Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e17 Episode Script

Ippo on the Beach

Love of Shooting Star is sending you A flash of light, yeah! With eternal dreams Let's roll and go Without thinking anything I'm just living in the Now What keeps me going is A street song I want to dive lost mind, I want to dive lost mind (I want to immerse myself in my dream till I can't think of anything else) I want feeling, I want feeling, always (That's how I want to feel all the time) I want to dive lost mind, I want to dive lost mind (I want to immerse myself in my dream till I can't think of anything else) Why, why, why, why? I want to dive feeling over (I don't know why, but I want to keep feeling passionate) Love of Shooting Star is sending you A flash of light, yeah! With eternal dreams Let's roll and go Fishing Boat Rental MAKUNOUCHI Fishing Boat Rental MAKUNOUCHI Well, then Bye! You be careful.
I will! The training camp is finally starting today.
Takamura-san's title match is coming soon so I guess the camp will be pretty hard.
But that's what I'd rather have! I'll never give up! Boxing.
Whoa! It's ocean, OCEAN! Takamura-san! Yahoo! I'm getting fired up! Wait for me! I'm coming over now! Shaved Ice Restaurant We are here, guys! It's been so long since we last came to the beach! It sure has! Really? Oh, no! - Did you really say that to him? - Of course! There's no place like the beach in summertime after all, right? Ah, you idiot! There is something important in there! But but this isn't fair.
You made me carry all the equipment necessary for camp.
What rubbish are you talking about? It's natural that rookies should carry all the luggage! That's not fair! Just a little more to go.
Hang in there until we get over there.
Boogie Board Rental Huh? Aren't we going to the camp center? What are we gonna do over there? You idiot! Changing our clothes, of course! We're gonna swim! Locker Room Let's hurry up and change our clothes Locker Room so that we can join the well-tanned ladies at the beach.
Locker Room Takamura-san, are you already taking off your clothes? Locker Room Locker Room "No.
1 in everything" is my thing.
Locker Room I can't let you win! Look at the beautiful body which I've been training every day! With this, I'm gonna be the center of attention on the beach! Well what about the camp? Aren't we going to train? Let's see What?! I knew it was heavy.
It's stuffed with things like these! What on earth are we here for?! Don't worry, Ippo.
- We'll train all right.
But - We'll train all right.
But - Hooray! What if we train in this scorching heat and get heatstroke? Our long-awaited camp will be worthless.
The camp is only effective if you work hard in the morning and the evening.
When you play, you play hard.
When you train, you train hard! Why don't we draw a line like the pros do, as we all are, right? Uh hmm.
You you're right.
Drawing a line is the key.
Well, to tell you the truth, it's not that I don't want to have fun.
All right! Then why don't you put your swimming shorts on? We'll be waiting for you outside.
Yes! Beach House MARUYAMA Beach House MARUYAMA Gee, how come he is so square? Beach House MARUYAMA It's rather bold of you to play when there is a title match approaching.
- Wait a minute! - What's wrong? His swimming shorts He's not gonna wear bikini-style, is he? That's not even funny.
Hi there! Thank you for waiting.
Huh? Here you go! What a great view.
We have a plentiful harvest this year.
Oh? You are brave enough to check them out.
Oh, no! Not at all.
Hey, which one do you like? Hmm I like the tank suit on the right.
I like the bikini on the left.
How about you? What? Uh I like the girl in the middle.
Wow, he chose the most risqué one.
- Hey hey hey! - Ouch ouch ouch - You are a man! - Ouch ouch ouch My taste is She is the one! Here! Hey, you! Why don't you do something about your misaligned taste? What are you saying?! Ippo! Give us a hand! We're gonna bury him! This is so much fun.
Come to think of it I've never come out to the beach with my friends.
All right! Why don't we get serious and go grab us some girls? Yes, sir.
Could he possibly mean "picking-up girls"? What what should I do? I wonder I should follow them for now? Starting over there, shall we? - They look pretty good.
- Looking great.
You are staying here! They are really selfish.
