Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e70 Episode Script

The Young Punk

Fishing Boat Rental MAKUNOUCHI Fishing Boat Rental MAKUNOUCHI Boss, where's Ippo? Fishing Boat Rental MAKUNOUCHI He's in his room, staring into space.
He hasn't come out since he got back from Osaka.
I wonder what's wrong with him? At any rate, it was just amazing.
His dash power in particular.
He didn't have that before.
Ippo, phone call.
Who is it? It's your girlfriend from some time ago.
Girlfriend? You know, the one called Kumi-chan! Yes? Yes! Hello, Makunouchi speaking! Excuse me for not keeping in touch! He behaves awfully formal with her.
Perhaps she's not really his girlfriend.
He is a late bloomer.
Um So, what's up? Uh, listen.
There's this thing that's been bothering me.
I need your advice about something.
Are you worried about something? It's not really a worry.
I don't know how much assistance I can be but please tell me.
I'd like to help! - Listen - Kumi! It's the patient in Room 202! What?! I'm sorry! I have to get back to work! What?! L-Listen! If you're free, can I see you sometime? Uh, no.
Just if you're really, really bored or something.
Sure! Right on! So, how's the patient?! He's being discharged tomorrow so he wants to thank you! That could've waited till tomorrow! Huh? I'm sorry.
I a-asked her out.
What? Good for you, Ippo.
"Tokyo Date Map" Good luck, Ippo.
I gotta get a cell phone.
Where should I take her? We went to the amusement park the last time, so SHITANO ZOO - Makunouchi-san! - Yes?! I'm sorry.
Did you wait long? Hello? Uh, no! I didn't wait one bit! This is good! This is the best! It's so big! Eek, he's so cute! Yes! I haven't been to the zoo in ages.
Not since my elementary school field trip.
Well, I was afraid you'd think it was too childish.
Not at all! I've actually wanted to come here many times but it would be a waste of time to ask my brother and there was no-one at home who'd take me, so Oh, yeah.
Kumi-chan and her brother don't have parents.
Hey, that monkey.
The jumping monkey.
Doesn't he look like Aoki-san? What? Hey, that's mean! I'll tell Tomiko-san you said that! Look at this! That one looks just like Takamura-san! He really does! Maybe there are other animals that resemble people we know! M-Makunouchi-san?! What's the matter?! That one isn't even funny! Still, I'm really having fun today.
Thank you for inviting me out.
Aw, shucks.
I should be thanking you for helping me to relax.
When a title match approaches I'm practically drowned in boxing every day.
Until the match is over, today will be the last day I can forget everything and enjoy myself.
A tiger.
It really does fit Sendo-san's image.
Don't lose your nerve.
I'll never lose.
I'll never lose.
I'll never lose.
Makunouchi-san? Makunouchi-san? I think it's dangerous to stand there.
What? Wh-What is this? It smells funny.
Caution! Tigers spray urine directly behind them, so please stand back.
Caution! Tigers spray urine directly behind them, so please stand back.
U-Urine? That shirt looks good on you.
D-Do you think so? Yep! That was horrible, wasn't it? I feel pathetic.
I bet you got distracted by thoughts of boxing back there.
And you said that today was the last day you could enjoy yourself until the match was over.
Uh, I couldn't help it.
I guess I'm being insensitive to think about boxing at a time like this, I guess.
What? It's all right.
It's impossible to ask a professional boxer to forget about boxing.
Only I got a bit grumpy thinking that you might always be like this so I felt like teasing you a little.
Did you say always? K-Kumi-san! Y-Yes? That was startling.
I thought my heart would leap out of my mouth.
Same here.
So, what were you going to say? Oh, nothing! I was curious about the worry you mentioned on the phone! It's not really a worry.
Was a signing board found in front of the gym the other day? With the word "Idiot" written on it? Oh, yeah.
There was! Wasn't that a horrible practical joke?! There was a fight over who it was referring to.
In the end, the blame was forced on Aoki-san.
I'm sorry! I'm the one who wrote that.
