Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e37 Episode Script

A Thing to Strive For

Sagasou Kotae wo kikanaide Mitsuketai Girigiri no shobu de GET LIFE Jikan wa sonna ni naize Sorega START WAY I WANT THIS ONLY Sagashi motomeru Ano giniro no hikari no naka de Dareka wo kizutsukete Jibun mo kizutsuite Dakedo owarazu ni Tada oimotome Nani mo miete naikeredo WHY? Kitto konomama NO PAIN TRANCE CONTINUE NAKADAI Boxing Gym Got you! It's the corkscrew! I got hit! His left follow-up is coming! I have to raise my guard! I must raise my guard! What am I doing? I have to raise my guard! What? What happened? Sempai! Sempai! That was intense! Date-san scored a knockdown in a sparring match.
Yeah, but wasn't something weird about Makunouchi's movement just now? Did Date-san do something to him? That was flawless, Date.
The experiment is a success.
Yeah, although there's room for improvement.
Anyway, it was adequate for a trial run.
I feel a little sorry for Makunouchi having to act as a guinea pig.
Whoa! He got up! Ten seconds haven't gone by yet, right? S-Sempai! That was an amazing left.
If it hadn't been for the headgear, I wouldn't have been able to get up.
But the thing is, I knew a left was coming.
For all that it was like time had stopped for me alone.
No, I need to think calmly.
There's no such thing as a time-stopping punch! I must have been paralyzed as a reaction to something.
What on earth did Date-san do to me?! I'm ready.
Please continue! But still, Makunouchi-kun I need to burn more calories.
That would be a great help.
Hey, Date! This is a rare encounter with the champion! It would be too wasteful to let it end after something like that! Go ahead.
This isn't about winning or losing.
I came here to learn! He still has plenty of pep! I'm being led into a corner again! The corkscrew! This is the punch! I remember it up to this point! Where did he hit me last time?! This trajectory His target isn't my face, it's my body! I contained it! I'm wrong! It isn't my body! Date-san is aiming at my HEART! I can't move! I never knew.
When you get punched in the heart it totally paralyzes you! S-Sempai! That's Date-san for you.
Heart break shot! I've heard of this.
If a strong blow nails the heart bang-on you can momentarily paralyze your opponent.
It stops your heart, even for a second? What a dangerous punch! It's one of the most difficult of all the pinpoint blows.
If the speed, intensity, and angle of the punch are not aligned it's impossible to produce this phenomenon.
This technique is only possible through Date's control and corkscrew! I've started to grasp the gist of it.
Now all I need to do is Sempai! Are you all right?! D-Did you see that, Yamada-kun? That's an amazing punch.
I never imagined you could pinpoint the heart with a corkscrew to paralyze your opponent.
What an incredible guy! The deal was for three rounds, wasn't it? Please proceed! The bell rang.
Th-Thank you for the fight.
I really learned a lot today.
Please call me again any time! Well, I'll be going now! What was that all about? He got knocked down six times but he left like there's nothing wrong.
When he first got here, he was cowering with his buddy.
He learned to his shame that he was too inexperienced.
After all, not even one of his punches hit home.
And what about your secret, Date-san? You pulled out a punch that you wouldn't even show us.
Didn't you take that "hammer the nail that sticks up" proverb a little too far? Listen.
At Shigeyo Nagashima's professional debut match you know what Kaneda commented when he struck out all four at bat, don't you? But maybe I'm over-praising him by comparing him to Nakashima? I was wondering where you were going with that.
Shower Room Damn.
I can't lift my arm to wash my head.
Still, he made some great swings.
Ippo Makunouchi Japan featherweight class ranked 10th.
Six knockdowns in three rounds.
If that had been a real match, I would have lost by KO.
The champ really is strong.
I got a bit of a swelled head after taking the Rookie of the Year.
I really learned a lot.
Uh, Sempai! I knew something felt prickly.
I must have really cut up the inside of my mouth.
Are you all right? Don't worry, I'm totally used to stuff like this.
Sempai, you really are amazing.
Sempai I'm an easy target for bullies.
My family moves a lot and I'm always switching schools.
Besides, I'm the way I am so everywhere I go, I'm always everyone's errand boy.
When I saw you fight on TV for the very first time I was terribly impressed.
No matter how many times you fell down you would keep getting back up to fight back really strong.
