Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e49 Episode Script

The Courage to Believe

Sagasou Kotae wo kikanaide Mitsuketai Girigiri no shobu de GET LIFE Jikan wa sonna ni naize Sorega START WAY I WANT THIS ONLY Sagashi motomeru Ano giniro no hikari no naka de Dareka wo kizutsukete Jibun mo kizutsuite Dakedo owarazu ni Tada oimotome Nani mo miete naikeredo WHY? Kitto konomama NO PAIN TRANCE CONTINUE Chief, what should I do? What should we do? Right now, the kid has no technique to avoid a combination of that magnitude.
Seconds out! The Chief is worried.
But if he doesn't say something, his boxer will become anxious.
Seconds out! Chief Kid.
Yes, sir! Do your best! That's it? That's all you're going to say to him? Yes, sir! The Gazelle Punch has been completely cancelled out.
And it was conceived as the finishing blow for this match.
Ippo has no way to stop the White Fang.
What should he do? Are you sure you should send him in with a little "Do your best"?! That's going to make Ippo-kun anxious! There are a hundred meanings to those three words.
If the kid can understand even ten of them It looks like he's still feeling the damage.
However, it doesn't matter how badly hurt he is.
He'll come at me as long as he's conscious.
That's the kind of boxer he is.
He probably intends to sit tight this round with a firm guard replenishing power to counterattack but, Kamogawa, it won't go your way.
Pry open his guard and don't let him get away! Round Three! I will take him down this round.
Now Volg leaves his corner.
He appears to be completely recovered from his previous knockdown.
On the other hand, Makunouchi's moves are slow.
Clearly he still has damage.
He's not trying to get away! Does he plan to intercept?! If you want to exchange punches, that's fine.
I will not hold back! I'm not clever enough to dodge an opponent like Volg-san for three full minutes.
The Chief told me to do my best.
That wasn't just said in encouragement! He instructed me to do my best as we practiced.
I got this far always believing in the Chief and won! This time is no different.
I'm sure you're getting hit hard.
You may fall down.
But do your best! Keep doing your best! You'll eventually see a light at the end of the tunnel! I'm sure there's something good in store this time, too! What do you know?! Makunouchi has no guard! It's a bullish pose that says come if you will! Does he want to switch to attack-only? Don't get excited.
It's only a pose.
He merely widened his stance to compensate for his inability to brace his legs.
Volg's uppercut flashes! Makunouchi sways hard! Pulverize him! Volg goes in! Is he going for the win?! Come on, hit me! Use a left-right barrage! As we practiced.
It's an exchange of blows! Go, Ippo! Don't let him out-punch you! He's being out-punched! He's not an opponent you can stave off with a firm guard.
However, he should still concentrate on self-protection to recuperate.
Kamogawa did you instruct your prized apprentice to throw away his life? You can't win if both boxer and trainer fall into desperation.
Volg rushes! Makunouchi can't touch him! He's completely groggy.
He's doomed at this rate! Oh! That's got to hurt! Stop! He's down! To your neutral corner! It's a standing knockdown! Makunouchi is down! One! Two! Three! Four! I can go on.
Where are you? Korakuen Hall.
What is your name? Ippo Makunouchi.
Good, you're fully conscious.
Box! The referee doesn't stop the match! It continues! Two minutes remain.
I can knock him down! Volg rushes! He's gone in for the game! Makunouchi is in a bad place! White Fang! He's fallen! He collapses easily to one hit from an uppercut! Makunouchi takes his second knockdown for this round! He fell before I could lower the upper jaw.
There shouldn't be any need for a countdown.
Chief, you need to step in! Your boxer is fighting on instinct alone! If you don't stop him, he'll keep fighting until he dies! Instead of winning or losing, we must think of Ippo-kun's future! Throw in the towel! When I told him to do his best, he responded to me.
Loud and clear, too.
In every instance of this, he always pulled through.
He went along with the most difficult training without giving up.
How long are you going to rest? Back to the gym for mitt-punching! M Mitt Six! Listen! You can't reach Volg with technique alone.
Bridge the gap with strength of mind! Intimidation! Willpower! Intimidation Willpower Let me see your eyes.
He's in fighting pose.
But the damage looks too extensive.
Should I stop him? His eyes are still alive.
Box! The match continues! However, Makunouchi already has two knockdowns to his name in this round.
The next will automatically disqualify him for the win.
