Gyeongseong Creature (2023) s01e05 Episode Script


[opening theme music playing]
[music fades]
So two weeks from today
a fundraiser rally
for all the Japanese frontline generals
will be held at Bumingwan.
After the bombing of Tokyo,
the Japanese army
is struggling to stay afloat.
They're deploying our own Joseon men
to the front lines.
So this propaganda rally is
to raise funds for their war efforts.
All the emperor's men
will attend that event.
Lt. Col. Minami, Lt. Gen. Seijiro,
Maj. Gen. Junji,
Police Chief Nishimura,
and Commissioner Ishikawa
will be attending.
All the big names in Gyeongseong
will be there.
Representing our people
is the United Society of Joseon,
along with the People's Livelihood Corps.
This is our opportunity.
Jun-taek, you must attend that event.
[man] So the leaders
of the Japanese occupation forces
and the heads of the pro-Japanese traitors
will all be there, assembled in one place.
It's an incredibly rare chance for us.
We've still got all that dynamite we stole
when we planned the railway attack.
Got about 20 kilograms.
We had to abort the plan when Comrade Jung
ended up getting arrested,
but, um, the dynamite
is still in our possession.
We can't get caught.
This strike must happen no matter what.
Comrade Kwon, don't you worry.
I am the only one here
who knows where it is.
I know where it's hidden.
- [door opens]
- [man 1] Everyone, run!
[unsettling music playing]
[grunting, groaning]
[man 2] Get out of here!
[grunting, groaning]
[officer shouting indistinctly]
[breathing heavily]
Comrade Kwon.
He was taken? On what charges?
For spreading around rebel newspapers.
Something's weird though. I was told
he wasn't put inside a normal prison.
Where, then?
He was taken over to Ongseong Hospital.
[unsettling music playing]
[prisoner grunts]
What? [pants]
Are they leaving us here?
[ominous music playing]
Comrade Lee In-hyeok?
[man 1] Who are you? Hey.
- [man 2] Wait, are you from Joseon?
- [Jun-taek] Excuse me.
[man 2] Hey, hey. Over here!
- [door clanks]
- [woman 1] Please help us, sir.
Please help us get out of here now.
- Do you know who Comrade Lee In-hyeok is?
- I need your help, sir. Listen.
I have two little kids at home, waiting.
Hmm? Please, sir, I really need
to feed my kids. Can you help me?
[woman 1 sobs]
Please help me get back home!
Please, sir! Huh?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I'm on a more urgent mission right now.
No, no. No, sir. Help me.
[man 3] Over here! We're over here!
- Over here! Here!
- Sir, help us, please.
[woman 1 whimpers]
- I'm very sorry.
- [woman 1] Sir, please! No.
[woman 2] Please help me, sir!
Comrade Kwon!
Thank you for coming for us.
Okay now. Help us.
Hurry and get us out of here.
I don't have time right now.
I'm in a bad spot.
- Wait, what are you saying?
- [distant clatter]
Aren't you aren't you here
to help us get out?
I need you to tell me
where you hid the dynamite.
We've got less than ten days
before the big rally.
I don't know if we'll ever have
an opportunity like this again.
You have to tell me, Comrade Lee.
Where'd you hide it? Where is it?
I won't tell you.
Get us both out of here first.
I can't afford to do that right now.
Listen, first just tell me
where the dynamite is.
[thumps chest]
I promise as soon as I get out,
I'll be back.
I will find a way to get you out of here.
I promise you that.
- Get us out, or I won't tell you a thing.
- Tell me where it is!
Listen to me!
This place is a living hell, okay?
This is not some ordinary prison!
- [In-hyeok breathing heavily]
- [taps door]
Comrade Kwon,
if you don't get us out of this place,
then I won't tell you anything.
I won't give you the dynamite.
[rifles cock]
Don't move a muscle.
Put your hands above your head!
