Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e53 Episode Script

So That I Can Be Myself

NAKADAI Boxing Gym Oh, we've been waiting.
It's been a long time since you wore that.
Running with this on dramatically decreases my oxygen intake making my heart work harder which increases stamina.
Makunouchi is like a stamina monster, you see.
I have your lightweight and junior welter as you ordered.
They're two classes higher than you.
Maybe you should put on headgear.
Or maybe you won't.
Date sure is in good condition.
Although he's far from how he was six years ago.
Far? Rankers from two classes up can't get near him.
You can't win against time.
He's 29 years old.
He's one of the oldest active fighters.
He's starting to go into decline.
Decline? Recently, however, he's starting to look exactly like his old self from six years ago.
He seriously means to regain his peak condition.
And if he did regain it? Well, if that should happen Though he is the enemy, I will pity him.
I'll pity Makunouchi.
KAMOGAWA Boxing Gym Looks like you got your engine going.
Not really.
I'm just hitting at random.
Oh, yeah! Can I go to your place today? I only have video of him after his comeback at home.
Date-san retired once six years ago, right? You wanna see the match where the old guy takes on the world and loses? Yes.
I'm sorry to be a nuisance.
Your match is coming up soon, too.
Doesn't bother me.
I believe it was in the winter.
Winter? That would mean it's the December or January edition.
Oh, Date-san's in this one.
Japan Featherweight Title Match Eiji Date Takes Title at Six Rounds Wow.
It's from when he first got the Japan title.
Japan Featherweight Title Match Eiji Date Takes Title at Six Rounds He's so young.
He doesn't have the mustache or the scar.
Eiji Date Falls in Mexico This is it! This can't be.
How could someone like Date-san Two Rounds lose by TKO in just two rounds? You could say he was unlucky to face such a tough opponent.
But the world champ is a monster who still has no losses in consecutive defense matches.
However, I highly doubt the old guy found the champ that much of a challenge back then.
With the title "Unmatched in Asia," he cheerfully took on Mexico.
But ultimately he only stood in the ring for a little over four minutes, covered in blood to boot.
I'm sure it came as a huge shock to him.
For about four years boxer Eiji Date went nowhere near a boxing ring.
Has any of this been helpful? Uh, no.
I was a little shocked.
To me, Date-san is the one who looks like a monster so I can't believe he was KO'd in 2 rounds.
Well, you're lucky.
If he'd made a quick comeback 6 years ago he might still be wearing the world belt.
He had the ability and talent to do it.
You're suggesting he's in decline? He IS already 29, you know.
You can't win against time.
Is that true? That's exactly why it scares me.
So, how will you fight him? Date-san didn't have any weak points I could see and it's useless to come up with a plan against him.
But this title match against Date-san was my goal so I plan to use everything I've learned so far.
Because I am the challenger.
Brr, it's cold.
Hey, are you still here? I'm gonna close the gym soon.
Oh, right.
It sure is chilly this year.
It's hard to sweat so I'm sure it's difficult for you to lose weight.
We left Japan in mid-winter but when we got there, it was mid-summer.
Mexico, huh? It's impossible not to remember it at this time of year.
I don't want to remember it.
But once it gets cold, it starts to sting.
It makes the carved mark on my nose sting and it always forces me to remember.
Six Years Ago To remember the day I lost everything.
Six Years Ago So, how's the mask working for you? It's tough going! But the air is so thin in Mexico I have to bully my heart a little.
Hey, come to think of it, is there a phone near here? Not again.
You just called her a little while ago.
Can't you get into your training without hearing the voice of your beloved wife? Oh, shut up.
She's susceptible to illness enough as it is.
Now there's our unborn baby as well, so of course it bothers me.
It's hard to make a living on the title of Japan champion alone.
She's happy to work hard in spite of coming from a rich family.
Yeah, I really put her through hardships.
Aiko-san believes in you, you know.
If you take the World title, you'll be able to make her life easier.
You'll be able to embrace your child with pride, too.
Yeah, with pride.
It wasn't a blessed marriage but now everyone will approve of us.
Once I get the World title, her parents will approve, too.
I swear I'll become the champion of the world! Azteca Stadium, Mexico City Azteca Stadium, Mexico City This is huge! Everyone around us is the enemy.
I wish you'd calm down, boss.
You're getting swallowed up by the mood.
Why, you You're acting completely normal for your first World title match.
When it was time to leave Japan, I made a call to Aiko.
I was sure she'd tell me to win no matter what but all she said was to come home safely no matter the outcome.
I'll bring it back if it kills me.
That belt! I'm sure your broken nose will knit, but that might leave a scar.
Still, that was an incredible uppercut.
Cheer up! You're still young.
You can climb your way up again.
A chance will come your way again! It ended before he could do anything.
It's the worst way to lose, shock-wise.
Aiko I'm dying to see Aiko.
Yeah, that's it.
Get her to cheer you up.
You're starting over! Ishikawa Pediatric Hospital She got anemic from overwork.
She fell down the stairs and landed badly.
Fortunately, we saved the mother but the child was lost.
Why didn't you contact me? She firmly requested that you not be notified.
D-Date After that, professional boxer Eiji Date went nowhere near a boxing ring Three Years Later - Daddy! - Yuji! Are you still up? He tried his best to stay awake until Daddy got home.
You bad kid.
I'll make an exception and read you a picture book.
Whew, he's finally asleep.
Good work.
Aiko, it looks like the promotion is a sure thing.