He has no more leeway! He saved the energy to get up again by avoiding the upper jaw.
But if I knock him down once more, it'll all be over! As we practiced As we practiced! Hey! Over here, Kid! What?! He can still resist?! Oops! A hook scores a direct hit on Volg as he dives in unprepared! So close.
He didn't step in far enough.
Step in faster! You aren't using the spring from your knees! Ridiculous! He hasn't lost strength at all! Don't rest! Barrage, barrage, barrage, barrage! Makunouchi launches a fierce attack! Volg can't punch back for sheer force! Has Makunouchi revived?! That's it! Like we practiced! That's the way, Kid! It's his final desperate struggle.
Oppose him calmly.
A left from Volg! Don't rest, don't rest! Lash out! Over here! Come hitting! Makunouchi doesn't stop resisting! It's another barrage! All right, good going! That's the way! Makunouchi recklessly punches, punches, punches! Six seconds remain! Keep going, Kid.
Keep going! Stop! Round Three is over! I'm shocked! Makunouchi evades a desperate situation with two knockdowns against him through marvelous perseverance! Chief Don't talk! You did a good job hanging in there, like we practiced! Your perseverance makes me feel lucky to be a trainer.
And that will always be rewarded.
The kid will undoubtedly turn pale in the next round.
It's amazing.
Really amazing.
Yes, Volg is amazing.
His strength is the real deal.
Y-You're the one who's amazing, Chief.
Nothing seemed to make any sense halfway through so I tried to do it like I was punching your mitt as we practiced.
And they hit.
My punches hit him.
It's so amazing.
You really do know everything, Chief.
Kid Why?! Why is Makunouchi still standing? I hammered many fatal blows into him! I can analyze his marvelous tenacity.
It's the spring from his knees.
His spring, full of flexibility and elasticity absorbs your power blows, allowing him to escape from them.
Absorbing my punches? That's right.
This means he reinforced an invisible part of him.
Kamogawa is an excellent trainer.
This is roundabout but you need to start by crushing his spring.
It's simple.
Hit him with enough body blows to make him lose control of his legs.
You will completely cancel out the Gazelle Punch.
He has no more weapons left.
Fight the match with a calm head.
Seconds out! Listen, Kid! Keep doing your best! Yes, sir.
If you persevere a little longer - Seconds out! - You'll eventually see a light at Seconds out! - Oh, stuff it! - Chief Just a little more.
Just a little.
Round Four! Now Round Four begins.
A moment ago, Volg drove Makunouchi to the point of knockout.
Makunouchi is hurting badly.
However, he rides it out on his marvelous tenacity.
Volg Zangeif only needs to decide how to serve him up! Whoa, a body-upper! What?! Volg has switched over to body attacks! Is this a strategy to squeeze out Makunouchi's strength?! Volg's left-right stabs into the body! This looks painful for Makunouchi! This is bad.
If this continues his heels will drop and his knees will stop doing their job.
Once that happens, he won't be able to withstand those power blows.
Volg's breathing was ragged during the interval.
To my memory, this has never happened.
Kamogawa, you and your boxer are superb.
If you'd only had an extra two years of experience together I would not have known how this fight would turn out.
It's been ten years now.
Russia had sent many top boxers to the world stage and I saw athletes with hidden qualities but never was impressed.
Until I met him.
I want to become strong.
I want to become strong because there is someone I need to protect.
I thanked God.
It was a rare encounter with talent.
There is no greater joy for a trainer.
I was devoted to bringing out and refining his talent.
He is my greatest masterpiece.
My life's work! A clean hit to the liver! Oh, no! Good! His spring is gone! Volg, above! Makunouchi can no longer absorb the shock! If you strike his face, he will fall! Volg goes in! He hammers a barrage, guard be damned! His momentum is so great, one successful punch will fell him! Makunouchi, what's wrong?! He's lost it! Is a reversal too much to ask?! He's doing his best, but it's hopeless! Besides, his health is at risk now! Kid, persevere.
Please persevere! Chief! It's only a matter of time before his guard is pried open! Just persevering is a downhill battle! Ippo-kun has no weapons left.
This isn't an even fight! Yes, he does.
He still has a weapon.
If the kid was a boxer with no more to him than destructive power he wouldn't have appealed that much to me.
I dare say that when I first encountered him I didn't detect an ounce of ability in him.
But that sorry excuse for a boxer showed me something.
