Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e63 Episode Script

Youth of Fire

Ippo Makunouchi 2R KO Comeback! That's so great.
The microphone incident got a bigger write-up than the actual win.
That's because it's unusual to see something like that in boxing.
Maybe I went a little overboard.
Still COMEBACK! I'm so glad I won.
KAMOGAWA Boxing Gym Yo! Hey, Ippo.
Aoki-san, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be resting? Nah, I didn't get hit that much yesterday so I thought I'd get some exercise.
Me, too.
I'm still itching for action.
You know how my fight was a real satisfying piece of work? Tomiko was so happy it really pumped up the vigor, you know? Anyway, everyone won in the Kamogawa Corps.
Happy times are here.
Is it so happy? Even though Kimura is hovering between life and death? There was a phone call to the gym.
He came down with a high fever after yesterday's match.
The doctor's given up on him, too.
I guess he took too many hits.
K K Kimura! Aoki-san! Just kidding.
But the part about the fever is true.
We're gonna pay him a visit! Kimura Flowers & Gardening - Good afternoon.
- Yo! Oh, hello! How's he doing? His fever is gone now.
Aoki-kun just tore through here, but it's nothing to panic about.
He always blows things out of proportion.
I don't know what to do with the guy.
Why, you How could you? It was merely a cute joke.
It wasn't funny! Um Guess I made everyone worry.
I'll be all right now.
He sure doesn't look all right.
Truth is, he's in shock 'cause Reiko-san is already taken.
He got his heart broken?! Shh! The double-punch of getting hit and the heartbreak resulted in his fever.
Um Wow, that's a really big fish! Isn't she a nice color? I raised her from a wee baby.
She's my pride and joy.
M-Maybe I'll give her some food.
Cheer up.
There are other fish in the sea.
I've figured it out.
Boxers don't need women.
We're hungry in spirit.
You think so? I don't think it's such a bad thing to give your all for a woman.
Guys who think like that are on the fast track to ruin.
The ones who fight for themselves are the toughest.
Oh? Then I guess you don't need these, huh? It's okay to do this to 'em? "Ooh, Taka-san! I luv you!" It's okay to do this to 'em? I have no attachment.
So, you're sure, then? No more attachment.
All righty, I'll help myself to the rest of the photos, too! I'll take 'em home and use 'em for stuff! Stuff?! Th-The fish! What did you feed her?! This is my fever medication! She's gone through the Pearly Gates.
- Reiko! My Reiko! - What's with the name? You're still totally hung up on her! What the hell did you guys come here for?! - Damn it, damn it, damn it! - Hey, I didn't do anything! Chill! It's my fault! Please don't fight! I can't! He's here because he was incredibly worried about you! I was not! Why would I worry about a slob like him?! And weren't you glad when he came to see you?! I was not! See? Kimura-san has a photo of you here like a friend would! It's not because he's in the shot.
It's me.
Don't laugh! Y-Yeah, it's rude! Is this all a plot to make me laugh myself to death?! But judging from this photo, you two go back a long way.
Unfortunately inseparable! What were you like? What were we like? He's trying to look good for the shot but he's a lousy biker.
And you were always fiddling with your sack! What's that all about? I guess you could call it a side effect of unsatisfied lust or youthful little prank.
We wanted some thrills so we'd go around together picking fights.
Really? So how did that lead to boxing? It's not uncommon for juvenile delinquents to turn to boxing.
Come on, tell me.
I guess it's been five years now.
We believed we were invincible back then.
Hey! I told you not to rev up that noisy thing in front of the shop! Shut up! It's the diner by the bypass.
Who are we dealing with?! Six bozos from North High! OK! I'll pulverize them! Right on! You sloppy driver! Shut up! Hello! Welcome! Kimura-kun! Aoki-kun! Who the hell are you? He's from our school.
I was wondering if you'd kindly release him.
Oh, it's you guys.
The freshmen babies who just entered South High.
I hear you're throwing your small weight around.
I see what you mean.
They do look real cheeky.
