Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e43 Episode Script

The Speed Star

Seek without asking for the answer I want to discover in the match on the edge GET LIFE not much time is left That is the beginning I WANT THIS ONLY I will continue to seek In the midst of that silver light I may hurt others As others may hurt me But it doesn't end there Keep seeking single-mindedly I still don't see anything WHY? But I still keep seeking NO PAIN TRANCE CONTINUE KAMOGAWA Boxing Gym All right, that's enough.
Thank you, sir! Right.
A bit of inactivity hasn't dulled his power blow.
So, what shall we do about the A-Class Tournament? His punches haven't weakened but he hasn't done nearly enough sparring.
I'm sure his match sense has dulled down and we haven't come up with a game plan to fight Saeki.
Ow Are you all right, Chief? The kid hit me with nothing but right body blows.
Body blows?! Hey, kid.
Yes? Are you all right, Chief? Little fool! I'm not wimpy enough to be swayed by your punches.
You used an awful lot of body blows, so it got to me a little, you see.
I'm sorry.
Nah, that was a good way to hit.
Do you think so? I imagined myself doing jabs while moving clockwise to intercept him at that point like this.
Who moves? Who moves clockwise? Uh, that's So it's your best try at forming a plan of attack against Saeki.
Well, yes.
But I definitely need more practice.
Um In the meantime, you appear to be making rapid preparations.
Your plan of attack against Saeki is right on target for now.
However! If you're going to use it, get in the ring intending to win! You're taking part in the A-Class Tournament! Yes, sir! A-Class Tournament List of Boxers Featherweight Entry No.
4 Ippo MAKUNOUCHI (Kamogawa Gym) Japan Featherweight Ranking No.
5 Height 164 cm Weight 57 kg Reach 167 cm Fight History So, he came back.
NAKADAI Boxing Gym Good afternoon! So, they already started sparring.
How's Saeki shaping up, Okita-kun? He's fast.
Even Date-san can't catch him.
I guess that's the Speed Star for you.
Good! Damn.
Hmph! When all's said and done, I failed to catch you.
I was seriously trying to avoid that.
Speed before style, huh? You're my least favorite type.
Least favorite? I'll take those words as a compliment.
He's a hateful little bastard.
He won't use more than Would it have been more fun to make him go all out? Speed Star.
He isn't going to be an opponent you can beat by ordinary means, Makunouchi.
An opponent that's hard to fight? Yes! Kimura-san, you I mean To an outboxer, what kind of boxer is most difficult to fight? Good question.
The type of boxer who charges forward relentlessly like you is easy! But the most difficult opponents are those with better footwork than yourself.
They always get ahead one trick at a time so you can't get your rhythm going, you forget your pace.
At any rate, it's hard going.
Someone faster than yourself? I'm going to continue now.
Oh, sure.
That would mean that if I can move faster than Saeki-san Is he trying to outbox? Sempai.
Knock that off, you tone-deaf freak! You're screwing up my rhythm, too! I'm sorry! You can't do it! Give up! Toyo Athletic University Yo! Oh, Saeki-sempai! Good afternoon! Well, you guys are as lively as ever.
This brings back memories.
Saeki, you bastard! Thanks to you dropping out we were slaughtered in the university meet! You're looking well, Captain.
So? What's it like being a pro? As I recall, this white part of the glove was your excuse for quitting amateur boxing.
You didn't like how hitting it scored the same points as a knockdown.
It's all well and good to compete with techniques but I found it lacked something.
Did you get what you wanted in the pros? What can I say? The professional guys sure are great! They have murder in their fists.
They strike at you risking their lives, their souls in every shot.
I dodge their punch by the skin of my teeth and in the next split-second, I make my punch.
That dog-eat-dog instant, a mere hundredth of a second is so great I can't get enough of it.
So, you chose the path with the most thrills.
- Let me use that a second.
- Let me use that a second.
- Uh, sure.
You can't just leave this to strength.
You need to use momentum.
In other words, your spring.
Like this! Holy cow! The secret to Saeki's speed is his extraordinary 'spring.
' There can't be many who can keep up with your speed, even in the pros.
You probably can't get the thrill you need if you can't get hit.
I get my thrills.
Especially with my upcoming opponent.
He's the man with the most powerful fists in Japan Featherweight.
I'm counting on you, Makunouchi! Give me that special thrill you've been holding back! A week till the tournament, huh? Did you formulate some kind of plan? Nope.
Petty tricks and fast cramming never pay off.
You got that right.
