Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e51 Episode Script

The Group Date

Seek without asking for the answer I want to discover in the match on the edge GET LIFE not much time is left That is the beginning I WANT THIS ONLY I will continue to seek In the midst of that silver light I may hurt others As others may hurt me But it doesn't end there Keep seeking single-mindedly I still don't see anything WHY? But I still keep seeking NO PAIN TRANCE CONTINUE Huh? Mom.
Where am I? You're in the hospital.
When the match ended, you came straight here.
Really? I'm sorry.
I must've made you worry.
You had me really worried but I'm glad you're awake now.
I'm sorry.
That's all right.
Worry about your own health instead.
Hey, he's awake! Come on, Takamura-san.
This is a hospital so please keep your voice down.
So, how do you feel? Oh They've been coming to see you every day.
Every day?! Um I'm sorry I made you worry.
I'll be fine now.
- Hey, is it time? - Soon now.
She's the punctual type.
Huh? What are they getting excited about? It's checkup time! Oh! Makunouchi-kun, you're awake! Y-Yes.
Thank you for coming every day.
That's all right.
It looks like his fever is down, so he'll be okay now.
Thank you so much.
Please relax.
He should be able to go home in a few more days.
So, they were only after a nurse.
Well, Makunouchi-kun, let's extract your urine.
N-Nurse, have you been doing THIS for me every day? Stand back, Reiko-san.
Okay, Aoki! Milk it out of him as usual.
- You got it! - As usual?! At first, it was scary because it was sooo big but I'm totally used to it now, tee-hee! I'll go do it myself! Why's he refusing our kindness?! I can't believe they played with me this far while I was helpless! TAKAMURA WAS HERE TAKAMURA WAS HERE Dammit Well, I'll come again when it's time for his afternoon checkup.
Hey, hey! How about that thing we discussed? Shh! The head nurse will hear you! The blind date party, right? When I told them their dates would be professional boxers, they got really interested! You mean?! It's a go! All right! Oh, and bring Ippo-kun along.
He's a cutie, so he's a hit among the nurses.
That means we'll have to make it the day of Ippo's release.
That makes us four.
As a precaution we should confirm the number of girls.
Leave it to me.
I'll make sure we add up.
I know! We have a junior nurse who's related to a boxer! I'll bring her because she'll have something in common to talk about.
Well, I'd better get going.
We're counting on you.
Looking forward to it, hons.
I'm glad the ink was water-based.
I'm not fully recovered yet.
Are you okay? Uh, yes.
I don't think you should be walking around just yet.
The girl at the bakery! It's been a long time.
Do you remember me? Huh? U-Um Actually I see.
You've forgotten about me.
N-No! You're Mashiba-san's little sister, aren't you? You remember me? Uh, yes! I remember you quite clearly, too.
I left her with a bad impression for sure.
She watched that match.
After that match, my big brother, he's been repeating "You'll see, Makunouchi! You'll pay for this!" over and over like a voodoo curse.
Makunouchi! Oh, but please don't let it upset you! I don't hate you because of the outcome of that match and I'm sure he doesn't hate you either! After that, he became extremely focused on boxing.
So, I'm now able to cheer for him more honestly than before.
Really? Oh, that's right! How did Mashiba-san's A-Class Tournament turn out?! Then he won?! Yes! Wow! He's awesome! I'm really happy to hear that! It's inspiring to think that he's doing well! - By the way - Yes? I wanted to tell you this originally It's just such a relief to see you looking so healthy.
It always worried me.
She said she worried about me and then turned bright red? No, no! I just about got reeled in by the usual short-lived elation! But is it possible? Makunouchi-san? Yes?! Your front is open.
Oh, so that's what she meant.
Fishing Boat Rental MAKUNOUCHI Two Days Later Fishing Boat Rental MAKUNOUCHI Two Days Later What? A victory-slash- hospital discharge party? Understood! I'll be right there! Sorry to keep you waiting! Oh, you're here! You're late, bozo.
I feel kind of bad having all of you get together for me.
Think nothing of it.
Today I'm the M.
I'll make sure everything runs smoothly! Thank you so much! So, where are we going? Well, wait a little longer.
Everyone will be here soon.
Sorry! They're here! We're late! I'm sorry.
It was difficult to get us all coordinated.
Don't sweat it.
We just got here ourselves.
Good evening, Ippo-kun! What's wrong? I see.
So you guys totally used me for one of your schemes.
Used you? You're wrong about that.
You're our wallet! The tournament prize money was 800,000 yen, wasn't it? Please, Ippo-chan? It looks like tonight will be expensive! Since you're the wallet, go along with it.