Hey! Are you ignoring me? Quit playing with your sack! These guys are nuts! Y-You're overdoing it! We're sorry! Would you stop?! Hey, we're apologizing! Damn it! We're outta here, Aoki! We gotta beat it! You always go way overboard! Heh! Hardly! Thank you! Call us again if you need anything else! See ya! How many times do you gotta do that?! Shut up! I hear they took out six guys in the blink of an eye.
Those guys are good! There isn't anyone around who can beat them! They're the invincible duo! You overdid it so much, people are talking about us.
You hear that? We're invincible.
It feels good to hear that.
Get your head out of the clouds.
What if it gets us expelled? Listen to me! I made it into high school by the skin of my teeth and my mom was real thrilled about it, you know? What about it? Get expelled? That'd be dandy.
That'd give me more of a reputation.
What do you want a reputation for? Do you have somewhere to go if you quit school? Think about consequences a little, would you? Who do you think you're lecturing? Masaru! Miyuki! We were just talking about you.
Aoki-kun, I hear you taught North High a lesson.
There are some cheeky bastards in West High, too.
Take 'em out for us.
Sure, leave 'em to me.
It makes me feel proud, too.
They'll only fawn over you for being tough until graduation.
I want to brag about something greater.
Something great the whole world will accept! I'm so irritated! Isn't there anything better to do?! OK, I'll take it to the edge! Too freaky! I really gotta stick to what I'm used to.
Hey! If it isn't Kimura! Kamiya? Is that you, Kamiya? I couldn't tell it was you.
Your hairstyle's changed since middle school.
I've settled down.
You sound like an old man.
I'm doing this.
Full contact karate, and my instructor is real strict.
But I've gotten stronger, and I think I could take you on right now.
Really? Are you still the other half of the famous Aoki-Kimura duo? It's a fatal bond all the way from preschool.
I guess it's fun as usual for you.
Hey, the duo who messed it up with the North High gang in the diner at the bypass Yeah.
That was their bad.
Apparently they're looking all over for you guys.
And they've taken on a powerful helper.
Helper, huh? But I guess I don't need to worry about you guys.
Well, see you later.
Fun as usual, huh? Yeah, but don't you have to worry about retribution when you caused such a scene? Yeah, North High is supposed to be full of bad guys.
I kept quiet about it but I heard that they got themselves a tough helper.
Helper? That's fine by me.
There ain't a man alive who can beat me.
H-He's from North High! He took him out of the blue! I'm Aoki from South High.
I've decided to take out anyone from North High on sight.
Tell your schoolmates to be afraid.
He's as crazy as ever.
Nobody could withstand a high-speed attack like that.
H-Hey, he's getting up! Oh? You want some of me? H-He's huge.
You piece of He squashed him with one head butt! Why, you! Stay back! This is mano a mano.
A Judo back throw?! No, don't! It's too dangerous! Aoki-kun, break free! A throw-away German suplex?! No, Aoki slipped out of the grip! That's why he's also taken damage.
You gotta be kidding.
I told you not to blow smoke in here! Aw, shut up.
Oh, hello.
Are you friends of Tatsuya's? Damn.
They've got reinforcements.
These are pretty flowers.
Aren't they? That type blooms in fall What are you doing?! Shut up! You bastards! You won't laugh this one off! I'm sorry about the commotion.
Please forgive me! Are you okay, Kimura-san? Oh, yes.
Aw, what a mess.
I'm gonna kill them all.
Say that to me one more time.
Let's not do the retribution thing.
It'll only ping-pong back and forth and escalate.
Besides, neither of you are in any shape to fight.
Do you want them to stay on top like this?! If you want to do it that bad, go ahead and leave us out of it.
You bastard! You're gutless! Hey, you punks! What do you think you're doing?! SCHOOL COUNSELOR I'll quit just like you want me to! SCHOOL COUNSELOR I'm not attached to this dump! What do they mean, voluntary?! Pieces of shit.
M-Masaru! It looks like this because Hurry up and get out of here! I never did like her.
What is that?! You should have given it to her! I was smitten with her.
I was proud of her 'cause she was such a babe.
But she was so beautiful I always got too nervous and I could never do anything.
