Hard (2008) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

What are you doing, darling? Oh, right.
Your dad's sanding.
It's ready.
Tell your dad.
- Can't you shift? - Eave it out! Dad! - Grub's up! - Coming! "Lunch is ready.
" We are gathered here today to pay our last respects to Alexandre, who left us too soon.
He was called to the lord's side but he will remain forever in our hearts.
When Alexandre came to ask for the hand of our daughter Sophie, we knew he would be able to continue what we had begun.
Louise, his mother, had passed on to him all her goodness and discipline, which have enveloped Sophie and the children in the love of our lord Jesus Christ.
For this love to be everlasting let us pray! I'm here if you need me.
I'm sorry.
- Are you bearing up? - Yeah, I'm OK.
It's one of the trials of life.
But your cousins and I are here.
Come to prayer group sometime.
There are lots of young people.
It's cool.
- Put that down! - No, it does me good.
It's with Espelette-pepper cream You could break down.
You don't have to I know, Lucille.
I know.
You look tired, sweetheart.
- Stop it, Mum.
- Oh, I can never talk to you! What'll she do? She's never worked.
- He must have left a lot.
Internet! - You reckon? Yeah, he was one of the first, 15 years ago.
- A happy couple, for once! - It's so unfair.
Never happens to bastards! Here, sweetheart, have a sausage.
You have to eat.
Gran wants a word in the office.
Really? Shut the door, please.
- These will get cold - Please, it's hard enough as it is! - It's hard for everyone.
- Shut the door! Sit down.
I know this isn't the right time, but then it never will be.
And there isn't much time.
So How can I put it? Your husband didn't tell you everything.
- Sorry? - No.
Put those sausages down, please! Did you ever discuss his job? Sorry? Alexandre didn't work in computing.
Well, he did But not in transportation.
He worked in a sector that's more Well a less traditional area.
I don't understand what you're saying.
It's like this Alexandre worked in the porn industry.
- The what? - Porn.
As you know, Alexandre loved new technology and was good at it.
When you met, he was developing several sites.
Do you remember? The one that took off was a little one he hadn't told you about.
And it happened to be a porn site.
There! It made lots of money.
He wanted a nice house He was worried about your reaction.
And your family's.
They're a bit Anyway, he loved you.
He was scared he'd lose you, that's why he never told you.
So he was a porn actor? No! He was a producer.
From computing to production.
- Of porn films? - Yes.
The porn didn't interest him.
His side of the business was getting it to its audience.
Let me reassure you, darling.
He was never unfaithful.
The name of the company is Soph'X.
- It's grotesque! - Why? He loved you.
No, he didn't.
He didn't love me, otherwise he'd have told me.
- He didn't want to shock you.
- And how come you knew? I'm his mother.
I worked with him.
Worked? Yes.
A bit of accounting, a bit of PR He was my son.
Right! One last thing.
Go on.
Soph'X is yours.
Oddly enough, the company's in your name.
The financial director will call you tomorrow.
There's lots to sort out.
That's why I had to tell you.
You're a company director now, darling.
Is that all? Everyone I'd like to say something.
Not now! A list of things my dad loved Dad loved DIY.
Dad loved to run in the morning, alone, and bring back pastries.
Dad loved teaching me chess and he loved to win.
Dad also loved barbecues.
Dad loved coming to my room to tell me pirate stories.
He begged me not to grow up too quickly.
Dad loved watching rugby and Louis de Funès films I don't believe it! And Dad liked me to make lists, all sorts of lists - Are you coming? - I'll be right there.
Pierre, our general manager.
Also in charge of distribution.
Hello, Sophie.
Make yourself at home.
We're all really sorry.
I wanted to say - Can we be informal? - No, I'd rather not.
No? OK.
This is a great loss for all of us too.
It's hard.
And what a stupid accident! Anyway, this is the management team.
Véronique I don't know her name That's Estève.
Down there are the studios where filming takes place.
This is a pair of binoculars.
Because we're up here and we don't want to miss anything! This is David and this is Tonton.
That's what we call him.
Sophie, Alexandre's wife.
Madam, I have very much respect - for your husband.
- Right, Tonton.
Tonton, if you like is our interface with our foreign actresses.
He interprets, he organises auditions Right, Tonton? This is Mathilde.
Our financial director.
Sophie, Alexandre's wife.
And this is Alexandre's desk.
Well, it was.
Please, take a seat.
It's your desk too now.
Right, then Mathilde, could you for Sophie? I'll try to be brief.
Here we have the curve of our net profits.
As you can see, in 2000, we were up 20%.
In 2007, however, we're down 3%.
Not great! To put it more plainly, our market share in 2000 was 35%.
Soph'X had a good TV presence.
The porn star Roy the Rod was just starting out.
And we had him on an exclusive contract.
In 2007, webcams represent 70% of our total activity, as this pie chart shows.
The classics are doing well: Orgies, sex toys, anal That's all fine.
As for bi, interracial, lesbian and SM, we're not doing badly.
But we're doing less well with the whole bizarre range Dwarves, contortionists, amputees They're Internet favourites.
But we soon get big delivery from Poland.
You're kidding! Just blondes with big tits.
Get us some big clits! If you'll let me continue As I was saying, about the bizarre, last year we lost two who were really raking it in.
Pablo, the Peruvian with the tiny dick, went home.
And sadly one of our oldies passed on a few months ago.
- Old ladies.
- We had two over 75, and, what's more, they did lesbian dominatrix stuff! Unfortunately, Odette had an accident in her mobile home, and with the other it won't be the same any more, even if Can I carry on? No, it's OK, I get the picture.
