Hard Sun (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

GASPS Felix.
Open it.
Do you know what they'll do to me if I do that? Do you know what I'll do to you if you don't? Now open it, Nicholson.
Hurry up.
Come on, move! Armed police! Armed police! Hundreds of police officers raided several addresses across London and the Home Counties yesterday in an operation aimed at smashing one of Britain's most notorious crime gangs.
Senior members of the Nicholson Syndicate were among 15 people arrested, including accountant Felix Nicholson.
Almost £300,000 in cash, a handgun, shotguns and other weapons were recovered after years of painstaking investigation.
Several Morning.
Hm business addresses were also raided Morning, babe.
Come here, you.
You all right? Yeah.
Yeah? All right? Morning, trouble.
Hey, you all right? All right, be honest - how much sleep did you get last night? Loads.
Oh, really, cos it doesn't look like it.
I hope you weren't on your bloody phone texting till all hours.
Now, here, have some of that.
What even is this? Try it and see.
Go on, you'll love it.
What time did you get home? Yeah, Dad.
How much sleep did you get? Yeah, all right, cheeky.
Look, I've got to head back in a bit, I just come home to shower and change.
You need sleep.
And I will get some.
Look, I'll sneak off later today, I'll grab a few hours.
Don't you worry.
Yo, mate, what's up? Why? What have you been doing? No way No way, no way.
No, no, no, no.
That's GCHQ, mate! You don't do that! You of all people, you know not to mess They can lay a trace back, get all "active response continuum", bloodhound you down, find you and fry you! How big? Whoa, whoa, whoa, what does that even mean, "hard sun"? Morning, sir.
Morning, all.
- Morning, sir.
- Morning, governor.
What's new? Apart from Keith's shirt, apparently.
That is a courageous selection, Keith.
So what've we heard about the Nicholsons? No, not a lot.
It was, er, it was date night last night.
Massive raid - nicked the entire firm, more or less.
Right, anything else? We have a visitor.
Morning, Charlie boy.
Spare me a minute? Yeah, of course, sir.
Elaine Renko, DCI Charlie Hicks.
DCI Hicks, Elaine is joining us as your new DI.
Oh, right.
Well, pleased to meet you.
And you.
So, you met everyone? Well, I said a quick "hello.
" You had breakfast? Not really, no.
I had a bit of first day nerves, to be honest.
Oh, well, let's do that, let's let's get some breakfast.
Just leave me alone! And go and do something useful! SCREAMING SHE SCREAMS Help! Help! You're the Renko that got stabbed, right? The house burnt down.
All that? That'd be me, yeah.
Ooh! Bad day.
Well, it was definitely up there.
So, er, so where are you living now? Do you know the Caliburn Hotel? Blimey! Well, I hope you brought your own bed sheets.
They actually look after me.
I did them a favour once.
And the guy who stabbed you, they they got him, right? They got him.
And he's, er.
? Yeah.
He is.
So why are you here? I'm sorry? I mean, er, why are you stuck here with me? I don't know.
I have no idea.
I just go where they send me.
Why? Oh, no reason.
Well, it's just I'm sure there's no secret we've had a vacancy.
Listen, if I may, I know you've lost Alex Butler and I know you were close.
We were, yeah.
We were very close.
It must've been hard on everyone.
It still is.
He was a great man.
He was loved.
It's just that, I want you to know it's not my intention to replace him.
Oh, good, cos I want you to know that nobody could.
BUZZING Morning.
Name's Lloyd Hammond.
Threw himself from the 15th floor.
What do we know about him? Nothing much.
Long-term sickness beneficiary.
Oh, what's his problem? Spectrum disorder.
What, Asperger's? What, does that square with suicide? People at the milder end are actually at an increased risk.
Yeah? Yeah.
I've got an interest in mental health issues.
Of course.
That makes sense.
But I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, am I? Hello again.
Hello again.
How's it going? He, er, leave a note? No.
What, and SOCO found what, kiddie porn on a laptop? They did.
But he's not on a register? No previous offending of any kind.
So what're we thinking? What? He finally gives in to curiosity, temptation, can't live with the guilt, takes a running jump? What do you think, DI Renko? Any thoughts? How did we get into this? It was on.