Do you have something against Aoki-san?! That's not what I meant! Before, when you promised you'd give me your autograph I selfishly thought that I would be the first girl to get your autograph.
But you went ahead and gave your autograph to someone else and I couldn't help it.
It-It's not a big deal! Besides, I think I must have been irresponsible with what I said.
What a relief.
Whoa, I love it when she looks like that.
So she was really looking forward to getting my autograph.
I see.
I see now.
Um Yes? This time, I'll promise you! Kumi-san, you'll be the first to get my autograph! But you already It will be my first autograph! As Featherweight Champion of Japan it will be my first autograph! I swear I'll win! OSAKA Candies SENDO MARKET Hello! Excuse me! Um, my name is Iimura.
I just phoned here a moment ago.
Maybe nobody's here.
If you want Takeshi, he's out running.
So somebody is here.
That moron forgot he had an appointment, didn't he?! I'm terribly sorry, but would you wait here a while? Are you the champion's grandmother? Please don't call him the champion.
His head will swell up so big, he'll float away.
Just call him "idiot.
" Um, since I'm here, may I ask you a few questions? Who, me? Yes.
Concerning Mr.
Takeshi Sendo.
I was told that Takeshi-san lost his parents when he was young and you raised him by yourself.
Yes, I meant to raise him with care but look at him now.
He's become a huge nuisance of a man.
That's not true.
He fulfilled everyone's expectations and became a champion.
That takes an awful lot of effort and willpower.
A thirst for victory similar to tenacity.
The courage to never back down.
I would be most anxious to hear how he was brought up.
It isn't anything extraordinary.
I would have preferred it if he turned out normal.
His father was a public servant, you see.
He found himself a good wife, which was a relief to me.
The wife died soon after the boy was born and his father was badly shaken.
But he refused to stay depressed for long.
He stated that he would raise Takeshi on his own and worked very hard.
A public servant? A firefighter.
However He did it to save a child Takeshi's age.
The child was saved, but He looked upon his father's soot-covered face and he watched the funeral proceedings without shedding a single tear.
He was probably as proud as any small child could be of what his father had done.
He stood straight and proud on the day of his father's wake.
He was admirable.
I always told him to be like his father.
To become a kind man who protects others.
When he was little, he had lots of friends and he was the king of the sandbox.
He was growing up normally until one day he came home all beaten and bruised.
Koji and Kaori were being bullied.
I wanted to help them but those guys aren't fair! They're in a gang of five, even though they're big! I couldn't protect them.
Granny, I feel so upset! The next day, he ambushed them.
- What's with him?! - He's got a bat! I'm gonna get stronger! I'm gonna get stronger so I can protect everyone! I'm gonna be strong, just like Dad! His success spurred him on.
Goro in class six, right? They robbed you? I'll get 'em back for you! Leave it to me! I'll keep you all safe! Honestly, where did I go wrong? He was always very strong so he became out of control.
By the time he got to high school he had grown into a full-fledged gang leader who walked with dozens of followers.
But he didn't bully the weak, did he? He was a delinquent for justice.
There is no justice in violence! Very true.
That makes sense.
Come on, buy some for me! Oh, shut up! Granny, give these brats some candy! I can't stand it! Takeshi! You're keeping the reporter from Tokyo waiting! You forgot your appointment! Hello.
Oh, yeah! I forgot.
Tokyo?! That means she's the enemy.
She's a spy! A spy! She's a spy for Makunouchi! Hey, spy! Listen up! Rocky isn't the same as he was before! How do you mean? I mean this! They're plain, but they're real effective! You idiot! Don't give away secrets at the drop of a dime! Ankle weights.
Try 'em on! It's real scary.
Oh, well.
I didn't mean to keep it a secret anyway, so go ahead.
You're kidding! They're so heavy.
Serves you right! I bet you can't move! You can't do it right away.
You gradually increase the weight over time.
If it's this heavy, it must be incredibly effective! Nah, I couldn't really tell.
It never clicked in when I was fighting Volg or Saeki.
The same goes for the last match.
Once I take 'em off it feels so light, I can't keep my feet on the ground.
And you became accustomed to it a little at a time? That's right.
