Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e24 Episode Script

To the Promised Place...

Love of Shooting Star is sending you A flash of light, yeah! With eternal dreams Let's roll and go Without thinking anything I'm just living in the Now What keeps me going is A street song I want to dive lost mind, I want to dive lost mind (I want to immerse myself in my dream till I can't think of anything else) I want feeling, I want feeling, always (That's how I want to feel all the time) I want to dive lost mind, I want to dive lost mind (I want to immerse myself in my dream till I can't think of anything else) Why, why, why, why? I want to dive feeling over (I don't know why, but I want to keep feeling passionate) Love of Shooting Star is sending you A flash of light, yeah! With eternal dreams Let's roll and go No matter who I'm up against, I can't afford to lose! He's open for a counterpunch! - This is bad! - He took one right in the face! Mashiba rushes Miyata! Miyata can't get away! He's being pulverized! He's down! Mashiba, stop! Stop it, Mashiba! Mashiba! This is explosive! Mashiba catches Miyata in a barrage! Can Miyata stand?! It's a reversal.
It's a reversal! What an incredible barrage of punches! Down! This is explosive! Mashiba catches Miyata in a barrage! One! Two! Did you see that? Yeah.
That was a nasty trick! He stepped on his foot.
Ichiro! Ichiro! Damn Now you've done it, Mashiba! Three! Four! Stupid idiot.
Stay down and die.
He won't be able to stand.
Yes, he will! Miyata was never good at taking hits.
There's no way he can stand after taking that many.
That's irrelevant! He will stand up! G Get up.
You have to get up.
He always got up! He always got back up again! To keep his promise with me! He got up as many times as it took! I have to do the same for him! I cannot lose! Hey, he's gonna get up! Miyata means business! Miyata-kun! Five! Six! Go for it, Miyata! Stand up! Seven! Hey, Ichiro! Eight! He got up! He's up! Miyata has gotten back to his feet after what appeared to be a decisive knockdown! Can you continue? I can! He got up, see? Hmph.
He has to do more than just stand.
You should have stayed down.
If he goes down one more time in this round, it's over.
So, how's his damage? He seems to be fully conscious, but he's hurting bad.
He won't be able to throw good punches in that condition.
In the meantime, Mashiba is beginning to recuperate.
The odds are against Miyata.
It's all right! Miyata-kun has a counterpunch that will turn the game around.
I know it'll be all right.
Box! I'm gonna slaughter you! He's going to launch an all-out attack! Run, Miyata-kun! Don't force yourself to fight! Keep a distance and persevere! Amazing! He's dodging without using his legs! Miyata is awesome! But he isn't moving.
Miyata's legs are hurting.
Mashiba's slices are serious.
Can he withstand them? Miyata-kun.
Mashiba is throwing roundhouses, going for a knockdown.
Still, I can't believe Miyata-kun is dodging so well without using his legs.
He went down once, but he's calm.
Mashiba lashes out, but to no avail! Miyata shows his skill by dodging with his upper body alone! He's good! He'll get through it! Nope.
He's starting to get caught! Without his footwork, he's at his limit.
Bastard, you keep squirming around.
Don't be a bad loser! He did it! Counterpunch! A perfect burst catches Mashiba momentarily off guard! It didn't faze him much.
I thought it connected cleanly, too.
Yes, I thought so, too.
Maybe it wasn't effective because of that knockdown.
Still, that one punch had a major effect on him.
If you take a good punch right when you believe you can go all the way it gets difficult to jump in afterwards.
Is he on the lookout for counterpunches? Mashiba has stopped moving! The boxers stare each other down.
Who will make the first move?! Damn you! Why are you pulling back now? All you have to do is deliver the fatal blow! Stop! Stop! Round Two is over! So far, each boxer has taken one knockdown.
Neither has yielded an inch.
Good job, Mashiba.
Giving him that many blows at once will leave him hurting.
You have another chance in the next round! But don't go in hastily! His counterpunches are still a threat.
Calm down and wait for your chance.
Calm down?! If I calm down, the match will end! There are only two more rounds left.
His last counterpunch was his best shot.
Damn! I managed to withstand it, but this last round was my chance to nail him! I failed to bring him down, dammit! I survived his best shot.
It didn't hurt that much.
It was unfortunate you got your foot stepped on.
Try to recoup during the interval.
Once your footwork comes back you'll never take a punch like that again! Don't touch it, Dad.
He'll notice.
So, your foot IS injured.
What? What did you say?! It probably happened when you got hit by his right straight while he was standing on your foot.
By the look of it, it's more than a light sprain.
It's twisted, or even worse.
An out-boxer with a foot injury is like a bird with a broken wing.
Mashiba has recuperated.
It's too risky for you to fight him in your condition.
Let's withdraw from this match.
I hate to say it, but he's right.
If you strain yourself now, it will affect your future.
You are still young.
You can always start over! Let's withdraw from this match.
I'm sure it's mortifying for you but it's nothing to be ashamed of.
It was an accident! That's how it goes.
Remaining Time Remaining Time Seconds out! I'll tell the referee.
He's waiting for me.
Hey! Hey, Miyata! Ichiro! Don't be stupid! You know first-hand that this is impossible.
You might jeopardize your boxing career.
I have to go.
He's waiting for me.
Round Three! Oops, Miyata has the business look on his face.
It looks like he's recovered from the damage.
Now if only his footwork would return, it'll go like the first round.
I hope you're right.
