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But war need not be the answer.
Vinsher's a fool.
Jin Ha, tell our young one here, either Madrigal is free, or it's not.
Papa! No! Covenant forces on planet Madrigal neutralized.
One survivor.
Keep her safe.
Promise me.
I give you my word.
You should not have returned.
Vinsher allowed us to collect our dead, but the revolution is over.
Kwan Ha, an instigator.
I need her removed.
Your father visited a group in the desert.
- Mystics.
- What did they tell him? Our real reason for being on Madrigal.
Where can I find these Mystics? We're about to have Vinsher's entire army on our ass.
Let's go.
You owe me one ship and a shitload of deuterium money.
You need to face reality.
Your freedom fighter days are over.
No one's going to step up.
There ain't no more heroes.
Wow, Kwan, how did you do that? I'll never tell.
20 feet into the well before he remembered he was holding a flaming torch.
Oh, no! Nearly blew himself to pieces, the dumb bastard.
- Pass my bowl.
- So, what did you do? What did I do? What could I do? I put him on the day shift.
I don't I don't get it.
You don't need a torch on the day shift.
Oh, Professor, your dinner's getting cold.
My apologies to the chef.
I found this one wandering around like a lost puppy.
General Ha, I'm sorry, you're eating.
I didn't mean to Nonsense.
Join us.
You look like you could use a meal.
That's very kind.
You've just enlisted, is that right? Yes, ma'am.
My name's Ruben.
I'm from Castra.
Welcome to the fight, young man.
Thank you, General Terne.
Take a seat with the wee ones.
Let the grownups talk, eh? Show us the trick again, Kwan.
Not now.
Beat it.
Some news from Madrigal City.
Two divisions of Marines just pulled out, and they were in a hurry.
They're going to send more.
They always do.
From what I hear, it's happening all across the outer colonies.
The UNSC's spread thin.
They're on the run.
I'll take any retreat as a chance to move forward.
But Agatha is right.
Take nothing for granted.
Aren't you handsome.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Ruben.
I'm Ruben from Castra.
I heard.
What? I'm sorry.
I don't speak your So, tell me, Ruben from Castra, what will you do after the war? - After the war? - Mm.
Um I don't know.
I'm guessing you grew up working the heavy water rigs.
Will you go back to that? I I guess.
Then nothing really changes for you, does it? What do you mean? I mean, even if we win the war against the UNSC and you don't die, you'll still be out there pumping fuel like the rest of us.
I'm fighting for a free Madrigal.
- So was my mother.
- That's enough! If you're going to feed your soldiers, Father at least don't feed them lies.
- Anywhere but here.
- Kwan! Who's there? Birds.
You believe that shit? Goddamn flock of quad wings got sucked up my intake valves about a thousand feet over the surface of Madrigal.
Oh, no! What did you do? Well, I did what I always do.
I fell back on my training.
I aimed for a sand dune and brought it down in a controlled roll for about a mile and a half.
Incredible! What an absolutely incredible story.
It is, isn't it? - Here's to you.
- Yes.
Here's to me.
Oh, shit.
Let's go home.
These aren't my people.
Bang, I take out two UNSC Broadswords with one shot, the old seven-ten split.
But the squad leader's still on my tail, so I'm bobbing and weaving, when, boom, I hit those goddamn quad wings.
No! Whole ship starts breaking apart.
Next thing I know, I'm ass-up, doing five G's.
- No way! - Then I see it.
- The safe I just stole - Come on! loaded with cash, comes flying past me Right out the front window, I kid you not.
Good thing is, it took out the ship behind me.
Now, I'm about ten seconds from lights out, huh? And suddenly I had a vision.
I saw the love of my life.
I saw my boy, my beautiful boy.
Aww! I saw everything crystal clear.
It was it was beautiful.
So beautiful.
- Aww.
- Cheers.
What happened to the girl? A rebel girl from Madrigal with a bounty on her head.
Soren had her here on the Rubble.
But did he share her with his partner? No.
He took off with her to collect the bounty for himself.
The next thing you know, he's back.
No girl, no bounty, no ship.
So, what happened? Is there a problem, friend? We had a plan, Trokan and me.
A big score.
Something in it for all of us.
You didn't want to hear it.
I run my business the way I see fit.
So we should go hungry.
You appear to be eating pretty well.
People are talking.
Oh, yeah? And what are they saying? Like maybe Soren's lost a step.
That right? Soren, darling, forget about it.
No, no.
I want to hear what he has to say.
Little Squirrel finally gathered his nuts.
So you tell me.
Have I lost a step? He's had too much to drink.
Come, sweetheart.
It's a party.
Let's party.
Leave that alone.
- I said leave it! - Kwan Ha.
How do you know my name? Hey! You're the women my father came out here to see aren't you? I am Desiderata.