Whoa, Ippo! You've gotten pretty good at that, haven't you? Well, I've been studying sense of rhythm nonstop the best I can.
Maybe fast cramming has its own measure of success? No.
Hey, Ippo.
Can you throw punches with a backbone while maintaining that speed? I knew it.
A professional can see right through it.
Once I put my hands into it, my rhythm goes all over the place.
If I can see that, Saeki will see through it, too.
I guess petty tricks are no good after all.
That was an exercise in futility, Ippo! Sempai, I don't think it's a futile exercise.
Yeah, me neither.
If I can get closer to Saeki-san's moves and rhythm I might realize something.
Do you mean, to know thine enemy? Then let's try it again! I'll practice with you as many times as it takes! Yeah.
I'm going to punch you.
It's difficult to do with you staring me in the eye like that.
I'm sorry.
All right, I'll narrow my eyes.
That's even worse! Huh? Is something wrong? Uh, no It's just that I felt like I just got a hint.
KONO General Hospital Boss! Oh, Umezawa-kun.
Are you alone? Huh? What are you hiding for, Ippo?! Mom! Go on! Um, congratulations on your recovery! Oh, my.
This is wonderful, but I think you're making a big deal of it.
That's true.
But Umezawa-kun said I HAD to, so This is a day of celebration, so a bouquet is to be expected! Do you think so? More importantly, Boss What? Are we going to bring it out now? Well, you see, I had a lot of time on my hands while I was here, so Here you are.
Wow, trunks! Did you make these for me?! What do you think? They're way better than your old ones, don't you think? I'm responsible for the design.
Thanks! They're so cool! Fishing Boat Rental MAKUNOUCHI The name of the store's on them! That's right! You are a fighting advertisement! What?! Don't you dare fall.
That wouldn't be good PR for the store.
You're kidding.
And this is from me.
Are you sure? Shoes are so expensive.
Let me do this much.
Right? Thank you both.
I can't return the favor, but I'll do my best in the upcoming match.
What do you mean? At least promise us a KO! They're probably worried about me because I haven't trained enough.
I caused everyone a lot of worry because of what happened.
I'll try hard.
I'll give this match my very best.
I can't promise a KO because Saeki-san is a powerful opponent.
But I swear I'll win! How did it go? Perfect.
The weigh-in went well, too.
Still, they all look like they're out for blood.
It means that the fight is already under way.
Featherweight is next.
Go throw some fear into them so they don't take advantage of you! A-All right.
I'll give it my full concentration.
That's right.
The fight has already begun.
I can't let them take advantage of me! Oh, it's Makunouchi, who's got eight consecutive KOs.
He's kind of testy, isn't he? I know you're ready to take down all comers but there's no need to stare down guys from different weight classes.
S-Saeki-san! You're Makunouchi-kun! I'm looking forward to fighting you.
Oh! Ippo's facing down with Saeki! All right! Give him the evil eye! P-Pleased to meet you! Why are you acting shy with the opponent you're supposed to intimidate?! Is this it? So this is the fist that conceals a wealth of destructive power.
I see.
I heard you were inactive for a while, but how's your condition? Don't tell me you injured your fist or something.
Uh, no.
I'm completely fine.
Don't worry.
I see! So you're okay! Then hit me with everything you got.
With everything, okay? "Hit me with everything you got"? Does that mean he'll dodge everything? I don't have confidence.
I didn't get enough practice.
Will I be able to hit the fastest man in Featherweight with my punches? He's restless.
Not being able to take part in training camp is affecting him now.
The kid is the type to gain confidence from repetitive training.
So he feels pressure from his lack of training? Especially because he's up against a tough customer.
Will I be able to hit him? Will I be able to hit the Speed Star? Chill out, kid! Flopping around like a headless chicken won't help you.
Yes, sir.
He's right.
I have to concentrate and quick.
A staffer will call on me at any minute.
Excuse me Umezawa-kun! Whew, that's a relief.
You're in here! I've never been in a place like this, you know.
It made me nervous.
Thanks for coming! I invited the boss to come along but she says she doesn't want to watch.
Huh? Oh.
Anyway, I thought I'd get a picture of you in all your glory to show her.
Come on, make a pose.
Huh? L-Like this? Oh, that's good! The trunks and the shoes look great.
Okay, cheese! What do you have to push to make it do that? I'm sorry! Hold on, I'll put in a new roll! Makunouchi, please enter the stadium.
We're going, kid.
Right! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to get you flustered when you were concentrating.
Maybe I shouldn't have come.
