Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e68 Episode Script

The Chief's Peril

A counter from Kimura! Nefuma oversteps his mark and totters back! Good, it was effective! This is your chance! Whale into him! He can't escape from rope-side! Rush, rush! The referee stops the match! The match is over! Right on! Kimura-san had a satisfying match.
From the looks of it, we can expect a lot from Aoki as well.
It's an explosive exchange of blows! Neither fighter backs off! Kumi, I can't watch! Don't be like that.
We have to keep cheering for him! I can't! Come on, you have to keep watching! This is bad.
His opponent has better punches.
Keep him at a distance! No, don't! Overwhelm his punches with numbers! Show your guts! Out-hit him with intimidation! Please cheer for him in my place.
Tomiko-san, I can't see.
- It connected! - That's the way! Good! Now Aoki-san is in charge of the pace! It's the towel! Aoki wins an overwhelming victory! Yes! He did it! That's amazing! He did it! Hey, don't do that! You have to keep watching! I-I'm sorry.
Well, that sure was amazing.
Very impressive.
That advice you gave him was right on the mark.
You really do have a good eye for boxing, Nekota-san.
Nah, I just sort of blurted it out, that's all.
It's been a long time since I've visited such a thrilling place.
He was still very accurate.
Boxing has been scientifically interpreted but ultimately it comes down to state of mind.
May I take the seat beside you? Sure, it looks like it's vacant.
Your seniors fought excellent fights, Makunouchi-kun.
Well, this is a purty young filly! There's more to you than meets the eye, Makunouchi, my boy.
Where are you from, Nekota-san?! Um, have we met somewhere? I came to your gym for an interview the other day.
You were too absorbed in training to notice me but I have an interest in you.
Huh? Tomiko! I won! Congratulations, Masaru! Did you guys see me?! Congratulations to you, too, Kimura-san.
Did you run into Ippo yet? That's all right.
I came here to cheer for everybody else today.
What are you talking about? He'll be glad to see you.
Let's see Is he over there? W-Want me to get him for you? N-Never mind.
The hall is still buzzing.
The guys boasted they'd drown out Takamura-san's match and they just might be right.
We'll see about that.
Come to think of it, that large bag we delivered to his green room what was inside it? Not so fast.
Just look forward to it.
Now, the challenger is fully prepped in the Blue Corner.
The throng of spectators presses forward for a glimpse of the fists said to have brought down a bear waiting expectantly for Takamura's entrance! It's a bluff! A man can't defeat a bear with his bare hands.
Yo! Now the champion enters! It's a bear! A bear's in here! Run! It'll eat us! Let me out! Everyone, please calm down! It is not a bear! Please calm yourselves! It's getting into the ring! What? Don't tell me It's Takamura! He got us.
I doubt anyone even remembers we fought now.
A bear He certainly did something unbelievable.
All right, all right! Now the party's started! So that's what was in the bag.
The bastard is mocking me.
This feels like a scam! I bet he lied about killing a bear! I had respect for you until now.
What are you doing pulling such an empty threat in a title match?! I'll put you to shame when that bell rings! Hey, look at that scar! It's from a bear! It's a scar from a bear's claw! It's a b-b-bluff! Don't lose your nerve! Yeah, but, sir It certainly is causing an uproar.
It looks like he got the desired reaction.
What do you mean desired?! I was totally against it! I only went along with it 'cause he said it was your idea.
What?! I was told it was your idea.
What?! That's what Takamura-kun said.
Enough gabbing already.
The bell's gonna ring.
Why, you Seconds out! That means you.
Damn it! Well, now this is only the beginning.
Now, the bell rings! Will Ito beat the most powerful champ in the land? Will Takamura crush him with his bear-killing punch? He brought it down with his right straight.
Will he try to finish it in under a minute? The challenger makes the first move! He moves in throwing lefts! The champion retreats slightly.
Rhythm! I'll make a rhythm with my left and seize the pace! He throws a pretty good left.
Good! Keep those arms moving! A left from the champion! However, the challenger also moves fluidly! It's a showdown of lefts! The fighters exchange lefts in center ring! It's an intense battle for control of the pace! What the? This is unlike him.
What's wrong, Takamura? Don't make wimpy left jabs! Pin him down with brute force! It's an advanced rush of lefts! But what's wrong with the champ today? His usual dynamic moves are nowhere to be seen! Ito's left is preventing that.
A left from the champion! He continues to score precision lefts! This is a textbook example, the kind of development pros like.
Takamura! Throw out a right, a right! You can't beat him with lefts alone! One-two! The champion calmly dodges them! Still, he sure is good.
The big guy is surprisingly good at the basics.
Another left! What's going on? He had several good chances to throw his right.
