Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e61 Episode Script

Comeback Anxiety

The 232nd Dynamic Gloves Event Japan Featherweight Class Li Chang Pil VS Ichiro MIYATA Japan Featherweight Class No.
1 in Korea Li Chang Pil Round 3 Time Remaining 2 Min.
42 Sec.
Overseas record 11 matches, A triumphant return with unprecedented scores.
Naturally, I anticipated he would be a lot stronger now but he's entirely different from the time of the Rookie tournament! What's going on? Li keeps going forward and Miyata seems to be one step behind.
Then how'd Li get all that damage? He's falling apart.
Caught him! He's fast! He got in a counterpunch! I feel like I'm fighting an afterimage.
It's useless to chase after his type! I'll bulldoze him into the ropes! Now he can't escape! This is bad! Go around him, Miyata! What the heck was that?! I thought he was the attacker! He's writhing in agony! Li cannot get up! Ichiro Miyata, in 3 rounds makes his homecoming with a flawless KO victory! Korakuen Hall All I can do is sigh.
A monstrous guy came home, huh? Date-san! Ultimately it was a one-punch KO but it was completely different from yours or Sendo's.
A normal knockout body blow occurs from repeated damage.
I wonder why the young bloods in featherweight are all so damned spunky? I totally agree with you.
Watching Sendo-san's fight got me excited but this time I felt a chill.
You really have your work cut out for you.
Since you won't get to the top until you get past all of them, huh? N-No, I'll give that task the best I've got.
Anyway, the date's set for my match.
I'm fighting an American ranked fifth in the WBA in August.
Fifth in the world?! If I win, I will aim for the world title.
I'm gonna reach the summit one step ahead of you.
That's amazing, Date-san.
The world? But I guess that's to be expected of you.
Are you still in hibernation? Pardon? Y-Yes.
I've resumed training, but I can't have a match yet.
Everyone else is in gear, so if you sit around watching the paint dry, they'll forget all about you.
I really don't mean to be so idle, but I feel like I'm being left further and further behind.
KAMOGAWA Boxing Gym Good afternoon.
What's wrong? You look really serious.
It's about last night.
Last night? Oh! Wasn't Miyata-kun totally amazing?! A body-counter KO! I've never seen anything like it.
Wrong! Yagi-san is back from overseas.
What? Did Yagi-san go overseas on vacation? It wasn't a vacation.
He went to look for opponents for our comeback fights.
All three of us have matches.
What?! He's set the dates for your matches? I'm jealous! Wait, did you say all three of us? I have a match, too? Yeah! We're having a triple comeback in July in the Hall! Let's sock it to them, eh?! Yeah! Yes! I'll finally be able to catch up to Miyata-kun and the others! So, who are we fighting? Apparently they're boxers from the Philippines or Thailand.
I doubt he'd set us up intentionally with losers so it's probably safe to assume that they're tough.
Which is fine by me.
I'm itching for a fight.
Let's give it our best! Incidentally who's gonna be the main event? A-After you, my seniors! I'm just happy I get to fight at all.
- Which means, I'll have to - Which means, I'll have to It's too much of a burden for you.
Leave it to me.
Give it your best, Mr.
Curtain Raiser.
What? Gonna do your froggie jump for the main event, you moron?! Once I say I'm doing it, I'm doing it! It's me, got it?! Don't fight over something so petty.
Looking at it priority-wise the experienced title matcher Ippo will be the main event.
However, you also have to look good as his seniors.
We'll settle this fair and square.
Kimura - Aoki - Ippo Kimura - Aoki - Ippo You're okay with this order, right? Right! Listen up, this is a one-shot deal, no complaints! Right! Curtain-MAIN EVENT-Semi-Final Right on! I did it! I did it, I did it! I did it, did it, did it! The semi-final.
The horror.
Hello, Tomiko? Guess what? The date's set for a match in July, but I can't really say it out loud, but I'm going to be the main event! Uh-oh.
I think the curtain raiser overheard me.
You're dead.
What's this supposed to be? You fools! We don't decide the fighting order with stupid games on paper! The order is Aoki, then Kimura! The main event is the Kid! I'm the main event? I've gotta give it my best! It's true! Oh, Masaru? I bragged to everyone that you're the main event.
