Gyeongseong Creature (2023) s01e03 Episode Script


[opening theme music playing]
[unsettling music playing]
[man 1] How many casualties?
[man 2] Three soldiers and another four
in Disease Control were killed.
One major was seriously injured, sir.
And it appears that most
of the Joseon test subjects died.
[woman sobbing]
[sobbing continues]
- [Kato] How beautiful was it?
- [soldier whimpers]
How'd it move around?
Did you get to see how fast it was?
[breathing shakily]
- [mysterious music playing]
- [Kato] Go on. Tell me.
- I wanna know everything that you saw.
- [soldier whimpers]
[unsettling music playing]
[loud clattering]
[air hissing]
[hissing subsides]
[tense music playing]
[muffled growling]
[soldier 1] Excuse me, Major.
There are no more spores.
They've all disappeared, sir.
[blood squelching]
[labored breathing]
[groaning, grunting]
- [distant gunshots]
- [distant screaming]
[elevator clatters]
[elevator thuds]
[breathing heavily]
I need help!
Somebody help me!
[soldier 2 grunts, screams]
Lights on! Hurry! Now!
[soldier 3] Aim!
Have you got a visual?
[soldier 4] No, sir. I can't see anything.
[muffled murmuring]
[muffled murmuring continues]
[soldier 5, muffled] Please help me.
Please, somebody help me.
Help me!
[clear] I don't wanna die here.
[whimpers] I can't die!
I don't wanna die here! Help, please!
Shut that door right now.
You better shut that door, now!
[soldier 5 sobs, whimpers]
[loud squeak]
- [major] Why'd you stop?
- [whimpers]
Shut it! Do it, or I'll shoot!
Listen to me and shut it! Do it!
[whimpers, sobs]
- [loud thud]
- [anxious breathing]
- [screams]
- [tense music playing]
Help me, sir! Help me, someone!
[soldier 5 desperately screaming]
I don't wanna die! Get this thing off me!
Let go of the door,
or I'll pull the trigger!
- I'll blow your brains out!
- I don't wanna die today!
Just do something, sir!
I don't wanna die like this, Maj. Endo!
- [Endo] Let go!
- [soldier 5] No!
- [Endo] Let go!
- Help me! Please help me!
- Let go of the door! Let go of the door!
- Please don't let me die!
[grunting, groaning]
[creature growls ferociously]
[bones cracking]
Let go! Let go!
Maj. Endo! Don't do this!
- [Endo] You bastard!
- [screaming]
- [blood squelching]
- [groans]
[anxious breathing]
[creature roars]
[creature growls]
[breathing heavily]
[elevator clatters]
[Endo groaning]
[breathing heavily]
Go on, answer.
Tell me what happened down there.
Did we succeed?
[breathing shakily]
No, sir. Please just
destroy it, sir.
You've created
you created a monster.
It's a total failure.
Please destroy that thing
before it's too late.
That monster's going to
it's going to kill us all.
You think that she is
a failure?
[soldier 5 groaning]
- [thud]
- [bones cracking]
[creature growls]
[loud thud]
[creature roars ferociously]
[solemn music playing]
I see.
This tea is really quite fragrant.
Well, you were the one
who gave this to me.
Thanks to you,
I'm enjoying my tea rituals a lot more.
You have been so good to me.
It means a lot, Master Jang.
How are you adjusting
in regards to your new life in Joseon?
Oh, I'm adjusting quite well,
thanks to your wonderful support.
Thank you for asking.
So, um, Ongseong Hospital
has been recently shut down. Did you hear?
Do you know anything about that?
Only a little.
I heard there's some kind
of infectious disease that got out.
It spread all through the hospital.
I see. Well, my friend was admitted there,
and I've been worried for her.
I was wondering
if you knew anyone inside the hospital,
someone who might have more information
about when they will open again?
That way I can pay my friend a visit.
Myeong-ja. Is that the person
you're looking for?
If it is actually her,
then it's better to forget about it.
Someone once told me,
"Desperation can drive men to do things
that they would otherwise avoid."
Now I am that desperate man
sitting here before you,
hoping for some miracle.
All I'm asking for
is a little help, Lady Maeda.
Just brush off my husband's empty threats,
won't you? Can't you do that?
Normally, I would
if it was just a mere threat, yet
I believe he means it this time.
