Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e01 Episode Script


Love of Shooting Star is sending you A flash of light Yeah! With eternal dreams Let's roll and go Without thinking anything I'm just living in the Now What keeps me going is A street song I want to dive lost mind, I want to dive lost mind (I want to immerse myself in my dream till I can't think of anything else) I want feeling, I want feeling, always (That's how I want to feel all the time) I want to dive lost mind, I want to dive lost mind (I want to immerse myself in my dream till I can't think of anything else) Why, why, why why, I want to dive feeling over (I don't know why, but I want to keep feeling passionate) Love of Shooting Star is sending you A flash of light Yeah! With eternal dreams Let's roll and go Fishing Boat Rental MAKUNOUCHI I hope we have big catches today! Fishing Boat Rental MAKUNOUCHI We'll see how well they're biting.
I hope they like today's bait! We'll see how well they're biting.
I hope they like today's bait.
Mom, I'll take care of this.
You take care of our customers.
Really? Then I'll leave this to you.
Here we go! We're so sorry.
We'll get it ready right away.
We know where the boat is.
We'll go ahead on our own.
Really? Sorry about that.
- Lugworms.
- Here! - Tackle box.
- Here! - Now bring those out.
- Now bring those out.
- Sure! Fishing Boat Rental MAKUNOUCHI Have a good one! Hey! Who wants to go see a movie? - They're showing a good one.
- They're showing a good one.
- I'll go! Yes, I want to see it, too! Okay, that's Aikawa and Norimitsu.
Who else? - Me.
- Me.
- Okay.
We still have one more.
It doesn't matter who.
Hey, why don't you come with us, Makunouchi-kun? What? You mean I can go with you guys? Don't be shy.
We all just changed classrooms so we're all strangers.
Oh, yeah! Okay, I'd love to Oh.
I forgot.
Tonight we have a reservation for night fishing.
What's the matter? Uh, I'm sorry.
We run a fishing boat business and it's just my mother.
I have to help out again tonight.
Really? That's too bad.
Maybe next time! Aikawa-san, let's get going! Coming! He turned me down the other day, too.
What a spoiler! Oh, yeah.
He was being harassed by some scary-looking guys the other day.
Maybe he's an easy target.
They expressly invited me to come, so why do I have to be so clumsy? I wonder if I should be more outgoing? But there's no way I can ignore our family business.
- Hey, Ippo! - Huh? Hey, hey! Oh, Umezawa-kun! P-Please, after you! Huh? Hey, does something smell bad? Hey, you're right.
Something indeed does smell bad.
Huh? What could it be? It's you! You smell like worms! Can't you tell? The stench of worms is all over you 'cause you fiddle with them every day! I'm sorry! They're a part of my family's business so I can't help it.
I'm sick of it! When you come to school, the whole place smells like earthworms.
Actually, they're not earthworms.
They're lugworms.
Who do you think you are?! Who asked you to correct me?! Why do you hit me, Umezawa-kun? Is it fun to pick on those who are weaker than you? If her son is this smelly, I bet your mother smells like crap.
Damn! Why are you looking at me like that? Well?! Nothing.
Why don't you show me some guts once in a while?! Oh, man.
This is pretty gruesome.
These punks don't look so tough to me.
Who the hell are you? Don't try to show off, moron.
What?! You're the one who's showing off! Ow ow, ow ouch.
Are you guys supposed to be an electric fan? Just because you're a little quick, don't get carried away! Who's getting carried away? You or me? Uh, well, um - You'll pay for this! - Damn it! Amazing.
Hey! Wake up! Come on, wake up! What? Big Guy, he's awake! Hey, are you all right? Uh, yes.
Where am I? This your first time in a boxing gym? Boxing gym? Yeah.
I brought you here because we're fully equipped with first aid supplies.
Thank you for your help! I really, really appreciate it! That's enough thanks.
If you feel better, hurry on home.
I hate bastards who prey on the weak but I am disgusted with those who just get bullied and don't even try to fight back! I bet your mother smells like crap.
I'm sorry to have troubled you.
- Wait a minute! - Huh? Man! You're frustrated enough to cry.
Hold on.
I'll let you try something fun.
All right.
Pretend this is that bastard and take a swing at him! What? But it doesn't look like Shut up and do it! It'll make you feel better.
Y-Yes, sir! If you insist, uh Does it go like this? There.
Ow! If you're pissed off, use everything you got on it! Yes, sir! What're you shouting about, Big Guy? Shut up.
It's nothing.
Everything I've got.
Everything I've got.
That's it.
That's the spirit.
See? Doesn't he look like he's in pain now? Try to step into it harder.
Step into it, sir? The moment you step into it, lock it in with your hip.
Also, try to twist your shoulder inward.
Right! Step in, hip shoulder! Okay.
