Hajime no ippo (2000) s01e75 Episode Script

A Step Further

Become strong.
Become a kind man who protects others, like your father.
I couldn't protect them.
I feel so upset! I'm bored.
Isn't there anyone tough out there? I've become strong just as I was told to.
But I never understood what it means to be strong.
I'll get my answer when I defeat this man! Where did you get all those injuries? I want to become strong like you.
I want to be a new person.
How does it feel to be strong? I've fought all kinds of people since then.
I trained every day and I managed to gain confidence in myself.
But I still never understood what it means to be strong! I have to win to get my answer! Round 75 "One Step Further" Round 75 "One Step Further" Round Six is over! The fighters engage in a desperate fight in front of the audience! Their feet look understandably heavy! Surely they are fighting fueled only by willpower by now! What is this?! Neither man sits down! They are not taking their seats for the interval! What's going on? Don't tell me he's so tired that he won't be able to stand up again if he sits down? That could be part of it.
But most of all they don't want to relax their willpower by resting.
That's the kind of strain I see on their faces.
What's up, Makunouchi? You look way too serious.
Are you thinking the same thing I am? I can't move anything properly anymore.
The next round is it! I'm sure Sendo-san is thinking the exact same thing.
Neither of us is in any shape to try anything tricky.
I can't knock him unconscious with one-shot punches! I'll do it with my specialty punch, the smash! This is all I have the Dempsey Roll! Now the contenders leave their corners! How long will this desperate struggle go on?! Round Seven begins! I can't say a word to him.
Chief He wore the face of a guy prepared to end it this round.
I believe he will win this and come back to me.
But Oh, my! What is this? The crossed arm block! The great Sendo is in defensive mode?! I can't believe it.
He's so proud.
I know I know that the time spent exchanging blows with Makunouchi is like supreme bliss to him! Don't back away, Ippo! Sendo won't throw anything! I doubt that.
He's storing up.
He's storing up even the strength to throw a jab to score one strike in the opponent's windpipe.
He's aiming for that one shot.
He's finally going in for the final fight! He's definitely aiming for it.
Not yet.
Wait for it.
But this Makunouchi will also come at me with a finishing blow.
This is all I have! In the end, I'm sure he'll What's this?! It's the Dempsey Roll! The challenger makes the first move! Go! H-He stops it! I have a regret! In the end, I never found a way to make Takeshi Sendo retreat.
I never found the complete version of the Dempsey Roll! This is what I was waiting for! A smash! What's this?! A left from the challenger also stabs into the champ's stomach! They hit simultaneously! He knew he'd be blocked! Makunouchi predicted the smash as well! A right! Was it effective?! This is it! I'm at the end of my rope! This is my last chance! His eyes are still alive! Don't get a swelled head just because you saw the left punch coming! I still have the other I still have my right! Ma Makunouchi! Sendo-san! Stronger.
I'll get stronger and I'll and I'll He's down! To your neutral corner! H-He did it.
The kid came up with the completed version of the Dempsey Roll at the eleventh hour.
Liver blow Gazelle Punch and Dempsey Roll.
A selective three-step attack combining the blows boasting the greatest destructive power! He didn't merely stack up the three techniques.
He knit feints in-between the punches.
It's an attack using everything from his own experience and the results of training camp! - The countdown continues! - Three! - But he suffered overwhelming damages! - Four! Please get up, Sendo! Don't let it end this way! I wonder what it means to be strong.
To be strong I have to win to get the answer.
If I win, I'll have the answer.
He's up! HE'S UP! The champion! He leans on the rope and rises to his feet! That's enough.
You're no longer in any shape to fight.
Just stay down.
You can close your eyes now.
I won't I won't close my eyes.
I won't go to sleep for anything.
Does he still want to continue? He can't be serious.
Will he assume a fighting pose? His arms are coming up! Will it continue?! Will it end?! I can't let myself sleep.
The last time I blanked out I didn't remember anything.
No! Open your eyes! Look at him until the very end! I have to see it all! I have to see the face of the man who defeated me! Eight! Nine! TEN! The match is over! A new champion is born! He overcame the deadly struggle to reign as Featherweight Champion of Japan! His name is Ippo Makunouchi, age 19! - Kid! - Ippo-kun! There is a standing ovation for the new champion! - You did it! You did it, you did it! - It was a great fight that'll go down in the history of Japan Featherweight title matches! You're the champion! The champion! Ch-Champion? He actually did it! He really became a champion! What's wrong, Ryo?! I'm done here.
