Halston (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

The Party's Over

WOMAN: Halston!
Halston, I'm wearing you!
Halston, tell them to let me in!
I'm wearing you! Look!
Thank you, Sassy.
Just drape it. You look great.
Well, thank you.
Thank you.
WOMAN: Hello.
- Welcome to Montauk.
- HALSTON: Well, thank you.
WOMAN: This house was built in 1904.
It's an old fishing compound
with five guest cottages.
- Wow.
- Wow.
And the sunset is terrific.
I'll take it.
WOMAN: Halston!
WOMAN: Halston! Halston!
- Hello, sweetheart. It's a big night.
- Hello.
WOMAN: Steve! Steve.
Come on. Let me in.
It's never gonna happen.
You're bridge and tunnel, honey.
You can try the Peppermint Lounge.
Screw you, Steve.
Relight my fire ♪
Your love is my only desire ♪
Happy birthday, baby!
Relight my fire ♪
'Cause I need your love ♪
Relight my fire ♪
Your love is my only desire ♪
Relight my fire ♪
'Cause I need your love ♪
You wanna say it ♪
Uh-huh ♪
Yeah ♪
Turn back the time
Till the days when our love was new ♪
Do you remember? ♪
No matter what was happenin'
I was there with you ♪
Aha ♪
Well, if we all stand up
For what we believe ♪
What is this? It's like an old man's dick.
The world would be wild ♪
HALSTON: Sassy, what the fuck?
We've gone through a two-week supply
in a day.
Get it, Sassy!
- Workroom, office, conference room.
- Relight my fire ♪
Relight my fire. Come on, yeah ♪
- Your love is my only desire ♪
- Only desire ♪
Relight my fire ♪
HALSTON: Come on, Liza.
CROWD: Liza!
WOMAN: Liza! Halston!
Liza, Halston! Let me in!
Relight my fire ♪
Yeah ♪
Relight my fire ♪
Relight my fire ♪
Relight my fire ♪
Tell me, tell me ♪
Relight my fire ♪
Help! Help!
Liza! Someone call an ambulance! Quick!
VICTOR: We're low on coke.
JOE: Okay.
There's good news, and there's bad news.
First, Liza's okay.
- Oh.
- Oh, thank God.
JOE: Yeah, her publicists are all over it.
She was just dehydrated.
She's in the hospital for exhaustion.
Oh, good.
Well, what's the bad news?
Well, there's bad news,
then really bad news.
And then, like, the worst news.
Well, what?
Studio was raided this morning.
Stevie was arrested for tax evasion,
fraud, some other shit, drug possession.
It'll be all over the papers tomorrow.
They're gonna be shut down for a while.
Joe, what's worse than that?
When the cops were searching the place,
they found
I mean, it's insane.
They found a dead body
in one of the air vents.
Some crazy girl from Mamaroneck.
She was trying to get in.
Yeah, and that's not the worst part.
She was wearing Calvin Klein.
HALSTON: I wouldn't put my name
on a bottle of perfume.
I'm not gonna put it on America's keister.
Your name is inside the zipper!
You don't see it until you unzip.
I love that.
HALSTON: Jeans are a fad.
Balenciaga didn't do fads,
and neither will I.
A fad?
I don't care what you call it,
but designer jeans
are a 500-million-dollar market.
I mean, look at Calvin Klein. He sold--
Do not come into my office, David,
and mention that man's name!
It's not your office. It's Norton Simon's.
It's my fucking office if it's anybody's.
Calvin Klein is a fucking hack!
I agree! That's what I'm saying!
You do a line of jeans,
and Calvin Klein
will jump off the GW Bridge.
HALSTON: Dungarees, David.
Let's call them by their name.
Not jeans. Dungarees.
Halston doesn't do dungarees,
and that's my last word on the subject.
Joe, let's get the models in.
Let's fit. Thanks for coming by, David.
JOE: Halston's name is on everything.
Loungewear, furniture, luggage, linens.
Wigs, for God's sake.
How could we be losing money?
MAHONEY: We're not losing money,
but we're not making what we should.
MAHONEY: The brand has plateaued.
For the first time in five years,
we have a quarter with no sales growth,
and that's a problem.