My father's dead now.
He was killed defending Madrigal because of something you told him.
This place changed him.
I want to know what you said to him.
And why should we tell you? Because because I'm going to finish what he started.
It didn't start with your father.
There were others in your family before him.
I'm all that's left of my family.
Everyone else is dead, so tell me what you told my father.
You're not ready.
I'm not a child.
I I came all this way by myself.
I've risked everything looking for you! You're not ready.
I took on a man twice my size and won.
I'll fight you all if I have to! Your rage blinds you to the truth.
Rage is all I have left.
Here I have been hurled headlong, flaming, from the ethereal sky with hideous ruin and combustion down to bottomless perdition, there to dwell.
A dungeon, horrible, on all sides, as one great furnace flamed.
Yet from those flames, no light but rather darkness, visible.
Better to reign in hell.
You're certain that the pirate left Madrigal by himself? The cargo captain swore to it under vigorous questioning.
Little Kwan Ha, all alone in the wide world.
You suppose she went looking for them? If we couldn't find them, she won't.
Besides, those desert witches didn't do her father any good.
Those witches are what made Jin Ha so dangerous.
Franco failed me, Pete, and you will not make the same mistake.
We come at her hard this time.
Yes, sir.
She will find no safe haven.
Outta the way! Come on! - Hola, guapa.
- Huh? Hey, ladies, what's happening, huh? Nice.
What the hell? Kids.
Get to work.
Just in time.
You know, Squirrel, I've been thinking.
Soren, I was drunk, and I just got out of line I've been thinking I haven't appreciated you enough for all that you've done.
In fact, I've been taking you for granted.
Well, it's It's all right.
Don't worry, boss.
I got another tug ready to go.
You still planning that score? You're serious? Tell me about it.
It's a UNSC cargo ship.
My guy says they only got one security officer on board.
What are they hauling? That's the best part.
Military-grade slipspace engine drivers.
Imagine if we got our hands on one of those.
Nobody could outrun us.
This is the big score we've been looking for, boss.
And I've thought of everything.
Let's do some business.
Madrigal was once very different.
Barren and unforgiving.
Food was scarce, water even scarcer.
Life was a struggle for the first pioneers.
Your forefather's forefather was one of them.
One night, he left his tribe in search of water.
He walked deep into the desert and dug a well.
There he discovered the fuel that now sustains the planet.
But his reward was so much greater.
At the well, he said he met a being a visitor from another time.
Perhaps from another existence.
It explained to him his true purpose, his responsibility which has been handed on to future generations.
To your father and now to you.
So, what is it? You say you're ready.
Let's find out.
I'm not afraid.
No, no.
No, no, no, no, no! Hey! Hey! Hey! Master Chief! I don't understand.
Wait, wait! Master Chief, what's happening? Why are we back here? Master Chief! Chief, wait.
Master Chief! Why won't you talk to me? - Ah! - What are you doing here? Kwan Ha.
Oh! Yes, you are Kwan Ha.
Our star attraction! Make room! I have important business here! Back up, back up! Form a circle! What did you do to me? Give the girl some space! What was in that drink? Come on, form a circle! Give this girl some room! Fair fight! Fair fight! Fair fight! Fight? This this is a mistake.
Let's see how your rage serves you.
Ladies and gentlewomen, we have a fight on our hands! No Again.
Try not to die so quickly this time.
Princess, you're dying out there.
I am not a princess! What do you want from me? What do you want? Are you talking to me? Who are you? Papa? Kwan Ha.
Papa! Kwan Ha.
Let them come.
Go back, Kwan.
Go back to where it all began.
Kwan I'm a Protector.
Your father told you where to go.
Back to where it all began.
So, go.
On your knees! Get down! Get down! I didn't tell you to get up! All yours, boss.
Hello, gorgeous.
Good for you, Squirrel.
There you go! Come on! Come on! Keep coming! Little more.
Little more.
Move your ass! Get over there! - Come on, little more.
Go on.
- It's stuck.
Is he okay? Willy, Chaser, and the rest of you, get these boxes and put 'em on my rig! Help me! Trokan, why don't you help the fellas out.
I'm sorry.
You thought you could fill my shoes? Was that really necessary? - He could lose his toes.
- Good.
That'll teach him to think before every step he takes.
And the others? They got to learn.
And what are they learning? Who's in charge, for starters.
I've been too easy on 'em.
Fear is a hell of a motivator.
Trust me.
- Soren.
- It's that girl.
That pain-in-the-ass little girl.
Ah, shit, it doesn't matter now.
She's all alone out there.
If the desert doesn't get her, Vinsher's goons have probably already found her and carved her up.
Kwan Ha is alive.
How do you know? Because Vinsher just tripled the bounty.
That damn girl.
- Agatha! Hello! - Oh, hello! Come on.
