Halo (2022) s01e05 Episode Script


1 Previously on Halo.
This is where I lived.
Can you show me what the house used to look like? I saw you in my house.
- Can it be our secret? - Why were you here? You were so young and overwhelmed with grief.
I took care of you.
Your father spent everything we had on the revolution.
And when the money ran out, so did the people.
He died to save me.
I have to pick up where he left off.
We're about to have Vinsher's entire army on our ass.
Let's go.
Bad news.
Your ship's scrapped.
If you're looking for the fastest way off Madrigal, transport ships take off 200 miles due south.
The hormonal pellet in your spine suppresses emotional responses and protects mission readiness.
It's part of what makes you a Spartan.
Sacred ring.
Do you think that's what the Covenant are talking about? Halo? Where did the Demon take my keystone? I will tell you nothing.
The second object is here, on Eridanus.
And I know where it is.
This way takes us past the administrative buildings to what we call the Elysium Fields.
It's here where the learning happens.
The focus is on a nature-based education, grounding technology to the soil.
Parisa, Katrina, - good morning.
- Good morning.
The plantings look beautiful.
The colonial insurrection touched everyone, even here on our little out-of-the-way planet.
It's made the Reach for Life mission that much more urgent.
But you must know all that, or you wouldn't have chosen to settle your family here.
Did the children find the transition difficult? Just the opposite.
They've inherited their parents' pioneer spirit.
You can see how dedicated they are to creation of life.
They also like to have fun.
Is that all you got, Roland? - Stop it! - What, you scared? Aah! - Oh, look! Over there! - John! Help.
Please! Pull me up! John! John! John! - Pull him up! - Pull him up! Are you okay? That was amazing! Sometimes too much fun.
Well, what do you think of our little school? I think it's wonderful.
How about you, darling? Wh-what do you think? Yeah.
Yes, seems good.
I'll take you back by way of the aviary.
Our scientists are introducing all kinds of bird species to the colony.
Oh, great.
If there's nothing else you require, we've been ordered to rejoin Master Chief on the ground.
Very well.
Good luck out there, Kai.
You too, ma'am.
I hope you find what you're looking for.
Welcome to Eridanus.
Just in time.
What's Halsey doing, setting up her own colony? Come on, get in.
With all the money she's spent on this temporary camp, you'd think Halsey could figure out how to get the artifact out of the rock.
- What's the problem? - If she knows, she isn't saying.
That's why I called for you.
I hear you're running your own team now.
I figure it's time to show everybody what you can do.
Including your mother.
Where is she now? In the cave, with her new prized possession.
Master Chief, about this artifact.
Analysis of its field physics suggests the energy it can produce is far greater than that of the Madrigal artifact.
Not surprising, considering its size.
Chief? John, did you hear what Cortana said? There's a serious safety issue for you and for others.
Until I've run some more tests, I'd like you to stay away from it.
Understood? opening theme music plays Take my ship and expect me to be okay with that.
What, I'm supposed to buy it back as scrap? My money and time I'm puttin' in that girl.
No, sir.
Come on! Shit.
Well, that's just great! Nice work.
Now what? We'll be back on the Rubble in the morning.
Really? 'Cause it doesn't look like we're going anywhere.
Oh, yes, we are.
We are not gonna miss that transport ship.
Well, you can go.
I'm not done here.
Hey, I'm going to free Madrigal even if I'm the only one left to fight.
That was beautiful.
But your freedom-fighter days are over.
You belong to me now.
Wait, what? You can't do this.
You owe me! One ship and a shitload of deuterium money.
You gon' work off that debt.
Who knows? Might make a half-decent pirate out of you.
Where are you going? To find us another set of wheels! Transport ship's over a hundred miles from here.
And what am I supposed to do here? Watch out for the creepy crawlies! Asshole! Congratulations, you found it.
Estimate on how long it'll take to cut it out? I don't think it will take that long.
- Adun, what do you think? - Not very long, Doctor.
You know, this crystal substrate is too clear to be naturally occurring.
I'd love to do some tests on it.
It could serve a purpose we're not yet aware of.
- Adun.