Huh? That feels great! I did it like you told me, and it swung up that high! Did you see it? Hey, did you?! It really does feel great! It's so invigorating! Ow.
- Get over here! - Ow! Ow! Ow! Did you see his knuckles? The skin was peeling off.
You mean like a typical hard puncher? Him? Couldn't be.
Sandbags are hard, aren't they? All done.
What the heck are you doing?! You're a lot stronger than you look, kid.
Do you play any kind of sport? N-Not really.
I'm too busy helping out at home to have any time to be on a team.
We rent out fishing boats, you see, so my mornings are full, too.
Anyway, you seem to have a better feel for punches than I expected.
As an experiment, why don't you try to flatten those suckers next time? No way, I couldn't do that! I'd get knocked out for sure! You won't know that unless you try! An ordinary person wouldn't be standing after a punch like that one.
But I've never been in a fist fight.
Besides, like you already saw, I'm always the one who gets bullied.
If you don't do anything about it, everything will stay the same.
Huh? Are you okay with that? It's not that I'm okay with it Oops.
It's time.
Gotta go.
What? Where are you going? Roadwork, roadwork! "World Title KO Collection"? Watch them.
You'll feel better.
Return them whenever you want! World Title KO Collection Vol.
1 World Title KO Collection Vol.
2 Well, everyone, let me escort you to the boat.
I'm home! Sorry I'm late.
Welcome home.
Oh? What happened to you? Where did you get all those injuries? Uh, it's nothing.
Hey, am I making you too busy at home to make friends? Are you being bullied? N-Not at all! I'll help you right away.
Hey, those have ice in them.
Are you gonna carry all of them? C'mon, everyone.
It's this way! Please watch your feet.
The boat rocks.
I heard the tide is good today.
You'll get a big catch, for sure! I'm sorry to make you help me all the time.
But you're still only in high school.
You can leave the business to me and do whatever you want to do, okay? Uh, right.
Have a nice trip! I'm sorry.
I'm the one who should apologize.
I bet your mother smells like crap.
If I was stronger Glorious Men! Stories of World Champions Incredible Collection of KO Scenes Vol.
1 One! Two! They're so strong.
I wonder what it feels like? I wonder how it feels to be so strong? I'm late! I'm late! Boxing Fan Monthly Takamura's Unstoppable Seven Consecutive Victories Takamura's Unstoppable Seven Consecutive Victories Makunouchi! Whoa.
- Makunouchi! - Yes, sir! Low kick! Low kick! Dragon Screw! Ouch.
The Dragon's too dangerous! Okay, I'll give you a head lock instead of a Figure Four leg lock! They're wrestling or play fighting again.
I don't like that stuff.
Why do guys like sweaty, stinky stuff like that so much? Boxing is kind of dark and depressing, too.
Yeah, no kidding.
You You shouldn't make fun of boxing! - Huh? - Huh? - Back Drop! He's not off the floor at all! Uh, I got carried away.
Uh, good morning! Oh, it's you! Did you watch the videos? I did! Over and over! Thank you so much, Takamura-san.
How do you know my name? - From this.
- Oh.
That's amazing.
Imagine being the rookie king of the pros.
No wonder you're so strong.
That's so cool! Ha! Of course I'm cool, but I ain't giving out no autographs right now.
I'll sign it for you at the gym.
Do you think I can do boxing, too? I'd like to learn boxing, too.
Huh? Well, uh, I thought I'd like to become a boxer, too.
Boxing is no sport for a wimp like you! But I could get you a "Workout for Diet" or something.
Would that be good? Well, uh, that's not what I That's not what I meant.
I want to become a professional boxer.
I want to be strong and fight in matches! Takamura-san, you said I had a feel for it, so - Don't mock boxing.
- Wha? I don't appreciate your decision to become a boxer on a whim like it's easy! It's not a whim! I gave it serious thought! It's no world where a bullied mincemeat like you could survive! I gave it serious thought.
I seriously decided to start boxing.
I'm determined! I want to be strong like you, Takamura-san! I want to be a new person! Takamura-san, what does it mean to be strong? How does it feel to be strong? All right.
Come with me! So, you want to be like me, do you? Watch closely! What? Come over here.
Do what I just did.
Y You mean me? If you manage to do this, I'll teach you some boxing.
Can I pull off something like that? Reflecting on Today That's coming to an end I try to search for what I can do I might have thought too hard If I can tell myself "I'll be fine," That would be the first step A paper plane is flying away Hopefully it will make it to Tomorrow Forever, forever, forever, forever I'll keep believing That's why forever, forever, forever, forever It will keep flying The jab.
The most basic skill in boxing that a boxer must acquire first.
The jab is used to measure distance, acts as a protective wall and creates a window for attack.
Quickly and sharply! I won't give up.
I'll never give up! I'll achieve my dream.
I'll become a new person no matter what! The next round is "Fruits of Labor.