[heavy footsteps pounding]
[tense music playing]
[creature snarling]
- [breathing heavily]
- [creature roaring]
- [creature roaring]
- [Tae-sang grunting]
[panting, groaning]
[music intensifies]
[creature roaring]
[rifle cocks]
[creature groans]
[creature growls]
[rifle cocks]
[creature growls]
[low growl]
[rifle clicking]
[creature growls]
- [rifle clicks]
- [creature growls]
[breathing nervously]
[creature roars]
[creature roars ferociously]
[creature growls]
[roars ferociously]
[tense music continues]
[creature growls]
[creature snarls]
[roars ferociously]
[roars ferociously]
- [Tae-sang grunts]
- [roars ferociously]
[loud bang]
[breathing heavily]
[loud bang]
[loud bang]
- [both breathing heavily]
- [loud bang]
- What was that? What was that monster?
- [creature growls]
I have no idea what that thing even was.
However, I'm sure it was created in here.
- [creature roars]
- [loud bang]
[creature roars]
[loud bang]
[creature growls]
[loud bang]
[creature roars]
[loud bang]
[creature snarling]
- [loud bang]
- [breathes nervously]
- [loud bang]
- [grunts]
[tense music continues]
[loud bang]
[loud bang]
[loud bang]
[loud bang]
[creature snarls]
[loud bang]
- [breathing nervously]
- [loud bang]
[loud bang]
[creature growls]
- [gunshot]
- [roars ferociously]
[roars ferociously]
Hurry. You have to find a way out of here.
We can get to the central vent.
It's behind this boiler room
we're in right now.
Let's head over that way.
[Chae-ok breathing heavily]
- [rifle cocks]
- [tense music continues]
[rifles cock]
[creature growls]
[roars ferociously]
[breathing heavily]
[creature roars]
[roars ferociously]
[creature growls]
[unsettling music playing]
Drop your weapon.
Did you not hear me?
Knife on the floor.
[breathes shakily]
I told you to drop your knife!
Chae-ok, listen.
Let's just do what he says for now.
Why? He'll just kill both of us anyway.
I'm just saying we're in a bad position
right now, and all bets are against us.
It's always business for you, isn't it?
You're always quick to give up.
I'm quick to solve a bad situation.
I'm built to handle crises well,
even the worst.
Call it flexibility. [chuckles]
Now isn't the time
to crack a joke, Tae-sang.
At least we escaped
that horrible monster we ran into.
Did we though?
I question who the real monster is.
This is your final warning.
Put down the knife
and get on the ground now!
[unsettling music playing]
[chuckles softly]
If we both go out like this,
then we will have lost to them.
Surrender for now.
There's no such thing as surrendering
in my book.
Usually, it's the same for me,
but this is different.
So just trust me. Drop the knife.
I'm trying to keep us alive
so that we don't die here.
[unsettling music subsides]
[footsteps approaching]
[soldier 1] Don't move!
[Tae-sang grunts]
[eerie music playing]
We're still looking for the creature, sir.
How many soldiers were killed
in the first platoon?
All of them. There were no survivors.
[distant clattering]
Are you saying
that it knows
how to operate the elevator on its own?
How could you allow this to happen, huh?
- And on your watch.
- My apologies, sir.
We were all under attack.
We were ambushed so very suddenly, sir.
So where is the creature right now?
Does anyone know?
Don't worry, sir. The main elevator
has already been shut down,
and the machine gun crews
are stationed at every route
to the first-level basement.
The situation is under control for now.
I'm quite certain
this will all be over soon.
Do you know what I hate
more than anything else, soldier?
Problems that were completely avoidable.
And what I hate even more is
when those avoidable problems
take too long to get fixed.
Forgive me, Director.
Apologizing like a pathetic
and helpless schoolgirl
instead of finding a way
to fix the problem.
You're a complete failure in my eyes,
Mr. Soma.
You, take care of it
before something even worse happens.
[all] Yes, sir!
[knocking at door]
Director Ichiro, we captured a trespasser.
- [unsettling music playing]
- [grunting]
Look who it is.
The young master of the Bugang Company.
I've heard you're quite the troublemaker
and quite the headache.
It seems like you're in
really big trouble now.
Did your friend Jang Tae-sang
also come with you?
I have nothing to do with them,
so let me go.
You rebel.
[whispers] Did I get that right?
[Jun-taek scoffs]
Please don't tell my father
I'm a rebel, won't you?
You watch your mouth.
How dare you talk to me that way?
I don't care who your father is.
Just know if you were to die
in this hospital, no one here will care.
Is that clear?
- Take him to the laboratory.