G-Good-bye! You won't get away! Forget it! I'm gonna buy Mom a massager with that money! Um, is it inconvenient for you, Makunouchi-san? Pay no attention to him.
Hey, isn't that Mashiba's kid sister? I get it! She's the girl related to a boxer! Oh, I'm sooo sorry.
It looks like Ippo's got a previous engagement! Huh? What?! Are you leaving, Ippo-kun? Uh, no Oh, well.
Let's have a good time among the rest of us! Come on, Takamura-san.
Let's go! Right! Well, let's go, let's go! A massager, huh? That's sooo precious! Aw, I'm so disappointed.
Be a good son to your mother, you hear? Oh, please! Takamura-san, enough of the dirty stories! I can't hear you! It's your own damned fault for being so overendowed! Oh, stop! Take that and that! You're awful, Takamura-san! Good going.
It was a piece of cake.
But what now? Takamura-san's idiotic stories will go on forever if we don't stop him.
That's true.
We have to start getting paired off quick.
If our types overlap and it turns into a free-for-all Takamura-san's going to use his biceps.
Leave it to me.
We'll settle this fairly with a game.
Wow, it's been forever since I went bowling! So, is it okay with you gentlemen? We ask out the girls in the order of who gets the best score.
What are you talking about? That's not funny! I ain't going for that! What's this? Are you chickening out? That's not like you, Takamura-san.
Fine! I'll take you up on that! All right, it's settled.
What's fair and square about this? Now I know why Aoki volunteered to be master of ceremonies.
Huh? He's practically a bowling master.
He was once known as "No-Error Ao-chan.
" No-Error Ao-chan? Keep your wits about you, too.
If you're caught in last place, you're going to hell.
You'll definitely end up pulling the old maid from the deck.
You're kidding.
What's your average? I've never played before! Right on! All right! She's cute! I'll do this! Strike! Right on! Good! And that's all there is to it.
They're all good at this.
All right, I can do it, too! Makunouchi-san, good luck! Right on! Take that! - How's that?! - Dammit! Not bad.
The guys are really getting into this.
You're really going at it! Of course we are.
Depending on the result of this game We'll either get heaven or hell.
I'm going next.
He's the definite dropout with nonstop gutter balls.
However, it will be impossible to catch up to Aoki in the lead.
You ain't getting second place! Oh I did it! I got my first strike! - Whatever.
- Whoopee.
All right! Three in a row! That's incredible, Makunouchi-san! I kind of got the gist of it.
Get real.
It's gotta be a fluke, right? All right! F-Five in a row.
This is absurd! I'm way out in front and you guys are both in second place with 155 points each, which means if Ippo takes down more than he'll turn around and take second place.
Really? Guess I'll give it my best.
Damn! He looks so damned laid-back.
Your one throw says whether we're going to hell, you know.
Makunouchi-san, this is the last one! Everything is riding on this one ball.
- Miss! - Miss! Heaven or hell?! - Miss! - Miss! GO! He wilted under the pressure! All right! So! Without further ado I will allow myself to be the first to ask out a girl! Damn it, which one? Reiko-san?! Megumi? Are you free after this? Boy, that sure came out of nowhere! I forgot he was a freak.
The game was pointless! Well, be seeing you.
Yeah, and take her right home! I'll see Reiko-san home, so you take care of Kumi-chan.
Make sure she gets all the way home! H-Home?! This is a rare opportunity.
Hit her with your best shot! Best shot? Well, see you later! Uh I bet she's bored.
I have to say something.
Um Yes! Thank you.
This is where I live.
Oh, really? Okay W-Well, see you later.
Nothing happened.
That's just how it is.
- Excuse me? - Excuse me? - Yes? Um, if you like would you like to come in? HUH?! Come in? Doesn't Kumi-san have no parents?! It's about time for Ryo to come home so won't you say hi to him? I forgot about her brother.
Please come in.
This is kind of embarrassing.
Your picture is hanging up inside.
What? Good morning, Ippo-kun.
That sort of stuff only happens in love-comedy sitcoms.
Ryo always looks at it to get himself in a fighting mood.
Oh, really? What? He isn't home yet.
Oh, please have a seat.
I'll make coffee.
Thank goodness he isn't home yet.
Wait a second.
That means We're all alone together! How many? Huh?! Oh, I'm 19! I mean how many lumps of sugar! Oh! I got it wrong, but I made her laugh.
Still she's unbelievably cute when she laughs! This is a rare opportunity.
Hit her with your best shot! That's what he said, but Is something wrong? Huh?! Not really! Could it be? Uh, no Are you afraid of seeing my brother? N-No, n-not at all.