This is too dangerous! Even if he wins what if the injuries are long-term? I strongly believe Ichiro-kun is beyond the domestic boxing level.
How could you let someone with his talent go to his doom like this?! It's up to the fighter to decide whether it's meaningful or not.
He went in there because he decided it was meaningful.
If that's his decision, it isn't a cornerman's place to say otherwise.
All we can do is watch over him.
What?! Miyata's foot is hurt? I suspected as much, but after seeing the faces of the guys in his corner, I'm sure of it.
He must have a serious injury.
Miyata isn't using his signature footwork because he can't.
That's dangerous.
Why didn't his cornermen stop him?! They probably couldn't stop him.
Miyata made his decision.
I'll be waiting at the final as promised.
It'll be tough fighting Mashiba on one foot.
But unless Mashiba-san notices, he can still use his counterpunch I see.
So, your foot is injured.
And it's your pivoting foot, of all things.
He noticed.
He noticed the foot injury.
If your pivoting foot is toast you can't put any weight into your punches.
Which means both your killer counterpunch and signature footwork are now totally useless to you.
Mashiba is taking the hitman stance again! He's gonna torture him to death with flicker jabs.
Here it comes! Mashiba throws a barrage of flicker jabs! However! He's ducking! He's ducking the flickers without using his legs! Miyata's instinct for defense never ceases to impress me! Damn! But I'm gonna hold my ground! He has to brace his feet to guard from body blows.
He's doing it on purpose?! He's not cheating! Attack your opponent's weakness! That is the iron rule of fighting.
That's harsh.
Still, that looks like a serious injury.
It looks painful just to keep standing.
I'm not through with you yet! Here comes another one! Miyata-kun is taking everything Mashiba wants to throw at him! There's nothing he can do about it.
He can barely stand.
To Mashiba, it's like punching a sandbag.
Persevere until you have the best chance for a counterpunch! Keep fighting, Miyata! Can't you stop being punched?! What's this? Miyata is holding up his left foot.
Huh? What's up with Miyata's left foot? Actually, that is strange.
Why isn't Miyata using his footwork? He's so good at it.
Miyata-san, he can't stay in there any longer! Throw in the towel! Miyata-san?! - He can't go on! - Referee, stop him! No way! I won't let anyone stop me.
I won't be satisfied until I finish this with my own two hands! He's going in for the finish! He did it! He got Mashiba the moment he let his guard down! Go for it! I got him! This is it! I've got to knock him down now! Argh! Miyata isn't going in! More to the point, he can't! He's taken too much damage.
He can't move his feet! Miyata-kun! What a piece of work! He threw a solid punch at me.
Wasn't he at death's door?! No, he won't fool me.
That punch was his last.
Hell, he can't even move! I've got to finish him before it's too late! Mashiba rushes Miyata again! He showers him with blows! He goes in for the finish! Miyata can't punch back! So what if my foot's hurting?! Mashiba's hurting as well.
Throw more punches! This is the critical point! A succession of punches scores dead-on! Mashiba has Miyata! He's completely in his grasp! Oh, no! Referee, stop him! Miyata-kun.
- W-What's going on? - What's wrong? He's still punching, but Mashiba-san is retreating.
W- Who the hell is this guy?! Isn't he just a spoiled brat who always sucks up to daddy?! How can he endure so much?! Miyata-kun.
I must win.
That's right, be threatening.
That's the way, Miyata! I must win! Counterpunch! The timing is bang-on! It's going to hit! The winner, Mashiba! The match is over! Ryo Mashiba wins the death match in the second semi-final match of the Eastern Japan Rookie Championship Tournament! At 3 rounds, 2 minutes and 22 seconds, he beat Ichiro Miyata by KO securing his advancement to the final match! I won.
- Ichiro! - Miyata! The timing for the counterpunch couldn't have been more perfect.
But he was already out of energy.
It was a tough match.
But you did a great job.
That was a great victory! Where is Makunouchi-kun? He went to Miyata's greenroom.
The guy took a bad fall.
He's probably worried sick.
He never regained consciousness in the ring.
Miyata was more advanced in ability by a level or two.
Damn, boxing is unpredictable.
Actually, what's scary is Mashiba's drive to win.
Now, it's Makunouchi versus Mashiba for the final.
They'll be striving for a KO.
Up until now, Miyata was the only thing in Ippo's head.
It's hard to believe that he lost the goal that drove him this far the very thing that he made it to the final for.
Medical Room Entrance Keep Closed Miyata-san, how is Ichiro's condition?! Why did he lose?! Please give us a brief comment on the match! Miyata-san! For now, he's regained consciousness.
He's responding to questions clearly, so there's nothing to worry about but I can't say anything further before putting him through a complete physical.
Any comment on his opponent, Mashiba? He stepped on his foot during the match.
What do you think about that? Please give us a comment.
Just one comment! In boxing, the result is everything! That means that the one who survives no matter how he did it, was one notch higher.
That's all! Now get out of here! Oh, it's you, Makunouchi-kun.
Um, how is he? Ichiro asked me to tell you something if you showed up.
Y-Yes? He says that he's sorry he didn't keep his promise.
OK, how about these? They're light and easier on the wallet.
The final match of the Eastern Japan Tournament! That's the only place I'll wait for you.
Reflecting on Today That's coming to an end I try to search for what I can do I might have thought too hard If I can tell myself, "I'll be fine" That would be the first step A paper plane is flying away Hopefully it will make it to Tomorrow Forever, forever, forever, forever I'll keep believing That's why, forever, forever, forever, forever It will keep flying