Take luggage.
Halston was interested in that
for about five minutes,
and he did one great design,
and then poof.
Doesn't care.
And that's a problem for us
because now we have
one line of luggage to sell.
Even if it does great,
it's one line.
Doesn't even recoup the overhead.
We would've been better off not doing it.
Believe me, David,
I hear what you're saying.
But right now, the Halston fragrance,
it's huge. Gangbusters.
That's what's keeping us afloat.
But if this is how he's gonna be,
how he's gonna act, how he's gonna design,
then we need something else from him.
- Some big-ticket item.
So you're asking me to talk to him.
Except I'm not asking.
You're as much Halston as he is, Joe.
He'll listen to you.
We've got three months, maybe,
before the market
on high-end jeans is saturated,
and we'll have totally missed the boat.
Taking on Halston
was a big risk for me, Joe.
I wanted a shiny marquee brand
for Norton Simon.
And when I look at it now,
it looks like what I invested in
and what I bet my reputation on
is orchids, and coke,
and parties at Studio 54.
That shit is not gonna fly much longer,
you understand?
Get him to yes on this, Joe.
HALSTON: What is this?
Isn't it fabulous?
This is it. This is the show.
Got Tu Go Disco.
The one I told you about.
The one I'm doing the costumes for.
I'm also sort of producing.
For Broadway.
We just got a theater.
We're gonna play the Minskoff,
where Bette did Clams on the Half Shell.
I told you about it.
It's about Studio 54. Marc is in it.
Marc Benecke? The doorman from Studio 54?
Yeah. It's, like, his story.
You're doing a musical about Marc Benecke,
the doorman from Studio 54,
starring Marc Benecke,
the doorman from Studio 54.
Broadway's first disco musical.
And it's about fucking time.
- Well, it's terrible.
- Well, this is just the demo.
Turn it off. I'm trying to work.
It's time for me to go
Got tu go disco ♪
I was gonna ask
if you wanted to invest, but okay.
I'm dancing through the ni-- ♪
That's interesting.
- Someone's got Calvin Klein on the brain.
- I find his work so tedious.
Obviously, he's hitting a chord.
He does use great fabrics.
I'll give him that.
But I don't like it.
Something so Long Island
about the whole thing.
HALSTON: No, thank you.
What about clingy at the torso
and looser at the waist?
- No.
- What is that?
I think you're right, you know?
I mean,
Calvin Klein is the one you need to chase.
Of course you're better than him.
- Yes, I know that.
- No, I know you know, just
I mean, if you really want to get him mad,
go after the jeans market.
- He's got to you, hasn't he?
- Who?
Don't bullshit me, Joe. Mahoney!
Jesus Christ! Mahoney's got you
doing his dirty work now.
- He's right. It's a huge fucking market.
- You're supposed to be my friend.
What? Fuck that.
Of course I'm your friend.
Why do you think I'm telling you this?
Mahoney's right.
Halston has stopped growing.
Bullshit! Bigger now than I've ever been.
JOE: Yes, but we've stopped growing.
I have 35 licenses.
How many clothes lines?
I can't keep track.
You can't keep track
because you've lost interest.
- Oh, fuck you!
- Oh, don't say that. You need to hear it.
You're stretched too thin.
You refuse to delegate,
so none of the licensing agreements
get fulfilled,
and Norton Simon
isn't getting their investment.
And now you got a fucking competitor
nipping at your ass,
and all you need to do
to fix the situation
is design a goddamn pair of blue jeans,
and you won't do it!
- I will not do it.
- Well, then you're a fucking child!
- ELSA: Ciao!
Hello. Hello.
- Sorry. I'm late.
- JOE: Oh.
- JOE: How was the drive?
- [ELSA SIGHS] Good.
Where's lunch?
ELSA: I've been their
top jewelry designer five years in a row.
Five years.
It's been a sensation having me there.
Now my contract is up,
and we have to renegotiate.
So, you know, they tell me,
"You know, Elsa, we don't really know
how much money you made for us
because, you know, it's Tiffany's."
Blah, blah, blah. All this bullshit.
So, you know, I say to him,
to Richard, I say this to his face, huh.