And so?
So I intend to mean business, too,
if I really want to survive this, ma'am.
[pensive music playing]
Yes, but the hospital's closed.
No one's being admitted.
Even if you get in, you won't find
what you're looking for, I'm sure.
Trust me, you'd be better served
finding another way.
That's what I'd say as your friend.
I need the hospital's blueprints.
Contact my connection
at the governor's office
and see if you can get
the best blueprints available.
What's the point of getting the blueprint
if the hospital is shut down?
Nobody's breaking in.
You some locksmith now?
They boarded up the place.
Even the supply shipments can't get in.
What makes you think you'll find a way in?
All I asked was
for you to get them for me.
What about the infectious disease?
We have no idea what that disease is,
and I'm not too thrilled to get it.
All right, I'll go alone, Mr. Gu.
You can stay here.
What if it's all one big lie?
What if the sleuth girl lied
and needs your help to find a way out?
I mean, it's possible, isn't it?
The hospital shut down.
There's no way out.
There's some disease spreading in there.
She figures she might as well tell us all
she found Myeong-ja, huh?
And you totally fell for it!
- You believe that's what she's doing?
- Honestly, yes. Think about it.
How can Myeong-ja go inside a hospital
for Japanese military officials?
There's no way
she would be allowed inside.
Okay? I'd bet my entire fortune
I'm right about this!
Ah, well, you're actually quite unlucky.
Every card you've drawn at the table
is crap.
Every bet you've ever made, you've lost.
Your gambling ability is unbelievably bad.
It's the worst I've ever seen.
When has that ever
The worst you've seen ever?
I know that Myeong-ja
is definitely in there.
I spoke with Lady Maeda earlier,
and she told me.
[Mrs. Nawol] Ishikawa's wife?
Did she actually confirm that?
Myeong-ja is really inside?
That's what she said?
Myeong-ja's in there? She said that?
I'm going, Mr. Gu, okay?
I'm going to Ongseong Hospital by 10:00.
I'll need my things ready by then.
[soothing music playing]
[nurse] Send some kind of signal
to the hospital's east wing
by ten o'clock.
Use smoke or something
that can be seen from very far away.
You won't find
what you're looking for, I'm sure.
- Just find and help everyone.
- [tense music playing]
You have to find a way.
You'd be better served
finding another way.
So tell me, what is Jang Tae-sang up to?
Well, uh, he has gone all over town
this morning, sir.
The thing is
[cheerful music playing]
[Ishikawa] What is it?
[man] His route has been a bit strange.
[Ishikawa] Mahjong?
I win!
[man] Yes, sir.
He played mahjong for an hour at the store
owned by the Chinese immigrant, Mr. Wang.
[Tae-sang] The next round is double.
Are you in?
I am.
[Ishikawa] And then?
[man] He rode a rickshaw
around the streets
for maybe half an hour or so.
- So he just rode around for no reason?
- [man] Yes, sir.
And after all that, he paid a visit to
- He went to a tailor?
- Correct, sir.
It looked like
he was getting a new suit, sir.
I'd like to get it in that new style
that has gotten quite popular.
Yes, sir.
Master Jang, this here
is American-made pure wool.
It just came in from Tokyo.
I'm thinking you might prefer
the second fabric option, sir.
It was sent over from the Moonlight Bar
last night, Master Jang.
[music fades]
[man 1] I'm with
the afternoon cleaning crew.
[soldier 1] Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
[knocking on door]
[pensive music playing]
[Chae-ok] You deliver the message?
I passed it on to someone trustworthy.
Don't worry.
I'm sure by now,
Master Jang has already received it.
Chae-ok, are you completely certain
that this girl Myeong-ja is down there?
According to everything I've seen, yes.
- Actually, there's something I
- Oh!
Don't shoot him, Father.
He's not Japanese.
You sure?
He's a Japanese soldier though!
Uh, no, no, no! I'm not!
I'm from Joseon, I promise.
I'm not the, um, enemy. I'm one of you.
[Mrs. Nawol] Now, let's take a look here.
Uh, it's in good condition.
It's just the model's fairly old.
Yes, well, it was how my family
made a living for the past ten years.
It helped send my eldest son
to medical school.
The best offer I can give you for this
is about 90 won.
- Still willing to pawn it?
- I don't need the money, actually.