Watch me, Umezawa-kun.
I'll keep my word! Umezawa, if that's your name, I'm grateful for your help.
P-Pardon? Go for it, Saeki-sempai! Makunouchi's nothing to fear! We've been waiting for this! Makunouchi, make it another KO! Sempai is really popular.
Well, it's due to the reversal KOs every single time.
I believe they're moved by the struggle of the little guy.
They sure are whooping it up.
I guess that's to be expected of the most anticipated match.
Are you here on reconnaissance? That's petty, old guy! Don't say that.
Newbies have been awfully tough of late.
So, who do you think will come out on top? Let me think.
Beats me! However, they all have a chance.
Technique, speed, destructive power.
All of them are excellent in each category.
For now, I'll enjoy the show.
This match featuring the man with the strongest fists in Featherweight versus the fastest man will be something to see.
You got it, don't you? Overpower Saeki's moves with right body blows.
What about your plan to use footwork? Want to test it out? I won't use footwork.
The match is six rounds.
I can't possibly catch him with my footwork.
If I can't follow him, I'll wait for him! Your aim is good.
However, if you mess up the timing he'll make you into a sandbag right where you stand.
I'll give it everything I've got! He's different from the guy I met at the weigh-in.
So he's switched over from nice guy to bad fighter.
Looks like I won't be bored.
Seconds out! Now, this is the much anticipated match! Will it go to Makunouchi with his power or to Saeki with his speed?! The bell is about to ring! Hey, you! Sound out! Go, go, Saeki! Go, go, Saeki! It's gonna start.
Now the bell has rung to enormous cheers! Now, let's have a gander at the power punch you're so proud of! Saeki begins by establishing a distance.
Makunouchi doesn't move! Makunouchi keeps a firm guard and observes his opponent.
Saeki makes a lap around the ring centered on Makunouchi.
But Makunouchi doesn't move! What's the matter? Aren't you gonna try to hit me? The hint is my training with Yamada-kun.
It's difficult to work when someone's glaring at you.
I know it's simple, but I can put it to practical use! Stare at Saeki-san's every slightest move! Saeki looks like he's having a hard time of it.
That's because, to him, it feels more like he's being waited for instead of being watched.
It's a simple strategy, but it's effective! What are you doing? Exchange blows! Box! I can't be the first to make a move.
I must wait.
What's the matter?! We didn't come here to see a staring match! Saeki! Your opponent's got the jitters! He does not, I assure you.
If I go near him, he'll try to bite me.
But will he actually get his teeth in me? Whoops, Saeki casually strides forward.
What is this? This pose says "Fight me!" He is clearly trying to goad Makunouchi! And he goes closer Makunouchi, one-twos! He lashes out more! Saeki only defends! Saeki takes a powerful body blow with his guard and is blown backwards! Even the Cross Arm block doesn't absorb the impact.
He's good.
Once again Saeki establishes a distance.
Whew, that was freaky.
He likes to get up close on purpose to taste the thrill.
That's how Saeki likes to raise the tension.
He pushes himself to the brink to raise his concentration to the max.
And then, he'll gear up one by one.
He brought out the rhythm.
He's coming.
H-He's fast! He's coming to punch.
Now's my chance! He's fast! He's fast! Saeki's speed causes Makunouchi's punches to swing into thin air! The Speed Star demonstrates his specialty! I'm getting shivers.
This is it! I can't get enough of this feeling.
It's like Saeki-san is barely dodging on purpose.
But next time He's good.
Take a good look at Saeki's position.
He can't catch him by himself so he's getting help from the corner.
He's really using his head.
He's really something.
Now Makunouchi's moving! A left barrage! However, Saeki dodges! Dodges! Dodges and dodges! That can't be! Oh, my! Saeki escapes from the corner! He doesn't allow Makunouchi's fierce attack to make a single clean hit! He is definitely a Speed Star! Thanks.
That had its share of thrills.
That's ridiculous! No matter what I do, it's the same I keep making mistakes What is truly important? Weary about what's under my feet I can't stop looking down When that happens Just look up Look far into the distance Find a new perspective from a different angle When walking down a narrow path, look up You'll find the world has a 360-degree view Clever boxer.
A boxer who fights calmly using advanced techniques and his brain.
He will monitor not only his opponent but his own condition objectively throughout a match.
Just when you think you've caught up, he'll go one level higher.
I still don't want to give up! I still haven't shown everyone I made trouble for that I'm okay! The next episode is, "Blind Spot in the Ring.