Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e05 Episode Script

3 Months to Counter

Love of Shooting Star is sending you A flash of light Yeah! With eternal dreams Let's roll and go Without thinking anything I'm just living in the Now What keeps me going is A street song I want to dive lost mind, I want to dive lost mind (I want to immerse myself in my dream till I can't think of anything else) I want feeling, I want feeling, always (That's how I want to feel all the time) I want to dive lost mind, I want to dive lost mind (I want to immerse myself in my dream till I can't think of anything else) Why, why, why why, I want to dive feeling over (I don't know why, but I want to keep feeling passionate) Love of Shooting Star is sending you A flash of light Yeah! With eternal dreams Let's roll and go He's great.
Incredible! That counter punch is impossible to survive! Three months.
I do this, and this, and that! Guess not.
Oh, Kimura-san! What's up? I'm practicing shadowing.
Could you give me pointers for a little while? We have roadwork now.
Maybe later.
It won't take long! It goes like this, and then this, right? Then if I do this, this happens.
At which point I try this, but it comes back at me like this.
But in the end This doesn't work, and that doesn't work.
I'm at an impasse.
Kimura-san, if you were me Now that's pulling a punch! I thought you were looking more decent, but I guess you have a long way to go.
- That's mean, out of the blue! - That's mean, out of the blue! - You should have dodged it! Hey! How long do you plan on sitting on me? I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry.
I'll be on the road, too.
Chief, if I chase him too far, Miyata-kun's counter comes back at me.
How should I deal with it? What do you think you should do? I've been thinking, but I see.
There's only one thing you can do right now.
Get into the ring! Uh, right! Pretend you're Miyata and watch me! What? Oh, I get it! Now I understand! Well? Were you able to throw a counterpunch? A counterpunch takes advantage of your opponent's power so if I don't jump in, he won't be able to counter! That's right.
Irritate him by making him wait and when Miyata can't wait any longer and comes a-punching, you're in luck! Use all your power and finish him with an upper-cut! With an upper-cut? - Yes.
We'll call it - Yes? Operation Tease! Operation Tease?! That's kind of tacky.
Oh, shut up! It's because this is the only thing you can do right now, idiot! I want to plan a more stylish operation, too, y'know! - Make the punches more compact! - Make the punches more compact! - Right! That's it.
You're getting much better.
Let's take a little break.
Yes, sir.
Thank you very much.
I wonder who this is? What? Uh, what? - You're already here.
- You're already here.
- Huh? Going well, Ichiro? Yeah.
Everything's fine, Dad.
Kid, how long are you gonna rest?! - Let's get to it! - Right! So, that's his dad.
Operation Tease, huh? There isn't much else I can do.
Miyata-kun has been boxing forever.
I can't catch up with him right away.
Ippo, could you set the table? Sure! - Use your feet! - Right! Come on, more! What's wrong with you?! If you stop your punches after stepping in, you're gonna get countered! Right! All right.
Next, hit the sandbag for a while.
When you're done, we'll do more mitt-punching! Right.
He's improved a lot, don't you think? Yeah.
He's so obedient, he absorbs information quickly.
He's got potential.
The kid.
He certainly has potential, but he has a long way to go.
By the way, how's Ichiro-kun getting along? He started to practice a lot more lately.
He seems abnormally motivated.
Is that so? Did you use him to motivate my son? What are you talking about? Oh, nothing.
Your ideas are normally good ones.
I just want them both to mature into good boxers.
Thank you.
All right, kid! Time for mitt-punching! Uh, right! Can't you make them more compact?! All right, that's it for today! You may go.
T-Thank you very much! The Chief is so tough! It's exhausting being that kid's partner.
I can't raise my arms.
Hey, Ippo! That ol' man really worked you hard, didn't he! Are you all right? Takamura-san.
What's that you got around your waist? Huh? Uh, it's a towel.
D'uh, I know that.
I want to know why you're wearing it.
