Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e08 Episode Script

Promise to Meet Again

Love of Shooting Star is sending you A flash of light Yeah! With eternal dreams Let's roll and go Without thinking anything I'm just living in the Now What keeps me going is A street song I want to dive lost mind, I want to dive lost mind (I want to immerse myself in my dream till I can't think of anything else) I want feeling, I want feeling, always (That's how I want to feel all the time.
) I want to dive lost mind, I want to dive lost mind (I want to immerse myself in my dream till I can't think of anything else) Why, why, why, why? I want to dive feeling over (I don't know why, but I want to keep feeling passionate) Love of Shooting Star is sending you A flash of light Yeah! With eternal dreams Let's roll and go KAMOGAWA Boxing Gym Chief? About Kimura's next match We had a request for a match from Takahashi-san's gym.
I see.
They also have another light-class boxer in the same gym, you see and they suggested a match between him and our Aoki.
By the way, Yagi-chan when is the application deadline for the next pro certification exam? Huh? Uh I believe it's the 15th.
I see.
Fishing Boat Rental MAKUNOUCHI Bye, Mom! The barrage stopped! I wonder what Miyata-kun thought of my uppercut? "It was awesome!" That would be cool! Now I might actually be able to be friends with him! Wow! What am I gonna do? I'm getting nervous! Oh.
He isn't here yet.
- Hey, Makunouchi.
- Yes? - Why are you training? - Huh? You took a lot of damage during yesterday's sparring match, didn't you? I thought you would be at home taking it easy today.
Uh, is that how it works? A boxer also has to manage his own body, so don't push yourself too hard.
Uh, sure.
I see.
I guess that means Miyata-kun won't be coming in today.
Oh, well.
I'll probably get to see him tomorrow.
The Next Day He didn't show up today either.
I wonder what happened to him? Excuse me What's up, Ippo? Aoki-san, Kimura-san, have you seen Miyata-kun? Miyata? We ran into him when we were out doing roadwork.
What? I see.
So, he is training.
I wonder why he hasn't come in? What's with the girly punches? Hey, why the frown? Uh, it's nothing.
I'm sorry.
I was thinking about Miyata-kun.
He hasn't been in lately, so I was wondering what happened to him.
Miyata hasn't been in? Of course he hasn't! Huh? He lost to a slob like you! How could he come to the gym? If it were me, I'd kill myself.
What? N-No way.
I bet it was a huge shock to him.
I bet he can't recover from it.
Miyata-kun Yeah, right.
Just fooling ya! We can't go killing ourselves over every silly, little sparring match! All righty? So don't get so worried.
Takamura-san, you're so mean! Use more strength, will you?! Don't depend on your right! Use your left more! You're not putting your hip into it! Step in, one-two! Right! More! More! What are you doing?! Your guard is too loose! Huh? I give up.
Go running and cool off your head.
W-Why, sir? I'm doing the best I can.
Doing the best you can, huh?! You punched like a wet sponge! You can't become a pro like that! Huh? Uh Yes, sir.
Enough, now go running.
Yes, sir.
What's the matter? I thought he looked pretty good.
Only on the surface.
I couldn't feel an ounce of tension in any of his punches like I did before his sparring match with Miyata.
Ah, so he's can't put any spirit into it because Miyata-kun isn't here? This is bad.
Unless he improves I can't turn in his application for the pro certification exam.
So, you were asking about the exam on Ippo-kun's behalf.
I must do something so Miyata's determination isn't wasted.
At least Takamura is right on track for next week's match.
His diet also seems to be going well.
His fighting spirit before a match never fails to impress me.
Hmm Maybe I'll leave the kid with Takamura! What?! Don't you think that's a little reckless? Takamura's training menu preceding a match is murderous! That may be exactly the kind of shock the kid needs right now.
You're late, kid! Takamura's already gone! What? Takamura-san?! For the next week, you'll be training with him! Now, hurry up and follow him! Huh? What do you mean? Besides, I just got back from running.
Don't argue with me! Get going, now! Y-Yes, sir! What was that all about?! Takamura-san! The old man already talked to me.
You're with me as of today, huh? Yes! Did you do something to him? He was in a foul mood.
No, I have no idea why he's upset.
Hmm, really? Oh, well.
Let's go! Uh, right! Good.
I should be able to keep up with him.
I did plenty of running with the Chief, so I have faith in my legs! How do you think the match will go next week? Don't be stupid! I'll win, of course! That's true! I'll be there to cheer you on! Great! How How long is he gonna keep running?! Actually, my opponent has won with straight KOs up till now.
But if he takes one of my punches, he won't last through the first round! Huh? Oh, man! G- Good.
He finally stopped.
I can feel his punches go through the sandbag and land in my stomach! Unbelievable.
Is this the workload of a man with an empty stomach?! He finally stopped.
Hey! We're goin' running.
What?! It's hard.
Too hard.
We're at totally different levels! At this rate, I'll get in the way of Takamura-san's fine tuning.
I wonder why the Chief made an amateur like me train with someone so great? Huh? What's the matter? Are you already going belly up? You are really awesome, Takamura-san.
To be able to continue this hard training in silence, without being instructed to.
Well, that's a wimpy thing to say! Are you saying you can't move unless someone swats your butt? Uh, no.