What? Naturally I'll be cheering for him ringside! Fishing Boat Rental MAKUNOUCHI Wow! So, you're the main event? No.
I don't worry about things like fighting order.
Anyway, I'm just overjoyed to be getting in the ring again.
That's just like you.
So, is your opponent tough? His name is Ponchai Chuwatana.
and he's third in Thailand Since most of his fights go full rounds to point decision and he's never had a knockdown, he's probably tough.
Probably? Do you mean All you know about him is his name and record? Y-Yeah.
Actually, we don't have any videos of him or anything.
You won't even know what he looks like until the day of the match? Well, I'm told that sort of thing is common.
It looks like I could get myself in the best condition for the match but I can't visualize him to shadowbox, so I can't get into it.
Hey, what do you think? Am I looking sharp? Looking good.
I could barely see that left punch.
I guess a boxer in the main event really is a class above.
I bet you're really popular with the ladies.
You sure look like "Mr.
Main Event.
" They're close to going ballistic.
- Kid.
- Yes, sir.
Let's get started.
Come downstairs.
Yes, sir! I'm finally getting special training.
I'll work hard to make up for lost time! There's no time to stare into space! The match is in only two months! There's a mountain of things to do! Yes, sir! I'll do my best! But, um Are you uneasy about the lack of information about your enemy? Yes.
If he's willing to come all the way to Japan you can safely assume that he's a capable opponent.
Th-That's true.
Training blindly only to finally see my opponent's true ability in the actual fight is all kind of What are you talking about? You both have the same handicap.
Your point of view will determine the content and result of the match.
The height you set your sights on will give you your answer.
The height of my sights? Listen up.
Your training menu is Excuse me, but what do you mean by the height of my sights? Just listen to me! In every match to date, you've taken too many hits.
It pleases the spectators, but it's only a matter of time before it takes out your brain or eyes! Your homework is to strengthen your defense! Strengthen my defense? We're switching your training to 30% offense, 70% defense.
It will be repetitious and dull, but understand that the better a boxer is, the more he can't afford to neglect it.
Rhythm, rhythm! Speed, speed! Come on, pick up the pace! Rhythm, rhythm! Speed, speed! Your weaving rhythm is slow! You were never out of breath before! You're completely out of shape from your time off! Run, run! If the fight turns into a long haul I can easily see you losing the battle! Don't let your guard down no matter where you are! Weave, duck! Run, run! All right, push me.
I want five reps of this.
P-Push you, sir? Up this hill? Snap to it! Yes, sir! Oh-ho, looks like he's really putting you through the wringer.
We're rebuilding the stamina I lost during my time off and training mainly on my defense.
Yeah, it's more certain that way.
Get two losses in a row, and look at Volg's example.
Slack off because you're Japanese, and the fans may go elsewhere.
Yes, you have a point.
Then you could forget about catching up to the old geezer or Miyata.
Hell, they'll leave you in their dust.
What is it? Uh, no The chief told me the content and result of the next match would be determined by the height I set my sights on.
When he said that, he meant my goal, didn't he? Ponchai is undoubtedly in a lower class than the old geezer or Miyata.
Losing is out, and so is having a difficult fight.
Fight to win for full satisfaction! That's true! Because if I don't, I'll never see my goal! Well, I know a couple guys who keep boxing even after the fans turned their backs on them.
Pardon? T-Takamura-san! What'd I do? They're already depressed about the fighting order, so please stop it! It's the truth, so what's the problem? Yo! Takamura-san, what do you think? Am I looking sharp? Looks like it slid off his back.
Huh? Well, when I called Reiko-san yesterday she said she'd come with a friend to cheer for me.
I mock anyone who gets bent out of shape over something as trivial as fighting order.
He's acting like nothing happened.
What's that face for, Ippo? Why don't we both get KOs? Let's see some enthusiasm! I just lost mine.
Come to think of it, where's Aoki? He went to see his girlfriend.
Oh, Aoki! You look so glum, she must've called you a liar.
It was for the best to let her down easy.
Apparently Tomiko stayed up all night to make this for me to add luster to the main event I'm fighting.
What do you think? Y-You're asking me what I think? Hey It-It looks great on you! Looking good, Aoki! You're one lucky bastard! Aoki! Aoki! Aoki! You think so? It looks good on me? Aw, shucks! I couldn't tell him.