- Yes, Doctor.
I'd like to compare the phases of the latent energy fields of both pieces.
I think we'll find that the nodes intersect at predictable intervals.
Once they've got the artifact out of the rock, our mission is to get it on board Pioneer as quickly as possible, before the Covenant figures out we're here.
As soon as the artifact is on board, Chief wants it up into slipspace and on its way back to Reach.
- Hey.
- Hmm? Do you ever wonder what they want? - Who? - Covenant.
They want what's in that cave.
Yeah, but what do they really want? To kill us, like we want to kill them.
Do you ever wonder why? No.
Move out! Do you ever wonder why you never wonder why? I wonder if all that gun grease in your hair didn't seep down into your brain, asking me dumb-ass questions like that.
What are you looking at? Oh, yes.
I noticed that too.
It's a nice color on her.
With me.
And go.
Chief, what's up? Take off your helmet.
Why? Take it off.
Delta Team, group for recon in 30 minutes.
Delta Team, group for recon in 30 minutes.
When did you remove your pellet? After I saw you remove yours.
- Oh, Kai.
- No, I get it now.
Our whole lives, all we've seen is targets and missions.
But now things I'm seeing, John and the more they're in me, the more it makes me want I I don't know.
Do you have the words for this? I can't clear you for combat, Kai.
- Why? - You're distracted.
- I'm awake.
- You're a danger to yourself and to others.
Chief, I haven't forgotten how to fight.
You're grounded, Kai.
Report back to Dr.
Keyes's ship, and don't step off until we get back to Reach.
sure it's in A-1 order, you got that? Yes, sir! What about you? You removed your pellet.
If I'm so dangerous, what's that make you? Alpha Team! She's right.
Your battle readiness hasn't been tested since you removed your pellet.
Can I just say that I'm proud of Kai for standing up for herself.
Studies show a little pushback is healthy in any working relationship.
- Cortana? - Yes, Chief.
I need you to do me a favor.
- Anything.
- Stop talking.
Can't hear myself think.
Well, I can, and you're not missing much.
Come on.
Aah! Shit! Dr.
Halsey was in my home.
And my parents were still alive.
You learned this from the artifact? The memories are real, sir.
So, what does it all mean? Not sure yet other than the fact that she's been lying to me.
And you've spoken to her directly about this? No, I came to you first.
You're my captain.
You've always been there for me.
I need to know the truth sir.
Chief, you and I have fought alongside each other for many years.
None of us would even be here were it not for you.
Your concerns are my concerns.
Let's get this artifact home.
I will look into this personally.
I promise you.
Thank you, sir.
So, what are we going to do about John? I cannot afford a Spartan with an identity crisis.
- It's under control.
- No, it's not.
John remembers Catherine in his house while his parents were alive.
You promised the committee that Cortana would keep 1-1-7 under control, and yet he continues to have these dangerous memories.
It's these dangerous memories that have brought us here.
Margaret, we are so close to finding this weapon.
Weapon? We don't even know if it is a weapon.
Personally, I'm not convinced.
You always have your own agenda.
You're willing to tell the committee anything they need to hear as long as you get what you want.
And now you've put all of us at risk.
I'm cutting you off.
I wonder what Admiral Hood will have to say about that.
What does Hood have to do with all this? Nothing yet.
But if the whole truth is revealed, he'll obviously be worried about his own liability.
He'll be looking for a scapegoat.
Are you really trying to blackmail us? John's memories are incomplete, and I intend to keep them that way.
He will operate as designed, and he will bring us the weapon that wins this war.
I want Miranda taken off the entire project.
Her hands are clean.
I want to keep them that way.
Finally a parenting issue we can agree upon.
Handle it.
I am.
Kitchen situation nominal.
Well, watch out, now.
I'm looking at the vector matrix.
Blessed One.
What was that? Ohh! My God.
This is incredible.
The noise that came from the artifact wasn't random, Dad.
- So, what was it? - It was a signal.
Warning? Keep us away? Or it was communicating.
- To who? - Or what? It's possible that the artifact isn't two halves of the same weapon, but some other kind of device altogether.