It's not that Then what is it? It's just kind of lonesome because Miyata-kun hasn't shown up lately.
Are you coming to our gym to look for friends? Huh? Weren't you gonna become a boxer?! You'll never make it with that kind of attitude.
The world of professional boxing isn't that easy! All right, time to go home! What's with the long face? Huh? Yeah.
Oh, I see.
It's probably that scolding I gave you earlier.
I'm so hungry, you see, that sometimes I get irritated during training.
Oh, yeah.
That's true.
Hey, wanna come to my pad? What? Are you sure? Sure! Are you sure I can come over?! Uh, sure.
Wow! It's been years since I got invited over by someone! This guy really must not have any friends.
What's the matter? Don't be shy.
Come on in.
Uh, right.
Go ahead and find a place to sit.
I've gotta whiz.
There's no place to sit in here! Hope he doesn't mind if I clean up a bit.
There isn't a single normal magazine in the lot.
There's so little fluid in my body, I can't even pee.
He's taking a long time in there.
Huh? Stare No Stop! Hey, Aoki! I just caught Ippo with a porn mag! What? Ippo's doing porn?! Here, eat this.
You must be hungry.
But you're on a diet, aren't you? I can't eat in front of you.
Idiot, don't hold back for my sake.
I've got something for myself, too.
Really? Okay.
Huh? Takamura-san, is that tomato? Is that all you're having for dinner? Yeah! Never mind me and eat up.
Once you're a top-notch boxer like me, dieting is nothing.
I heard that a severe diet is like hellish torture but Takamura-san makes it look easy.
It's like he really was born to be a boxer.
Come to think of it, I never asked this before.
How did you first become involved with boxing, Takamura-san? Why the sudden curiosity? I forgot about that ages ago.
What?! But surely you had a reason! Well, you don't need a good reason to start something.
I used to fight all the time, you see.
That's when I made the geezer's acquaintance and he introduced me to it.
I had nothing better to do, so I gave it a shot and I won my debut match.
And then, the applause fell on me like rain.
It's the greatest feeling.
It was the first time I was praised by another person.
How can I put it? It's like the fists I didn't know how to use were recognized by the public.
I don't know how to describe it.
I understand! I totally understand! I totally understand how that feels! Oh Really? Yeah! Yeah! - Wanna stay the night? - Sure! Damn! I'm so hungry, a hole could burn through my stomach! I wonder what he's doing up so late? I I'm so stupid! There's no way it's not hard! Ippo! Hold it tighter! Right! I'm sorry! Kid! Takamura's long gone! Get your butt in gear and follow him! Yes, sir! - Oh? - It seems to have worked perfectly.
I thought he should experience the severity of being a pro firsthand.
Now he has the face of someone who could be in the ring.
I'll send in the application.
Takamura-san, your match is tomorrow, right? Yeah! I'm kind of nervous because I've never been to Korakuen Hall before.
Is this your first time watching a boxing match in person? Yes.
I see.
I'll show you what a professional fight is all about.
Right! Japan Middleweight 10-round match Mamoru TAKAMURA (Kamogawa Gym) Japan Middleweight Ranking #5 vs.
Kazuhiko HIRANO (Toho Gym) Japan Middleweight Ranking #5 Kazuhiko Hirano VS Mamoru Takamura Go, Hirano! Win, Hirano! Wow! This is amazing! Takamura-san is actually gonna fight in front of all these people.
Thank you for waiting, ladies and gentlemen! Today's main event the Japan Middleweight We've been waiting for this, Takamura! Enough with the corny theme song! Hurry up! It's Takamura-san's big entrance! There he is! KO him in one punch! That's so cool! He's really popular! What's wrong, Takamura?! Did you lose too much weight to punch?! Takamura-san Down! One! The Winner, Takamura! He won.
Takamura-san won! It's a lot of work to be a pro, but I want to stand up there, too.
I want to become a professional boxer and stand in this ring! - Miyata-kun! - Hey.
You came to cheer on Takamura-san, too! There was also that, but I thought I'd run into you if I came here.
What? You came to see me? Yeah.
There was something I wanted to tell you.
Huh? I quit Kamogawa Gym.
What?! But why? Is it because you lost to me? Yeah, that's right.
It's all your fault! However, I didn't quit the gym for a trifling reason like embarrassment.
I did it because if I belonged to the same gym as you, Ippo Makunouchi I wouldn't be able to fight you in the professional ring.
Miyata-kun! So far, we each have one win and one loss.
Let's settle the final score in the ring as pros.
Very well.
I'll see you next in the professional ring! The final match of the Eastern Japan Tournament! That's the only place I'll wait for you.
Right! Reflecting on Today That's coming to an end I try to search for what I can do I might have thought too hard If I can tell myself "I'll be fine," That would be the first step A paper plane is flying away Hopefully it will make it to Tomorrow Forever, forever, forever, forever I'll keep believing That's why forever, forever, forever, forever It will keep flying License.
My dream.
The proof I'm a pro boxer.
My ticket to a world where strong men are common.
I'm uneasy, but I'm determined to do my best in this world.
Because I promised! It's a steep and rugged path but there's someone waiting for me at the top! Next episode is "C Class License"