Hamish Macbeth (1995) s03e05 Episode Script

The Trouble with Rory

(Laboured breathing)
John James McIver, pass.
Bernard Keir Hardie Meldrum, pass.
Dougal Alexander Fleming Brown
MD PhD, pass.
Rory Duncan Campbell, fail.
(Echoing) Fail Fail Fail
(Esme) And this became known
as the Highland Clearances,
when the landlords
chased all the people off the land
and put in sheep instead.
- Please, miss.
- Yes, Veronica.
What would have happened
if the people hadn't moved?
They were forced. Burnt out.
But if they all didn't move, then there's
not enough people to move them.
Well, I suppose you're right.
But it's awful hard
when someone burns your house down.
(All laugh and shout)
(Cheering drowns out conversation)
Watch the step.
And it's not even raining.
The pools just form in the roof.
Rory, it's only the part-time fire brigade.
15 years on the team.
You can always be
my big strong fireman.
Sure this is just the fitness test?
Look, I've got to go. I'll see you later.
(Steady dripping)
God knows how long that'll last.
The whole thing's knackered, Esme.
You're needing a new roof.
Och, we're needing a new school.
Aye, well, I know what I need.
(Agnes) So, there's this ram, see,
and he's head-butting
Rory's caravan door like this.
So poor old Rory
can't get a wink of sleep.
So he gets that mad
he gets up out his bed, right?
And he's completely starkers.
You know, in the scud. In the bufferooni.
So he pulls on his wellies, runs down
the field after it, waving a stick,
and you'll never believe what happened.
Shepherd sees him and shouts out
"If I'd known it was the sheep
you were interested in,
"I would have shampooed its fleece."
It's true!
(Laughter stops abruptly)
Evening, Esme. Rory.
Barney. Agnes.
That would be the one about the sheep
again, would it, Barney?
Aye. Yes, it would.
So, what'll you have?
Dubonnet and lemonade
and a pint of Skullcrusher, please.
That'll be ã2.80, Esme.
Here's your Dubonnet, Rory.
Must remember to go to the bank
to pay the deposit on our holiday.
- I'll see to that.
- You sure?
Sure. It's no problem.
- Howdy.
- Hamish.
That'll be the tatties
you've been digging up.
- Seven pounds' worth.
- Lovely.
- Same again, Agnes.
- Sure, Rory.
- All right, Rory.
- Ciamar a tha, Hamish?
Not bad. Some lovely fresh salmon.
Very good.
Aye. Out of Loch McMartin.
- It was lovely up there today.
- Was it?
Aye, it was.
The school! It's on fire!
- Oh, my God! No!
- Be careful, Esme.
Come on.
Let's go!
- No!
- Esme!
Leave it, Esme!
Come on.
(Siren blares)
Forget the Portakabin.
Get these hoses on the school.
Are you OK, Esme?
I'm sorry we got here too late.
What am I gonna do?
What am I gonna tell the children?
Never you mind about that just now.
There's nothing more you can do here.
It's amazing how quickly it goes up.
Aye, it can spread like wildfire.
There you go. That's the game.
A smile back on your face.
- (Coughs)
- Here, some more tea.
Peter, Rory's got his suspicions
about the fire.
- Oh, has he?
- Yes.
A pyro-forensic expert now?
15 years as a volunteer fireman.
Bound to learn something.
Douglas, make sure
Mrs Murray's taken home.
- No, I'm fine, really.
- Go home. Please. I'll see you later.
You've had a nasty shock.
Well, then, Mr Campbell,
let's see what you've found, eh?
- I believe this was the seat of the fire.
- Uh-huh.
Smell that.
Mm-hm. Turps.
- You're saying it was deliberate?
- Correct.
And what I'm saying, Rory, is this.
This was the paint cupboard.
The place was full of turps.
- Oh.
- What about this?
No, no, I turned that off.
I'm sure there were no flames when I left.
There weren't, John. Look over there.
There's your culprit, Rory.
A 30-amp fuse in a five-amp
lighting socket.
The water could have shorted it.
- Happy?
- Ecstatic.
That's the trouble with Rory.
Always takes things to heart.
That roof was in a shocking state.
If I was Esme,
I'd have that Clelland up for negligence.
- Clelland?
- Aye.
The cowboy that fixed it last month.
He's got a builder's yard
over in Cnothan.
Has he got a white Transit van
with ladders on top?
- Aye, I think he has. Why?
- Probably nothing.
Oh, Hamish, there you are.
Thank goodness.
I'm in a bit of a rush. I need your
signature here for the insurance claim.
Sure. Where are you off to?
Good morning, John.
The Education Department.
With any luck,
we'll get a new school out of this.
Not today you're not.
You've just missed the bus.
Between ourselves, Hamish,
that blackboard was out of the ark.
