Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e31 Episode Script

Traces of Intense Battles (recap)

Seek without asking for the answer I want to discover in the match on the edge GET LIFE not much time is left That is the beginning I WANT THIS ONLY I will continue to seek In the midst of that silver light I may hurt others As others may hurt me But it doesn't end there Keep seeking single-mindedly I still don't see anything WHY? But I still keep seeking NO PAIN TRANCE CONTINUE Monthly Boxing Fan Monthly Boxing Fan Why is the article a reject, sir? Monthly Boxing Fan It just is! I've told you countless times Monthly Boxing Fan the readers don't like dry articles like this! Write it over immediately.
I want it by today! "The Plusses and Minuses of the Boxing World" 1st Draft Write it over immediately.
I want it by today! "The Plusses and Minuses of the Boxing World" 1st Draft Oh, brother.
"Monthly Boxing Fan" "Clash! The All-Japan Rookie Championship Tournament" I see.
The All-Japan Rookie Match is the day after tomorrow.
"Monthly Boxing Fan" "Clash! The All-Japan Rookie Championship Tournament" The Featherweight class is receiving the most attention.
The Featherweight class is receiving the most attention.
Word of mouth is mostly in Sendo's favor.
If the injured fist from the Mashiba vs Makunouchi fight recovers I think it will be an interesting match, but But to think that he made it all the way to the All-Japan! After his professional debut, he won the two preliminaries by KO.
Off to a good start, Makunouchi proceeded to tackle the Eastern Japan Rookie Championship Tournament.
His first opponent was a black boxer named Ozuma whose specialty is fierce hooks from either side.
For Makunouchi, whose strong point is close-range fighting he was a tough customer to deal with.
He's getting faster! I don't have a chance to hit back! Their battle turned into a feverish knock-down battle.
The fight was so close, either could have won.
Down! Right there! This is it! This is the hook! I can't dodge it! I've got to stop it before the barrage starts! It didn't hurt! It didn't I still don't feel a Take this! Oh, no! I over-swung and lost my balance! Down! Ippo was overpowered In the exchange of punches! He's finally at his limit.
Kid! Now it's do-or-die! Use every ounce of willpower you got, and keep those arms punching back! Damn! Ippo! I have to win! I promised Mama-san and the guys! I have to win! Lash out, Ippo! It's no good.
He's completely trapped! Oh, shit! This is the end.
This is the end for you, Makunouchi! It's a direct hit! Victory is mine! The fight was finally won by the dodge hook and launch barrage maneuver that he acquired through intensive training.
And so, Ippo Makunouchi cleared the first round of the Eastern Japan Rookie Championship Tournament.
I I did it.
His Round Two opponent was Kobashi.
He is by no means a boxer with spectacular technique however, he studied Makunouchi and pinpointed his weak points.
You look really tired.
But if he makes it to the final round, you won't win by decision.
Just as Kobashi planned it.
That's not acceptable! I'll do it, you'll see! I won't give up until it's over! He has nerves of steel! He should have run out of power ages ago! Fall! I did it! He's gonna fall! Body blow! As long as I have strength, I'll keep punching! Take this! He's swinging wide! Overpowered by points and at the brink of losing by judges' decision Makunouchi won seconds from the end of the 4th round with a KO reversal.
His inexperience stood out like a sore thumb but in the end he was able to show his fearsome punching power.
Then came the Eastern Japan Rookie Championship Tournament Semi-Final.
He was up against the MVP candidate, Ryuichi Hayami.
With his deadly punch called the Shotgun quick moves, and perfected techniques Makunouchi's odds of victory were near zero in anyone's eyes.
What incredible strength! This guy is a true prodigy.
KAMOGAWA Boxing Gym KAMOGAWA Boxing Gym What?! You want to learn how to counterpunch? Please, sir! You fool.
That is a highly advanced skill! What if I know what punch is coming next? What did you say? There is a certain punch I know he's going to use on me! However, Makunouchi didn't give up.
He planned his counterattack and fought until the bitter end.
I have to synchronize my right hook to it! What?! A counterpunch? GO! I'll get you first! I can't afford to lose on a small stage like this! I'm gonna steamroller you! The match proceeded under Hayami's overwhelming advantage but ultimately, it evolved into exchanging punches.
And then Hayami sank into the mat.
It was Makunouchi's victory, unpredicted by anyone.
He had finally advanced to the final match of the Eastern Japan Rookie Championship Tournament.
I I did it.
I won.
All right! Makunouchi was now a finalist and the other semi-final would determine the other finalist.
The other fighters were Miyata who had a promise to keep with Makunouchi and Mashiba, who slaughtered his competition with flicker jabs and merciless fighting.
What a heartwarming father-son scene.
Are you gonna run to Daddy for comfort when you lose? Comfort from a second-class boxer, who failed to become a champion.
Don't be so hasty.
We'll settle this tomorrow.
He's throwing them from so far away! His punch is so long and fast, it's confusing Miyata.
This time, Miyata is stumped.
What?! Now he's assuming the hitman style! This is an insult.
Shoulder-block! Too slow! It was a high-level fight but Miyata led the match by a slight advantage.
