Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e35 Episode Script

The Counting Journey

Seek without asking for the answer I want to discover in the match on the edge GET LIFE not much time is left That is the beginning I WANT THIS ONLY I will continue to seek In the midst of that silver light I may hurt others As others may hurt me But it doesn't end there Keep seeking single-mindedly I still don't see anything WHY? But I still keep seeking NO PAIN TRANCE CONTINUE Manabu Tamura-kun.
Senior Year Graduation Ceremony Senior Year Graduation Ceremony Same as above.
Thank you, sir.
Satoshi Nishimura-kun.
Same as above.
Thank you, sir! Ippo Makunouchi-kun.
Same as above.
Th Thank you, sir! Way to go, our hero! He certainly is popular.
Apparently his last match received rave reviews.
So, he's going to continue boxing while helping with the family business? I was concerned for a time when he chose boxing over continued education so I gave him a word of advice at the counseling session.
Really? What did you say? I said, you're still young, so do what you want to do! Is that so? He certainly opened my eyes.
College isn't all there is to life, after all.
Well, I'll be getting home now.
I'll come with you.
We have to get ready for night fishing, right? I'll be okay by myself.
It looks like friends are waiting for you.
At least for today, forget about home and take it easy.
I will.
Thanks, Mom.
Congratulations, Ippo.
Ippo! Your juniors want a photo with you.
What? I'm not good at stuff like that.
Oh, come on, come on.
They say they're fans of yours.
Fans? S-So, where are they? Look behind you.
Yo! Sir! I saw your last match! Sir! It deeply moved me! Sir! It made me weep! Sir! Please let us have a photo with you! Eh? Yes.
If you would like.
All right, I'm gonna take it! Line up, line up! Don't drag your feet! Ready?! Sir! I'll root for you twice as hard! Be sure to take the championship.
Sir! Thank you so much for your support.
Makunouchi-sempai! Please take a photo with us, too.
Me, too! Makunouchi-sempai! Please join us for a picture! Please, All-Japan Rookie of the Year! Okay, form a single line! What? You're kidding.
You popular guy, you! You lucky devil.
What a predicament.
To them, you're the sempai or classmate they have bragging rights to.
Come on, hero.
Won't you give them a little service? Service? Is that everyone? Oh, really? Then perhaps I'll get a shot with him as well Hey! The next shot is the last one.
Oh, we have to get in on it, too.
All right, line up, line up! You're lining up? So, who's gonna take it? Cheese.
What do you mean, no good at it? You posed like a bandit at the end.
Still he really doesn't look a thing like the guy in the ring.
Like even I could take him easy.
I was so mean to him.
Huh? What's wrong? Huh? Well, you know So, you're a professional boxer.
I'm jealous! What? Really? Well, you know, me and the guys have to start jobs this spring that we don't even like.
I'm sorry.
Hey, don't apologize.
It'll make it harder for us to do our thing.
I'm sorry.
But still, it sure is cool to be able to keep doing what you like! Yeah.
Well, I guess this is where we say goodbye.
I'm going this way.
Well, see you later! Umezawa-kun? S-Say What is it? Actually, there's something I have to say to you.
Listen I Tell him that you're sorry for everything! Tell him that you think he's amazing! Oh! Is it about my next match? My right fist isn't healed yet, so I don't know when it is yet.
That's not it! I'll contact you once I know when it is.
That's not it.
I'll be there for sure! You have my word! Make sure to contact me! I'll be there to root for you no matter what! After all After all, you're our star hopeful! I can't wait to cheer you on! Umezawa-kun Give it your best, Ippo! Don't lose to anyone! Umezawa-kun.
They say that Sendo-san has already resumed training and both Ozuma-san and Hayami-san have made their comebacks with KO's.
Little by little, they're coming after my position.
I'd love to relax but it will probably get harsher than I can imagine from now on.
I stopped by your house after my own grad ceremony.
What is it? Uh, no Is your foot feeling any better? You didn't let me see you when I came to visit.
Um, well, I You went to my house?! What for? I'm going to be leaving Japan for a while so I wanted to say goodbye.
What? I'm going to be doing the rounds in Korea and Thailand.
I thought I'd get a look at the tough guys over there and, of course, do some fighting, too.
Th-That's amazing! So, how long will you be there? The All-Japan Rookie of the Year, huh? It didn't take long for me to get so far behind.
I'll be there until I catch up.
I have no time to relax.
I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna get to it! From now on, my life is boxing! KAMOGAWA Boxing Gym April Masaru AOKI vs.
Arman GARCIA Tatsuya KIMURA vs.
Shinhiro KANZAKI HISHOU Japan Middleweight Champion, Mamoru TAKAMURA (Kamogawa) vs.
Thailand Number Two, Bonchai CHUWATANA (Thailand) Their matches are coming up soon.
I hope everybody wins.
I'm back.
Now, does everybody have one? You need to have this stamped by tomorrow and don't forget your entry fees.
Yes, sir.
There's been a flood of new applicants lately.
Our gym's fantastic four Takamura-kun, Kimura-kun, Aoki-kun, and you, Ippo-kun have been a huge draw.
Thanks to you guys we'll be able to order a new sandbag.
So, it's been two years since I joined the gym.
I'm the most recent applicant to join and continue boxing but this new batch looks hopeful, and maybe I'll finally get a junior to Sorry, but could you move? Uh, sure.
I always wanted to try punching one of these.
Don't poke around.
I guess my presence doesn't command authority.
Ugh, I'm starving! Count your blessings.
Starvation diets are murder when you work in a ramen place.
That's the Lightweight Aoki-san! Kimura-san's with him.
