Hammer House of Horror (1980) s01e01 Episode Script

Witching Time

David? Mary.
Where are you? Darling, l'm at the flat.
Still? | - l'm sorry, l'm not going to make it home tonight.
l'll have to stay up.
| l've still got half a dozen shots to do.
Will they get them tomorrow? Well, they're not sure Freddie's trying to juggle the schedule.
| He wants me on stand-by.
I see l'm sorry, David.
lt can't be helped.
Listen Oh, never mind! Shall we expect you tomorrow? I'II call you Yes, you do that.
Look, could you see to Muffin? Make sure the stable door's locked and bolted.
| l don't want him kicking it open again.
He won't, not now it's been stengthened | - Good.
How's the work going? OK.
How far have you got? l'm just about to come up to your death scene, | dear.
Well that should be some consolation to you.
Mary, we've got l'll call you tomorrow.
Good night, boy.
lt's all right, boy.
lt's only thunder.
Look s like we're in for a bit of a storm.
lt's all right, Bill.
lt's over now.
lt's all over.
l said it's over, Billy! Billy, come over here.
Come on.
Bill! What's the matter? Do you want to go out, then? Come on.
Bill? Billy! Billy? Billy! Billy? Who are you? What are you doing in here? Who are you? l did it.
l did it! l did it.
- Did what? | - l escaped them, that's what l did.
Where's this place? Woodstock Farm.
Woodstock Farm, is it? Who be you? David Winter.
l live here.
Live here? You live here now.
Look, what is this? Tell me, David Winter, who be on the throne of England now? - Now, listen | - Who? Queen Elizabeth, of course.
Elizabeth? When came she to the throne? Which Elizabeth? Elizabeth II.
She was crowned in 195 19 My lord and master be praised.
l'm free.
Come on, my beauties.
Where be your fire now, then? Where be all of you? Dead! Dead, dead, the lot of you! Look, who are you and where are you from? Who am l? l'm Lucinda.
Lucinda Jessop, and please you.
Where l come from? l come from here - | Woodstock Farm.
Where else? My, how nice you've got the old place.
| There's a change.
Look, l don't seem to be understanding you | too well.
Did you live here once? Aye, l lived here.
l was born here.
Ah, l see.
I was born in this house in the year 1627.
16? - Don't be ridiculous, that's more than | - Aye, more than 300 years since.
David Winter, | what do you do with witches in these times? Witches? Nothing.
- You don't hunt them? | - No.
You don't get poxy witchfinders to swim 'em | and hang 'em and burn 'em? - No, we don't.
| - That's good.
That's very good, David Winter, | because l be a witch.
Now, listen.
l don't know what your game is, | but l don't go in for that sort of thing.
- What sort of thing would that be, my lovely? | - Black magic.
Fooling around on Halloween | and that sort of nonsense.
They wanted to put me to the test.
They tried to swim me.
| And they would have burnt me.
They had their fire burning in that yard.
- But l showed 'em my powers.
| - Who? Amos Franklyn and Joshua Smith and their Puritan gang.
But l escaped their fire like l escaped their water, | and here I am.
Yes, yes, of course you are.
Like a ghost.
Oh, l be no ghost.
l be a living woman, David Winter.
Listen, wouldn't you like to lie down? Rest for a while.
You look rather tired.
- Would you like a drink of something? | - Oh, you want to poison me? You won't get rid of your poor Lucinda that way.
No, no, of course not.
Aargh! lt's all right.
lt's just the power coming on again.
Take it away.
Take the power away! Now, then, come on.
lt's only the lights.
Here, look.
lt won't hurt you.
And And again So.
You see? Do you want to try? Come on Give me your hand.
And up.
Not in there.
What's the matter? The cellar.
- Yes? | - Close the door.
Close the door.
They imprisoned me in the cellar down there | before they dragged me out to the fire.
Where's the power? This is the bathroom in which we are fortunate enough to have | a bath, a washbasin and a toilet.
lt's only water.
Hold that.
This is the shower.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
Now, the other rooms are quite ordinary.
Just bedrooms.
Bedchambers? Yes, that's all.
ook This used to be my room.
There, you see? Why don't you have a little rest? You must be rather fatigued | after travelling for 300 years.
Let me out You swore you would not harm me! | - l won't.
Stay there and rest.
| l won't let anything hurt you.
Let me out Open this door, David Winter! Just you let me out or it'll be the worse for you! Let me out, do you hear me? Let me out of here! Let me out of here! Do you hear me? Let me out! Let me out of this room! 3-4-7? | - Oh, Charles? lt's David Winter.
l'm sorry to disturb you at this time of the night, | but l've got a bit of a problem.
Charles, thank s for coming.
Sorry to drag you out at this hour, | but I didn't know what to do.
That's all right.
l'd only just got in, actually.
l've been up in London at a conference.
Well, thank God for that.
Come on.
Billy! So, David, what's it all about, then? Well, l discovered this young woman hiding | in the barn after that terrible storm we had.
You had a storm? l'll say we had.
Anyway, when it had finished, | l went out to calm Mary's horse.