- [soldiers] Sir!
[Jun-taek grunts]
We can use this as leverage
to bribe his father for funding.
Perfect timing.
I want you to teach him a lesson,
but he stays alive.
- [keys jangling]
- [door lock clicking]
[soldier] Get in there!
[Jun-taek grunting]
[door lock clicks]
Open this door! Open it!
Open the door!
[Jun-taek grunting]
Let go! Let go!
- [soldier] Stay still!
- [grunts]
[breathing heavily]
[Jun-taek groaning]
[unsettling music playing]
[soldier 1] Sir!
What is it?
The platoon in disease control has found
two intruders
in the second-level basement.
They're being taken to Lt. Kato.
[unsettling music playing]
Who are they?
Intruders who snuck
into the hospital, sir.
[woman 1] It is Master Jang.
- [man 1] Master Jang? Really?
- [woman 2] It is Master Jang.
[prisoners chattering]
[chattering stops]
I'll take this one here.
- Just bring him.
- [soldier 2] Yes, sir.
- [unsettling music playing]
- Wait! Where we going?
- What about her?
- [soldier 1] She's staying here!
Get your hands off her!
What's this?
So this is your woman.
[soldier 2] Let's go.
Stay where you are!
I promise I'll come back for you!
You're mine now!
Stay where you are. I'll find you!
I promise you! I'll come back for you!
[breathing heavily]
[low growling]
[pen scratching]
[Kato] The creature
may be more intelligent than expected.
It learned how to use the elevator
on its own.
It's now been more than an hour
since we lost sight of it.
[ominous music playing]
I wonder what it is that it's after.
- [knocking at door]
- [door opens]
[soldier] We've just captured
the intruders, Lieutenant.
Apparently, they say
that they've seen the creature.
- [tense music playing]
- [grunts]
[breathing heavily]
Now, you and I can finally talk.
So why did you sneak into this building?
What were you trying to do?
There's someone I'm looking for here.
You knew it was illegal
for you to be in here.
Yet you trespassed anyways. Why?
Okay, so it's illegal for me
to be inside of this hospital right now,
yet somehow you can all
conduct human experiments in here?
Show me
How about you show me some respect first
instead of kicking and pushing me?
Why are you so desperate for my attention?
[Chae-ok grunts, groans]
Now, why don't we start
from the very beginning?
Why did you
break into this building tonight?
And tell me the truth!
[breathing heavily]
[Tae-sang] What do you want with me?
The Tokyo bombings recently.
You've heard, yes?
A little,
but what's that got to do with this?
I do not intend to return home.
Even when the war is over.
My family likes it here.
It's nice here in Gyeongseong,
and they don't wanna go back either.
Okay, so?
You'll give me a lump sum of money
and a nice home.
I want to open a new store as well.
Provide me with these,
and you'll leave Ongseong Hospital alive.
That's my offer.
[Tae-sang exhales]
And what makes you think
that I'll agree to any of this?
You owe me one.
You're alive because I helped you earlier.
Can we take a little peek
inside your cart, then?
[mysterious music playing]
[Sachimoto] Would you like
to check any other places?
[Soma] No.
Enjoy your evening, Mr. Sachimoto.
[Soma] To be honest, I was surprised.
Though I knew you were here for Akiko,
I didn't expect you
to help the kids as well.
We call her Myeong-ja. Where is she?
Just give up.
There's no way you'll be able to free her.
So just let it go and leave without her.
Down inside of the prison,
you had a lot of Joseon people locked up.
What are you all planning to do
with all the innocent women and children
down there?
And what about the horrible monster, huh?
What's the point
of even making that thing?
Are they running biological experiments?
Is that what all the prisoners are for,
to be experimented on?
Does this mean that
you're going to reject my offer?
Where's Chae-ok?
The woman captured alongside me,
where is she?
[groans, coughs]
- That looked like it hurt.
- [all laugh]
- She's taking a beating.
- [soldier 3] He really got her. Ooh!
[grunts, coughs]
[groans, coughs]
If you really wanna get out of here alive,
then you'll accept my offer
and save yourself, huh?
Well, if I leave here without Myeong-ja,
I'm dead anyhow.
So why don't you just tell me
where both the women are, huh?