I say, "I know how much money
I've made you."
"You know, because every unit,
I know what it costs to make."
"I know what you sell it for.
Don't pretend you don't know."
So, then I tell him, I say,
"Richard, here's what you should do."
"Go rent the biggest truck you can find,
fill it up with hundred-dollar bills,
park it in front of my apartment,
and then carry it up in boxes,
and I will tell you when to stop."
"Because if I'm going to sign
another contract with you,
you're going to pay me
whatever the fuck I want,
and you're going to let me design
whatever the fuck I want."
I am the boss now.
Exactly. You fucking put Tiffany's
on the map again.
- Who was going to fucking Tiffany's?
Well, a lot of people, but thank you.
That's nice of you to say.
Also, exactly.
I mean, come on! Pay me! It's crazy!
These potatoes are cold.
- Just put it in the oven.
- H doesn't know how to use the oven.
Where did the food come from?
- Olympic Tower.
- ELSA: No!
- Get the fuck out.
- Yeah. He has meals flown in.
To Montauk? From Manhattan?
Well, not anymore if they can't fly me out
a hot fucking baked potato.
[SPEAKING ITALIAN] You're joking?
No, it's true.
H puts the order in to Olympic Tower.
They make it.
They fly it over in a seaplane,
and then they drive it over.
And your order was full caviar service
and baked potatoes?
- It was what I had a taste for.
Oh my God!
That's incredible!
I mean, this is beyond eccentric!
Flying seafood into Montauk is like,
I don't know,
bringing pineapples to Hawaii.
You really have become a crashing bore,
haven't you?
Excuse me?
You breeze in here for the weekend.
You're late. You don't say sorry,
not even a breath to ask how I'm doing.
- Oh, come on, H.
- No, fuck you.
And then you go on and on and on
all about how you're successful.
Joe asked her.
HALSTON: No, I've read all the articles.
There's one word you don't use.
- Halston.
- What the fuck?
Except to drop snarky little hints
that Halston perfume was all your idea.
- She never said that, H.
- I have never in my life, never said that.
Where's the thank you, Elsa?
I got you that job at Tiffany's!
Gave you my fucking apartment!
I'm just waiting for a thank you!
No. No. You don't get to fucking do this.
You don't get to make this about you!
You're creative because I pay you.
If you're an artist, it's on my dime.
I want a little acknowledgment in print.
Thank you very much.
Fuck you, Halston!
Is that thank you enough?
You know what you're upset about?
I know what.
I am more talented than you.
And you used me for as long as you could.
And now you can't use me anymore,
and that drives you nuts.
Guys, come on!
HALSTON: I thought we were staying for the weekend.
I was looking forward
to sitting around the campfire.
Hearing all the stories
about how fucking amazing you are!
I fucking loved you, Halston!
What the fuck does that say about me?
I hope I never fucking see you again,
you pathetic loser!
- Don't let the door hit you in the ass!
- H! Elsa!
Pezzo di merda!
Was I always like this?
Like that?
Um, no.
- That was new.
- HALSTON: Do you think it's the coke?
'Cause I feel that
that's when it all started going sour.
Maybe I should lay off it a little bit.
What are you talking about?
- The coke.
- It's not the coke.
That shit, it's practically a vitamin.
That's medical-grade.
VICTOR: Believe me.
When it's the end,
we're gonna know it's the end.
Hello? Robert.
Listen, I don't appreciate
what you're trying to say.
Okay, but the painting was hanging
in his townhouse.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
That doesn't mean I stole it. Okay.
JOE: What happened?
Thank you.
[ON TV] MAN: I hate to tell you
where the wire is.
Does anyone have any talcum powder?
Three to two the score.
Now this message for ya.
You wanna know what comes
between me and my Calvins? Nothing.
ANNOUNCER: Calvin Klein Jeans.
HALSTON: I'll do the blue jeans, David.
But I'll do them my way, okay?
Like I did the perfume.
You have something on your nose.
Oh. Do I?
I was resistant to do blue jeans
because I didn't know
how to make them Halston, right?
Well, now I do. This is the fabric.
This is really thick.
Yeah, it's thick. Mmm. Yeah, sensual.