You're kind of acting like you're hiding something.
N-No, that isn't the case.
Oh! Welcome back, Ryo! Just kidding! See, I knew it.
I'm not afraid! That's true.
You beat him in a fight, after all.
No, who knows what could happen if we fought a second time because Mashiba-san's flicker jabs are really amazing.
When we were competing for Rookie of the Year I didn't completely capture them.
But I'm also looking forward to seeing how far I can go in my current condition.
I think I'm getting a little carried away! Too carried away.
I'm sorry! I have no excuse! You're looking forward to it, huh?! Want to go at it right now? N-No, thanks! I'll be going now! Thanks for having me over! Honestly! He was waiting for you, you know! Didn't look that way to me.
Man, that startled me! I'll call it a day and go home and sleep.
It's so late I'll have to take a taxi.
Where should I go to catch one? Oh, thanks! I- I haven't done anything wrong! I didn't hit her with my best shot or anything! What are you talking about? I thought I'd at least talk with you.
We've both got title matches coming up.
I'm gonna take mine.
You take yours, too.
Is he offering encouragement?! Don't get the wrong idea.
I'm just saying that I get dibs on slaughtering you.
See ya.
That's right.
The next fight is a title match.
I have to start getting myself in motion soon! KAMOGAWA Boxing Gym Huh? That's good to hear.
So Reiko-san is coming to see your next match? Shh, keep it down.
If Takamura-san hears, he'll go ballistic.
I'm sorry.
I parted ways with her yesterday with only a promise in my pocket.
After I lost the tournament and the title match came to nothing it's like I found something to fight for when everything's up in the air.
Reiko-san is a great human being.
How did it go with you? Uh, well which is how it happened.
You can't touch her while her big brother is around! Did somebody mention a big brother?! Yeah, yeah.
Nice impersonation, buddy.
How dare you look so happy? How did you fare, Takamura-san? Stupid! It looks like Aoki pushed his luck and went out drinking but I went right home.
You're kidding, right? You don't get it, do you? What comes after the A-Class Tournament? The Champion Carnival! That's right! I doubt there's anyone left to jeopardize me, but I won't get careless for anything.
I won't let anyone have my belt! Looks like you finally feel some of a champion's responsibility.
Listen up! The date for the Champion Carnival is set! Middleweight is in late January, and Featherweight is mid-February.
This is not a wait-and-see kind of event! If you're going to do it, do it to win! Yes, sir! All right! We're gonna hang two belts on Kamogawa Gym! Yes.
I sure have nurtured a promising champion.
As your reward, I'll give you this.
It's this week's "Priday.
" You'll find something interesting in it.
Ooh! This idol bared all?! Y-You're right, it does have interesting stuff in it.
The next page'll make your mouth water.
You old pervert! You'll get me all excited! "The Japan Middleweight Champion Swings and Misses Late at Night" Yeah, I nurtured you all right.
Into a champion letch! Anyway Don't "anyway" me! I'm going to split open your rotten skull! Shut up! I am a champion! A scandal is proof of my fame! I don't want to be a champion like that.
Laugh at me! So what if I'm a champion letch? Laugh at me, please! Come to think of it, I wonder how Aoki-kun is doing? Good one! Aoki-kun, eh?! I'm sure he's at home crying from a broken heart! Oh, I know! Let's call him up to laugh at him! That's in poor taste.
How come I gotta be the one to make the call? Hello? Oh, I'm sorry! I got the wrong number.
Huh? What are you doing? Give me that! Still, it wouldn't be funny if he's the only one who got lucky.
With that woman? That would be more of a laugh! Hey, is this Aoki? It's ME! Oh! Please wait a moment! Come on, Aoki-kun.
He says his name is ME.
Come on, wake up.
Judging from the situation, it looks like she stayed the night.
Stayed the night? In Aoki-san's apartment? Which could only mean Yeah? It's me, Aoki.
- Anyway - Think I'll start practicing.
Huh? Hello? Hello?! This is Aoki.
Hello?! No matter what I do, it's the same I keep making mistakes What is truly important? Weary about what's under my feet I can't stop looking down When that happens Just look up Look far into the distance Find a new perspective from a different angle When walking down a narrow path, look up You'll find the world has a 360-degree view Japan Champion.
The strongest boxer in his weight class in Japan.
Boxers who starve themselves on harsh diets like it's expected.
Men with highly trained bodies and strong willpower.
Someone who stands above them all.
I came this far because I wanted to fight him.
I wonder how far the enormous difference in our skill has balanced out since we first met? The next episode is, "The Challenger.