Otherwise, it's no deal for me.
Why did you break into this building?
Tell me what your plans were.
Answer me right now!
Go drop dead, okay?
Come grab her.
[Chae-ok breathing heavily]
I'm very aware of how
to deal with defiant women
such as yourself.
Answer me, Josenjing!
[buttons clattering]
You may be able to violate me by force
but that doesn't give you
any power at all.
You still don't know that yet?
You little bitch.
I'll kill you! [screams]
- [door bursts open]
- [Kato] That's enough!
That's enough for now, Sergeant Haneda.
Lieutenant, I need to teach her a lesson.
She's defiant.
Is it not obvious to you?
She's not intimidated by you.
[breathing shakily]
[door lock clicks]
- [sighs]
- [distant door opens]
- [door closes]
- [melancholy music playing]
[Mrs. Nawol] You were right.
Just when you think
the cherry blossoms
have bloomed splendidly,
they've already begun to fall.
[door opens, closes]
- [footsteps approaching]
- [Mr. Gu] Mrs. Nawol.
Have you heard from Master Jang at all?
He hasn't returned?
So he still isn't back yet?
You must not have
gotten any rest last night, Ishikawa.
You were restless.
it looks like
I wasn't the only person out late, was I?
That's right.
Have a seat, sir.
I got your message,
and I came here right away.
So, uh, please tell me what's going on.
- Do you want anything to drink?
- Some water would be great.
I wanted to speak to you about your son.
he's gotten himself in trouble.
Last night, he was caught trespassing
inside Ongseong Hospital.
This is just so embarrassing.
I'm sorry. I'm ashamed he did this.
I'd say that's quite the understatement.
This situation is very serious.
It's more than just breaking and entering.
I hear he's a rebel, too, so I'm told.
If your son is convicted of a crime,
your family and your company
would be in great danger.
[unsettling music playing]
So you're a rebel?
What is it that you want?
Is it Joseon's independence?
It's something like that, right?
[Jun-taek grunting]
To be honest,
torture usually isn't my first choice.
I find it exhausting, super messy,
and unpleasant to deal with.
Instead, I would much prefer
to put you in one of the jars
along with everyone else.
Crack your head, slice your stomach
It's simpler.
I want you to write down
the names of your fellow intruders
and the purpose of your intrusion,
along with who you were looking for.
You have one hour.
If you don't write down the names,
you'll stay locked in here.
But after, we put you
on the dissection table for a little fun.
[officer breathes deeply]
Fighting for a free
and independent Joseon.
You dream big.
I'll definitely give you that.
You must be aware your father's company
depends on Director Ichiro.
You're such an idiot, aren't you?
[groans, sighs]
[janitor] If you are able
to get down there,
can you look for my little brother
as well?
His name is Oh Sang-deok.
He has a black birthmark
over his right ear.
It's about the size of a small thumb.
[retches, coughs]
Why do you do that to yourself, Jun-taek?
[Jun-taek moans]
Whatever your problems,
drinking's not the answer.
[Jun-taek moans]
[Jun-taek moans]
Yeah, but I feel better
after throwing up, at least.
Your family's called for you
several times already.
I think maybe it's best you go home.
Hey, Tae-sang.
I'm ashamed
of my father's business dealings.
My father has gotten so wealthy
out of betraying his own country.
Can you believe that?
I hate myself for living lavishly.
At the same time, I'm very fortunate.
The very same people who kiss up
to my father for money are
the same people who always condemn us
when we turn our backs.
They don't know what we do
behind the scenes.
And that's why I beat up anybody
who tries to, um,
point fingers at you or your family.
[Jun-taek laughs]
You are something else, did you know that?
You threw the best punches back then
but never led a rebellion.
I've always been more focused
on earning a good living, that's why.
You're very intelligent.
And you're extremely competent.
So why a pawnshop, of all things?
[inhales deeply]
Well, considering my charm and talents,
it suits me quite well, you know?
You don't ever
you don't ever dream of something bigger
for yourself, Tae-sang?
You've always been the dreamer type.
You've been asking me that
for the past ten years.
Aren't you tired of it?
You're such a good man inside.
You're the only friend I have
who recognizes my sincerity and
my patriotism, my everything, hmm?