This might be the best thing
that's happened.
You could try claiming against Clelland.
If his work was responsible for the fire.
We won't need to.
The insurance will pay it.
I suppose.
- How's Rory these days?
- He's fine. Why?
I don't know. I just thought
he was acting a bit strange.
Was he?
If we get a new gym
we can have the Christmas concert there
and we won't have to traipse out
to the village hall every year.
Thanks very much, Hamish. Hope it
didn't take you too far out of your way.
(Woman) Come in.
Thank you, Mrs Murray.
You've been very efficient.
- When can we get something done?
- This may well have expedited matters.
Good. You see, all of seven primaries
and just two classrooms
- We'd all
- Don't you worry, Mrs Murray.
- I'll get the transfers organised today.
- Grand.
- Transfers?
- Yes. To Cnothan.
This will just bring
the closure of the school forward.
Closure? What closure?
Of Lochdubh Primary.
I don't know anything about any closure.
We're closing Lochdubh Primary. Surely
Councillor Campbell informed you.
No, he didn't.
I can't think why not.
We took the decision three weeks ago.
Rory! Rory Campbell,
I know you're in there!
- What is it, sweetheart?
- Don't you sweetheart me.
- I've been to the Education Department.
- Oh.
- Yes, "Oh".
- I'll come down and we'll discuss it.
You knew they were closing the school
and you said nothing.
It's not as simple as it sounds.
Come up and have some tea.
No. There'll be no tea with you, sunshine.
- Esme, please
- Judas!
I've got some lovely Battenberg.
- You know where you can shove that.
- Problem, Esme?
Yes, him. He's the problem.
Oh, and in future, you can get
your bed and breakfast elsewhere.
Especially your bed.
- I'm not gonna take this lying down.
- It's a damn disgrace.
It certainly is.
(Sighs) Look. Let's not get carried away.
We have to approach this strategically.
Establish winnable goals.
There's only one goal, Agnes.
The school stays open.
Agreed. We have to put
maximum pressure on the council.
We go on the offensive.
- We set the agenda.
- But how?
A public meeting.
Challenge them to defend their decision.
Yes. We could use that
to launch a campaign.
Put them on the spot.
- Set up a phone round. Contact all
- What's going on?
They are going to close down
our school.
Must be short of money.
Is that all you can say?
If they close the school,
they tear the heart out of the village.
Aye. Aye, right you are.
- You could write a letter.
- A letter.
This is no time for letters, Barney.
This is war.
- What's up?
- Nothing. Hang on a minute, Archie.
- You OK?
- Yeah, sure.
I used to live here.
You'll know where the pub is, then.
(Isobel) Esme.
Oh! It's great to see you!
Sorry, my hands are all sticky. Been out
doing a poster run in the village.
I saw them as we drove in. It looks good.
- Thanks for coming.
- I wanted to cover this story, you know.
- It was my school too.
- That's right.
Hello, Jock. Hello, boy.
Hi, Hamish.
You're looking well.
- Thanks.
- Isobel.
Set up over there, shall I?
Are you the cameraman?
Do you point it?
If it's not too cheeky, I've got a wee idea.
If you could go outside
and take the winds in the background
and the protest banner
in the foreground and
Any chance of a coffee?
Isobel, I'll make you a cappuccino and
give you an accreditation press release.
- Very good.
- You've got that couple staying at yours.
- Would you like to stay with me?
- Thanks but I've got to be impartial.
- See you, Hamish.
- Yeah.
(All shout)
Centralisation of resources in Cnothan
mean increased funding per capita.
More books, more staff
who can offer a wider range of subjects.
More scope for your children
to participate
in the wider cultural life of the area.
Our culture is here.
If the kids go, what will be left of it?
With respect, Mrs Murray,
I do think you're overreacting.
You close the school,
you destroy the community.
- What will be next? The surgery?
- If you'll just listen
If you're so proud of this plan,
how come you've kept it in the dark?
That's right. Talk about shifty.
Your local councillor's been kept aware
of the situation at all times.
- Well, he didn't tell us.
- (All shout)
Ladies and gentlemen, I appeal to you.
Oh, no, you don't.
(All laugh)
Councillor Campbell?
Please. Please.
It's not just a question of the school.
It's resources.
For crying out loud, Rory. We're not just
figures on a balance sheet, you know.
Resources are not unlimited.
We at Cnothan District Council are
responsible for all your public services.
- That's right. We have to We have to
- Prioritise.
(Man) Prioritise?
You mean the school isn't a priority?
Of course it is. But so is housing.
So is health care.
So is public transport.
Hear, hear. Well said.
Mrs Mathers
and Councillor Campbell have a point.
We have to work with
a very small budget.
It's not them you should be booing.
It's the government.
Lochdubh School is run-down
and outdated.