It suddenly exploded in the third round.
You mean that dash, right?! That wasn't all.
I understood the different nature of punches between Makunouchi and myself.
The nature of your punches? Until now, I've been punching with my upper torso.
However, when I hit Shigeta I realized that the power from my entire body was riding on my fist.
That was the same punch I took from Makunouchi a long time ago! It isn't just a punch that smacks you up outside.
It goes right to your core and stays with you forever.
That punch is mine now.
Oh, yeah.
Wanna come to my gym? I'll show you something cool.
The Dempsey Roll counterattack! Otowa Boxing Society Otowa Boxing Society What? You have no counterattack?! Well, to be honest with you, the Dempsey Roll IS terrifying.
I doubt even Sendo could withstand that.
Not only does it combine attack and defense the technique maximizes Makunouchi's attack power.
However, we haven't prepared anything for it.
This sparring session uses three guys above featherweight.
Anyway, please write a good article.
That can't be.
Anyway, I'll have to see how confident he is to take on Dempsey without a plan of counterattack.
He out-punched him despite the weight difference.
Middle range sure is impressive! He's fast! He cornered him in the blink of an eye! He lowered his upper torso? No, he widened his stance! No champion has ever had this punching method.
Next, come on up! I'm grateful to Makunouchi.
And Volg.
Among fighters, he has more power but he gets out-hit at close range.
Why is that? It's the weight shift.
Smoothly shifting their weight from side to side allows them to put their entire weight into a close-range combo blow.
I realized to my despair the limitations of boxing that relies on arm strength.
After that, we did all sorts of training to make a stronger lower body.
And we acquired it.
We won't hide anything, and we won't resort to strategy.
It will be a head-to-head fight! Whatever he throws at us, even the Dempsey Roll we'll take it head-on! That is Sendo's boxing method! Actually, even if we did have a plan he's so dumb he'd forget it instantly.
I'm told that Makunouchi-kun also did lower body training at camp and is in such good condition that he scored Sendo would be thrilled to hear it.
He'd get that gleam in his eye, saying "Lemme at it!" Anyway, that's how confident we are.
With a quick dash to run him into a corner it will be too cramped for the Dempsey Roll.
That technique only becomes effective with forward motion.
Fighting head-to-head.
That is the ultimate way to block the Dempsey Roll.
Well? Did you find it interesting? Yes.
I thought so! But the real thing will be nothing like this! After all, I'll be fighting Makunouchi! It'll be a real blast to watch.
I think you're looking forward to it most of all.
That's true.
I can hardly wait.
I fully understand that you're confident.
However, he is still a dangerous opponent.
Do you have any other feelings, such as fear? I do.
Makunouchi has terrifying fists.
My greatest fear of all is the fear of losing.
But there's something that transcends that.
I suppose a woman wouldn't understand.
No, I doubt even other boxers could understand.
Maybe I'm a special case.
We traded punches that stung from the top of the scalp all the way to the toenails, over and over.
My blood boiled with every punch and I hit over and over, feeling my flesh dance.
In that fight, until I lost consciousness I felt like I was at the top of the world.
In all of Japan, Makunouchi is the only one I can fight with as an equal He is the only man who can make me feel that good.
And I get to pick up where we left off.
I can hardly wait! See? You can't understand it, right? When you get back to Tokyo, tell Makunouchi this.
The next match What the?! Is it a fire?! Hold on, I'll be right there! Hey, wait a second! What should I tell him?! Tell him that the belt isn't at stake in the next match! It's each other's pride! And that I'll be the last man standing! See ya! I get up again With my wounded body Tomorrow's the only way to go If that's the fate of the human race I will grab tomorrow with my only hands Even if I can't deal With my long, long life I don't want to mistake the place to live With the place to die I can't help myself Dreaming the same dream The championship belt.
The proof that you are the champion the strongest in your weight class.
It is a thing that every boxer wants to have and goes through incessant training to get.
But this time, it's different! There's more to it than the belt.
To me, the craving to match fists with that man is driving me crazy with anticipation! The next episode is, "Time For The Showdown.