A weapon that allows him to never lose heart and never withdraw whether he takes hit after hit to confront as many times as it takes.
A weapon called courage! The kid has a weapon that even the most excellent trainer could never give him no matter how long he trains him.
Oh, my! Volg finally pries open the gloves! Got you! Makunouchi parries with a body blow?! A right from Volg! I can't move my feet, but I can still punch! Body, body! Makunouchi doesn't give up! He delivers a barrage with his back still to the ropes! Keep going! You still have some life left! - Don't give up! - Damn, I'd love for him to win! Another right! He starts to falls forward! The range is too tight to rotate my back! However, it's a leaning body attack! I'm not through yet! As long as I can still lash out The Chief knows that there's something after this! If I keep at it, there will be something! Until I see what it is I'll never give up! The dangerous rope-side offensive defensive battle continues.
Even as he weakens, Makunouchi continues to resist! In the meantime, Volg wants to finish him off one way or another! I can still move! I can still punch! I can't believe how stubbornly he boxes.
Don't rest, Kid! You're almost there! Hang in there a little longer! What? What is he expecting?! What could he be hoping for in his half-dead state?! It connects! A right from Volg! Makunouchi has now stopped moving! This will work! Th-That hurt I'm lost.
I'm sorry, Chief.
I don't think we'll get to see what happens next.
Can nothing be done?! Now it's over! Whoops, he misses! What could have happened?! Volg's upper body is way off balance! What's this?! What happened? My body feels abnormally heavy! What is wrong with you, Volg? There it is! It's finally here! Kid, clench your fists! If you have the strength to clench them, take it and throw them into him! Volg's upper torso goes flying! It's a miraculous single blow! All right, now whale into him! I'll parry with a left! What? Duck right! What?! Why?! Why is he taking every shot?! He's out of stamina, that's why.
That's ridiculous! It's only been four rounds! You probably don't believe it but this is a professional boxing ring! Fighters are not protected by soft gloves and headgear here.
This exhausts far more physical strength than amateur boxing! The kid did not punch out at random.
He gave a dose of pressure with every punch! Are you saying the fatigue that we accumulated unwittingly showed itself all at once? Your fight I believed to be desperate was actually a strategy predicting this? It was the only chance of victory this old head of mine could think of.
It was a risky gamble, but the kid responded to it perfectly.
Volg retreats! Makunouchi summons all of his remaining strength for his hard-won opportunity! My body feels so heavy! I feel like I'm in somebody's else's body! Don't pull back, Volg! He'll take advantage of you! Volg also lashes out! However, was Makunouchi's barrage effective? His punches lack their usual sharpness! This might actually work out for Ippo.
Yeah! If he gets in one shot, he'll turn this around! Go for it, Kid! The fight begins now! Don't shield yourself, Volg! If you back off now, Makunouchi will get his wind back! It's turned into a fierce exchange of blows! However, neither fighter throws a decisive blow! That's because their punches have obviously slowed down.
However, they still have their Gazelle Punch and White Fang.
I have a feeling those big guns will sway the tide.
I agree, but Ippo's big gun has been completely blocked.
He's at a disadvantage.
Volg-san is starting to choke.
If I connect something big now, he should stop moving! He's bowed over.
He's going for a Gazelle Punch.
It's disadvantageous to continue this exhaustive fight.
I'll let him use his big gun.
I'll be able to stop his Gazelle Punch! I'll let him throw it and then finish him with the White Fang! Volg swings wide! Makunouchi goes on the inside! I can do this! Whoa, I know this pose! Now, come and get me! No! It's too soon! He still has power below the waist! The wide swing was a trap! I was framed! I can't! I can't use the punch like this! The moment you finish the punch will be your last! I can't stop! This is bad! This is bad! This is bad! Nani wo yattemo onaji yoni Nando to naku machigai wo kurikaesu Nani ga honto ni hitsuyo na mono? Ashimoto kinishite Shitabakari miteshimau Sonna toki wa, hora Ue wo muite miru Tooku wo mite miru Itsumo towa chigau kakudo mitsukete Semai torimichi kao wo agetanara Stamina.
The physical strength needed to fully fight a boxing match.
One round is a mere three minutes.
However, the pressure in your fists and the drive to knock down an opponent consume mental and physical strength at a terrifying speed.
I have to go forward.
This is a chance that finally came my way! Squeeze out every last drop of willpower and produce punches! This is the beginning of the true test of endurance! The next episode is, "Something to Convey.