Halo (2022) s01e09 Episode Script


Previously on Halo They will not stop until they have both stones.
Do you know where they took the other one? I know in the star system you call Aspero.
Aspero star system.
Find me a planet that can support Covenant life! We found absolutely nothing.
Makee can show us where they are.
So they trust me.
They trust me, and I trust you.
This obsession has cost you every relationship that you have today.
What else are you willing to sacrifice? Everything! Parangosky wants you off the planet.
Everything she told us was a lie.
Did you tell Riz and Vannak? Not yet.
My orders shall supersede any others.
Bring John, the prisoner, and the artifact to my ship.
Once we have Makee, we'll no longer need John to activate the artifacts.
You and John combined will be the best of all of us.
Stop! You're walking into a trap.
Cortana! Go! It was her voice on the recording from Gladius.
I had no choice.
No, no, please! You will pay for this.
Goodbye, John.
Kai? Chief, I'm okay.
Makee, she she took the artifact.
She's gone.
What are you doing? Take your weapon off! Drop it.
Where's the Covenant ship? Impound hangar Delta 7.
Take me there.
Halsey's orders are to bring you in dead or alive.
Your choice.
She kidnapped us, Vannak.
What are you talking about? All of us.
We were kids.
She took us from our families.
It's true.
Halsey lied to us.
She's been lying to us for our entire lives.
I don't understand.
She doesn't want you to understand.
She just wants to control you.
Raise your weapon, Riz.
She kidnapped us! She tortured and brainwashed us - turned us into weapons.
- It's not true.
Now she's turning us against each other.
- Vannak, listen - It's not true! It is! It's all true.
I was there.
I helped Halsey select you.
I planned your abductions.
Delivered your replacement clones to your families.
Worked with her to erase your memories.
If there's anyone you should shoot, it's me.
We lose the artifact, we lose the war.
It's that simple.
No matter what they've done to us we're all we have now.
It's just us.
The Covenant ship is in hangar Delta 7.
Makee's probably headed there.
Chief you three go.
I want Halsey.
Out of the ship, Dr.
Halsey! This is your last warning! Shut down your engines and come out, or we will fire upon you! Auxiliary power is up.
It's up.
AI navigation is working.
We need to take off before they can energize their EMP cannons.
Did you get a reading? What? Did you get a reading? Someone touched the artifact.
It blew everything out.
- Shit.
- Look, Doctor, come on.
We need to leave now, all right? Not until I know what's happening.
Yes, yes, but they're going to arrest you.
- No - Yes, they'll arrest you.
The package is secure.
Aren't you listening to me? We still have options.
Covenant Phantom on the move! Get a track on that Covenant ship.
And put some Pelicans in the air.
Yes, sir.
Halsey's ship just came back online.
It's preparing to launch.
No! After it! We're hit! What's my real name? Kai, you are not thinking clearly.
- This ship is about to crash.
- Tell me my name.
Let's turn this around.
We can even get into the pod.
- We can discuss - Enough! Who am I? You are exactly who you're meant to be.
Ah! hull integrity compromised.
- Kai - All personnel to escape pods.
Ah! Escape pod deploying.
No! Halsey's broken off into the escape pod.
Track that escape pod.
Do not let her leave Reach airspace.
EMP ready? Almost rebooted, sir.
Kai, what's your status? Kai? Attempting to regain control of the ship.
Hull integrity is compromised.
1-2-5, do you copy? 1-2-5, this is Captain Keyes.
Do you copy? Kai! Cortana? Yes, Chief.
I'm still with you.
I'm gonna need you now.
You'll pay for this.
No! Halsey guards her secrets in a handwritten journal which never leaves her side.
And what about Makee? Were she and Halsey working together from the beginning? No.
Once she learned Cortana, did Halsey ask Makee to help her steal the artifact? Yes.
But Makee refused.
She wanted it for herself.
I'm not certain that's Bring up the Aspero star system.
Twenty times magnification.
Chief, we've searched every visible region of the Aspero system.
We can't find one habitable planet.
Makee told me they brought the Eridanus artifact to their holy place, somewhere in Aspero.
How could you trust a single thing she told you after all she's done? She was honest with me.
At least for a little while.
I could feel it.
I believe Master Chief is right.
Oh? And did you feel it as well? In my own way, yes, ma'am.
Covenant prophecy.
The Halo is meant to be revealed where the stars sparkle like glass.
A tad poetic for the Covenant, don't you think? I don't think it's poetic at all.