Almost like a velvet.
It's a modern take on a blue jean.
Halston, people wear jeans
to the discotheque.
You can't wear something like this.
You'd pass out.
You have never once questioned
my artistic vision.
Well, now I am.
This isn't gonna work.
Well, I might be
I might be willing
to consider another fabric.
Halston jeans are not going to happen.
We missed the window.
The market's saturated.
Calvin Klein, Chic, Gloria Vanderbilt
We can't make money on Halston jeans.
Where were you six months ago, Halston?
Fashion moves fast. You know that.
Very well. C'est la guerre.
Shall you and I go to lunch?
I can't today.
Let's get something on the books.
- WOMAN: I was having lunch with Blaine.
- MAHONEY: Who's Blaine?
WOMAN: Blaine Trump. Robert's wife.
She was saying the big thing now is boats.
Like sailboats?
- Neither of us know how to sail.
- No, like yachts.
You wouldn't sail them. You would hire
a captain. You would have a whole staff.
you know what a depreciating asset is?
MAHONEY: It's what a boat is.
The second you set foot on them,
you lose 90% of your investment.
They're money pits.
You're telling me
you're the CEO of Norton Simon Industries,
and we can't afford a boat.
Jesus Christ, honey.
Don't make it sound like
I'm not providing, all right?
I'm making some moves.
I'm taking Norton Simon private.
What does that mean?
I'm lining up investors
to buy out the stockholders.
It's called a leveraged buyout.
I'm gonna turn Norton Simon
into a private corporation.
Our brands are worth more
if we sell them off individually.
So, we keep the ones that are profitable
Hunt-Wesson, Max Factor, Johnny Walker.
And we sell off the ones that aren't
Avis, hemorrhaging money. Maybe Halston.
He'll be fine.
He'll make a killing from the sale
if we can pump up the brand first
because right now, it's flagging.
So, a year from now,
you will have yachts
coming out of your ears!
Oh! Me of little faith.
HALSTON: Why didn't you come to the funeral?
- What?
- My mother died. Why were you not there?
Halston, you didn't fucking
tell me she died. You didn't tell anyone.
How the fuck am I supposed to know--
Look, I'm sorry about your mother,
but you talk to me the way you talk to me
and expect me to show up
when you don't invite me?
- Am I a fucking mind reader?
- Give me that.
- ELSA: What are you doing?
- Give me this coat!
- ELSA: The fuck!
- Everything I've done for you!
Who is this friend I thought I had?
Give me that fucking coat!
I bought it! It's mine!
ELSA: Here!
Take your fucking coat!
You fucking asshole!
You're nothing! You're nothing to me!
You're nothing but a no-culture,
cheap faggot dressmaker!
Well, you're nothing
but a low-class jewelry maker!
You fucking asshole! Faggot! Faggot!
You piece of shit! You're nothing!
[HALSTON, DISTORTED] Hey, it's me.
I just had a hell of a night.
Who is this?
It's me. I just got back from Studio.
It's Halston!
LIZA: Oh, Halston!
I'm sorry. I cannot hear you.
Must be a bad connection.
Call me back.
Is that better?
I just had the worst night of my life.
Honey. I'm so sorry. I can't hear you.
JOE: Okay. Thank you.
Thanks again.
It's very much appreciated.
- HALSTON: Is it fixed?
I guess you could say that.
Must have had something to do
with the construction.
JOE: No.
That's not what it was.
The guy unscrewed the receiver
and, like, a kilo of cocaine poured out.
MAN: Is this cocaine?
He said there was so much coke
that it oxidized the wires.
That's absurd. How is that even possible?
Oh, come on. I see you do it.
You sit right there
doing bumps of coke on the phone,
and every time, a little bit must fall
through the holes into the receiver.
I never do that.
JOE: Oh!
Jesus Christ, Halston.
Let us all know when you plan
your return trip to planet Earth.
It's all lies.
Everything I read in the newspaper now.
Just lies about me.
The coke shit has gotten out of control.
You are out of control.
How dare you.
You have no idea the pressure I'm under.
Yes, I do.
Because I'm the one who has to be Halston
when Halston is on a coke bender!