Miranda, you're being taken off the project.
I hear you're making great advancements with linguistic research.
Stick with that.
But the artifact stays with Halsey.
- I don't understand.
- It's best you don't.
What the hell happened to you the past few hours? Meaning? I get Halsey's games.
No one does it better.
But what are you doing? I am on your side.
You know that.
Then why would you let her do this to me? This isn't about you.
No, it's it's about you.
What has she got on you? Doctor cease all work on the project, effective immediately.
That is an order.
Yes, sir.
All right, so, I want you to get a truck and get some big, big, thick straps for it.
- All right? Please.
- Well, thank you.
Still here.
You have access to the entirety of human knowledge, isn't that right? With room to spare.
Every piece of data the UNSC has ever amassed.
Collected, cataloged, and filed for instant retrieval.
Tell me about my adoption.
I told you, all files from the plague were lost.
I wasn't lost.
I'm right here.
- Where's my file? - It's fine, all right? I touched it, but nothing happened, all right? I'm sorry, Chief, there's nothing in the database.
Get that crane over here! What about the other Spartans? There are no archives on the origin of the Spartan program.
Why not? I don't know.
You don't know.
Chief, what are you doing? It's the only one way to know.
The artifact could kill you.
Don't! I think he's still awake.
Get him out of here.
No! - Leave me alone! - It's okay.
Let me go! John.
You kidnapped me.
You replaced me with something.
You need to listen to me.
I know you have a lot of questions.
And together, we will find the answers.
But for now, we need to get back to Reach with the artifact, and I promise I will explain everything, okay? Cortana! Shutting down neural bridge.
Son of a bitch.
What what happened? I shut you down.
You can do that? I needed to protect Dr.
Halsey, and your decision-making was compromised.
You're lucky to be alive.
Please don't get up.
I need to run a systems diagnostic.
Where is she? I can't tell you that.
Cortana, I swear, if you don't get out of my head, - I will - Slipspace rupture detected.
Ma'am, get this ship out of here! No, I'm not going anywhere.
They might need us.
Pioneer's been hit.
We have no air support.
- Then join the fight! - Yes, ma'am! Take cover! Sergeant! Air cover! Go! Yes, sir! No! No! No, no, no, no, no! - Pioneer's falling! - Shit! Jacob.
Pioneer's gone and the crane is destroyed.
Our ships are too big to get the artifact out of the canyon.
You're gonna have to bring it to us.
Miranda's ship is the closest.
Roger that! Chief, orders are to get the artifact to Dr.
Keyes's ship.
Move, move, move! Let's go! Chief! Get all noncombatants into the cave! Yes, sir! Casualties into the cave now! The artifact stays with me! No! The artifact stays with me! Chief! It's at least half a click straightaway before you can take the turn up the hill.
You'll be running right at 'em.
Riz, Vannak, up front with me.
- Chief! - Kai stay back with the Marines, keep us covered.
Yes, Chief.
On me! More Banshees inbound! Acknowledged.
Pod doors opening.
Infantry incoming.
Two No, three Covenant Lances in our escape path.
Jackal at two o'clock.
Two more flanking right.
Switch to secondary.
I know how the game is played, Cortana.
Riz, Vannak, break their lines.
Mind if I drive? Spartans, get in.
Runnin' to you, Chief.
On my way.
Captain, I'm moving upslope to the landing zone.
C'mon, help me out, Private! Miranda! Attention! Drop ship! Marines, form up behind me! - Riz! - On it! Drop the ramp.
John, you need to bring that artifact to me now! Roger that.
Miranda! Come on.
Come on! Kai's hurt.
Take the wheel.
Chief, don't do this.
You need to protect the artifact.
Vannak, get me closer to the edge.
three plus four! Stop this right now! John! Stay on mission! I can't let her die.
heroic theme rises Ha! Hang on, Kai.
Chief! Chief, stop.
Chief, the artifact.
Covenant Spirit incoming! Cortana I'm gonna need a weapon.
Not sure it'll help.
- Kai.
- Kai.
Do you copy? Kai, are you with me? Chief, I'm reading a human life form.
end theme music playing
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