Boy, this is so real.
They're talking about starvation diets.
Yeah, that's amazing.
They got changed! Let's watch them for a bit.
It's nonchalant, but that type of action sure fits the role.
They sure do seem like pros.
Holy cow! I can't see his hands! Does that mean Takamura-san is even faster? Of course.
He's the champion, dummy! Actually, Makunouchi-san, the new Rookie of the Year has incredible punches.
I came to this gym because I want to be just like Makunouchi-san.
The All-Japan Rookie Championship got me totally wired! But when it comes to destructive power, Takamura-san is superior.
Idiot, they're in a whole different weight class.
I know that! Damn, they're noisy.
Hey, so you ARE here, Ippo! Huh? You were right beside me and I never even noticed?! I thought you were a newbie like us! You look like another person in the ring.
It's Takamura-san! In the flesh! Is this for real?! He's so dignified! I wonder if I can get his autograph? Keep the noise down, you annoying chatterboxes! Uh, Takamura-san! Chill, chill! Don't get anywhere near this guy when he's dieting! Go home, go home! You can't be a pro if you drool around like girly groupies waiting for an autograph! I'm serious, you know.
I have a lot of confidence in myself.
And my endurance is second to none! Yeah! Then why don't we put that to the test? It's quite simple.
We're merely going to see if you can keep up with the amount of roadwork we normally do.
I know I'm the next champion, but I would be thrilled.
Oh? This sounds like fun.
Shall we get this thing started, then? All right, follow me! Yes, sir! Is it okay to start with that out of nowhere? Humph.
It'll do them good to have a taste of severity right off the bat.
It will thin out the losers, leaving only those with guts.
But still I'll supervise them.
Those guys never cut any slack.
Hey, are you okay? You should rest a little.
Hey, come on.
You have to rest! It's not an actual test, so don't worry.
You're free to join and you can slowly get used to doing roadwork.
Take a deep breath.
Well, once you feel better, try to catch up.
I'm used to it, so I'm numb but the world of boxing is really tough.
Only one?! Humph! They were all mouth.
But I didn't get their entry fees yet! What the heck, right? Guys without the guts wouldn't last long anyway.
Where are you going? Uh, I have to be getting home.
I'll come back tomorrow.
Think he'll come back? That'll be the last we see of him.
And I was going to make a fighter out of him, too.
What's up, Ippo? Oh, nothing.
It's just that I was looking forward to getting lots of juniors to coach.
Sorry to hear it.
Look at that, Ippo.
One's coming this way.
Good show! He's got a lot of gumption.
Undoubtedly, he wants to join the gym because of my influence.
Okay, I think I'll take a look at the guy.
No, no.
I'll make a boxer out of him.
What are you talking about?! He came to this gym because he wants to be like me! I'll look after him! Now, dive into my waiting arms! Well, gotta go practice.
But you can't! He ran the whole course! Okay, so you look after him.
We're busy.
For crying out loud! You did a great job.
Looks like he got himself a great junior.
Is Geromichi still in the shower? Note: "Gero" means "Barf" Geromichi? His name is Naomichi Yamada.
He's 16, high school second year! He's a barfing Naomichi, so I dub him "Geromichi.
" Good name, right? Sure.
No sports experience, huh? With that height, he's a welterweight.
We'll be able to squeeze more outta him.
I'll leave a change of clothes here, along with the stuff in your pockets.
Is this a pass holder? Hey, what's up with you?! What's up? Ah-ha, so he's hiding something! Is it a picture of a girl? Without further ado I see.
Geromichi is an Ippo fan.
I envy you, Ippo.
When the main event features Takamura-san, it sure gets packed.
Do your best.
I hope all three of you win.
So you're here to cheer them on, too, Yamada-kun? What a coincidence we met at the entrance like this.
What? It's not a coincidence? I thought you would come here, so I watched for you.
Since morning? Yeah.
How are you feeling? Great.
You'll see! We'll all score by KO.
What's that skulking behind you? Uh, well, Yamada-kun also wanted to offer some encouragement.
Go on.
Go on, encourage them! Give It Your Best.
W-Well, do your best! That's no good.
You have to encourage them properly.
They're all nervous right now.
Oh, well.
Anyway, Yamada-kun, this is your first time backstage, right? Uh, yes.
Once you walk through this corridor and up those stairs you're in the stadium.
When you go through here, it's so nerve-wracking.
Do you see the blotches here and there? Can you tell what they're from? No.
They're glove marks.
Because once you've made it this far, there's no going back.
You tell yourself over and over to calm down.
With little thumps, like this.
But you don't have to be nervous right now! Oh, Ippo-kun.
Fujii-san! The Kamogawa Gym has a busy day ahead of them, huh? I'm sure everyone will win their matches.
I see, I see.
Oh, I'm glad I ran into you.
I'll introduce you to my surprise guest.
I don't need an introduction.
How's your right fist, Makunouchi-kun? You know about me? You're the hopeful who's been blowing away the competition.
Of course I know about you.
Ippo-kun, this is I know.
How could I not know? This is the Featherweight Champion of Japan Eiji Date-san! No matter what I do, it's the same I keep making mistakes What is truly important? Weary about what's under my feet I can't stop looking down When that happens Just look up Look far into the distance Find a new perspective from a different angle When walking down a narrow path, look up You'll find the world has a 360-degree view Champion.
What every boxer in his class strives to be.
A peak that only one person can stand on.
Faster than anyone.
More skilled than anyone.
Stronger than anyone.
It is unimaginable to fight such a person.
But an actual meeting with such a person in the ring is no longer so far in the distant future! The next episode is, "The Champ and I.