So come on! Join us
at the Patriotic Society, Tae-sang, huh?
Let go, Jun-taek. I don't want
my brand-new suit smelling of alcohol.
Ah! Let's live fast and die young
for our own country!
What do you say, huh?
- [grunts]
- I don't want to, okay?
I wanna live a really long life
without you in it.
Hey! Wait! Wait! Whoa! Hey, wait!
Wait, Tae-sang!
I'm not done yet. I'm not done, huh?
I guess even the filthy rich master
of the House of Golden Treasure
can't escape prison either.
You didn't think to bribe anyone Japanese
before you broke into the hospital?
How did someone like you
end up here in the first place?
[inhales] I'm curious myself.
I'm here because of this Myeong-ja woman.
Wait, hold on.
Maybe I'm here
because of Commissioner Ishikawa?
No, wait.
Or maybe it's all because of his wife.
So, um
[clears throat, sighs]
did you come in with Comrade Kwon?
Just so you know,
I don't deserve to be mentioned
in the same sentence as him.
My friend has a noble purpose.
He's risking his life for a noble cause
while I'm just saving one girl.
And though, in the grand scheme of things,
human lives seem a bit trivial,
for some unknown reason,
I'm quite terrified of losing my life.
Oh no. I talked too long, didn't I?
I should probably stop rambling
and get ready to get on out of here.
[man] What do you mean?
Just how are you getting out of here?
[chuckles softly]
I'm Jang Tae-sang.
You think someone as rich and influential
in Gyeongseong as me
came in here
without knowing someone on the inside?
[intriguing music playing]
These are my terms. You'll grant me
the following three things.
You will first call Mrs. Nawol
over at the House of Golden Treasure.
[phone ringing]
Master Jang?
This is her speaking, yes.
Master Jang has a message for you.
You'll need to write this down.
I'm ready. Go ahead.
What is your second request?
Remove all your patrol men and soldiers
away from the prison cells.
Both of you, I need you to come with me.
Right now, sir?
[Soma] It's about the specimen
located in the fourth-level basement.
So shut up and follow my orders!
Yes, sir.
You over there! You come too!
[soldier] Yes, sir!
[door opens]
[door closes]
[key jangles]
[music intensifies]
Whoa, whoa! Wait, wait, wait!
Let us come with you, Master Jang!
- Take us with you, huh?
- [man 2] Mr. Jang, don't abandon us!
- Please take us too.
- [man 3] Help us, Master Jang! Help us!
[all clamoring]
Wait, wait. Master Jang.
Just wait about half an hour or so.
I'll be back for you all then.
How do you expect us to believe you, huh?
What if you never come back?
You're full of suspicions,
aren't you, Comrade Lee?
I promise to come back, all right?
So just wait here
until I come back for you all. Don't move.
- Master Jang, be careful.
- [man 4] Wait, wait, Master Jang!
I'm sorry, your third request is too much.
If you look for her, you might die.
I will decide for myself
whether I do or do not die tonight.
Yoon Chae-ok.
Where is she being held, hmm?
[music fades]
Change into this.
Thank you for the shirt.
I haven't been in Gyeongseong very long.
I was in Manchuria before this.
Did you work in disease control then?
Did you bring that creature
all the way from Manchuria?
Who are you?
Are you with the Resistance?
My mother went missing ten years ago,
and I've been looking for her ever since.
While searching for my mother, I saw
what experiments you did
to Joseon citizens on Manwol.
[breathes deeply]
I never imagined I'd hear about
Manwol Island in Gyeongseong.
I wanna know why you brought that creature
all the way to Gyeongseong.
You know, as a scientist,
I am always curious, you see?
I develop an affection
towards what I create.
But I don't
expect you to understand this.
[unsettling music playing]
By any chance
have you and I ever met each other before?
Your eyes
look a bit familiar to me.
What did you say
was the name
of your long-lost mother again?
Her Japanese name was
Tell me who you are.
Well, it's
Choi Seong-sim.
Or Seishin.
But why?
Why are you asking about my mother?
You said you saw the creature.
How was it up close?
It was horrifying.
Did you notice
or feel anything else with the creature?
Did anything seem familiar to you?
Why do you ask?
I was too busy running for my life.
So I didn't have time
to take a closer peek at it.