I'd like you to please find my son for me.
My eldest son was in the service,
and then he became injured,
and that's when I lost all contact.
I was in school studying medicine
when they drafted me into their army.
Then, at Bonglim, in China,
I was injured in a firefight.
After that, I was sent here
to Ongseong Hospital.
And once I recovered, my new assignment
became disease prevention.
What else?
This hospital conducts human experiments
down in the basement, Father.
I saw many of our own
get killed last night.
You wouldn't believe
how many were murdered.
[man 1] The killings were caused by
an anthrax contamination.
[solemn music playing]
At Bonglim, I witnessed the same horror.
They wiped out an entire village
of innocent people using anthrax.
[people painfully screaming]
I can still remember their screams
like it was yesterday.
[screaming continues]
Those damn bastards!
How could they do this?
[janitor grunts, sighs]
Perchance, did you happen to see
a young man in his early twenties
among the dead bodies?
He's average height, and he's got
a black birthmark over his right ear.
He's my brother.
I wouldn't know, I'm sorry.
I wasn't able
to examine any of the bodies.
Just so you know, there are many people
from Joseon downstairs in the basement.
Myeong-ja was down there. I'm sure of it.
[air hissing]
[man 1] Don't move
until we finish sterilizing the area.
It's dangerous,
so please stay where you are.
You could die
just by making contact with anthrax,
so don't move and stay in that corner
until everything is sterilized.
Do you understand?
[sobs] Oh, sir, I need you to help me.
I can't stay here.
You have to send for Commissioner Ishikawa
at the police station. Hurry!
He doesn't know I am in here.
Can you tell him Myeong-ja is stuck here?
No, Akiko. Say that Akiko is down here.
He'll pay you handsomely
if you go and tell him.
Help me. I can't stay here.
Contact the commissioner.
He must know that I am down here, please.
- [banging on bars]
- [gasps]
[soldier 1] Be quiet!
Shut the door! Stay back!
[soothing music playing]
[man 1] But there was nothing
I could do for her.
Because I was
in the same boat as her, you see.
[unsettling music playing]
What are you doing?
[breathes heavily]
You dirty Josenjing!
[grunts angrily]
What's wrong with you?
You're disgusting! Huh?
- [coughing]
- [groans]
- [grunts]
- [groans, coughs]
You dirty Josenjing!
[kicking continues]
[groans, coughs]
- [straining]
- [groaning]
Eat your vomit, Josenjing!
[man 1] There was only one way to escape
this living hell.
[somber music playing]
[breathes deeply]
I pray that you'll forgive me for this.
[trembling, sobbing]
[gasping, coughing]
Don't be stupid.
[Chae-ok] If you're gonna
give up your life
you need to make sure that it counts.
Don't waste it.
[music fades]
Who is she?
I don't know.
I have no idea
who the woman in the drawing is,
but I do happen to know who the artist is.
He's Japanese.
He's employed as a painter here.
I believe
his name was Sachimoto.
[pensive music playing]
[creature roars]
[pensive music continues]
[creature breathing heavily]
[knocking at door]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[music fades]
[doctor] What are all these?
Why are you drawing this ugly thing?
Get me some information.
Who he works for, and where he lives.
Do you like Chinese food?
How about eight o'clock tonight
at Sahaeru Diner?
I apologize, but I'm afraid I cannot
have dinner with you tonight, Yeong-chun.
Oh, you're mistaken.
It's not with me, Master Jang.
It's with Sachimoto.
I'm having dinner with him tonight
at Sahaeru.
- At 8:00 p.m.?
- Yes, that's right.
Don't be late, okay?
[unsettling music playing]
[doctor] I hear you're running
quite an interesting experiment in here.
You've decimated
an entire platoon of our soldiers,
along with countless
of our Joseon test subjects.
Surely, the end value of this experiment
must be worth all the trouble.
What do you mean by that, sir?
Tokyo has been burned to ashes
from the recent bombings of our enemies.
We are now in desperate need
of a very powerful and secret weapon
that could really turn the war around
for us all.
Why don't we use this creature down below
that you've created?
I still need to do more trials first.
We still need to test
the creature's cognitive abilities.
At the moment, it is still unclear
whether or not the creature is
a beast that can be fully tamed.
You know, every living being in this world
has the potential to surrender
and serve its true master.
