Hammer House of Horror (1980) s01e11 Episode Script

Visitor from the Grave

Open up I know you're in there Come on Open the door Open up Come on Open the door Who the hell are you? Where's Harry? l want him.
- He | - Where is he? Please.
No! - What do you want? | - l told you, l want Harry.
- He owes me.
| - He's not here.
He's not here! - Get out of here.
Get out of here! | - He owes me! No! No! No You wouldn't.
Penny? Darling? Penny? What's happened? Are you all right? Darling, what is it? Penny, tell me.
What happened? Harry l think l killed him.
Who? Who was he? He broke in.
l don't know.
- Are you hurt? | - No.
l Well, what did he do? He tried He grabbed me and he tried torape rape rape raperaperaperaperape Penny, listen to me.
You must tell me what happened.
Oh, my God! Harry! Stay there.
Harry! Don't leave me! - We've got to find him.
| - No! l can't stay here alone.
No! Please! He can't have got far, bleeding like that.
Come over here.
Penny, please.
Come over here.
Charlie You've killed Charles Willoughby.
- Who was he? | - Just somebody l knew.
l used to do business with him.
Come on.
lt'll do you good.
My pills l want my pills.
You know what the doctor said about that.
l need one after this.
For God's sake, Harry, | l need more than one after this.
Listen, Penny.
You mustn't crack.
This is where you show | you've got this thing licked.
l'm here now.
That's my girl.
Harry what are we gonna do? You're going to get dressed and then you're going to clean up this house.
I'll see to that While l'm doing it, you can strip the bed, | burn the bedclothes and that nightie every spot of blood in the house.
Every spot | - But never came near this cottage.
You have never set eyes | on Charlie Willoughby.
But couldn't we Um Couldn't l plead self-defence? - He was trying to rape me.
| - Penny ln this country, private citizens are not allowed | to have guns unless they have a licence.
- But you left it for me, Harry.
lt's your gun.
| - Exactly.
Harry, call the police.
Look, they'd do me for giving you the gun, | and they'd probably put you away again.
They couldn't.
Oh, yes they would.
They'd put you back in that place, | or somewhere worse.
Broadmoor, probably.
Broadmoor? A hospital for the criminally insane.
No OK, then.
Be a good girl and do exactly what l tell you.
Right? - What were you doing? | - l just put the car in the lake.
Nobody'll find it there.
Oh, Harry, l'm so scared Oh You're all right.
As long as we keep our heads, | there'll be no problem.
Are you sure? l couldn't stand it if they put me away again.
You're OK now.
You're well again.
Make sure you stay that way.
Right? Because if Mother and Daddy found out | they'd take me back to the States Ssh.
Nobody'll find out.
You've got me to look after you now.
But you won't have, | unless l get out of these wet clothes before l catch my death.
Harry, who was he really? l told you.
| Just somebody l used to do business with.
What kind of business? | lf there was some connection with you He was a punter.
A gambler.
l met him while l was working as a croupier | at the Kasimir.
Did he have anything to do with you being fired? No.
No, of course not.
He said you owed him.
Yes, that's right.
lt was a bet, OK? There won't be any record.
Do you want one? No.
l had a pill, remember? Oh, yes.
We can't have you | blowing your mind in town.
Town? Harry, l can't go out.
But you have an appointment at the bank, | remember? The bank? l can't go talk to the bank manager.
l can't face anybody.
Not today.
You have to.
Look, if my money is that important to you Oh, sod the money! l couldn't care less about it.
You have an appointment | and you have got to keep it.
We have to do everything exactly as normal.
Harry? Harry.
HarryHarry Wake up.
Wake up, damn you.
Wake up.
He's back.
He's come back.
He's at the cottage.
He's dead, Penny.
- l buried him.
| - You said you put his car in the lake, too, and it's parked outside! Take a look.
Take a look.
Take a look.
Hey You over there! Hello.
Hold on a minute, will you? Penny! Penny, where are you going? What are you doing, darling? - You'll spoil everything.
| - The police, they know lf they did, darling, they'd have sent more | than a village bobby with his little panda car.
- Act normally.
All right? | - All right Good morning, Officer.
Sorry about all that.
Morning, sir.
Mr Wells? - Yes.
| - Mr Harry Wells? Yes.