Hey, kid! Wake up! What? Chief?! Are you still dreaming or what? Look ahead, ahead! A-ahead? H-Hayami-san! Miyata-kun! Ugh wait Wait! It was a dream.
While I'm here, those who are stronger than me are getting even stronger.
I have to train Damn! I had no luck with any of the girls! Well, we still have tomorrow.
Huh? They are all clothed.
Stop mumbling and get yourself ready.
We're gonna start training! Uh yes! All right! We're gonna do some dash and dart! Yes, sir! They're fast! It's so hard to run on the sand, though.
Hey, Ippo! Keep right up with us! Yes! Now! Ugh I can't keep up with them at all.
On the riverbank where we usually run, it wouldn't be like this.
Why are they so fast? This time their dash is particularly long.
Though they were playing around during the day they still have such energy.
After all, these guys are impressive.
Were they possibly dashing toward their butts? Whoa! Takamura-san, look at them! Whoa! All right, we're going, guys! Yes, sir! Indeed, we can get ourselves fired up when we find something fun in the boring training, can't we? I will keep running as long as there is a goal! Unbelievable.
How serious are they? Really Hey, keep it up, Ippo.
A little more to go till the training center.
I'll be fine as long as there is a futon.
I'll have a good night's sleep tonight.
Wow, it's a nice facility! This might be more commendable than Kamogawa Gym.
Well, then shall we start now? Yes, sir! They ran that much and yet they're still gonna practice more! First, start off with shadow boxing for 5 rounds! What? 5 rounds! Rather, 5 sets! Begin! They are doing it totally unfazed.
They're amazing.
All right! All right.
We're gonna go to sleep to get refreshed for tomorrow's training.
Well, we have been training pretty hard for the very first day.
I'm a little beat.
What are you talking about? It was nothing.
That was just the beginning.
I I can get to sleep, finally.
Hey, you're retiring for the night before us? Who do you think you are? For such bad behavior, you deserve this! Hey! We're gonna start early tomorrow morning.
This is not a school trip.
Don't be fooling around forever! You you're right.
Takamura-san is kind.
But I can't get out of this.
Did you just see my suplex?! - Hey, he is not moving.
- This could be really bad.
Next we'll do DDT (WWF)! Ippo! All right! Ippo, feel free to step in and punch me! Today I'll pretend to be Hayami.
Keep punching as if I'm him.
Yes, sir! What's up? I'm over here.
Damn! What's up, what's up?! You are not keeping up with me at all.
The way you are, you can't possibly catch Hayami! Oh, come on.
That kid has trouble with out-boxers.
Huh? But he beat Miyata.
More accurately, he doesn't fight well against a boxer who moves away with good footwork.
Miyata was coming forward hitting, though he boasted excellent footwork.
If he keeps his distance, Ippo's powerful punch will be nothing but a shot in the air.
I see.
Not a single punch connected but I will catch him for sure in the next round! - No use.
- What? If you're saying such a thing, you will surely lose against Hayami.
Don't say that, please! Well, if we fight now, I may have no chance of winning but I will work hard! Even so, you will lose.
How how come? Because you have a crucial weakness in your boxing.
A crucial weakness? So what is it? What is my crucial weakness? Listen, your weakness is these! You mean toes? That's right, it's your toes! Your toes are weapons as important as your fists for a boxer.
You have weak toes which means you haven't given enough training on your toes.
They're as important as my fists But I didn't mean to tell you to do a kneel kick or rolling sobat.
I I know that.
Excuse me, Takamura-san! What is it? You're too loud! Ippo's speed of dashing and reaching the opponent's side is pretty advanced for a 4-round match.
Doesn't that mean his toes are somewhat strong? Sure.
But that was only limited to straight lines.
When it comes to shifting the weight from left to right, he is no good! Shifting the weight? Where is your center of gravity when doing that? Oh, it's on my toes! Exactly! The speed for dashing and shifting your weight is all coming from your toes.
But as I told you before, your toes are weak! You are slow in shifting your weight which means each action is delayed by one notch.