As you can already see
from what we've done here in Joseon.
[low snarling]
[hissing, squelching]
[low snarling]
[elevator clattering]
[music fades]
I've gone as far as the second basement,
and the prison is right here.
As for Myeong-ja,
she was kept in this area.
How many guards?
Oh, right. So they have a pair of guards
stationed about every ten meters or so.
All armed, of course.
Getting her out of there is going to be
as difficult as you getting in.
With that said,
if you do manage to get her out,
well, how do you plan
on escaping the hospital, then?
For the meantime,
let's wait in our positions
until we get the signal from the outside.
And as for you,
go back to your station for now.
No, I don't wanna.
I'd rather stay here with all of you.
If you're missing from your station,
they will look for you,
and we'll all be in danger.
We can't risk them
finding out about these two.
If that happens,
all of our work here will be for nothing.
Don't worry. We will all escape together.
I give you my word.
All right, then. I'll see myself out.
Just don't
don't forget about me, okay?
- [pensive music playing]
- [door opens, closes]
Any chance you're seeing what I'm seeing?
- With this floor plan?
- I am.
The layout is similar
to the underground lab in Manchuria.
We have to help everyone while we can.
Like we should've in Manchuria.
There's a chance
the same thing could be happening here.
Think of the horrible things
we witnessed in Manchuria.
Listen, Chae-ok
What if it's all happening here too?
Shouldn't we do
everything we can to stop it?
Let's first wait for the signal, okay?
And then we'll proceed.
[distant chattering]
[whimsical music playing]
[sighs] We've been waiting here
for 30 minutes.
Exactly who are you waiting for anyway?
A woman.
Really? A woman?
Don't act surprised, tough guy.
Oh! There she is.
[Tae-sang scoffs]
Good work today.
Go get yourself something to eat.
[money rustling]
[car door closes]
[tram bell rings]
[both grunt]
Oh, I'm sorry.
Well, well, look who it is.
The master
of the House of Golden Treasure.
Do you mind? I'm busy tonight.
I have somewhere important I need to be.
Welcome, miss. It's right this way.
[indistinct chattering]
Shouldn't we first settle some,
uh, unfinished business?
All right. Listen, how's this sound?
You and I will sit down and discuss
what it is that you think I owe you
first thing tomorrow.
[grunts, groans]
[people gasp]
What the hell is
[car door opens]
- Uh, you're back.
- [moans]
Hey, you hungry? Just help yourself, then.
Here. Joseon pancakes.
Yes, sir.
[people gasp]
[man] Delicious.
These are so good.
The Josenjing sure know how to cook.
Do you, uh, think he'll be okay?
I'm just curious.
[Tae-sang groans]
You and me, we just observe.
We don't get involved in anything, okay?
We observe, then report,
and do what we're told.
That's it. Nothing else. Hmm?
- Yes, sir.
- [man] Go on, try a bite. Try it.
[grunts, groans]
[Tae-sang coughing]
Hang on. Wait, wait.
Wait a second.
We can resolve this with some money.
We don't need that.
Let's put that away, huh? No weapons.
Let's settle this man-to-man.
Just tell me your price. Yeah, that's it.
I want everything.
You want everything?
Turn over your precious pawnshop to me,
and I'll let you walk away.
All right, stop joking around.
I already told you I was busy tonight.
I told you I have important business
to attend. I really can't be late.
Will you look at that? Look!
It appears I'm already late!
I better go now.
[whimsical music playing]
Hey, you should really consider
who is of more importance right now, huh?
Listen, my apologies.
It's just I'm not really looking
for anything serious.
Also, why are you trying so hard
to be an important person in my life?
- All right, Jang Dai-sang.
- It's Tae-sang!
It's not Dai-Sang. It's Jang Tae-sang!
Now say it properly!
You must really wanna die tonight.
Of course I don't.
Though I've never been that fortunate,
I still don't want
some bumbling idiot to do it either.
You son of a
[tense music playing]
[flesh tears]
[breathing heavily]
[music subsides]
[tense music resumes]
[blade clatters]
[yells in pain]
[man 2] Hey, you over there!
What's going on?
[groans] Officer,
I I am Jang Tae-sang
of the House of Golden Treasure.
These thugs are attacking me
for no apparent reason, sir.
Please help me, Officer. [moans]
We just needed to teach
this stubborn Josenjing here a lesson.