I knew I wanted to be just like the guy on TV! I wanted to be strong like you! But after seeing Aoki-san and the others fight at that match and watching you fight today, I couldn't get over my fear.
I couldn't help thinking I could never be like you.
You're so strong that you probably have no idea where I'm coming from.
Has anyone ever told you you smell like a worm? Day in, day out, they told him he smelled like earthworms and kicked him once.
When he insisted it was lugworms, not earthworms they slapped him three times.
They poked at him every chance they got for 11 years from elementary school all the way to his second year of high school.
Eleven years?! Do you really know someone that miserable? But it stopped at the second year of high school? Do you mean that something changed then? He was able to do something he wanted and devoted himself to it.
And that was the end of the bullying.
He gradually paid less attention to things around him.
Before he knew it, the things around him had changed.
Do you mean he stopped being bullied? Yeah.
What on earth did he devote himself to?! Boxing.
D-Do you mean the guy you're talking about Yeah, although I really don't like remembering it.
That's ridiculous! You? Ippo Makunouchi with the punches of dynamite, was called a worm?! Takamura-san knows all about it.
It was nice of you to say you were my fan but you probably don't want to cheer for me now.
I'm impressed! I never knew! I thought that you had guts and muscles from the very beginning.
Please keep fighting.
I'll cheer you now and forever! Th-Thanks.
You're the hope of every bullied kid across Japan! G-Great.
I don't know whether that's something to be happy or sad about.
Well, I have to be going now! Uh, Yamada-kun? Yes? Let's both keep fighting.
Right! I wonder if I sounded anything like a role model? Yamada-kun complimented me on my strength but I still don't fully understand what true strength is.
Date-san probably knows.
There's still a world of difference between us but the next time the next time we fight I'll be more! Hello! Hey.
You had a tough time yesterday, huh? Oh, did Yamada-kun tell you about it? - No, Takamura-san did.
- No, Takamura-san did.
- What? He says you got knocked down ten times in one round.
You fainted and he had to carry you all the way home? I already got the full deal from Takamura.
I never thought you'd be a match for him, but Oh, well.
It was a good learning experience.
Y-Yes, sir.
It was a good learning experience, but What? KAMOGAWA Boxing Gym My punches are dynamite! KAMOGAWA Boxing Gym Ippo got here sooner than I planned.
I was going to grab him first and make him go along with my story.
I hope he hasn't spilled what happened yesterday.
Yo! Oh, Takamura-san.
You had a lot of trouble escorting Ippo yesterday, huh? Ooh.
He hasn't spilled the beans.
So, he's finally learned to play along.
Well, the little guy gave it his best, sure but look who he was up against.
What was that for all a sudden, you old geezer?! So, did you keep your date? You finked me out! Be quiet! Step into my office! You'll pay for this, Ippo! Come back here! He must've gotten dumped.
He wouldn't lie otherwise.
Oh! That reminds me.
Did you see this, Ippo? Will the Japan Featherweight Champion EIJI DATE return the title within the year? Will the Japan Featherweight Champion EIJI DATE return the title within the year? R-Return the title? Does that mean that Date-san won't be champion anymore?! If he defends his title a few more times, the title will be returned and he'll fight as a world ranker.
So, he'll take the fast track to world ranking and then take on the world.
You lucked out.
If you rise in the ranks without a hitch, he'll just be leaving.
It'll make the belt easy pickings.
It can't be like that! I can't fight Date-san? But I have to! What do you mean? He just put you in your place yesterday.
It has nothing to do with winning or losing! It's not that.
I hear what you're saying, but You need a higher ranking to do anything about it.
This can't be.
I thought I had a new goal to strive for.
Oh? Where's the chief? He went out to chase down Takamura-san.
What? That young shit.
He's horrifically fast on his feet when he wants to be.
Chief! We just got a phone call from Nakadai-san.
What? Does he want another sparring session? No, it's a request for Ippo-kun to fight.
Who's his opponent? Keigo Okita.
I know who that is.
It's the guy who was standing next to Date-san yesterday.
Last year's All-Japan Rookie of the Year.
If I win, I'll become What should we do? Chief! Please accept it! I would like to fight that match! But he's a powerful enemy, and there's hardly any time to prepare.
Time? Okita-kun's opponent for the semi-final is blank, do you see? Semi-Final Featherweight 10 Rounds Keigo OKITA vs TBA The scheduled Filipino boxer suddenly couldn't make the trip.