That's why even Kimura's footwork can shove you.
Even mine? Hayami's legs are probably faster than Kimura's.
You need to somehow build up on your toes so that you can keep up with him by the time of the match.
What's wrong? Uh well I think you are amazing figuring out such a thing just by taking a look at the way I spar.
Not only your sparring.
You couldn't keep up with us during the running at the beach.
That's because your last kick is not hard enough.
You can't tell when running on the usual road surface but such a difference would show where your foothold is not secure.
Well, when your toes become like these, you are a full-fledged boxer.
Whoa, you've got a huge blister! At first, it was like a grain of rice but it's peeled off so many times that it became like this before I knew it.
May I touch it? Sure! Are you teasing me or what? I'm sorry! The toes but how do I actually train them? Hey, Ippo! I'll give you an interesting training with this.
Tennis balls? Well, I'm gonna throw them to your left and right.
All you have to do is to catch it before it drops on the floor.
- Um yes - All right.
Here we go! I won't necessarily throw them in the order of right and left.
All right, here we go next! Hey, hey, you are not fully catching up.
Right! What do you think? This is pretty tough, isn't it? This is very Well, something like this won't get rid of your weakness but I'm sure it will help to alleviate your weakness a little.
You will learn how to shift your weight naturally as well.
What do you think? Do you like it? Yes, please continue.
All right! Here you go! Yes! All right! The morning session is over! We're going to the beach! Yes, sir! My my legs are so stiff! But I won't give up.
I'm gonna get over my weakness! All right.
Break time! I'm getting used to this practice to a great extent.
Dash! Yes, sir! Kick with your toes! Kick! Aoki, Kimura! We're gonna show him his seniors' true power.
How is it? Ippo won't be able to catch up with us! Takamura-san.
Aoki can't catch up with us, either.
What? There! Humph! Don't take our real power lightly! Don't say "our"! Not "our"! It's the end! Last day! What? We're not done yet! Ahh! It's over! We've done everything on the training list.
The training camp is over now.
I kind of feel a little sad.
Huh? Are we gonna still do something? Huh? Nothing is over until we do this! Such a tiny one doesn't fit my character! Isn't there anything flashier? What? But you always said there is an order in the fireworks.
Shut up.
That's when I'm with a woman.
Whoa! This this is huge.
Let's name this "Ippo Fireworks.
" Now, here we go! Yes, sir.
This is gonna be a big one! MAIKUTAISON (Mike Tyson) MAIKUTAISON (Mike Tyson) What?! It's stale! Damn! The Ippo firework is big in size, but useless.
Mmm! This is embarrassing, so please don't call it my name.
This one seems to be OK.
Wow! We'll be back in Tokyo tomorrow morning.
This is really the end of the training camp.
When we go back to Tokyo there will be no time to rest till your title match.
If you win, you will be the grand champion of Japan.
That's great.
The title of the Japanese championship is just a milestone.
For me, there is only one goal.
It's the world championship! No matter what big talk Takamura-san says, it doesn't sound like bluffing.
The scale of his dream is no comparison to ours.
All right! Why don't we aim for the Japanese championship title, too? Yeah! We've come to the eighth round! That's not just a dream! Wait for me, champion belt! I'll put it on my waist for sure! I'm going to aim for Rookie of the Year, too! What?! The Ippo firework is starting to work NOW! I told you not to call it my name! Ippo, take the blame and go put it out! You are the one who lit it! You can't be serious! Hey, do something about it! Come on! Reflecting on Today That's coming to an end I try to search for what I can do I might have thought too hard If I can tell myself, "I'll be fine" That would be the first step A paper plane is flying away Hopefully it will make it to Tomorrow Forever, forever, forever, forever I'll keep believing That's why, forever, forever, forever, forever It will keep flying A fight plan.
Collecting information steadily building up the research perfecting the winning strategy.
There is no use for fear.
All I can do is to fight in my own way.
Using my trained feet with powerful toes I will reach out to the opponent's body and pull us into close-in range.
I'm sure that will help me cut my way.
Next round is "Clinch.