If the children join Cnothan
they'll have much better facilities.
Then the council can plough back
all the money from the land sale.
Oh, yes. The land sale.
Now we're coming to it.
That's all they're interested in.
I think we should just all calm down.
After all,
this isn't going to happen overnight.
The first phase of rationalisation has
been pencilled in for Friday the tenth.
Next Friday?
Tuition at the school will terminate,
the children will enrol in Cnothan,
and the Lochdubh site
will be prepared for development.
You mean you're sending in the diggers.
No, Mrs Mathers,
we're staying in our school.
Neither you nor the diggers nor any
bureaucrats or their lackies will stop us.
We don't want your diggers.
We don't want your diggers.
Outside, Archie.
(Hamish) Rory.
Behave yourself.
Councillor, get in your car.
(Chanting) We don't want your diggers!
They were escorted away
under police protection,
and it is believed that local councillor
Mr Rory Campbell
is spending the night
in protective custody.
There have been
astonishing scenes here.
Already the question is being asked,
could a stronger police presence
have averted the fiasco?
Lovely. Thank you, Isobel.
Isobel Sutherland, Highland Television,
in Lochdubh.
I'm sorry, Hamish. It's a terrible mess.
Rory, you should have said something.
I wanted to but Well, I had my reasons.
What reasons?
Rory, are you in some sort of trouble?
Driven out of my home,
spending the night in a cell.
No, everything's hunky-dory.
Top of the world.
Is it something to do with
this guy Clelland?
I hardly know the man.
I saw you down by the loch
the other day.
It's nothing, Hamish. Nothing.
- Where are you off to?
- Home.
And I'll bid you good night.
And then the wife died
these three years past.
- I know. I'm sorry.
- Ach, it was a release.
She hadn't been well for years.
Since then, well, you know how it is.
Yes. Unfortunately, I do.
Esme, would you like to go out
for a meal in Cnothan some time?
That new seafood place has
just opened up. Tomorrow maybe?
No, Peter, I couldn't.
I've got my hands full at the moment
and I've got the campaign meeting.
- But it's awful nice of you to ask me.
- No, that's fine. I understand.
Maybe some other time,
when this is over.
- That'll be fine. I'd better be
- (Knock on door)
At this time?
Esme. I'm prostrating myself
in apology here.
I'm sorry I never told you.
It was just I was scared. I
Oh, I never realised you had company.
- Peter's just going.
- No, no, allow me.
No, please. I insist. I'll go.
- I'll just be off.
- Me too.
Esme, I just dropped by
to run something past you.
- I've got to go first thing.
- Come in, Isobel.
Barking. Completely barking,
the pair of them.
(Isobel) And as the protest banners
are raised,
the battle lines are being drawn.
This is Isobel Sutherland,
Highland Television, Lochdubh.
OK? Right.
Ready to go home.
(Children chant) My name is Ina Pina,
come from China,
Do me a favour, push off! ♪
- Good day.
- Rory.
What can I do for you this morning?
Oh, it's Shinty World
and Popular Mechanics, is it?
No, thank you. In future
I'll get my papers from the van.
- Oh.
- Aye, and cancel the grocery order, too.
I'm fussy about where I shop.
Not another one.
Come on, Hamish. Sign the petition.
- I'm supposed to be non-political.
- You mean you're a Tory?
I have to take a balanced view
of these things.
- Aye, your maw.
- Aye, your maw's granny.
There's some smoke.
It's coming out of my house.
- Get on the phone. Quick.
- It's my house!
No, Esme.
No rush, Peter.
- Thanks, Agnes.
- All right, Esme?
- You sure you're OK, Esme?
- Oh, yes. I'm made of sterner stuff.
Perhaps you'd be more comfortable
in the house. Let's go inside.
- It's all right. I'm fine here.
- (Hamish) Peter.
Come have a look at this.
Smell that.
Petrol. Could have come from
the water pump.
- No, I think somebody torched this.
- I think you might be right.
This is too much of a coincidence, Esme.
You're gonna have to be careful
from now.
Well, if they think they're going to scare
me from keeping that school open,
- they've got another think coming.
- Good on you.
Any time you need help with
the campaign, all you have to do is ask.
Thanks very much, Peter,
but everything's under control.
Did you notice anything unusual this
morning? Anybody sniffing around?
I left the house early. That damn digger
had me up at the crack of dawn.
- The digger?
- Aye, Clelland's laying a few drains.
Oh, is he indeed?
(Rory) I'm not taking this any more,
Clelland. You've spoilt everything for me.
(Clelland) You got yourself into it, Rory.
You're too greedy.
(Rory) Tonight,
and that's your last chance.
- Don't you threaten me.
- Hamish.
- Mr Clelland.
- I'm just on my way.