I'm leaving.
No, hang on.
Haven't you told her, Louise? No, I haven't I'll get straight to the point.
Alexandre took out a huge mortgage on your house.
No! Yes.
To try to turn things around, if you like.
We installed webcams, and lots of cool stuff.
But, of course, it'll take a while to get back on our feet.
If you sold now, you wouldn't get much.
Not enough to pay off the mortgage.
The way it works, you see I know what a mortgage is.
I'm leaving.
We can deal with everything.
You don't have to be involved.
I'll catch you up.
We - You don't look too good.
- I'm fine.
- Take this.
- Thanks.
What do you do here? I've just finished my break.
Back to work! You're Alexandre's wife.
I'm so sorry.
He was the best.
I owe him everything.
This was his pride and joy.
He said, "Give me all human fantasies, "and I'll have all humans!" I need to go outside.
Yes, it's this way.
I'll see you out.
You look peaky.
Alexandre was a saint.
He loved people as they are, not how they should be.
You must have been very happy.
That's Joe.
He's in a little Hollywood-style superhero show.
Just a little thing.
He told me a lot about you.
We were close, we talked a lot.
He advised me about the operation.
Advised me not to.
He said he loved me twice as much because I was two creatures in one.
So I shouldn't cut one of them off.
- Are you all right? - I'll be fine.
- You're all pale.
- I'll be fine.
- Hello, Andréa.
- Hello, Mrs Louise.
- Showing her round? - We're getting acquainted.
Great! Well, I'd better be going.
Goodbye, Mrs Alexandre.
My thoughts are with you.
What was that? Andréa, a transvestite.
She looks after everything.
The cleaning, the props everything.
I meant the hen with the ribbon! Darling, we have to talk.
Come on.
- Everything all right, Mum? - Fine.
And you? How was school? We'll have some crisps while we're waiting because You like crisps, don't you? So how was school? I just told you - Why? - Never mind.
Close your mouth when you're eating.
Jules, take off your headphones and turn round.
We're going to talk.
It's dinnertime.
- What? - Headphones.
- All right! - You psycho! - Shut it! - You shut it! - Rubbish dinner.
- You're right.
Piss off, then! Make the most of it, the kids aren't here! You're so cute! Leave the two of us alone for a bit.
That's so sweet.
Look at me, darling! - Your lovely son.
- Our lovely son! Yeah, but he looks more like you.
Your taste, though.
- You taking the camera to Africa? - Yeah.
I'll teach you how to use it and you can take it.
- He promised.
- Yes, he did.
I'll remember.
Go on, Dad! Missed.
She's running up I'm not ready.
Stay on me, while I Zoom out a bit.
Go on! Stop! I know how to do it! Little sausages Legal Practice Certificate Seen that? - It's funny.
- It makes them both accomplices.
It's funny.
The penetration isn't clear.
- Right.
- See, Mathilde! You can't see it very well.
- What are you doing here? - I want a word.
I've thought it over.
I'm selling.
To the competition, or to you Alexandre put 15 years of his life into this company.
I understand that this is new to you I've made my mind up.
You don't have to be involved.
If it's not your thing, no problem.
We'll take care of everything.
There's no point insisting.
So you're ready to undergo a radical change of lifestyle? - Yes.
- Move house? Yes, I'll get a job.
- Hi! - All right? Look I'm not finished here.
Get made up, I'll be right with you.
All right.
Sophie, you've never worked in your life.
I have my degree, I'm not stupid.
A degree is no guarantee.
Especially at 40.
Thirty-nine! I'll do anything to avoid what you're doing here.
Look, it's a job, OK? What Alexandre did was a job.
He never failed to provide, he fed his family.
You're disrespecting him.
You're talking about disrespect? Disrespect? My husband lied to me for 16 years! Do you realise I gave everything up for him and the children? I devoted myself to them.
And now, what do I get in exchange? You! This! Exploiting young girls, old ladies, dwarves.
Even hens! Yes, I know what you do with hens! - It doesn't fucking kill them! - Pierre, what's this? - A double penetration first thing? - I'll explain No, I did an anal yesterday! I'm in pieces! Roy has to leave at lunchtime.
- I don't give a shit! - I'll be right there.
Listen to me.
We've never exploited anyone here.
I'll tell you this too You know nothing about it! I don't give a shit! I'm trying to help but you won't meet me halfway! It's your fucking company, your life, your house! Calm down, Pierre.
Sell if you like, but you're making one huge fucking mistake! She's getting on my tits! Think about it.
This has been your livelihood for the last 15 years.
Your house is all thanks to this, your children's private schools, your car, your holidays in Courchevel, - your American fridge - I get the picture! What's that? Frisky.
He's very happy.
Think of the children.
What will their life be like? Hello.
Sorry Hello.
We met at your funeral Your husband's.
I couldn't introduce myself there.
I'm Roy.
I'm playing an Ancient Gaul.
It's for "Harry Prodder 5".
Harry gets transported into the fourth dimension, where he's captured by the Gauls.
I'm the chief.
A real masterpiece! Anyway, you're beautiful.
No! I mean you look great.
Not in black, but in mourning.
I'm sorry about your husband.
Thank you.
So you're Roy.
Roy the Rod, right? Yeah, that's me.
- If you want to watch me work - No.
Some other time perhaps.
Well, they're waiting for me.
"I'm Chief of the Gauls!" Chief of the Gauls, as in Yes, I understood.
Anyway, I'm glad to have met you.
The dialogues aren't