It's the speediest promotion in the history of the company.
I guess a desk job has its perks, huh? What is it? Aren't you happy for me? N-No, I am happy.
Congratulations, sweetie.
Yeah It's that dream again! I'm wearing the World Championship belt and holding up a child in the ring for all to see.
It isn't Yuji.
It's the child that was never born.
That's unusual.
You rarely drink.
I couldn't sleep.
Would you like one? This takes me back.
Back when you were actively boxing and had a win we used to share a little drink together just like this.
It was a lot of fun back then.
How about now? I'm happy.
You've started to smile more than you did before.
See you later! Right! I'm happy.
It's okay.
This is good enough.
Eiji-kun, the promotion's gone through.
They could even announce it as soon as tomorrow.
Thank you so much.
I owe you for everything, Brother-in-Law.
I was nervous at first.
I didn't know whether a guy who made a living getting into fights could make it as a pencil pusher.
But you really worked hard.
Your reputation at work is great and above all, I'm sure Aiko is thrilled.
It sounds impressive to say you're a boxer but there's no guarantee of financial stability.
You have a family to support, so you have to cover your bases.
Yes What's wrong? Nothing.
I think I'm a little drunk.
Everything is going well since I retired.
The days that go by are peaceful and happy but Welcome home! You're home late.
Give me water! Wh-What's wrong?! I'm throwing them out.
Throwing them out? But why? Those are irreplaceable mementoes.
I no longer need them.
I don't need them anymore! No! Don't throw them away! Aiko? Even if you don't need them, I do.
They're precious memories to me.
That's why we don't need them! I'm always here with you.
Always with me? That's right.
You told me yourself that you're happy! Sweetie, haven't you realized? You haven't come back home since you went to Mexico three years ago! You got a new job and you worked incredibly hard for us.
Yuji was born and we had nothing but peace and happiness! But you aren't here! The mass of confidence and energy that was Eiji Date went to Mexico that day and hasn't come back! Aiko Do you want it to be like this forever? As the years go by, society will forget that you were a boxer.
But you can't forget! You'll live your life pretending to have given up on your dream! I'm okay with it! Will Yuji have to grow up not knowing what his real father is like? What his real father is like? If it's possible, I would like you to show him.
Show myself and Yuji and the child who was never born.
I might barely make it in time.
This is ridiculous! What are you saying?! I have no excuse.
Thank you for everything, Brother-in-Law.
Eiji-kun! What does Aiko say about it?! Eiji-kun?! He had great ability but when he lost, he quit just like that.
Isn't there anybody out there with backbone? I-Is that you, Date? Boss I'm gonna need your help again.
My help again? So that I can be myself.
I'm making a comeback! He reclaims the Japan title! After the second match since his comeback the great Eiji Date is back! The Present That boy is really strong.
You can tell? Well, yes, after having to watch him every night.
He's 19, isn't he? He's young.
He has power.
It could get messy if he uses force.
We got a phone call from the Chief the other day.
He said to consider training camp.
Yeah, I plan to turn it down.
He says that strength will be key in this match and that it's difficult to be sure with gym work alone.
It's all right.
Does it bother you to leave us home alone? It's not like it was back then.
Yuji is growing up healthy and there's nothing wrong with my health either.
Still Go on, Sweetie.
When you come back, nothing will be missing ever again.
February Champion Carnival Champion Mamoru TAKAMURA vs.
Atsushi TAMAKI - You sure about that? - Beats me.
Champion, you're over the limit.
That's ridiculous! He was losing weight steadily at training camp! You don't sweat in winter.
Takamura-kun controlled it to the point of overload, but The re-weigh is three hours from now, right? It's only another 200 grams.
I'm okay by myself.
A piece of cake? That's a lie.
It's straining Takamura-san to keep his weight in Middleweight when he's originally a heavyweight.
It's brutal even if it's not in winter! Hey, Ippo.
Have you ever thought the ranking method was silly? Just look at it.
You have first ranking, but a champion is still above you.
If you're in first, it's weird not to be Number One.
Do you know why? I never stopped to think about it.
Being the champion means that you're the king just as the name suggests.
You're special! No matter how bad his condition when he gets into the ring the champ has a God-given power to keep it together.
Watch my match with your eyes peeled.
I'll show you the power of a champ! Right! The king is special? T-Takamura-san?! Room A You passed the weigh-in by the skin of your teeth.
When you do your warm-up, make it relaxed.
Conserve your strength.
Champion, it's time.
Let's go, Takamura! Right on! Takamura-san! I came here to offer my encouragement.
Even the powerful Takamura is going to find it a tough match.
Please he'll be fine.
I know Takamura-san can do it.
He said that champions have a special power.
Special power Then he'll win for sure! Those are the words of a man who understands what it means to be champion.
Tonight, Takamura's punches will be heavy and he will not fall, no matter what.
And that also holds true for you and me.
Your fists are light.
You'll need to do better to defeat me.
What? My fists are light? I get up again With my wounded body Tomorrow's the only way to go If that's the fate of the human race I will grab tomorrow with my only hands Even if I can't deal With my long, long life I don't want to mistake the place to live With the place to die I can't help myself Dreaming the same dream Overweight.
To go over the weight limits of a certain weight class.
To pass the re-weigh, you must lose the extra weight over a ridiculously short period of time.
A defense fight in an incomplete condition.
The situation is overwhelmingly against him but Takamura-san will win! After all, he said that a champion has a special power! The next episode is, "Fists of the Champ.