Rory, Esme had
a bit of a close call this morning.
Someone set fire to
the equipment hut behind her house.
- What happened?
- She's fine but head home sharpish.
I hear you were laying a few drains
near there this morning.
What if I was? It's not a crime, is it?
I also understand that you did a bit
of work - sub-standard work -
on the Portakabin at the school
before that burned down.
- What are you insinuating?
- I'm not insinuating anything.
It's just a bit unfortunate, isn't it,
for Esme.
So if you've got an interest
in these development plans
for the school, get it into the open.
I've got nothing to tell you, Macbeth.
Fine. I'll remember that.
Rory's never mentioned this Clelland
to me before.
I can't think what they're up to.
Whoever he is, there's something
going on. I just hope Rory's
- Oh, God.
- What?
Inverness taking an interest
in a suspected arson.
There's only one thing for it, then.
We sort it out
before they decide to come over.
- Tonight?
- We have the technology.
Hey, let's be careful out there.
Esme! What are you doing here?
- I wouldn't leave you on your own.
- But it might be dangerous.
- I thought we'd agreed that
- Och, you men agreed.
Nobody asked me.
Anyway, you look as if
you could do with a drink.
I could.
- Slange.
- Slange.
Anything to report, Red One?
Do you read me? Come in, please.
No, Hamish. Nothing to report.
(Hamish) Anything to report, Red Two?
Quiet as the grave.
Red Three here. Nothing to report
here up at the school.
It's the deceit of it, Lachie.
Closing the school down is bad enough,
but I don't understand
why he didn't tell me himself.
- Perhaps he was afraid to.
- Afraid? What of?
- Well, you can be a bit
- A bit what?
Nothing. Nothing.
He knows he can always
come and talk to me.
Well, that's the thing.
Rory might think he's a new man,
but in my opinion, his generation
Well, take my daddy for instance.
They find it hard to open up.
Whereas me and Jean, well,
we build on a sense of mutual trust.
Have you finished with that bottle?
This is Red One, Hamish.
He's coming out.
He's on the move!
- Argh!
- Sorry!
- Where are you, Red One?
- We're following him, Hamish,
heading east out of Cnothan
along the Lochdubh Road.
(TV John) We're heading down the road
to Loch McMartin.
Loch McMartin? Stay with him, John.
Let's take it in turns.
Right Actually, I'd better
before we settle down.
You know.
Oh. Go on, then.
Hamish. Hamish?
- Red Two to base.
- Go ahead, Red Two.
Rory's on the move.
He's heading east
towards the school.
Clelland's getting into another car.
(Hamish) Can you see the registration?
I can't make it out, Hamish.
What are you hearing, John?
There's certainly not
a lot of talking going on.
Alma, this cannot go on. You're going to
have to tell your husband.
But Eric, he's such a jealous man.
You can forget about Clelland.
His temperature's rising
but it's certainly not with starting fires.
Somehow I think the council
will be persuaded
to have a rethink about the school, eh?
Red Four to base.
- Red Four to base.
- Esme? Where's Lachie?
Just tell the doc
there's someone at the school.
Red Three. Red Three, do you read me?
Come in, please.
Red Three.
- Red Three, come in, please.
- (Snoring)
Red Three.
Red Three.
Doc, what the hell are you doing?
Barney, I'm on my way.
I cannae see Rory setting fire to things,
especially Esme's things.
Neither can I.
And as for calling out the fire brigade
- What?
- The fire brigade.
It's not Rory.
Get back!
(Esme) Rory! Get back! Lachie!
(Lachie) There's no use! It's going up.
(Rory) Easy, Lachie!
(Esme) Use your jacket!
- Rory, get back from that!
- Esme, get back!
(Esme) Careful, Rory!
Smother it! No, don't go too near it! Rory!
Hit it with your jacket!
Get back! I'll get it!
You've just floored Peter.
Did I miss something?
The first fire in the Portakabin
had nothing to do with him.
It was the electrics.
But that's what gave him the idea.
- The fire hut, the school.
- Why?
He was desperate to play the hero.
He was trying to impress you, Esme.
He never meant to hurt anyone.
- I never gave him any reason to think
- Course not.
But you have the power
to inspire passion in a man, Esme.
Rory, there is just one thing. What did
you want with the builder, Clelland?
I lent him money.
How much?
A lot of money.
All the money in our joint account.
That was for our holiday.
He said he'd do my building work at cost.
Then he only gave me
half the money back.
- What building work?
- Esme's Kitchen.
Eating joint. I was going to build it
onto the back of the stores.
- I was looking for you tonight to explain.
- Rory.
It was all for you.
I knew the school was going to close
and I wanted it all arranged
before I told you.
- You won't be needing it now.
- Oh, Rory Campbell.
Come inside.
I want to tell you what you inspire.
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