That's right.
And the young lady? Penny? PennyPenny Van Bruton.
From the United States? Connecticut Look, was there something you wanted? Yes.
It was you I wanted to speak to, actually, | Mr Wells.
Oh Well, perhaps you'd like to come up | to the cottage.
- Please, sit down.
| - Thank you.
- Would you like a drink? | - Thank you, no, sir.
Penny? Well, Officer, | what was it you wanted to talk to me about? About a man called Willoughby, Mr Wells.
| Charles Willoughby.
Charlie? What's he been up to now? l hoped you might be able to tell me.
You do know Mr Willoughby? Is he a friend of yours? l know him.
When did you last see Mr Willoughby? Oh, it would have been about a week ago, l think.
Yes, last Saturday morning.
Where was that? Sasha's Wine Bar in Covent Garden.
l was having a drink with friends.
- Charles came in while l was there.
| - l see.
l understand you had words with him at that time.
Look, what is this? What's Harry supposed to have done? lf you don't mind, miss.
Darling - are you all right? | - Yeah.
l'm OK.
- Are you sure? | - l'm OK.
Miss Van Bruton hasn't been well.
- ln fact, she's still convalescing.
| - l'm sorry to hear that.
- Nothing serious, l hope.
| - Oh, no, no.
She's all right now.
That's why we came here.
| She needs peace and quiet, you understand.
Have you seen Mr Willoughby | since last Saturday? No.
Should l have done? Two nights ago he said he was coming | down here to "sort you out", apparently.
Well, that sounds like lovable Charles.
l take it he didn't arrive.
At least as far as I know.
I was away on business two nights ago.
| Miss Van Bruton was here on her own.
May I ask where you were exactly? - No.
| - l beg your pardon.
You may ask, but l don't have to tell you.
Let's hope it won't be necessary, sir.
Would you mind coming to the point? The point is Mr Willoughby | has not been seen since he left London saying he was coming down here to sort you out.
Penny did anybody come down here? No.
Nobody at all.
l never saw a soul | until you came home yesterday morning.
Not a soul.
l'm sorry we couldn't help you.
- You've been a great help.
| - What do you mean? - Elimination.
| - What? We have to eliminate every possibility | in an investigation.
As Sherlock Holmes said, | ''When you've eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, | must be the truth.
'' Very impressive.
You should have been an actor.
Thank you, sir.
That's what my inspector says.
- Oh by the way, Miss Van Bruton | - Yes? You weren't going back to America for a while, | were you? No.
No, l wasn't.
lf you should think of going away, either of you, | you will let us know first, won't you? Harry We're not going anywhere.
l told you, | Miss Van Bruton needs peace and quiet.
They know.
The police, they know.
They don't know anything.
Now, keep calm and don't panic.
l'm not going back to that institution again.
| l'm not! Noboody's going to put you away again, Penny.
Just do everything l tell you.
You can't buy your way out of this trouble, | no matter how much money you've got.
What are we going to do? We're going to behave | as if nothing has happened.
We are not going to panic.
We're not going to panic We're not going to panic | We're not going to panic Tonight, we're going to Margaret Tabori's party.
No! l couldn't.
We must! You might even enjoy it.
Where's the wine? What happened to my waiters? You hire waiters and drink the wine themselves.
Why, you look so sad, my dear.
This is a party.
At Margaret's party, everybody must be happy.
Happy! Oh, where's your drink? | You haven't even got a drink.
- Harry's getting me one.
| - Harry? You're with Harry? No wonder you look so sad! What are you laughing at, you old she-goat? About you, of course.
| What else should we be laughing about, eh? Oh, he calls me a she-goat.
| He's a wolf from the mountains, this one.
Truly! l believe he has sold his soul to the devil.
You don't believe me? How else could anyone so ugly | and lacking in charm manage to get a beautiful girl like yourself? lf you really believe that, Margaret, my love, l might just decide to put a hex on you.
Oooh! lmpossible.
| l'm a protected species, didn't you know that? Hey, is that wine you've got there? Good.
Give one glass to this lovely girl | and one glass to Margaret.
What about me? What about you? You get yourself another one.
Off you go Go on.
Why are you troubled? l'm not.