When you take a shower, let it all hang out, got it? That's what being a man is all about.
Right, guys? W-What are you doing?! I'm taking it off, of course.
B-But Embarrassed you're tiny? Don't worry.
Size doesn't make a man! That was cruel! That was so cruel! Aw, get over it! I meant no harm.
How can you say that? I'll never shower with you again.
I'll treat you to a bowl of Ramen sometime, so let's forgive and forget! Anyway, setting that aside Don't change the subject! This is serious.
You need to buy a pair of boxing shoes.
What? The soles on the ones you wear now are so worn out, they're dangerous.
Ohta Sporting Goods Vantage, Vantage Hello! Um, I need a pair of boxing shoes.
What brand are you looking for? Huh? What brand? Uh How do you like this pair? It's the best seller right now.
Everyone buys these! Whoa.
They're expensive! The more expensive, the better they are.
- See? Aren't they unbelievably light? - Hey, you're right.
- But they're very sturdy as well.
- Oh, really? Plus, there are many colors to choose from.
See? Look at them all! Everyone buys them.
They're a little pricey, but they pay for themselves.
T-That's true.
If they're the best sellers, I guess I can't go wrong.
- I'll take them.
- Wise choice! Hold on.
Miyata-kun! You're an in-fighter, aren't you?! Why are you buying leather-sole shoes for outboxers? A rubber sole with traction is more appropriate for an in-fighter.
- What's your size? - Seven and a half.
Okay, how about these? They're light and easier on the wallet.
Yeah! I'll take these! I've changed my mind! I'll take these! Uh, thanks for your business.
Miyata-kun, thanks! Huh? Miyata-kun? Miyata-kun! Miyata-kun, wait up! Miyata-kun! Miyata-kun, to thank you for helping with my shoes, can I treat you to juice? No.
Miyata-kun? Miyata-kun! Come on, stop, Miyata-kun! Please wait! All right, I'll take your juice! So stop shouting out my name.
It's embarrassing! I-I'm sorry.
What? Your father is teaching you boxing, right? I envy you.
Is that sarcasm? Not at all! I'm jealous because I don't have a father.
He's just strict.
Did you hear about my father from Takamura-san and the others? Yeah! They said he used to be an amazing boxer.
So, how long have you been taking lessons from your dad? Do you have any tips for defense? What kind of training is good for improving footwork? What's it like taking lessons from your own dad? Is it fun?! You're a weird guy.
Lots of people have teased me about my relationship with my father but you're the first one who's been envious.
But he was strong, wasn't he? Yeah.
He made up for what he lacked in power with agile and brilliant moves.
He used to evade his opponent's attacks just like a bullfighter.
I'm going to be strong just like you, Dad! He must have been strong just like you, Miyata-kun.
He was so strong, he could beat me with one hand tied behind his back.
Wow! I wish I could have seen him fight.
However, during the final round of the Eastern Pacific Title Match his opponent's one lucky punch crushed his chin.
His chin got crushed? Ultimately, power dominates skill.
Without powerful punches, a boxer can't become a champion.
He could have gone back to boxing after the injury healed.
But he never climbed back into the ring.
His conviction had been crushed.
No, you're wrong.
Dad, you're awesome! There's nothing wrong with your style of boxing! I'll prove it.
I'll prove that your style of boxing is not wrong! My father's boxing was not wrong.
I just needed to compensate for the lack of power.
I practiced every single day until I felt like a rag doll until I finally achieved it.
My counter punch.
No matter who my opponent is, I'll face him fair and square and I will rise to the top! I will overcome the wall that my father couldn't overcome, not just for his sake but for my own sake! If you're going to rely on power, I'll face you head-on.
I'll be ready to knock you down in the first round.
I had no idea that kind of sentiment was behind Miyata-kun's counter punch.
What?! You want to step forward and fight?! Kid, do you knowingly want to fall victim to that counterpunch?! I don't want to run from Miyata-kun's counterpunch! I want to face him head-on! I'll practice even harder, so please let me do it! Are you serious? Of course, sir! Please, Chief! Very well.