I'm Halston
until you decide to roll out of bed
at three o'clock in the afternoon,
and you're too hungover to speak!
Oh, it must be really difficult for you,
is it?
Yes, it is, Halston!
I've given you ten years of my life!
I put aside my own ambitions for yours
so I can stand in your shadow
and fish cocaine out of your phone
and watch while the work
just gets worse and worse and worse.
You've spent ten years in my shadow
'cause deep down, Joe,
you know that's where you belong.
Standing in my shadow
is the best you're ever gonna do.
So don't give me your needy,
sad-sack bullshit.
I've given more
than you could have hoped for.
If you don't like the work,
there's the door. You can fuck off.
Make your fucking costumes
for your shitty fucking disco musical
about the goddamn doorman from Studio 54.
That's the level of taste
I've learned to expect from you.
You have second-rate instincts
and no ideas.
You're an embarrassment.
You're beta to my alpha, Joe.
That's as good as it's gonna get for you.
The sooner you realize that,
the happier you'll be.
Accept the fact, Joe,
and stop being such a fucking sourpuss!
So get the fuck out of my life.
HALSTON: Well, how long are you gonna be away?
LIZA: Not long. Two months, I think?
Two months?
Oh, honey, don't look so sad.
I'll be back before you know it.
But I don't even understand what this is.
Is is it a tour?
It's called rehab, Halston.
And I'm told that it really works.
And, you know when [CHUCKLES]
Liz Taylor calls you up and says,
"Go to Betty Ford," you listen.
But she's right, you know? I was
I was headed
down the same path as Mama, and
I'm not gonna do that.
Everyone's leaving me.
Oh! I am not leaving you.
Hey, I'll be leaving you
if I keep doing what I'm doing.
That's all.
Why don't you come with me?
I don't have a problem.
I don't.
I've been in every night
the last five nights.
I'm on a tomato juice diet.
I know how to stop.
Come on. I know you.
The one thing
you don't know how to do is stop.
Studio closed down.
Stevie had to go to jail.
No, he's opening again in a few weeks.
I spoke to Stevie. I'm gonna do the party.
Maybe I'll be back for that, then.
I love you.
And I will never ever leave you.
WOMAN: Victor Rojas.
Victor Rojas?
you've tested positive for HIV.
I know that's not what you wanted
to hear today,
but the good news is,
we're just starting trials
with several new treatments.
I knew it.
WOMAN: I'm sorry, sir.
I knew I have it.
I mean
we probably all have it, right?
How could we not?
The dream is over.
- I know this is a lot to take in.
First thing we need to do is get a list
of all the sexual partners you've had.
Darling, I'm gonna need a few more papers.
I have fucked everybody.
Why are we going to this?
I thought you hated Calvin Klein.
I don't hate him.
Just think he's terrible.
Stevie here loves him.
That I do.
Yes, Stevie's just out of jail.
He's opening up Studio again.
I'm gonna do the gala.
I'm gonna sponsor it. I'm gonna design it.
It's gonna be on the front page
of every newspaper in America.
Mahoney's gonna be thrilled.
- So, are you gonna be nice to him?
- Who?
Calvin. When the doors open
and we get to his fucking apartment,
are we gonna be nice?
Or are we gonna be a bitch?
Well, I don't have to be nice to him.
He's probably just copied my town house.
I can't wait to get up there
and see and judge.
- What's with this girlfriend?
Oh, she's chic.
I like her. She's a nice girl.
[LAUGHS] For God's sake.
Who's he trying to kid?
He dates every lady equestrian,
every shop girl.
What what's this one's name?
- Kelly.
- Kelly.
She's classy. I like her.
[SIGHS] Just so they can market him
as being straight.
I have to tell you something
before we go in.
The reopening of Studio
that you wanna throw, the party.
- Yes.
- Halston.
This is that party.
I thought somebody told you.
I know you wanted to do it,
but Calvin offered, and it's Calvin.
You understand.
MAN: Steve.
MAHONEY: We've talked about this.
The brand isn't where we want it to be.
We need that big item
that's gonna boost the Halston profile.
Something really bold.
The good news is I found that thing.
What if you became
the exclusive in-house designer
for JCPenney?