Nothing to worry about.
You can go. Have a good night, Officer.
Officer, don't go! They have weapons.
Look here! They've got samurai swords.
My life is in danger.
Please help me, Officer!
Well, don't go too crazy tonight.
You have a good night.
[man] Thank you, sir.
Officer, but they wanna kill me!
Did you see that?
I can do whatever I want.
This is your reality.
And you're nothing
but worthless trash with a lot of money.
You're a pathetic, dirty
That's all you are.
You're right.
This is what has become
of my beloved country.
So why don't you just give us all a break?
'Cause at the moment,
I'm already pissed off as it is.
Oh, look!
He's a resilient Josenjing.
[man laughing]
He's one tough cookie.
This won't do, Father.
If we wait any longer, we're gonna risk
losing the cover we have at night.
I'll take a look
to see what's happening out there.
[tense music playing]
[Chae-ok] If this is the same layout
as Manchuria,
there should be a vent
that connects into the underground lab
that would also
Connect to the rooftop.
[both grunting]
Chae-ok, please don't take
unnecessary risks.
Get out if it becomes
too dangerous for you. You got that?
I'll be right back, okay?
[tense music continues]
[breathing heavily]
[soldier 1] Hurry up! Hurry up and move!
Did you get the blueprints?
Yes, I got them, just like he told me to.
Are you sure about this, Mrs. Nawol?
I feel like we're sending Master Jang
over to death's door, don't you?
You must support him, Mr. Gu.
After all, he is the one who employs us.
[door opens]
Is Tae-sang upstairs?
I'm sorry, he's not here.
What's the matter, sir?
I'm in a hurry and need to see Tae-sang.
It's an emergency, all right?
- I see.
- [door opens]
- [Jun-taek] Tae-sang!
- Master Jang! What happened to you?
[Jun-taek sighs]
Please wait here for a second, sir.
I'm going to speak with Master Jang.
[footsteps approaching]
I didn't realize sword fights
were still happening these days.
Oh, for heaven's sake! What the
Which rotten bastards did this?
Who dares hurt our Master Jang, huh?
Wait here, and I'll go
to the police station for you.
Let's go to the hospital first.
Get the car ready.
Yes, the hospital. Which one though?
Did you find the blueprints?
Where are they?
I found them for you, Master Jang.
Yes, I did. Got them all!
- They're downstairs.
- Don't worry about the blueprints.
We must find a hospital
for you first, all right?
Yes! Um, the hospital, right.
I'll be fine, don't worry.
Go get the blueprints for me, Mr. Gu.
That cut you have is much deeper
than you think. You need a doctor.
[Tae-sang sighs]
I haven't the time, all right?
I said I'd be down there by 10:00.
Listen, stop.
I need those blueprints in here right now!
Tae-sang, just stop!
Nothing is more important than your life.
Listen to what I'm telling you, huh?
Myeong-ja isn't more important
than you needing to get to a hospital.
You can't risk your life over that.
- I'm going, okay?
- I don't want to hear it.
No job is worth your life, Master Jang.
See a doctor. Do you understand?
I don't have the time, all right?
Myeong-ja isn't why I'm doing all this.
I'm doing this because those bastards
wanna bankrupt me
and take everything I've built.
They wanna claim everything as their own,
even if we worked hard for it.
They have no shame whatsoever!
Listen, they took everyone I love from me.
They're powerful bastards, you know?
So what?
[gentle music playing]
I don't care.
I'm still not going down without a fight.
I won't let them push me around anymore.
I won't!
I don't care who I go up against
or whatever they bring to the table!
I'm not running away. I'm not a coward.
I'm not gonna let them
terrorize us anymore.
I have a lot of fight in me,
more than they think.
And you know it.
I know.
But you were stabbed tonight.
The cut is serious.
Please go to a hospital, okay?
Wounds like these
don't pain me, Mrs. Nawol.
Open wounds like this
aren't the issue here.
The issue is my pride.
[melancholy music playing]
[footsteps approaching]
[music fades]
Yeong-chun, why are you here?
I'm sorry. I know it's late.
It's just there's someone
who wants to speak with you, Master Jang,
and he's here.
[footsteps approaching]
[unsettling music playing]
[music intensifies]
Mr. Wang, open the door.
