Gunslinger Girl (2003) s01e11 Episode Script

Febbre alta

1 Say, Elenora.
Can we take the car onto Sicily Island? Let me check Yes.
There's a ferry that leaves from Reggio di Calabria.
Your diligence lets me cut corners.
Incidentally, this is the road the ancient Romans used to attack Greek cities in Sicily.
Hey now.
Don't tell me you have my underwear color in there too.
"Tender Emotions" We'll be staying at a hotel by the port.
We'll come immediately if anything happens.
You worry too much, Ferro.
You heard what happened to Elsa.
You need to be extra careful.
Make sure nothing happens to Giuse-san.
This is a nice house.
It's off-season right now, but I used to spend summers here with my family.
Your family? Including Jean-san? Yes, him too.
Now I'm spending time with you.
Step out onto the terrace.
Let's come again when the season changes.
Sicily in the summer is the best.
You'll bring me back again? As often as you like.
Give me your case and the SIG on your belt.
Come on, now No! I absolutely need these to protect you! We're here as a reporter on vacation and his niece.
A normal girl mustn't carry such things.
A normal girl? That's right.
Gimme a break.
--This is no place for work.
--Nope! "Living here day after day, you think it's the center of the world.
" Why don't you quit and become a tour guide? The cyborgs normally protect us, but now we protect them.
How ironic.
There's no time for idle talk.
We can't be careless for one moment.
Yeah, I know.
Aren't they from Section 2? Why did we have to hide? Best to avoid any trouble if possible.
I see Maybe they're not home? Oh Hey, now, don't shoot.
We're from the Social Welfare Agency.
Pietro Fermi and Elenora Gabrielli from Section 1.
Triela told us about you.
Section 1, huh? Hey there, reporter.
We're on vacation.
What do you want? I'm handling this incident for our section.
We came all this way.
May we come in? Sure.
Come in.
Oh, there are no weapons allowed in this house.
I'll take them for you.
We're on vacation.
We don't want the smell of gun oil here.
You gonna take away my 'You-Know-What' next? Leave your dirty mouth at the door as well.
Wasn't the Elsa case closed? Yes.
Then all that's left is to wait for the terrorists to be caught.
Officially, yes But something just doesn't feel right.
Our boss doesn't know we're here.
He didn't order us here? I told him my grandma in Naples fell ill.
So it's half business, half personal.
Why did you follow us? Triela said to see you to learn more about fratello relationships.
I see Henrietta.
Could you go make us some dinner? Okay.
She does housework too? Yes.
She seems to practice in her dorm room, but I wouldn't expect anything tasty.
I'll go supervise.
I take it you condition her to respect you, too? The cyborgs need conditioning to be usable.
Henrietta's no exception.
But I don't increase her conditioning to make her loyal, nor do I force her affection for me.
How's that any different? Just because it's not as much doesn't make it acceptable.
I agree with that.
I know we're using her for our own sakes.
I realize that.
What are you planning to make? Well Tomato soup pasta --That's all? --Yes.
Let's add some things.
But I can't cook without recipes-- I had cooking notes somewhere Here we are! Tomato soup with tuna for the pasta, and then some marinated seafood with vegetable caponata.
How's that sound? Amazing! It's a magical notebook! I just have a bad memory.
Without this, I'd be fired from the agency in a second.
All successful jobs are-- --comprised of smaller, simpler tasks.
Huh? Where did you hear that? I'm not sure.
I don't seem to remember.
Oh, well.
--First, let's go shopping! --Okay! You really like him, don't you? What kind of feeling is it? Are you aware that those feelings may be the agency's doing? I'm happy right now, so I don't mind.
But I have to do what the agency orders.
What I do for Giuse-san I want to do.
You're really in love.
You're in love with Fermi-san, aren't you? Just because a man and a woman work together doesn't mean they're in love.
But you're tall and pretty like a model, and you really suit him! A tougher woman would suit him better.
--That's not true.
--Yes, it is.