Is this a joke?
MAHONEY: It's not a joke.
This could be the biggest deal
in the history of fashion.
And tell me, David,
why would I wanna do a thing like that?
Because Halston Limited
would make a billion dollars.
And that's a thousand million dollars.
Thank you, David.
Yes, I know what a billion dollars means.
So that's all I'm supposed to care about
at this point, is it? Money?
Of course not.
It gives you options.
With that kind of money,
that gives you freedom.
You just have to see it as a silver lining
on a cloud that happens
to be made of solid gold.
I think you see the writing
on the wall here.
Yes, but, David
aside from the money, I mean
It's an institution
all across the country.
Like the government, almost.
You're looking at a thousand stores.
Halston, this could be huge.
JCPenney is part of the American fabric.
And I'm part of the American fabric.
ANNOUNCER: Presenting the Halston III
Lifestyle collection.
Sports Lifestyle.
Career Lifestyle.
A totally new fashion point of view
for the modern American woman's lifestyle.
All this and much more.
Halston III exclusive designs.
Only at JCPenney.
Hey. Are you gay or straight?
- The fuck did you say to me?
- [CHUCKLES] So you're straight.
You wanna make 200 bucks?
I know a guy.
He's really rich.
But he's had a bad week.
You give him some good dick,
and you get $200.
- Understand you fired June.
- That's right.
VICTOR: Hello.
- WOMAN: I don't like people who gossip
- Halston. I want you to meet someone.
This is Derrick.
Hello, Derrick.
My name's Halston.
Nice place you got.
Thank you.
Well, I could give you the tour.
I'll show you around.
We can go upstairs.
MAHONEY: Oh, yeah. I like that one.
Okay, this one?
She's 172 ft. She's called the Big Eagle.
She accommodates 12 guests, nine crew.
What's that gonna set me back?
For a million, she's yours.
Relax your shoulders.
Relax your shoulders!
The look doesn't work.
I'm trying.
Oh, take it off.
Take it off! The look is not working!
You're not relaxing! Fucking take it off!
MAHONEY: Let's do it.
Now we gotta find a captain and nine crew.
- Gentlemen, can I help you?
- MAN: We'll just be a minute.
What is it, Chip?
We need to have a conversation.
Would you excuse us, please?
HALSTON: Excuse me?
Mr. Halston.
Who are you?
Carl Epstein.
I, uh, run your division now.
I am very much looking forward
to working with you.
He's arriving.
He's in the study.
Thank you.
David, what the fuck is going on?
First, you gotta calm down.
This guy tells me
that he runs my company now!
You better explain how that's not true!
Let me fix you a drink first,
and I'll explain the whole thing.
No. You tell me how there are people
I do not know in my office right now
loading things into boxes
and carting it away!
You promised me
you'd always be there for me!
You promised me you'd protect me!
I got outbid, Halston.
I fucked up.
I tried to take Norton Simon private.
I was gonna make us a lot of money,
and word got out
about the share price I was offering,
how low it was, and
Another company came in, and I got outbid
by one fucking dollar per share.
Some packaged goods company from Chicago.
They bought us out.
And once it was in motion,
there was nothing I could do.
I'm out the door.
Carl Epstein runs Halston now.
That's what JCPenney was all about,
wasn't it?
You knew you were gonna sell Halston.
Didn't even bother to tell me.
I mean, for you, Halston,
it's just a management change, really.
It's not gonna be all that different
day to day, and
And you'll get money.
You promised.
It's business, Halston.
Green ♪
In your love ♪
On bright days ♪
You grew sun blind ♪
You thought me unkind ♪
To remind you ♪
How winter kills ♪
Lost ♪
In daydreams ♪
You drove too fast ♪
And got nowhere ♪
You rode on half fare ♪
When you got too scared ♪
How winter kills ♪
Tear at me searching for weaker seams ♪
Pain ♪
In your eyes ♪
Makes me cruel ♪
Makes me spiteful ♪
Tears are delightful ♪
Welcome your ♪
Nightfall ♪
How winter kills ♪
I'll tear at you
Searching for weaker seams ♪
Winter ♪
How ♪
Winter ♪
Kills ♪
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