And there was this creature.
| She said she was a witch, and that she was going to be drowned or burnt | or both back in 16 something.
And that she'd managed to escape | by transporting herself through time.
That's very clever of her.
- Did she try and put a spell on you? | - No, thank God.
Where is she? Upstairs.
She's in here.
lt used to be the nursery, | so there's bars on the window.
Lucinda? Lucinda, l've brought someone Lucinda? But l locked her in myself.
The door was still locked.
l had the key, you saw me.
Well, she's obviously not here now.
Lucinda! Lucinda! Mary not home? No, she's been filming up in London.
Working late? So she says.
You don't believe her? l think she's got a lover.
Mary? Yes, Mary! I tell you Charles, she lt's that bloody director, l'll bet.
She's with him right now.
Now, come on, David Don't be ridiculous.
What's ridiculous? | Mary's a very attractive woman.
Well, of course she is.
But you mustn't let fears become suspicions.
Now, what evidence have you got? Well, nothing firm.
Well, there you are.
So stop getting paranoid.
Charles, you don't think l'm going off my head, do you? Well, l think that you've been working very hard | and you're very tired, and that you could do with a good long rest.
You do think l'm crazy! Now, listen, David.
l've been treating you for nervous exhaustion | and you insist on going on working.
l've also told you not to drink on top of the drugs | l've prescribed, and what do you do? l know.
l'm sorry.
lf you start to hallucinate, don't blame me, OK? OK.
Now, physically, you'll survive.
But you've got to take things easy.
l'm going to give you a shot.
lt should help you relax and sleep tonight.
What do you want? You betrayed me, David Winter.
Leave me alone.
Get out of here! You lied to me You want to be rid of me.
But l wanted to help you.
- You called the witchfinder.
| - Stop it! l won't listen! You want me to burn.
You're not real.
I know you only exist in my imagination.
Go away! ls that the body of a ghost? ls that real, David Winter? Tell me.
Hello, 3-7-5-9.
Mary? Charles.
Charles? Where are you? | - l'm at home.
Oh, is something wrong? Well, its David What? He called me over just now | and l think he was hallucinating.
Oh, my God.
Why? How? Probably just strain.
Plus the fact that he'd been drinking on top of the pills that I gave him Oh, typical! What do you want me to do about it? l don't think that he should be left alone | more than can be helped.
I see | - He should be all right tonight.
He's had a shot.
But if | - OK, l'll drive back first thing in the morning.
Sorry, but l do think that you should.
David! l'm home, darling! David? David? Are you all right? Charles phoned me.
- Charles? | - Last night.
Last night? - Oh, yeah.
| - What happened? Didn't Charles tell you? Not a great deal.
He said you were hallucinating, or something.
There was a girl here.
Oh? And she was real.
I know she was real.
She was solid, flesh and blood.
But when Charles came, she wasn't here any more.
Well, l'm here now.
Do you want some breakfast? Oh, yes.
Yes, l'm starving.
l'm absolutely ravenous.
What did you have last night apart from Scotch? l don't remember.
You stay up here.
l'll get you something.
Mary she was here.
She said she was a witch.
Lucinda Jessop, she called herself.
She was here.
Well she doesn't seem to be here now.
Come on.
Lie down.
l'll get you some breakfast.
Your back! What? Agh! How did you do this? l don't know.
Charles, l'm worried about him.
l think he really is going out of his mind.
No, he isn't.
- lt'll be all right.
| - But his back.
lt's absolutely covered in scratches.
Deep, deep scratches l mean, what kind of man | would do that to himself if he was in his right mind? lt's simply the result of stress.
And the drugs you'e giving him? Not on their own, no.
I don't think so l mean, could he turn violent or anything? No, of course not.
You know that l wouldn't let you be exposed | to any kind of threat.
Are you sure? You were with him last night.
| What was he like? Disturbed.
He kept on insisting that you have a lover.
Listen, l saw Charles in the village.
l thought you might.
Oh? What did he say? He gave me some more pills for you.
| Something a bitdifferent.
Stronger? No, just different.
ln case the other ones had something to do with | what happened last night.
l told you, the girl was real.
l didn't imagine it! Oh, listen, David, | why don't you give yourself a day off? We could relax.
We could go for a walk.
Oh all right.
l'll pop upstairs and change.
M aryy! What? What? What? You you are insane! lt's only just dead.
ook! I don't know Why? Why should l? l think l'm going to be sick.
Lucinda Lucinda Lucinda! Lucinda! David? David are you there? David! David! David, l know you're there somewhere.
David! Mary What are you doing? l've been out looking for Billy.
Oh, yes.
Was he upstairs, then? What? l can put up with your fantasies just.
But when it comes to trying to kill me Kill you? Don't be ridiculous.
You just keep away from me.
That thing.
You pushed it.
No No, I didn't.
No? What about this, then? That's her! Oh, yes.
l recorded it this afternoon | to prove that l wasn't imagining things.
You always were a lousy liar.
Get out of my way.
- What are you doing? | - l'm leaving, David.
l've had enough.