Next time, choose a woman who's plain enough so you won't get nervous.
So, what are you gonna do now? You harped about consequences, but we're both expelled.
For now, I'm going out to wreak havoc.
They humiliated me so much, I can't let it go without retaliating.
Winning or losing comes second.
'Cause my blood is boiling with anger.
Same here.
I'm gonna find that monster and slay him.
I ain't just gonna back off.
Imanishi North Private High School We're Aoki and Kimura from South High! Anyone who remembers us, come on out! We're checking faces! Come out, or we're coming in! Make it snappy, losers! See the guy who did you? He ain't here.
This is too much trouble.
I'm gonna take 'em all out! What is that guy doing? Hey, Miyata! Sorry about the wait.
You're late, Takamura-san.
You didn't make any trouble, I hope? I just went in to deliver my notice of withdrawal.
You know the Chief asked me to police you because you always make some kind of trouble.
You and the geezer worry too much.
I quit school clean and simple without messing up the joint.
Now you can concentrate on being a pro.
Ooh, what's that? Takamura-san! The Chief is waiting for us! He can wait for a few minutes! You, you, you Let's hurry back to the gym.
Aw, two guys are getting lynched.
Still, are those two responsible for every guy on their back? They have way too much energy.
What a waste.
Hey! You're the guy from the arcade! What the? This isn't a show.
Takamura-kun! Taka mura? D-Do you know him? It's not like I really know him, but Uh, w-we're sorry! We had no idea you knew him.
It It was his fault! Well, it doesn't matter who's at fault.
Just leave the punishment at that.
E-Excuse us! We already got satisfaction! Let's get going, Takamura-san.
Wait This isn't funny.
Are you feeling big thinking you helped us? How about it? We just got expelled from school.
And now, is our war over in mid-fight? Everything I do is so half-assed it's not funny at all! He's mine! I really wanted to see you.
You're the guy I wanted to see! And I'm gonna pulverize you, believe me.
Give me a break, Takamura-san.
You're leaving without messing up the joint, right? Afraid not! When we last met, you got me with pro-wrestling moves but it won't go your way this time.
I've actually made this deal not to use my fists in street fights.
But I'll make an exception.
I'll fight you full-on so don't complain to me if you die.
His build is something to reckon with! This dude must be involved in martial arts! He's a boxer.
I should add that he's a professional boxer with 2 matches, 2 wins, 2 KO's.
That's why he won't use his fists in street fights.
A professional boxer? Cool.
Takamura-san, why do you have to use your fists on something this pointless? You know it's my job to step in and stop you.
These guys aren't getting enough.
Everything they do comes out half-assed so they never consider focusing on one thing.
They have no goals and they're always indecisive.
They need someone to take them on, no holds barred.
They're just punks, aren't they? I can completely understand how they feel.
You saw how Mr.
Punch Happy was playing with his sack? Yeah, so? In the old days I played with mine every day! You idiot.
Here it comes! Got you! A right straight deftly calculated for distance using the left.
I don't even need to start the count.
Boxing is definitely one of those combat sports that use standing techniques.
However, it has its weak points.
Don't bother, dude.
How's this for size?! A karate sweeping kick! I guess there really are guys as tough as monsters.
Looks like he's got nothing to do with the guys who ran away.
Want to call it quits? Well, we did get to rumble.
And I'm through with the North guys.
But he's special.
I ain't backing off after losing twice to him mano a mano.
He's out of your league.
One punch, and I'll be happy.
If I can just nail one punch into the bastard's face I'll challenge him as many times as it takes until that happens! Good point.
Tenacity is all we got left! Yeah! I get up again With my wounded body Tomorrow's the only way to go If that's the fate of the human race I will grab tomorrow with my only hands Even if I can't deal With my long, long life I don't want to mistake the place to live With the place to die I can't help myself Dreaming the same dream Clean hit.
An accurate and effective physical blow.
It is a major criteria for winning and losing in a match.
Boxers put years of study into the delivery of such a blow.
They practice and train to throw such a blow.
That is exactly why that blow is so valuable and the joy of such a blow is so huge! The next episode is, "Hot Rod Era.