It'd be too cruel.
Even I was tongue-tied.
I'm sure Ponchai is a powerful boxer.
But what kind of boxing does he do? I don't have enough information to even visualize him.
I haven't had many dreams like this till now.
I don't really know who I'm fighting against.
The pressure is incredible! He's fought 12 matches without a knockdown.
I bet he's an athlete with perfect stamina and endurance.
It'll take more than one or two big hits to knock him down.
But if I use lots of tiny barrages on him I could have a losing battle.
A barrage of power punches! That would What are you doing?! I'm sorry, sir! That many point decision fights mean he's good at prolonged fights.
He must also have dodging techniques.
Even if I refine my defense, won't he get the upper hand if it turns into a technical fight? I can't neglect my defense, but I need to work on my attack! Ouch! I'm home.
Hello, dear.
Supper is ready.
I'll have it later.
It's hopeless.
I have no appetite.
The intensive training has been really harsh lately.
Does it feel this way because I weakened during my break? I can't possibly win at this rate.
Am I gonna lose again? No way! I don't want to go through that ever again! I'm going to win no matter what! Chief, please teach me more attacks.
Come on, one-two! I can't win just by guarding! I don't ever want to feel that bitter inside ever again! Chief! - What's up? - What happened?! - Hey, he's fallen! - Chief! Call an ambulance! Hurry! Konno General Hospital He's suffering from fatigue.
He pushed himself too hard on the verge of a cold.
It isn't anything serious.
What a relief.
Is that all? I thought he took a punch from Ippo and bit the dust.
That's not even funny! Well, he is getting old, so he needs to rest for a few days.
We have to train, Kid! What? What are you saying, sir?! Please lie down! The match is coming up soon! I can't fritter time away in a place like this! Shut up, you old geezer! Ready for the Pearly Gates? - You're not allowed to talk tough! - Let go of me, you! Well, we'll be going now.
Please don't worry.
I won't skimp on my training.
Well, good-bye, Yagi-san, Takamura-san.
Take care of him.
Leave it to us.
Kid! Yes, sir? I fully understand how frustrated and anxious you are.
The pressure of a return match takes a big bite out of your physical strength and spirit.
I believed you would win the title match against Date.
Yes, there was a difference in power.
However, you definitely have the potential to make up the difference.
When I took that action When I threw in the towel all I had left was resentment.
Afterwards, I was full of regret, tormented by "what if.
" I didn't know what to do with my frustration and resentment.
Chief, it's bad for your health, so please rest for now.
I did take too many hits in that match.
The ironclad rule of boxing is Hit Without Being Hit.
I will watch my defense in my return match.
No! That's not what I meant! What? But isn't that why we were training for defense? Your strong point is and always will be your attack! If you try to do something clever like Hit Without Being Hit you won't be able to maximize what you've got and you'll freeze up! Our current training is a step to make you fight more aggressively than before.
The ultimate ideal is Hit Before Being Hit! Hit before being hit.
We are nearing an important fight.
Every second counts.
Get back there and train! Y-Yes, sir! Well, I'm glad it wasn't anything major.
The Chief hasn't had a break since the Champion Carnival.
The Chief was exhausted, too.
It's personal to a cornerman when his boxer loses.
He's just as disappointed as I am.
The Chief was more stressed over the return match than I was.
That's why he was training me so hard.
Hit before being hit? To put it simply, that's to take the initiative but in reality, it's horribly difficult.
I'd have to act in offense and defense almost simultaneously.
There's always a lag between attacking and guarding.
What can I do to fill that lag? What can I do? I shouldn't think of offense and defense as being separate! I must find a fighting style that combines the two a style that will guard as I attack and attack as I guard.
Once I find that I get up again With my wounded body Tomorrow's the only way to go If that's the fate of the human race I will grab tomorrow with my only hands Even if I can't deal With my long, long life I don't want to mistake the place to live With the place to die I can't help myself Dreaming the same dream Fighting style.
A method of attack and defense.
The top boxers perform the actions of offense and defense in a highly-complicated flow minimizing the time in transition.
I finally started to grasp a fighting style that utilizes both aspects! If I can make it work for real, I'll get closer to my ideal! I'll have to try it out without rehearsal.
But if I pull it off, I'm sure it will lead to victory! The next episode is, "Revival.