If you insist, I'll give you a killer crash course! We need to improve your dart-and-dash.
Get ready for roadwork.
I don't want to hear any whining! Yes, sir! So, he wants to face him head-on without running away, eh? Damn, the kid makes me happy! Let's do it! Run! Run! Improve the speed of your dart-and-dash! This is faster than usual! Ram into Miyata's counter! Jump forward before he extends his arm completely! That will halve the destructive power of his counterpunch! That's why you need a powerful dart! Y-Yes, sir! - We're doing five sets! - What?! Next, we dart uphill! - Right! - Five sets of this, too! Time for mitt-punching! Come on, give me short punches! Don't rest! Right! Don't let me punch you! Don't give your opponent enough time to punch back! Yes, sir! You idiot! You should withstand at least this much! You're the one who wanted to fight him head-on, remember?! But I never imagined it would be this gruesome! Thought I'd lend a hand.
You're in the way.
Really, Takamura-san? I'm at my limit.
I feel like I'm gonna die at this rate.
The old man is really putting him through the wringer.
Don't sigh.
Cheer up.
All right! Let's go have that Ramen I told you about the other day! A full stomach will perk you up! Oh Ramen? Chinese Noodles "IWATA" Welcome! What's this? You're all together? Hey, it's Aoki-san! Aoki works here part-time.
Even a pro boxer can't make a living off the six-round level (B Class) boxing.
Delicious! It's a mystery to me how a sloppy palooka like you can make such delicious noodles! Don't be so mean.
My dream is to make enough money off boxing to have my own restaurant.
Hey! Come on, let me finish it all! Oh, no! You have to start dieting soon! All the more reason to eat it now! You can't eat anything during a diet? Yeah.
I'm tall, so it takes a while to lose weight.
Anything liquid puts weight on me.
I need to watch out on a routine basis.
That means I can't shower, either.
Parched skin absorbs water.
You can't even shower? You won't be subjected to shower room high jinks for a while.
Once the fight is won, all the hardships seem like child's play! You'll understand once you beat Miyata.
That's if you win.
Well, I have to get going.
Okay! I'll make it my treat this time.
Oh, thanks! I wasn't talking about you.
Thank you.
It was very delicious! Bye! We'll hang out here a little longer.
- See ya! - Goodbye! Everyone has their own story behind boxing.
They all have their own hardships, but they don't show it whatsoever.
I need to follow their example! But I realize I'm the one who started it, but I can't keep up this pace.
I practiced every single day until I felt like a rag doll.
When you're fighting in close proximity, you can't use long punches.
Use only short punches! Make them short, frequent, and quick! - Keep focused! - Keep focused! - Right! Hey, Ippo! How's the training coming along? - Goodbye! - Huh? What? Damn it! Welcome home! Dinner is ready.
Uh, bless this food! Huh? Mom, I'm home! Uh, no! Dinner was great! You silly boy.
Good, good! Good, good! Okay, take a break! I've been using padded mitts, and look at me.
It's been almost three months.
I'm impressed he's hung in there this long.
Ippo is putting in a lot of spirit.
Yeah, because he's sparring with Miyata tomorrow.
So, the time has finally come.
Tomorrow! Head-on, fair and square! Reflecting on Today That's coming to an end I try to search for what I can do I might have thought too hard If I can tell myself "I'll be fine," That would be the first step A paper plane is flying away Hopefully it will make it to Tomorrow Forever, forever, forever, forever I'll keep believing That's why forever, forever, forever, forever It will keep flying Knock-down.
Unless you get to your feet, the match is over.
An unbelievable knock-down.
An incredibly forceful knock-down.
A spirit-breaking knock-down! If I don't want it to end, I must get up.
If I want it to continue, I must get up! And once I'm up, I must find out how much I've matured! The next episode is "The Opening Bell of the Rematch.