His counter hit home and at the very moment he was about to take the match He's open for a counterpunch! This is bad! He took one right in the face! Was it accidental or intentional? His balance upset by Mashiba stepping on his foot Miyata fell victim to Mashiba's rush attack.
Miyata suffered a knockdown.
However W- Who the hell is this guy?! Isn't he just a spoiled brat who always sucks up to Daddy?! So, how can he take this much abuse?! I must win.
Miyata fought desperately, beaten to a pulp all the way.
His fighting spirit was so powerful, it made even Mashiba recoil in fear.
In the end, however, that awesome fighting spirit gave out.
Counterpunch! The timing is bang-on! It's going to connect! Miyata was defeated.
To Makunouchi, who had fought his way to the top with Miyata as a goal, it signified losing his objective.
However, Mashiba is not merely a boxer who resorts to dirty tricks.
He is a boxer with true ability.
Master of the hard-to-dodge flicker jab with a finishing move consisting of a sharp chopping right.
His one and only blood relative is a younger sister.
Mashiba's hunger for success is the source of his power.
If I become World Champion, I'll make a fortune.
When that happens, how do you think they'll see us? I can't wait.
And finally, it was time for the Eastern Japan Rookie Championship final.
The match between Makunouchi and Mashiba had begun.
Now it's about to begin.
Will the Hitman take out his mark with flicker jabs? Or will Makunouchi's dynamite explode? The outlook is 50-50.
Either way, it should end by KO! Round One! Box! Whoa! Makunouchi has lunged out! All right! He's in deep! Go, kid! He's studied the weaknesses of the hitman style thoroughly.
Also, if he's mastered the timing to go in you'll have to change your strategy.
So, now what? Are you going to raise your guard? If you let him in, you'll have to deal with his destructive power! His destructive power? Yeah, it's pretty good.
However, that same power will give him hell.
The bastard will destroy himself with his own punches.
His body's open! Makunouchi throws a powerful right body blow! Makunouchi suffered from the overwhelming difference in reach.
His daring leaps to get inside were blocked by elbow blocks.
However, he found a means of attack through persistent blows to Mashiba's elbow and finally brought the match around to his specialty, infighting.
I'm not finished yet! Makunouchi throws another right, aiming for punch-on-punch! W-What's this? Mashiba's left arm is is staying down! What's wrong with Mashiba? This is it! Big brother! I can't lose! Hitman Flicker?! He's bluffing! Flickers are not coming! Go! Kid! Mashiba wouldn't budge.
Makunouchi wouldn't budge.
It was a fight worthy of a final.
The element that finally settled the match was Makunouchi's explosive barrage, fearless of possible injury to his fist.
It's not enough! It'll take more than this to make Mashiba-san fall! It's still not enough! It'll take more than that to knock me down! I'm starting to lose feeling in my right fist.
I must go now while he's still reeling from the earlier damage! No! If he takes a punch in the face right now there's no way he'll withstand it! I can't lose.
I can't afford to lose! I can't afford to I can't afford to lose! This guy has no intention of letting go! If that's the case, I have my own plan! I'm not about to lose! Why, you Neither is compromising! Both boxers display great tenacity! Who in the world will fall first?! Ippo! Keep punching, keep punching! You're getting to him! I can't afford to Just a little more! Just a little more! It's coming undone! Mashiba's clinch is gradually coming undone! GET OFF OF ME! He's off! Go, kid! It's your chance! Pour your heart and soul Into your punches! Big brother! He's down! Mashiba falls! He did it! Mashiba truly persevered, but he finally falls for the first time! And in all likelihood, this will be a reversal KO! l-I don't want to lose! Mashiba exhausted his strength! He literally sank into the canvas! I did it.
I won! I DID IT! And that is how Makunouchi conquered the Eastern Japan Rookie Tournament.
It was a time that witnessed a clumsy boxer blossom into a seasoned fighter.
However, Makunouchi's battle is far from over.
The defeated Mashiba, and Miyata, who didn't get to fight are working towards their next goal.
And let's not forget the Featherweight Rookie Champion of Western Japan, Takeshi Sendo.
It will be impossible to beat this fighter who won his way through with overwhelming punching power without the proper amount of care.
On top of that Makunouchi's fist is damaged from his fight against Mashiba.
Will he be able to fight? Will he heal in time for the match? Sendo vs Makunouchi a clash between two natural-born fighters.
It will definitely be a fight not to miss.
As a reporter, and as a boxing fan I'm looking forward to it Makunouchi! No matter what I do, it's the same I keep making mistakes What is truly important? Weary about what's under my feet I can't stop looking down When that happens Just look up Look far into the distance Find a new perspective from a different angle When walking down a narrow path, look up You'll find the world has a 360-degree view Slugger.
A boxer who combines fighting instinct and attack power.
A boxer who chooses to be hit over not being hit who seeks to knock down his opponent instead of winning by points.
I can't protect it forever.
Unless I throw my first right punch solidly that moment will seal my fate! I don't care if that's how it has to be.
I still want to stand in the ring! The next episode is, "Throw Your Right.