- You can't leave me now.
| - Get away from me.
Leave me alone! You can't! Oh, David.
Oh, my darling l'm sorry.
l'm so sorry.
Forgive me.
Please forgive me.
Did you miss me last night, my love? No.
Go away.
Did you miss me, David, while you lay with her? - She's my wife! | - She's unfaithful to you.
She's a worthless strumpet and you know it.
Leave me alone, damn you! Leave you, my love? Never.
You're mine, David Winter.
l've put my mark on you for ever and ever.
| Amen.
Get rid of her, David.
She must be destoyed.
Do you hear me? You belong to Lucinda Jessop.
lt sounds like a classic case | of poltergeist activity.
Ghosts? A mischievous spirit.
Could you perform an exorcism? Well, l'd have to talk to the bishop.
Yes, but could you? | l mean, would that get rid of it? Her.
Possibly not.
One theory about poltergeists is that | they could be a manifestation of telekinesis caused by someone living in the house.
Telekinesis, that's some form of telepathy? Sort of.
Some people appear to have the ability to move quite large objects | and cause all sorts of physical upsets just by the power of thought.
But things do actually happen? For real? Oh, indeed, yes.
lt's nothing new either.
lt happened to John Wesley's family, you know.
ln his father's rectory.
What about our witch? Did she really exist? Well, there was certainly a spate | of witch-hunting in the mid-17th century.
You see this fellow here? Amos Franklyn? He was the local witchfinder.
There was a craze for it | in various parts of the country at that time.
- lt's very interesting | - Yes.
l'm sure, but Our Master Franklyn was a real fanatic.
Hysterical Puritanism, you know.
Terrible thing.
What about our Mistress Jessop? Oh-oh! The usual method of trial, it seems, | was by water, even though trial by ordeal | had been illegal for centuries.
But the witchfinders claimed that | Satan's disciples did not deserve fair trial.
So they drowned them.
- Only the innocent ones.
| - And the others they burned alive? Not always alive.
Sometimes | they strangled them first, with a rope.
- l suppose they thought that was being merciful.
| - No doubt.
Ah! Here we are.
There were several trials that year.
May I see? One poor woman managed to escape.
They raised a hue and cry, but never found her.
- Where? | - There.
Mistress Lucinda Jessop.
Of Woodstock Farm.
Come back here to me, David Winter.
l haven't finished with you yet.
Charles, you've got to be there.
l need you! Look, l don't want anything to do with it.
l can't take the risk of being involved.
But you are involved.
But I'm not seen to be.
Oh, listen, Charles.
l can't take much more of this.
l've got to stand by him - until all this gets sorted out, but then | - Mary you're my patient.
l can't.
l can't! l'd be struck off.
You bastard.
- Mary, darling, l'm sorry | - So am I.
l'm just beginning to realise | how little l really mean to you.
- Mary, please | - A little bit on the side.
- But when the going gets rough | - You've always known the situation.
lt's over, Charles.
You just stay away from me, or so help me, | l'll blow it to every newspaper in the country.
No, don't.
Lucinda No Don't.
Aaargh! No! - No visitors again? | - No.
My husband isn't very well.
l see.
Still, isn't there anyone else | you'd like us to contact? No.
Thank you.
- When can l go home? | - When the doctors say so.
Maybe tomorrow.
l'm worried about my husband.
l've been here three days already.
How are you feeling now? Well, apart from these pains, | l feel absolutely fine.
The pains are still there? In your arms and legs? Mm.
And in my side.
Oh! I'II get you something fo them.
Sister if there's nothing broken, I want to go home.
Give it another day.
Enjoy the rest.
What can happen to your husband | in one more day? David? You've come back.
Yes Are you all right now? Yes.
l'm all right.
But you l'm sorry about Muffin.
You know they had to put him down.
You didn't come.
l wanted to.
l wanted to, Megs, but she wouldn't let me.
She? Lucinda.
She wouldn't let me.
Oh, David, you have got to fight! l can't! David, you must.
You must not give in! You mustn't give in, you must fight it.
You must.
You must fight.
Oh! David help me, please.
Oh David, are you listening to me? David, all this has got to stop.
We're going to have an exorcism, David, do you hear me? An exocism, to get rid of her.
Oh, no David David, where are you? David? David, are you down there? David! David! Let me out, David! Let me out, David David! There.
Will that do? Oh, my God.
ls Dr Henderson there, please? Oh, no.
| Do you know where I can get hold of him? Yes, it is urgent.
lt's very, very urgent.
I need help.
- Strumpet! | - No.
lt's you they should have burned.
Whore! You! He's mine, Mistress Mary, all mine.
- Yes You don't exist.
You made this? Aye, mistress.
Well, l'm going to remake it.
Now Now its you! lt's Lucinda.
And she's going to burn! Do you think I be afeared of the flames, then? Don't you know that fire is my master's element? Let me out! Let me out! He'll burn to death! Then he'll be mine for evermore! - Let me out! Water.
So that's what you can't take.
l should have known! No! No! Let me out! She's dead, darling.
You're free.
Dead? Yes.