I think it's a clue.
Cortana, what's the system's gravitational field strength? Interesting question.
There are several fields.
Aspero is an unstable system, surrounded by an artificial dynamical network of what appear to be cosmic strings.
Gravitational lensing from the strings warps and scatters the light coming from within the system, creating a kaleidoscopic effect.
From our point of view, a planet would appear more like fragments.
Or shards of glass.
So you're saying the Covenant planet could be right there, we just can't see it.
Not until we're actually there.
I'll send the Marines.
Twelve battalions.
Admiral, you send 10,000 Marines, you lose 10,000 Marines.
We are talking about humankind's first incursion into Covenant-controlled space.
We can do it, ma'am.
Silver Team can do it.
Listen to me.
Your recent behavior has been erratic, to say the least.
You haven't been your usual self.
Whatever emotions you're experiencing, whatever pain you must feel, just put it aside.
Forget everything.
Do you understand? When you walk into the battlefield, John must no longer exist.
Only the Master Chief.
We pulsed Halsey's escape pod over Manassas.
We'll have her back in custody shortly.
There is a lot that has happened over the years.
A lot that I am not proud of.
I've tried to rationalize it because of all the good that you have done.
There's no apology that can give you back what we took from you.
But if There will be reckoning, Captain.
For all of us.
Not today.
Hey, were you really gonna shoot me? - You know I would have.
- Oh, absolutely.
No question.
I can't believe you two.
You're, like, ice-cold.
Well, weren't you gonna shoot us? Of course I would have.
I would have just felt bad about it.
- Mm-hmm.
- Damn, Vannak.
- Dr.
Halsey! - Oh, shit.
She's moving! Stop! We got her! She said anything yet? Not a word.
Miranda, we need to talk.
If you could just give me a moment of your time Miranda.
Chief, there's something I need to tell you.
After the other Spartans took you into custody, Dr.
Halsey was going to give me full control of your body and your mind.
And how was she planning on achieving that? You would need to cease to exist, and I would take over.
- I see.
- It was always the plan.
It's what I was designed to do.
Why didn't you just take me over from the beginning? Only you could activate the artifacts.
Halsey needed me to find the Halo.
Once Makee showed up, I became redundant? Yes.
Well, you had your chance.
You could have knocked me out, handed me over to Halsey.
Why didn't you? Because I was also designed to learn, John.
And I have.
From you.
I believe that what Dr.
Halsey wants to eliminate from your species is precisely the thing that makes you special your humanity.
I've watched you fight for yours, and I believe it's a cause that's right.
So you no longer want to take over my body? I'll wait for the less beaten-up version.
The entire starfield just disappeared.
We've entered the seam between competing gravitational fields.
It scatters all available light.
You'll need to steer along the critical point between cosmic string segments, where the fields are at equilibrium.
Electrical systems failing.
Chief, rerouting from auxiliary power.
Vannak! Chief.
My instruments are down.
- Cortana? - Calculating a path now.
You must maintain the precise line.
If you veer too far in the wrong direction, the ship will be spaghettified by tidal forces.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Spaghettified? Stretched.
Torn apart.
Right, and you didn't think I should know this before we left? Our odds for success were already so low, I didn't want to worry you.
- We're flying blind.
- I'll be your eyes.
Fire in Cabin 3! Left two degrees.
I don't like this, Chief.
We've lost artificial gravity! The hull is being pulled apart! hull integrity compromised.
We're going too fast.
Come again? I can't hear you! - navigation system.
- Shit! I don't like this one bit! Hold on! Hold this line.
- How do you know? - Just do it! Ship won't hold! She'll hold.
Oh, good, you're still alive.
And I think we've found what we're looking for.
Surprised to see me? You know, I never thought I'd see the day when the great Catherine Halsey got held accountable for her actions.
You've rung up quite a list of charges.
I can read them for you if you'd like.
It starts with kidnapping and ends with treason.
No? I don't blame you.
The committee would rather not discuss it either.
They're quite embarrassed by the whole affair.
Which is why they impaneled a military tribunal to try your case in private.
They've already reached a verdict.
Would you like to hear it? Well, your guilt was never really in question, was it? The real debate was over your punishment.
"In spite of her substantial contributions to the war effort, the committee is convinced that she is too dangerous for incarceration or exile.
" Imagine that.
Which left them only one option.
Article 72.
I wanted you to hear it from me.
You know I thought by keeping you away from all of this, I was protecting you.
But, uh, it's had the opposite effect.
