Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e66 Episode Script

Mr. Takamura's Tears

Good, you're all here.
Don't beat around the bush.
Tell us.
If there's a way to double the number of punches we want to know about it, too.
To double the number of punches Kid.
Yes? Do this! Y-You mean a feint? That's right.
Is that all? Everybody uses feints.
In a sense it makes it look like you've thrown a punch.
But do you know what the most effective feint is? Effective? Don't you even know that? Killer intent.
Killer intent, sir? Killer intent is always conveyed to your opponent.
Even if it's a feint, if it's made with killer intent it will look like the real thing to them.
Take a look at the photos on the wall.
Those are very old photos.
Who are they? Me and Gen-chan, of course! What?! But you have hair! So you really were a boxer! He looks tough! Pipe down! It was shortly after the war Neko-chan and I were having one of our many face-offs.
In the final phase of the match I was dominant with a counter and Neko-chan had retreated to the ropes.
I was certain of victory.
He no longer had the energy to punch back! However I was sure I had seen him punch.
However, Neko-chan hadn't moved.
While I was still confused I experienced my first KO loss ever.
I saw it that time, and I realized that a feint with killer intent can be more effective than the real thing.
More effective than the real thing? I'm sure it's an incredible story, but I just can't visualize it looking at them now.
Well, thanks to that, I had Don't get big-headed when someone offers you a little praise.
I'm the one who beat you 3 to 2.
What are you saying?! Have you already gone senile, you old geezer? Who are you calling a senile old geezer?! I'll settle this right here and now! That's fine by me! Just a minute, both of you! Apparently it was actually but neither of them ever accepted the draw.
How many times has my mouth saved your butt?! - Your mouth always made things worse! - You're not convinced yet? That you can learn to throw invisible punches using killer intent? Yeah.
It still doesn't make much sense.
I guess I'll have to show you how it's done, then.
I won't hit you for real, so don't worry.
I'm ringing the bell.
Come at me.
The pressure is incredible.
Hey, aren't you coming? All right, I'll come at you! Takamura-san is going in at full swing! Looks like he's hitting for real to me! A hit from one of these huge swings could knock me out! Right! Left! Is the next one a right?! A left?! An upper! Block it! What the?! I thought it was an uppercut, but it was a straight! Left! A right? That's ridiculous! What's next?! What's going on?! This is really confusing! Gotta get away! He beat me to it! I'm toast! And that about sums it up.
That sums it up? Was he throwing feints? I didn't notice it at all.
There are two advantages to feints.
One, they have the same effect as a real punch.
Two, they make it easier to guess where your opponent will run.
It tricks them into dodging, thinking it's a real punch.
All you have to do is circle around to where they dodge.
But Come on, Ippo.
I understand the theory.
If it's possible to double punches this easily, we have to use it.
I'm going to test it out on you! Yo! Well? Can you see my Frog punch? Of course I can't! That was a bad example.
It is completely ineffective without killer intent.
Also, it's impossible to master killer intent overnight.
Like an animal in the wild you must keep all five senses fully honed at all times.
In the wild? There's definitely a wild feeling about Takamura-san.
And about Sendo-san.
It's not something you can just pick up.
You never were the kind of boxer to fight solely on instinct, anyway.
You're the type who builds up strength through accumulation of training.
You can increase your killer intent as you go along.
To do that you must train and train and train! Yes, sir! Where is everyone? The bath.
They're relaxing after a hard day's training.
The Chief sure is enthusiastic despite his age.
Man, this is revitalizing.
Still, I sure am shocked about those photos.
If it had been the right era they could've gone after the world title.
Shortly after the war, huh? You can feel the history.
Back then match intervals were totally unreasonable, I hear.
The legendary boxer, Piston Horiguchi has a record of fighting four matches in a single day.
The Chief is probably so strict because he survived that kind of era.
I see.
Instead of seeming strict it probably seems natural to him.
Looking at this brings back old times.