Left, left, left! The champion sticks to lefts all the way! Hey, his jabs are evolving Into straights.
Could it be that he's trying to? What are you doing?! That was your chance! Maybe you did lie about killing the bear! You gotta use your right! Your left can't do it all! You need more than your left More than Down! H-He knocked him down.
He only used his left.
He really did defeat him with only his left.
It means he performed according to the old saying.
The old saying? Those who rule the left will rule the world.
Seven! Eight! - So he did it with only his left to - So he did it with only his left to - Nine! Ten! To appeal to the world! The challenger cannot stand! Defeated by one left hand! He was pinned down with one hand! The champion Takamura scores a complete victory! He's really done it now.
Tell me about it.
Looks like I took care of him faster than I thought.
- Old man! - Yeah, what?! I honestly went overboard with the bear pelt.
I'm ready to be lectured, so say what you like.
Come on! Shut up! And get out of the ring already! How could I lecture him after that perfect match? Takamura successfully defends his title for the fourth time! Japan is too small for this champion! This was a fight to convince anyone of that! Five Days After The Match Five Days After The Match Good afternoon! Five Days After The Match Yo.
Five Days After The Match Hey, you're all here.
We need to start training soon.
Have you rested up? Completely.
More importantly, isn't Shinoda-san here yet? I want to do mitt-punching.
Come on! Is Nekota-san still here? He's been staying in the Chief's office ever since.
For five whole days? I'm ready for ya! Please think of your age, Nekota-san.
You'll get hurt.
I can handle a little mitt-punching.
Gen-chan's doing it, too.
The Chief does it every day.
It's fine! Do it for him.
A few punches will get him off your back.
Oh, all right.
Okay, all done! This isn't good enough for training! Hit full-on! Come on, whack it! Don't blame me if anything happens! Fine! Come on, one-two me! Follow with a left immediately! Gimme a body blow! Your guard is weak! - What's this? - He's not bad.
Again! All right, take a break.
Amazing! Kimura-san looks more tired than you do! Oh, I'm not that great.
The way you taught the combination was easy to understand.
Please teach it to me, too! Well I warn you, I'm strict! He's flawless.
It's been over 30 years since he actively boxed but that's Neko-chan for you.
This is great, since we're short on trainers.
Perhaps I should keep him around a little longer.
Well, I'm going out for roadwork.
Let's go, Hachi.
Hey, Ippo-kun! Tomiko-san, Kumi-san.
Is Masaru here? Yes, he's inside.
Um, I'll come with you.
You have something to say to Ippo-kun, don't you? Hey, wait Um, you're training right now, aren't you? Yes.
But it's just roadwork.
If you're not busy, would you like to come along on your bicycle? Sure! It's amazing.
Boxers, I mean.
They hold down other jobs in the meantime and work out until they're drenched with sweat everyday.
Mashiba-san is the same, isn't he? Haven't you ever watched him? He always tells me not to come along.
He won't even tell me when his matches are.
I check magazines and get my own tickets to them.
I can always tell when a match is coming up because he's so irritable.
It's really incredible.
He'll flip the table over.
The table? That does sound incredible.
That reminds me! Were you really at Takamura-san's match? Y-Yes.
If you would've let me know, we could have watched it together.
That's true.
What's wrong? You're such a popular boxer, it's hard to get your attention.
Th-That's not true! When I'm in the spectator stands, nobody ever realizes I'm there.
I wonder.
I suppose you're very popular with the girls.
I'm not, really! I've been asked for my autograph before but only by other guys.
Really? Yes.
All right, if I asked would you give me your autograph? You mean mine?! An autograph is just me writing out my name after all.
That would be fine! That's a promise now.
Uh, right.
Right on! I'll be the first girl to get his autograph! He repeats this hard training day in and day out takes a beating in the ring for all his effort and the salary isn't that good.
Is boxing really that attractive? There's still so much I don't understand.
Um Yes? Why did you start boxing, Makunouchi-san? Huh? Just curious! There are all kinds of other sports so I was wondering why you chose boxing.
The reason I started boxing? Well It's all right! It's because you like it, right? That was a silly question.
I'll go buy a sign board and a magic marker so please head back without me.
I'm back! Good afternoon.
Oh, Iimura-san! What brings you here? I have an interest in you, remember? Today I'm here to ask you a few questions, if you don't mind.
So, to date, which fight left the greatest impression on you? The greatest? That'd have to be the fight against Date-san! What? What? Is that strange? It was a little unexpected.
I was sure he would choose a fight he won hands-down.
Well, I guess it's like him to say that.
All right, the final question.
Why did you start boxing? What, again? "Again?" Uh, no.