Henrietta! You girls are vulnerable when you're not concentrating Here.
Thank you.
Oh? Where's your handbag? --I'll get him! --Wait! There he is! Give that back! H-how did you-- Give me back my purse! Yeah, right! Get lost! What the?! S-stop-- Stop right there! Taormina Police! Return that girl's things! What things?! Just do something about this brat! Henrietta.
Let him go.
Now give it back! --What are you talking about? --Playing dumb, huh? I was going to let you go if you gave it back, but maybe I should perform a more thorough search.
You stink of marijuana.
Was that really that important? The camera Giuse-san gave me was inside it.
I see Gabrielli-san.
Was that notebook actually-- The magical notebook.
Just now, you were the toughest woman ever! Just now, you were the scariest girl ever.
You're not suspicious of Elsa's death? Does something make you suspicious? Yeah.
If you ask me, it seems a little too convenient.
What, you think it was a conspiracy? A trained man and a cyborg are murdered, then they suddenly know who did it.
What do you think? As enhanced as the cyborgs' abilities and senses are, they're useless if they're not concentrating.
And they were ambushed in the park at night.
But Jean said they're sensitive to danger their masters may be in.
When I met Rico yesterday, she was practically an Aegis Shield.
She reacted, but not in time, so she probably did act as Lauro's shield.
I don't like it.
Why are you all so quick to say the cyborg protected her master? While it may be the truth, that's just not right.
The idea of cyborgs disgusted me at first.
Over half of their bodies are carbon frames, fibers, and artificial muscle.
But in the end, they're regular adolescent girls.
Girls who can't cook worth a crap.
You're saying it's ok if Henrietta dies protecting you? They really enjoyed the food! We did work hard to make it.
Listen, Henrietta.
Don't run off like that anymore.
Girls can't always be violent.
Okay? You too, Gabrielli-san? You're trying to making me into a girl too, aren't you? But you really are-- When we came here, Giuse-san took my gun away.
He said normal girls don't carry them.
I know he's right, but am I a normal girl? I'm really strong, and can kill people with my bare hands.
I bleed red blood, but the pain goes away fast.
I'm a cyborg, so I can't be useful to Giuse-san as a normal girl! That's not true! He thinks the world of you.
He wants you to smile.
Gabrielli-san I know why Elsa died.
Go get the others And bring me my gun --Please give me my gun.
Explain first.
Elsa loved Lauro-san, right? That's the impression I get.
Was Lauro-san nice to Elsa? No, he never paid her much attention outside of work.
This is probably how it really happened.
If you loved someone with all of your heart but realized they would never feel the same way If it were me I would kill that person and then do this.
Don't worry.
I wouldn't shoot.
I'd never kill myself.
You're so wonderfully nice to me.
I had no idea how serious she was Talk about a scare You knew how Elsa died from the start, didn't you? That's why when I went to give her the gun-- So that was the secret behind those two bullets That's even worse than dying for her master.
--Are you going to report this? --Don't be stupid.
Section 2 would've destroyed the evidence by now.
That'd leave it as a simple theory.
But the way Henrietta acted earlier That was an unconscious threat.
Kinda like saying, "I'll shoot you if you won't love me.
" She seemed so innocent just this afternoon That's why she's hard to deal with.
Oh, yeah.
I found one thing in Elsa's room.
A photo of Lauro.
So all she ever got from him was her name and his picture All that affection must've been hard to deal with.
Your ordinary guy probably couldn't handle it.
You always have to be someone they can respect.
That's the very least you need to do So what do you want out here? Lauro-san.
Do you remember this park? You named me here.
'Elsa De Sica'.
Really? I can't believe you remember that It's important.
I would never forget it.
I would never forget the treasure you gave me.
You done? Let's go.
We have an early start tomorrow.
You gave me my name here.
--So long, Henrietta! --Goodbye.
--See ya.
Now then, where do you want to go first? Sicily is full of places to see.
Giuse-san! We'll leave right away.
Don't forget your camera.
I won't! "Symbiosis"