My feelings haven't changed since then.
I still feel the bitterness left from our draw match.
The feeling is mutual.
If a bell went off now I'd settle the damned thing right here.
Wanna try? Shall we? That was a pretty good bath.
We're out! Chief, Nekota-san? Yeesh, where are those old farts? Neko, Geezer! We're out! I reacted to the bell without thinking.
Your right cross hasn't dulled at all.
Oh, boy, let's turn in.
It happened decades ago but I guess the Chief and Nekota-san still can't accept it.
I can understand that.
I don't think my match with Sendo-san is over just like that.
It isn't over! Last 50! Once you're done, we're going running! Good.
Take five and we'll jump rope.
Damn it.
I can't stand up anymore.
Don't pause for a second! Throw them back-to-back! Your hits end too weak! - Don't drag your feet! - Yes, sir! Even the great Ippo doesn't have much force.
That's because he's at the peak of muscle-training fatigue.
Muscle training is kind of like planting seeds.
It takes about three months from planting to germination.
That's when he has the match with Sendo.
It's up to the individual how strong the sprout will be but it's also possible to try the Dempsey Roll on Sendo if he develops more power.
You want to duke it out with Sendo with this weak finish?! Don't make me laugh! He does that the moment Sendo's name comes up.
With his extreme concentration on the Sendo match plus the tenacity towards victory he learned in the Date match the Chief believes he has more than enough necessary elements to gain killer intent.
Another! You still don't have enough power to fight Sendo! Chop wood, then come back! Yes, sir.
Well, guess I'll jump rope.
Yeah, gotta train.
Good, let's go for another 10 reps.
W-Wait up for a moment.
I'm wiped out from the heat.
Takamura's stamina is inhuman.
Here! I'm afraid this training camp has fully perfected me.
There is no longer a man on this earth who can pose a challenge to me! Therefore whip me up a bear stew tonight to finish up the camp! Don't ask the impossible.
So, I guess the camp is ending.
Everyone's leaving tomorrow.
It's hopeless! I can't do it like Nekota-san.
No, you've made good progress.
No, this just isn't good enough.
I need to produce results.
You're more impatient than you look, Makunouchi.
To be honest, I feel rushed.
It's like no matter what I do, I can't finish it satisfactorily.
My match with Sendo is still a long way away but I'm full of anxiety.
You fought the Chief five times, right? How does it feel to have a rematch? Well It was the 5th and final showdown after 2 wins, 2 losses.
We fought with our eyes locked, without looking away.
I felt I would lose if I averted my gaze, you see.
You'd lose if you averted your gaze? There's no real reason for it.
But in the last round, when my left-right hook connected and I went in for the win If I hadn't looked at his eyes when I did I would definitely have taken his right cross.
I get it.
You can tell whether your opponent is desperate from the light in his eyes.
Oh, but I guess stories like this aren't too helpful.
No, it was incredibly valuable to hear! Well, guess I'll get things ready for supper.
Hachi! Hachi? Takamura-kun took him along.
He said he was going for his last round of roadwork.
What?! Is he carrying a bear-repelling bell? Oh, yeah.
Well I doubt he'll run across a bear that easily.
Actually, I did.
Hey! How the hell did your master train you?! Damn it, I'm in no situation to run.
There is only one way.
I have to fight it! It It's huge.
Scoop throw or overhand won't work.
I'll have to resort to blows.
Here it comes! It's fast! What destructive power! The strength of this thing! He's treating me like a child! And that consecutive attack! I can't see the surroundings! No! I have no time to whine.
It's do or die! You're wide open! Eat this! How'd you like that?! What?! My right punch My best shot doesn't work on it! I have no chance of winning.
I underestimated it.
I was arrogant to believe I could defeat a bear.
