
Hyah! Hyah! Robin's plot has been uncovered.
Father, you must escape.
You must escape now to Spain or France, across the seas.
Cecil and his men search high and low.
They are everywhere.
I will not go.
My duty's here.
- But you must go.
- No, I will not go.
I cannot bear to think of you arrested.
To see you dragged on the hurdle and brought to the scaffold.
- I think I should die.
- You will not die.
My body will live.
But my heart will die.
I have had so many gifts in this life.
But none so great a gift as knowing you, Anne.
When you walk into the room, my heart .
When I am with you, Cecil and Wade are but .
ants or spiders.
You make me unafraid.
I would rather make you terror-stricken so that you might live.
Knowing you, Anne, has made me a better man.
It's made me the best man I could be.
(GROANING) What is your true name? How have you lived, by what trade of life? (HE SCREAMS) Did you have conference with the Earl of Northumberland? We know you acted in collusion with Catesby, Wintour, Wright and their followers.
They will be apprehended and they will pay.
(HE SCREAMS) Leave off your work here for now.
We have intelligence of Garnet's whereabouts.
The storm is upon us, Wade is here.
(BANGING ON DOOR) You must hide.
Be quick.
- No, you must hide.
- What? They know I am within.
They will not leave without.
I am found.
My judgment day has come.
You must live so that I may die a good death, knowing you're alive.
I leave all my love with you.
(HEAVY FOOTSTEPS) Are there any here of the Catholic faith? (AGREEING) I'm your fellow.
(HE SCREAMS) My name is Guy Fawkes.
I will give you the name of no other.
My name is Guy Fawkes.
I see now .
that it was not God's will that we should succeed as we had planned.
But we can honour him at the last.
I told you once .
that I would not be taken prisoner again.
Against this .
I will defend myself with my sword.
I mean here to die.
I will play such a part as you do.
And I.
And I.
All the powder is damp.
We must dry it fast.
Catesby and his plotters have been sighted at Holbeche House.
They are desperate enemies to the kingdom.
But His Majesty has ordered they be taken alive where possible, so that the country may see them tried and executed as the traitors they are.
- God save the King! - ALL: God save the King! They're here.
Take up positions.
(GUNFIRE) (SHOUTING) Fire! - Reload! - Fire! Robin! Robin! Brother! (HE SCREAMS) Don't touch it, don't touch it.
We need to get out.
Clear the door! Well, brother, we go on this journey together.
Stand by me, Tom .
and we will die together.
Aye! (THEY YELL) (GUNFIRE) (SWORDS CLANG) (HE YELLS) (HE YELLS) Leave him! Robert Catesby is dead.
Fawkes has confessed.
But he does not name you.
(HE GROANS) (HE GROANS) I believe it is your preferred wine.
(DOOR CLOSES AND LOCKS) The Court of Wards has seen fit to grant me wardship of young Robert Catesby.
However, young Robert is nowhere to be found.
Anne Vaux has also disappeared.
Where is she hiding the boy? Do you really expect that I would surrender her .
and young Robert .
to you? The rack makes men talk.
In this instance .
I will prove you wrong.
I'm not afraid.
So much bloodshed so narrowly avoided.
You may not have been a conspirator with Catesby but you stoked the fire with your teaching.
That was your part.
And what of your part? Mine? You cannot be surprised when those you persecute turn on you.
No more wine for me.
I'll take vinegar.
Thank you, sir.
For the civility you have shown to me.
(CROWD JEERS) (HE WHISPERS) (ANGRY SHOUTING) (HE YELLS) Behold the heart of a traitor! God save the King! ALL: God save the King! God save the King! (ANGRY SHOUTING) Mr Garnet, it is expected you should recant.
God forbid I had never any such meaning.
I meant to die a true and perfect follower of Christ.
Into your hands, O Lord, I commend my soul.
(CHEERING) (ANGRY SHOUTING) God save the King! ALL: God save the King!