Ah, General did I catch you at a good time? Such a tragedy.
So much death.
And, in the end, it wasn't even the UNSC that did Jin in.
Stubborn fool.
Never could tell who his real friends were.
Jin knew whom he could trust and who'd betray him.
It was his delusions that betrayed him.
Tell me, General, and be honest, what good did Jin Ha do for Madrigal? - He gave us pride.
- Pride? That's not a word that I would associate with a colony of hole-diggers.
And what did this pride bring? Jin had them stop drilling for the only resource their filthy planet produced and take up arms.
Not stop drilling.
Just protect certain areas for the people of Madrigal.
Agatha You and I knew Jin Ha very well.
This was a sick man, as was the whole Ha family.
Sick, delusional, and weak.
And yet you are so deathly afraid of them.
Where is the girl? Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you.
Now, if there's nothing else you require, I really must get my perishables stored.
Yes, yes, of course.
Fetch the car, Pete.
What are you doing here? Like I told you, you owe me one ship and a shitload of deuterium money.
I'm not going back with you.
You might want to consider your options 'cause if I found you, Vinsher can't be far behind.
And he don't travel solo.
It's the bounty you're after? I don't work like that.
That's exactly how you work.
You wanna insult me, or you gonna let me save your ass? I'm doing just fine on my own, thanks.
And yet, here we are.
Look, maybe you're too young or too stupid to understand, but I made a promise to John to keep you safe, and I intend to keep it, whether I like you or not.
You're not exactly a picnic either.
My pistol.
- Oh, it's like that? - Yeah, it's like that.
- You just have to be difficult.
- Me? - You should talk! - Kwan! Damn it.
Let's move.
Kwan Ha! Last of the Has.
The pernicious hour is at last upon us.
Time to put away childish things.
There is no hope for escape.
Sit your ass down, stay low, and start killing people.
You'll die.
Not a chance.
We'll both die.
You got a better idea? 'Cause they're coming in fast.
Let them come.
Say what, now? All the hydrogen gas runs through here to the main Sky Pipe out there.
We fill up the pipe and then shoot it.
Bam, the whole place goes up in flames.
- No more Vinsher.
- And no more us.
There's a steel vault a hundred feet across the way.
- I see it.
- As long as we're inside the vault when the pipe explodes, we're probably safe.
You wanted a plan? That's it.
If we are going to fight, we meet them on my terms.
The people of Madrigal need you! - Come out.
- All right.
Join us! Long as I still get to kill some people.
No harm will come to you.
Of that, I give you my solemn word.
I loved your father, Kwan.
He was like a brother to me.
This is Kwan Ha, daughter of Jin Ha.
Madrigal does not belong to you.
It does not belong to the UNSC.
It belongs to the people of Madrigal.
I don't want to fight you, but I will never never surrender.
Also, Vinsher my dad hated you.
Send them in.
- Uh-oh.
- What do you mean, "uh-oh"? The gas isn't flowing.
Why not? The valve at the base of the Sky Pipe must be closed.
I'll have to open it manually.
I'll open the valve.
- You go to the vault.
- No! I'll open it.
Oh, okay.
You won't make it 10 feet out there.
I know another way.
Soon as I get the gas flowing, I'll make a break for the vault.
Count to five and take the shot right at the base of the Sky Pipe.
- Got it? - Yeah.
Make sure you're in the vault when the pipe explodes.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, boom.
Oh You've got to be kidding me.
Told you I was rich.
Hold your fire! We got 'em surrounded! Clear the building! Eyes up there.
I need eyes there.
See you at the vault? Save a bullet for the Sky Pipe.
Fan out! So these are the aliens.
Ugly bastards.
Let's go, let's go! Go left! Pirate! Where is he?! Okay this way.
He's over here! He's everywhere, boss.
- And the girl? - I don't know.
Get the girl! Look back there! She's right there! Right there! Right there! Save one for the Sky Pipe.
This better work.
I got her! What the hell is this? Get this thing off me.
Where are you going? Damn it Hold your fire! Kwan! Your adventure has come to its inevitable conclusion.
Come now.
Show yourself.
Let us end this contretemps with some degree of dignity.
And what of you, poor Soren? Thou proud aspirer.
Failed Spartan, mediocre pirate, and now martyr for the delusion of an orphaned young girl.
What kind of fool does that make you? A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.
Or at least he should.
Come on, kid.
You sure you don't want to keep some of this cash? It's more than we agreed to, and you're gonna need some.
I owe you one ship, plus a shitload of deuterium money.
Consider us even.
Yeah, okay.
I could use you for whatever comes next.
I'm sure you could.
But I got my own thing going, and I'm not one for joining lost causes.
I don't believe that.
Take care, kid.
We'll see each other again.
God, I hope not.

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