It's Mr. Gu. Open the door.
[knocking on door]
Mr. Wang!
[matches rustling]
[music fades]
[unsettling music playing]
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
[breathing shakily]
[rickshaw clattering]
[soldier] Mr. Sachimoto.
Hello. Good evening.
I was getting art supplies.
I need help unloading.
Can he come in for a minute?
It's just I have
a lot of art supplies, sir.
I can't allow that.
Outsiders are not allowed to enter
the hospital. Those are my orders.
All right.
So then, report it to Director Ichiro,
why don't you?
Director Ichiro told me
to buy all of this tonight,
so just call him.
You can tell the director yourself
that you are not allowing his things in.
Are you here to save all of us?
[girl] I saw you
coming down from the vent.
Can you please save us?
Can you please get us out of here?
Can you?
[unsettling music playing]
[footsteps approaching]
Go on! Hurry! [grunts]
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
[light clattering]
[tense music playing]
[breathes deeply]
[music intensifies]
Those little bastards.
[doctor groans]
[tray clatters]
[doctor groans]
[blood squelches]
[doctor gasping]
[music subsides]
[breathing heavily]
[Tae-sang] Come on out.
[Jun-taek grunts]
[groans] Oh my goodness.
[breathing heavily]
I thought I was gonna suffocate in there.
[Sachimoto] Over this way.
[eerie music playing]
[vehicle approaching]
[unsettling music playing]
[music intensifies]
[tense music playing]
[clock ticking]
[music swells]
[music subsides]
- [breathing heavily]
- [unsettling music playing]
What's going on?
Are you sure
this is where they said to meet?
I'm pretty sure this is the only
cleaning supply room on this floor.
The signal.
I wonder if our timing was off
'cause the signal was late.
[music intensifies]
[distant laughter]
[man 1] Whoo!
[man 1] The night air in Joseon
is quite refreshing.
- [man 2] Yeah!
- [man 1 laughs]
[man 3] Let's drink here.
Look at this. I found whiskey
in the storage room earlier.
- [man 4] Ah!
- So I snuck it out. [laughs]
Oh yeah!
[music fades]
[unsettling music playing]
[music fades]
Hey, be quiet.
[tense music playing]
[music intensifies]
Hold your fire! Don't shoot!
Please don't shoot me. I'm unarmed.
Who are you?
[fireworks whistling]
- [man 1] What is this?
- [man 2] Fireworks?
[fireworks exploding]
[surprised gasp]
[tense music playing]
[music swells]
[music fades]
[fireworks explode]
[tense music playing]
[soothing music playing]
I'm really sorry.
Can you forgive me for being late?
[breathing heavily]
Ah, will you look at that, huh?
[firework explosions continue]
It looks like they succeeded.
I really hope that you're right.
Luck is on our side tonight.
[Ishikawa] No, I'm not sure
what's going on.
Yes, of course.
Fireworks are illegal in Gyeongseong.
Everyone knows that.
Yes, sir! I'll find who did this,
and when we do,
I'll be sure to report to you
as soon as possible, sir.
Yes, sir!
[phone clatters]
I must go to the bureau now.
Prepare my things.
[man] Yes, sir.
Would you look at that?
Where's Myeong-ja, huh? Did you find her?
Your message said you found her,
so where is she?
[Chae-ok] Okay, you can come out now.
[fireworks explode]
[man] Careful.
There we go.
[Tae-sang] Wait.
Where's Myeong-ja?
These kids are our first priority.
What are you talking about?
Why do you have all these kids with you?
If you get the kids out of here,
I'll find her, I swear to you.
[pensive music playing]
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
You said you have
something for me to look at?
[elevator clattering]
[elevator thuds]
[man 1] Move! Hurry up! Move!
[prisoners breathing nervously]
[prisoners gasp]
[prisoners whimpering]
[prisoner 1] What's going on?
[prisoners whimpering]
[creature roars ferociously]
[blood squelching]
[prisoners screaming]
[tense music playing]
My plan is to train that creature
to understand who its master is.
Every time I ring the bell,
It will respond
and know that I'm feeding it.
It will know
whoever has the bell is its master
and that it must obey.
I will tame the beast.
- [woman whimpering]
- [bell ringing]
[woman crying, whimpering]
[intense music playing]
[music subsides]
[dramatic music playing]
[music fades]
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