Listen Please, it's no use lying to me.
l know.
l can feel these things.
but I do l can tell you're in trouble.
ls ithim? No.
Oh, so much problems.
So much unhappiness inside.
Now come on Sit down with Margaret and tell me all about it.
Come on.
The next card tells me about yourself | and your circumstances at the present time.
La Maison de Dieu.
The tower struck by lightning.
Yes? Calamity, adversity, misery.
- I see | - Don't tell me any more.
No, no.
You must go on.
| We must complete the reading.
The next card is concerned with people around you People who might have an effect on you.
The High Priestess.
Wisdom and understanding The next card is for inner emotions.
Your hopes and fears.
l was right, wasn't I? What? l told you l knew.
La Mort.
Death, destruction What the hell are you doing? | Trying to scare her half out of her wits? Come on, Penny.
That's enough.
Wait! You haven't heard the final result.
And l don't think we want to either.
Never mind.
l already saw it.
l said, that's enough.
Don't forget Junon, the High Priestess.
All right, darling? Yes, l'm fine.
Could l have another drink? Go easy now.
lt's all right.
l haven't had a pill | since this morning.
OK, then.
Look, here's a waiter.
Arrgh! Harry, it's him! lt's him! | l told you l saw him.
Harry! lt's him! l saw him! l saw him! l saw him! l saw him! I saw him Look.
Good morning, darling.
What have you been doing? l thought l'd just bag us some pigeons for a pie.
No luck l'm afraid, though.
Are you OK now? Harry, l'm not going out of my mind, am l? No, darling.
Of course not.
I did see him l saw him in the bedroom.
l saw him at the party.
He's walking.
He must have got out of the grave somehow.
| l know it.
Penny, it's not possible.
l buried him, you know that.
Harry, l'm really scared.
l don't want to be haunted by that thing | all my life.
Well, l know nothing about ghosts, or any of that.
- Junon.
| - What? The High Priestess.
l don't know what you're talking about.
The High Priestess | means wisdom and understanding.
Margaret will know what to do.
Margaret? You mean Margaret Tabori? Harry, take me to her.
Please, take me to her.
Penny! l'm so glad you decided to come.
lt's all right.
There's no-one else here.
l'm sorry about last night.
l knew you were troubled.
Didn't l tell you? Go on.
Sit down.
Harry, there is some coffee in the kitchen, | through there.
Go and make three cups.
- Go on.
| - Penny? l'll be all right.
Now tell me.
What is the trouble? l'm being haunted.
By someone you know? Yes, sort of.
He died in an accident.
Violently? Yes.
I see.
You need help.
Yes, l do.
ls there a physical presence? Do you see him? Yes.
l saw him at the party last night and l see him at the cottage.
lt's horrible.
Did he die at the cottage? - Would you like a drink? | - No.
l'm taking pills | and they don't mix with alcohol.
Can you get rid of him for me? Perhaps.
Perhaps not.
l have to hold a seance | before l can tell you that.
Anything! l don't care.
- Here.
| - lf you like.
Now? - Can you do it now? | - Steady, steady, my dear.
l have to prepare myself for such an ordeal.
To clear my mind, to gather my strength.
When? Come back tomorrow.
| We'll see what can be done.
lt's impossible to park in this damn town.
| Look at it.
Double yellow lines everywhere.
lt's all right.
l needed a bit of a walk anyway.
Ah, it's all nonsense.
Has to be.
This whole damn spiritualist area is one big con! l don't care.
lf it gets rid of Charlie, l don't care.
You really are crazy.
Don't you say that to me, | don't you ever, do you hear? l'm sorry, l'm sorry.
l didn't mean it.
Harry, l'm sorry.
Let's not fight.
Whatever makes you happy.
Where are you going? To the dry cleaner's to pick up my trousers.
Why don't you have a look around? l'll be back in a moment.
Harry! Harry! Harry Oh, look.
Harry, l saw him.
- What's the matter? | - l saw him in the car.
I saw him l saw him.
l saw him - Come on.
| - l saw him, Harry.
l saw him.
We're home.
You don't believe me.
You think l'm making it up.
l'm telling you, he's notdead.
Stay there.
Harry? Harry? Harry, where are you? - What are you doing?! | - Proving it to you, once and for all.