In other words, this match is in one month.
That's rather sudden.
Wouldn't it be hard to fine-tune for it in time? Huh? What? Kid, what's your current weight? All right.
Yagi-chan, we're going to accept that challenge.
Should we be making that decision so easily? Someone with a higher ranking went out of their way to nominate him.
It doesn't get juicier than this.
It's settled! Stop standing around and do roadwork! Yes, sir! What are you doing?! That means you, too! Yes, sir! Don't you think it's unreasonable to get him into condition in one month? Don't worry.
The kid ran his legs off for the three months he couldn't use his fist.
He's always kept fully prepared to climb into the ring.
But Okita is a powerful boxer.
If he loses In his case, he's built to lose more momentum losing a goal than he would if he lost a match.
The look in his eyes has changed vastly since he sparred with Date.
His willingness to take the Okita fight is probably his way of furthering his challenge towards Date.
It's a path he was bound to tread sooner or later.
The kid has already taken his first steps towards the highly-contested featherweight front line.
Hey, Okita! Yes, sir? We just got an answer from Kamogawa-san.
He says they accept.
I see.
What's wrong? Keep going.
How's that? Good rotation.
It's hard to get near you through that.
However, that won't stop Makunouchi.
Why did you nominate him? After watching that sparring session, I felt like challenging him myself.
I know you're not a stupid boxer who can't tell there's more to him than that.
I did it because I watched you spar with him.
I don't want to say any more.
All right.
I won't ask.
I won't run from his power.
However, there's a definite gap.
How do you think this would fare against him? I will win.
Count on it.
Today's Semi-Final in the Featherweight class of ten rounds is about to begin! Still, do you think he perfected himself in just a month? He was in good condition when he sparred with us.
No, that's not where the problem lies.
If he wins this, Ippo will be able to line up with us.
Aoki, you're in 5th place, and Kimura, you're in 4th.
Oh, well.
I can't be expected to understand how it feels to be overtaken by one's junior.
He always goes for the guts.
Go, Ippo! Take down that lousy 5th ranker! What? What? Listen, don't get distracted by his boxing career.
He's sure to use subtle techniques.
Attack him at your own rhythm.
Yes, sir! I can't lose this.
If I don't hurry, I won't be able to fight Date-san! I can't take the long way around.
Champion how's Okita-kun doing? He's a boxer with good sense.
He's completely duplicated your boxing style.
And his strong point is that he will fully utilize his knowledge.
Although that's something you can't do with power alone anyway.
Don't underestimate Okita.
I'm sure this will be an interesting match.
Seconds out! In that sparring session why did you use a punch you kept secret on a guy from another gym? Did you find him more useful than me though I'm in the same gym as you? I joined Nakadai gym because I looked up to you and caught up to you, all the way to 5th ranking! It's no joke that I'm useless to you now! I'll never accept that! Never! If I beat this guy, I'll be ranked fifth! I have to win and challenge Date-san! Box Oops! They begin the jabs without waiting for the referee's signal! The two fighters are already making fireworks! To start, I need to control the pace! I can't let him get control of the pace! I need to hit first! It's a battle for control! So the first attack is key! He's using straight infighting on Makunouchi.
I got a body blow! I can't let him hit me! He's fast.
If that's the case, I'll hold him back and strike from above! I stopped him! What?! Now! Right! There it is! Makunouchi's power blow that sends them flying, guard and all! All right! We have control of the pace! Whale into him! His punches aren't as powerful as Sendo-san's! I'll go forward prepared to take a few hits! Don't pull back.
Oh, my! This time Makunouchi's guard is blown away! Okita hammers an intense right straight! Th-This punch! It's a corkscrew! Just like Date-san's! Nani wo yattemo onaji yoni Nando to naku machigai wo kurikaesu Nani ga honto ni hitsuyo na mono? Ashimoto kinishite Shitabakari miteshimau Sonna toki wa, hora Ue wo muite miru Tooku wo mite miru ltsumo towa chigau kakudo mitsukete Semai torimichi kao wo agetanara Ranking.
Something that was originally set to act as an order of priority of challenge rights towards the champion.
At present, lower ranked fighters can become challengers if the champ nominates them.
But it's a sure thing that the possibility of a challenge grows the higher your ranking is.
That's right.
5th ranking is much closer than 10th to the ring where the champion awaits! The next episode is, "Two Rookies of the Year.