I'm leaving.
Uh, Ryo, wait! That bastard.
This match worked me up too much.
I need to work out immediately or I'll explode.
Congratulations, Makunouchi-san.
Thank you, everyone! Thank you for your support! Congratulations, Makunouchi.
You really moved me.
The older you get, the easier the tears flow.
You be happy, too.
You did very well! You're the champion! Me? The champion? That's right! It was a brilliant KO! Champion.
It doesn't feel real? Then turn around and have a look.
Sendo san.
What's with the sloppy face? Stand up with more pride, will you? You defeated the great Takeshi Sendo.
You're number one.
I used all I had.
I was able to use my full strength because you were my opponent.
If it had not been you I I Thank you so much! We'll meet again, Makunouchi.
We'll meet in the ring for sure.
Hold on to me, Sendo.
I'm okay.
He left the ring with his head held high.
He was laudable to the very end.
I DID IT! Whoa! Ippo's wearing the belt! We'll have to bust in on the scene now! What the? New Champion, please look this way! Please make a pose! A pose? To commemorate.
Get them to take your picture.
Y-Yes, sir.
Like this? Japan Featherweight Title Match KO Time 7 Rounds, 1 minute 34 seconds Ippo Makunouchi Takes the Title of Japan Featherweight Champion Oh, enough already! Can't you see he's tired? What? But we still have a lot to ask him.
It was such an incredible punching match.
He'll make time for it at a later date.
You're too beat up to go to some celebration party.
At any rate, go home and get some rest.
Yes, sir.
Well, Chief, Yagi-san, Shinoda-san thank you for all of your help today! Yes.
Oh, one other thing.
Yes? You're having a thorough physical exam in a few days.
Yes, sir.
Well, then A-Also Y-Yes, sir? Good job hanging in there.
Thank you, sir! This is a problem.
No matter how eloquently I describe it I'm not sure if I can fully describe today's match in words.
Just write it as you saw it.
Aren't you more worried about Sendo? What? He lost twice to the same opponent.
His natural charisma and his pride are probably horribly wounded.
You're suggesting he might retire? It would be a true shame if a talent like his were to end like this.
What's wrong? Oh, I wanted to go take a leak, but the car next to us is packed with the cheering group.
Maybe it didn't look like it, but I lost doing my absolute best.
I feel good about it.
But I didn't keep my word.
They all kept quiet about it but how can I face them? At any rate, let's return to our seats.
Hey! Rocky? G-Guys I I'm Hold your chest out proudly, Rocky! There's nothing to be ashamed of.
Yeah, it was your best match to date! We weren't keeping quiet because we were depressed.
We were too moved to speak.
We can also go home feeling proud! Wherever you go, we'll follow! Everyone thank you.
Thank you.
I have to start over from the beginning.
However I swear I'll claw my way to the top again! I swear! That's the way! That's our Rocky! - We're counting on you! - We'll follow you anywhere! SENDO Store I'm tired.
I'm hitting the sack.
Hey, Grandma? I'm still weak.
Your kid came home one notch stronger than before.
Fishing Boat Rental MAKUNOUCHI Congratulations, Ippo.
Three Days Later Three Days Later Um, maybe I'm a little early.
Oh, well.
It's better than being late.
Oh, Chief! Kid.
About Sendo Halfway through Round Five he apparently broke two ribs from your liver blows.
He broke his ribs? He didn't show it whatsoever.
Watching the video, I can see that his reactions were slightly delayed after Round Five.
If it hadn't been for that, his team might have been walking along feeling the way we do today.
Though he was your opponent, he deserves a lot of praise.
Yes, sir.
Do you remember, Kid? What you asked me in the interval following Round Five? So, did you find the answer? What it means to be strong? In the ring, when I was fighting Sendo-san I really felt I was on the verge of grasping something but I didn't find anything.
So I am counting on your further instruction! Hey, what are you doing?! Get in here! It's already started! Uh, right! What the kid is seeking is not something tangible.
It's like trying to grasp a cloud.
Hey, are you two already plastered?! Congratulations, Makunouchi-san! K-Kumi-san?! Perhaps he has chosen a path more difficult than obtaining any belt.
I hope that I can help him find what he seeks while I'm still alive.
Congrats, Ippo Makunouchi! You Got the Featherweight Title! No matter what I do, it's the same I keep making mistakes What is truly important? Weary about what's under my feet I can't stop looking down When that happens Just look up Look far into the distance Find a new perspective from a different angle When walking down a narrow path, look up You'll find the world has a 360-degree view