Penny, you sit there.
- Harry | - l don't want any part of this.
Then go to the other room and keep quiet, | understand? No interruptions, no interference.
- Listen, Margaret | - Harry Please.
What is his name? His name? Charlie.
Charles Willoughby.
Concentrate with me.
Charles Willoughby Charles Willoughby Are you there? Are you there? I am here What do you want of this woman? Revenge I want revenge No.
- I will be revenged Charles Willoughby, l charge you to leave her alone Go to your rest! Do you hear? Penny! Hey Here you are.
- Thank you.
l'll be all right.
| - Take it easy.
That's better.
She is in danger, Harry.
- What are you talking about? | - Penny is in grave danger.
That spirit is evil - wicked.
| - Leave it, Margaret.
- l can't.
| - Margaret - you've got to help me.
| - l'm not strong enough.
Then who? Oh, my dear.
You need somebody with great, great powers.
You must know somebody.
There isonly one medium l know of | with sufficient power.
He was over here last year trying to set up - an English centre.
| - Who is he? The Swami Gupta Krishna.
An Indian.
He is the best in the world lt was a great tragedy when he couldn't | raise the money for the English centre.
Can you get him? l can try, but | the last l heard he was in Southeast Asia.
Please, Margaret.
You've got to try to find him.
| l'll pay whatever it costs.
Steady on.
Who cares about money, for pete's sake? | l'm talking about my sanity.
OK, darling.
Keep calm.
Margaret? l'll see what l can do.
This is Harry Wells.
Oh, hello, Margaret.
You have? She's located the swami.
When's he coming? What? Hold on, Margaret.
He's in India.
He doesn't want to come.
He must! How much does he want? l don't think it's a question of how much.
- Hang on, Margaret.
| - Tell him l'll pay him anything he wants.
l'll give him the money he needs | to open his English centre.
Margaret how much was he short of | to fund his centre over here? Phew! He was short a hundred and fifty grand.
- OK | - What? l will give him the £150,000 for his centre if he | will catch the next flight from lndia to Heathrow.
An Indian The Swami Gupta Kishna.
An Indian An Indian - Just checking.
| - Checking? That there's nowhere they can hide | any trick apparatus.
Harry - l don't think l can go through with this.
| - lt's too late now.
No, l'm really scared.
Come on, now.
Harry, l need a pill.
l've got to have one.
Just one.
Watch it, now.
Come on, Penny They're here.
Penny Excellent.
This room will do very well.
You will sit there.
And you, Miss Margaret, there.
You may sit wherever you please.
Elsewhere in the room.
Could we have a little music, please? Could you, please? Sitar music The lights, please.
Please concentrate on me only, Miss Van Bruton.
Clear your mind completely of anything else.
Who is it that is troubling you? Do l have to say his name? Yes.
| So l can call him from the eternal resting place.
His name is Charles Willoughby.
When did he pass over? About two week s ago.
- About? | - 11 days.
How did he die? - Do you not know? | - l Was it from natural causes? - No.
He was killed.
| - Did you kill him? - Yes! | - Very well.
Please do as I tell you.
Concentrate only on me.
Charles Willoughby Charles Willoughby l call you to appear before us.
Charles WiIIoughby Do you not hear me? I summon you to appear before me.
Who calls me? It is I Swami Gupta Krishna Why do you disturb me? Go Depart this place.
l will be revenged l will be revenged! I will be revenged Penny.
It's all rignt Come on, Penny darling.
Let me in.
Open up, will you? Victor Bravo.
Pulling out to the hospital.
They've gone.
Oh, boy! - Where's the money? | - Yes.
A hundred and fifty grand 150,000 lovely smackers! Oh, poor little sucker! Oh, she was a born loser.
All the same, | l'm sorry she went and blew her head off.
£37,500 says you're not all that sorry.
- Anyway, you nearly blew it.
| - What are you talking about? Yes, you, when you were playing the policeman.
As Sherlock Holmes said, | "When you've eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, | must be the truth.
" Well, l am an actor, after all.
- Please, no acrimony.
l'm thankful l shan't have to lie in the woods | in stinking make-up any more.
Poor Penny.
l quite liked her, you know.
My God! It's her.
I will be revenged.
I will be revenged.