Now it's my turn to get some answers.
Why did you ask me about Seishin?
What do you know, huh?
Have you seen my mother around here?
You aggravated the sergeant earlier.
What's the point
in making yourself suffer like that?
It wouldn't have mattered
how I acted towards him.
He'd still have done the same.
You may be right.
[unsettling music playing]
- Take her away.
- [soldier] Yes, sir.
Do not touch her again
until I give you permission.
And if you disobey my orders,
you will be demoted to regular infantry.
- [music subsides]
- [Kato] Do I make myself clear?
[Haneda] Yes, sir.
[door lock clicks]
I'm not finished with you.
I will kill you one way or another.
I would like to see you try
'cause you're just
an inferior soldier boy.
- [soldier 1] "Inferior soldier boy"?
- [solider 2] "Soldier boy"?
[soldiers laugh]
- Soldier boy.
- Soldier boy.
[laughter stops]
Shut your mouths.
You got a death wish?
Officer Asano is asking for you, sir.
[tense music playing]
- [man 1] Which way should we go?
- [man 2] Let's take a left
My son may be immature,
but he's my only son.
The only child I have left.
So please just let my son go.
Mr. Ichiro, I beg you.
I beg you forgive him, sir.
Please have mercy, Mr. Ichiro.
You've put me in a tight position.
Let's see how this unfolds.
Is it all in the briefcase?
Yes, sir.
I completed what you instructed me to.
[pensive music playing]
[Jun-taek's father] He's a fickle man.
We'll need to prepare
alternative plans as well.
Yes, sir.
[Mrs. Nawol] Why don't you
leave that up to us?
Are you with the House of Golden Treasure?
[Mrs. Nawol] Indeed.
We are also coming up
with a plan of our own.
Let's work together, Master Kwon.
[music fades]
[ethereal music playing]
[wistful music playing]
[crying continues]
[Kato] Have you and I
ever met each other before?
Your eyes look a bit familiar to me.
What did you say was
the name of your long-lost mother again?
[Seong-sim] I want
to live.
I want to live
so I can see you,
my dear
Chae-ok, where are you?
[sobs] Oh, Mom.
[music fades]
[soldier 1] I'm starving.
How much longer?
We still have another hour left.
- It's the real thing.
- What is it?
Why would someone throw something
so valuable on the ground, huh?
Oh, there's another one.
[door opens]
[unsettling music playing]
[Tae-sang] Chae-ok, are you okay?
[keys jangling]
What's wrong? Hey, what happened?
Did someone hurt you?
- [soothing music playing]
- What's going on? What's wrong, Chae-ok?
My mother was inside this cell.
How do you know?
- [intriguing music playing]
- So she was definitely here.
And I think she might still be here.
I understand where you're coming from,
but we need to find a way out,
or we're stuck here.
Master Jang, this is where it ends.
I'm going on alone.
So continue with your original plan.
Chae-ok, the original plan
included you too.
I'm not leaving knowing that she is
somewhere inside of this building.
I'm going to find my mother.
Just listen.
This place is swarming with soldiers
on every single floor.
They're heavily armed,
and they're looking for us.
On top of that, there's a monster
somewhere in this hospital
that is way too powerful to beat alone.
So, instead, how about this?
We both should escape for the time being.
Once we're out, we'll find another way
to get information about your mother.
If you stay here, that monster could
end up injuring you or, worse, kill you.
How are you gonna defend yourself
on your own?
And should something bad happen
to you, I
[melancholy music playing]
Thank you for everything.
I'm sorry I couldn't stay with you
until the very end, Master Jang.
Do you really have to go?
It's been ten years.
In that time, I have been
to every place you can think of,
hoping to find my mother.
Now, for once,
I finally know where she is.
So I'm going to go get her.
[wistful music playing]
No matter what, just stay alive.
[watch clicking]
[ethereal music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[music subsides]
[breathing heavily]
What's this? Where did everybody go?
[gunshot echoing]
[rifle cocks]
[breathing nervously]
You do know her.
She was kept prisoner
in the cell you put me in.
[dramatic music playing]
You better tell me where she is.
Answer me!
I want you to take me to her right now.
[dramatic music continues]
[music subsides]
[soothing music playing]
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
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