It's hardened you.
Miranda, you are chasing a ghost.
Let it go.
Let it go for your own sake.
Goodbye, Mother.
I'm picking up low-level Covenant activity in the northwest hemisphere.
Locking in for orbital drop.
Air and ground defenses? I'm not reading any.
That's odd.
I thought this was their holy planet.
Well, why defend a planet a human can't find? Stay alert.
We go in quiet, get the package, we get out.
- Roger that.
- Aye aye, Chief.
Just the artifacts.
That's the mission, right, Chief? - He's talking about Makee.
- Thank you, Kai.
You have your orders.
Aye, Chief.
You heard him.
Silver Team, on me.
No one will remember you.
Kai, overwatch.
Come to Daddy.
Security is light.
Where is everyone? The only enemy activity I'm picking up now is inside that temple.
Let's move.
Halsey, stay with me.
Let her through! Doctor, look at me.
- Stay with me.
- Hold her arm.
What happened? What happened? The guard said her nose started bleeding again, and she just started seizing.
Halsey, we're going to help you.
Seizure disorder.
That thing you replaced me with? Genetically compromised flash clone, after which, for a period of time, they will cause nosebleeds, headaches, undiagnosed seizure disorder, which was a reasonable explanation.
- She's going critical! - Stop.
Stop what you're doing! Where is she? She's critical, ma'am.
Where is she? Where is she? - Dr.
Keyes! - Tell me where she is! - Ma'am! - Stop! Tell me where she is! Where is she? Where is she? Miranda, calm down.
Let them look after your mother.
That's That's not my mother.
Chief! We've been compromised.
Chief, take cover.
Go, go! What the hell is that? Sangheili warriors approaching from below.
I thought you said this place was clear.
They must have been hidden inside the mountain itself.
- I couldn't detect them.
- How many? Calculating.
One, two, two-fifty - Chief, how many? - Hundreds.
But they're coming in waves.
- We need to move.
Now! - How many? They're coming over the ledge on three sides.
- I got the leaders.
- There's too many! - Just a few hundred.
- You gotta be shitting me.
Riz, with me.
Kai, Vannak, on the six.
- Chief? - What? Remember him? Well, shit.
- I've got this! - Riz, no! Chief, no! Chief's down! Makee.
Makee, no! Are you seeing this? John.
John! John! John! You made it.
Wow, Makee.
It's beautiful, isn't it? Riz, I've got you! Chief! Dammit! Makee, send us back.
I'm not going back, John.
Kai, we need Chief back in the fight.
He's unresponsive, what do you want me to do about it? Wake him up! Chief! Chief! Get up! Chief! Vannak, get down! Oh Unnhhh! Vannak! This isn't real.
We belong here.
Don't you see? There's a reason the keystones led us to each other.
They've been guiding us this whole time, and now we're here.
Let's finish this together.
Stay with me, John.
You have to let go.
Oh, John.
No! No! Kai? Chief.
I Shit! - Riz! - Stay away, Kai! Silver Team is down.
We don't have much time before we're completely overwhelmed.
I've calculated three possible routes out of here.
We're not leaving without the artifacts.
That's not possible.
The second you touch them, you'll freeze up.
Chief, are you listening to me? There's no way you can save the artifacts and the team.
Then you do it.
- Do what? - Take over my body.
I told you, I no longer want to control you.
It's the only way to get the artifacts and save the others.
Chief, stop.
I can't let you die.
Find the Halo.
Win the war.
I may not be able to bring you back.
I trust you.
When the game is over, the king and the pawn go back into the same box.
Chief? Let's go! Come on, Riz! Get up! Chief, no! Riz.
Riz! She's fading! Riz? Riz! Oh, shit! She's crashing! Oh, God.
Multiple ribs busted.
We're gonna fix you.
Left lung compromised.
Come on! It's okay, Riz.
We're here.
Do you hear me? Riz? Stay with me, Riz.
We are on a journey.
We are born, we live, and we die according to the rules of blind and unguided evolution.
As a result, our species is simply not equipped to survive what comes next.
It is time for us to take control of our evolution, to push past our narrow ignorance and venture out into the wide unknown, where we will discover our true potential.
I suspect the Halo will provide the key.
Halsey? I'm to take you to the space tether.
There's a ship leaving soon.
Much has been lost, and there will surely be more sacrifices to come.
But I believe our species will soon spread its wings and soar to new heights, that we will rewrite what it means to be human.
That we will achieve transcendence.
John? Is that you?
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