I was just asked the same thing earlier.
Well, if you've been interviewed about it so many times there's no need to ask.
It wasn't an interview, actually.
I'm back, Hachi.
Oh that woman Oh, I forgot.
Could I get you to autograph this? What?! You might become famous someday.
Early autographs are very valuable.
I'm not that great! That's it, Makunouchi-san.
Please decline it! Don't be that way.
Just scribble it down.
Come on! R-Really? But you promised me! Be a man and turn her down! Actually, I'd rather not! Way to go, Makunouchi-san! Oh, don't be shy.
Hey, don't you think you're a little pushy? But it's really embarrassing to actually write it down.
Don't! Turn her down! I'm not used to this sort of thing, after all.
Don't! Don't! Japan Featherweight Ippo Makunouchi Japan Featherweight Ippo Makunouchi This is the best I can do.
Aw, shucks! I'll be back.
Bye! Well, now What is it? IDIOT! W-What's this? Three Days Later Three Days Later Left! Bring it back and strike again quick! Three Days Later It's a double left.
The textbook one-two is fine but this is a barrage at a different angle.
It'll score! Let's see You deliver the second shot to the body or other areas.
Nekota-san sure is a hit.
He's really good.
His teaching method is detailed and considerate and they are punches that thrive in real combat.
I'm too busy for anyone else when I'm taking care of the kid so it's a great help.
Day Twelve Next is a right! Day Twelve Like this! Put your back into it! Day Thirteen Like this! Put your back into it! Day Thirteen Day Thirteen That's right! Day Fourteen I can't hear you! Day Fourteen Yes, sir! It looks like he's getting more disciples.
Were there that many guys in our gym? You probably feel mighty confused having everyone latch on to him like that.
That doesn't bother me a bit! He holds review meetings every day after practice.
It's supposed to be good for improvement.
A review meeting? I never thought of communicating like that.
Day Sixteen Uh, nothing.
The trainees have been acting standoffish towards me lately.
Day Twenty What the? Say, how about some mitt-punching? Nekota-san, please help us with mitt-punching.
All right, line up and wait your turn.
Right on! It feels like I'm gradually losing my place in this gym.
Why is that? Does this mean that my method of guidance doesn't suit today's boxers? Come to think of it, I was too Spartan with them at times.
I always brushed them off and neglected communication with my boxers.
The review meeting? Perhaps I can use it to revise my methods.
They sound like they're having fun.
Gen-chan would always fall for a woman so quick! He acts real big now but when he was young he was out of control! Every time he was dumped, he'd force me to drink with him.
He was a real handful.
- That uptight Chief, huh? - What a surprise.
I wish you could have seen Gen-chan crying with his nose running everywhere We'll be going now, sir! Hey, wait for me! Now I remember.
You've always been like that! You'd use me to get everyone to like you! I meant it to be a review meeting but my tongue slipped slightly.
What do you mean, slightly?! You showed no restraint! I'd like to throw you into a special delivery box and have you shipped back to the mountains! I was jealous! Jealous, you say?! I'm jealous of you, always surrounded by young folks living life to the fullest in a city.
I was jealous.
Compared to you, I'm nothing but a hermit living all alone in the mountains getting older, just waiting to die.
Please forgive me.
No, I overreacted.
If you want to, you can stay here.
Gen-chan Special delivery! What?! I just said that in jest.
Who's the bozo who actually called special delivery?! - Me.
- What?! Rabbit Courier Rabbit Courier A special delivery guy I know was heading up the mountain Rabbit Courier so I decided to hitch a ride with him.
Do you have to leave so soon? There's a reservation for a group of college girls so I have to get going! What do you mean wasting away on your own?! The next time we meet, we'll settle it once and for all! That's fine by me! You take that title, Makunouchi! Thank you, sir! I'll give it my best! Take care! Summer is gone The 6th Dynamite Gloves Event Takeshi Sendo VS Akira Shigeta The 6th Dynamite Gloves Event Takeshi Sendo VS Akira Shigeta and now autumn is here.
The 6th Dynamite Gloves Event Takeshi Sendo VS Akira Shigeta I get up again With my wounded body Tomorrow's the only way to go If that's the fate of the human race I will grab tomorrow with my only hands Even if I can't deal With my long, long life I don't want to mistake the place to live With the place to die I can't help myself Dreaming the same dream Southpaw.
A boxer who fights with a left posture.
He puts his right foot in front and jabs with his right.
Because all of his attacks come in reverse it's hard to determine the right distance and timing.
But it's strange.
It might be hard going for someone fighting a Southpaw for the first time but why is Sendo-san's destructive power being so stifled?! The next episode is, "The Trap of the Southpaw.