No! Like hell I'll cash out in a place like this! The peanut gallery in Korakuen Hall is waiting for me! They're waiting for ME! How's that? I got you with a counterpunch! It didn't work?! It did work? Is that your weak spot?! I'll risk it! Fall over! Fall over! Fall over! Fall over! Fall over! Fall over! Fall over! Fall over! Fall over! FALL OVER! I did it.
I did it! Yeah! I did it! Did you see that?! What?! Are you still breathing, you bastard? You, you, you Shut up, dumb Hachi! Huh? So what?! I was forced to fight for my life, too, you know! I ain't gonna show no mercy! Let's go, Hachi! I told you, it's true.
I KO'd the bear for dear life! That's a little hard to believe.
I'll bet you ran from it for dear life.
That's not true! I have a witness! Damn it.
You've got a match soon and you're a bloody mess.
What are you gonna do about this?! I'll fight the match.
So what if I got lacerated, gouged, and bled like a stuck pig? I'm saying you lack professionalism! I fought to save my life, you bastard! Not enough blood.
I feel dizzy.
Gen-chan, give the boy a break.
I was able to meet Takamura's request for the final night of training camp.
Request? Bear stew.
Incredible! You can't eat this in Tokyo.
It looks delicious.
That's downright thoughtful of you, Neko! I need lots of meat to replenish the lost blood! Thank you for the food! It's quite rich, isn't it? It has a unique odor to it but it's pretty good.
I couldn't care less about the flavor.
The meat is fresh, so it's packed with nutrition.
Fresh? Are you saying this was alive up until recently? When did you bag this? Well, actually, it was a complete coincidence.
I spotted a dying bear while I was climbing up the mountain.
I knew it was my chance! I leapt in front of it and bang! You brought it down with one shot?! Incredible! Boy, I wish I could have seen that.
Hey, did that bear have an injury to its forehead? Who knows? Maybe it did and maybe it didn't.
Did you happen to see two bear cubs nearby? Let's see, two cubs? Now that you bring it up, yeah.
I did recall seeing two cubs run from the sound of the gun.
You idiot! I spared its life and this is what you do to it?! What'll happen to the cubs now?! What?! I bagged it because you said you wanted to eat bear! God damn it.
Just look at what you've become.
If I'd known this would happen I would've finished you off instead! Looks like what he said was true.
Did this guy seriously defeat a bear? What's so What's so great about bear stew?! He's crying.
I can't believe it.
I didn't know he was an animal lover.
What's wrong? Isn't anybody hungry? Well, uh I'll eat it! Since it's already dead, the best repose is to eat it all up! Be thankful for this bounty, you bastards! Damn it Damn it DAMN IT! Thank you for all of the experiences.
I also enjoyed myself.
Take care.
- Yes, sir! - We'll be back.
I'll be waiting.
Well, that's over.
Boy, this training camp was tough.
Yeah, but this outing will be unforgettable for all its events.
Nekota-san sure looked lonely at the end.
It was probably a lively week for him.
Hey! It's Nekota-san! Hey, guys! Take care! Stay healthy! Thank you, sir! You, too, Neko! He probably hates being left behind.
He sure is peppy to come running after us.
- He's still following us.
- It's amazing.
I'll send you tickets to my next match, so please come watch! We'll see you next in Tokyo! How long are you gonna follow us, you old geezer?! Knock it off! You'll ruin your health, so go home and rest! So, you're lonely, too, huh, Hachi? It's been a long time since every day was so exciting.
I'm grateful to you guys.
Don't go and lose now.
Give it your best, Kamogawa Corps.
I get up again With my wounded body Tomorrow's the only way to go If that's the fate of the human race I will grab tomorrow with my only hands Even if I can't deal With my long, long life I don't want to mistake the place to live With the place to die I can't help myself Dreaming the same dream The gym.
A place where those who strive to become boxers gather to train.
Those with the same purpose get intensive training by fighting one another.
It's true that boxing is an individual sport but when I see my seniors fighting their hardest it gives me motivation to try harder! It gives me strength! The next episode is, "The Kamogawa Gym Swings Into Action.