It was on? No password? No password.
Does that not seem a bit off to you? Possibly.
Possibly not.
He did live alone.
Absolutely, yeah.
But he does give off a kind of paranoid vibe, though.
Get the new girl! I'm sorry.
Am I not allowed to play in the sandpit? You should've mentioned.
They were just taking your measure, that's all.
You should take it as a compliment.
And you? Is that what you're doing? Nah.
No need.
Listen, you couldn't give me a lift somewhere, could you? It's just I've got an errand to run.
Won't take long.
Cup of tea or something? No, no, I can't stop long.
I just, er Well, I popped by on the off-chance.
So, did you get in? Well, today's the day, isn't it? Yeah, I got in.
I knew it! I can't believe I did it.
I can.
Well, the good news is, you can't have too many psychologists.
Ha-ha ha! Yeah, there's a shortage, apparently.
Anyway, how's how's Owen? Bumping along.
Is he talking about his dad yet? I keep thinking counselling might help.
I don't know.
Open him up or something? Yeah, right.
I mean, when he was this age, he used to tell me everything.
I mean, literally everything, like "Mum, where does wind come from? "Can we get a fish? Do dogs lay eggs?" Do you want me to talk to him? I know he'd love to see you.
Well, me, too.
Anyway, look, reason I, er, stopped by cos, well We don't need your money, Charlie.
Well, then, you're laughing, because it's not mine.
I nicked it.
Honestly, I don't need taking care of.
I know that.
I need to feel like I'm doing something.
So you do me a favour, help me out.
So, how are we doing? Well, Elaine thought it might be an idea to check out sealed records, so we did and it turns out the victim's got a teenage conviction for hacking - sealed cos he was a minor.
Yeah? Well, who did he hack? - NASA.
- NASA! Who hacks NASA?! Well, he wanted to expose the global conspiracy to hush up the existence of extra-terrestrial life.
The point is, Hammond knew his way around computer security.
So the last thing he's going to do is leave incriminating material just lying around waiting for us to find.
Even if he's got a proclivity in that direction, which he doesn't.
Time of death's about 10.
Tech forensics say the porn was downloaded at 10.
There's no trace of semen, no secondary signs of recent sexual activity.
So we're supposed to believe that he downloaded, masturbated, cleaned up, was burnt up by guilt and topped himself off, all in about five minutes flat.
Which suggests somebody actually did throw him out the window, then did a bodged job of covering up.
No sign of forced entry, so Hammond most likely knew and trusted his killer.
Right So, motive? Thing is, none of the classic motives seems to apply.
Hammond's got no money to speak of.
He's a near hermit.
Never seems to have hurt anyone, which excludes revenge.
So I'm thinking, a man like that, how many actual human beings does he even know and trust? One name keeps coming up.
Sunny Ramachandran.
Kill the bankers.
End capitalism.
Starbucks is genocide and all that.
Hammond and Ramachandran have history - common causes.
Say Hammond's been sniffing around his old haunts - GCHQ, NASA, wherever - looking for ET, he finds something and he tells his friend Ramachandran.
Who kills him for it.
Why? Maybe Hammond wants to keep it between mates, but Ramachandran doesn't.
He wants to go all Wikileaks on it.
Or maybe the opposite.
How does that work? It turns out Ramachandran's not exactly the purest of pure.
His name came up in an insider trading investigation a few years ago.
For doing what? Corporate hacking.
Accessing insider information to order.
For money? For money.
All right, so the dead bloke is doing his hacking, whilst looking for little green men.
So what are you saying? What, he stumbles across something accidentally? Yeah.
Something so valuable that Sunny Ramachandran kills him for it.
Well, any offers on what sort of thing? I don't know, but if Ramachandran was going to sell this information, he's not going to do it from a computer.
It leaves a trail and it leaves it open to other hackers.
He's going to use physical media - CD, DVD, maybe.
But usually a USB memory stick, a flash drive.
So, we need a search warrant Well, we've got no evidence.
It'd be a fishing expedition.
No, we need to assume that Ramachandran's actually going to meet the person that he's selling it to.
It's his MO.
It's what he's done before.
Right, well, we need all eyes on Ramachandran.
Catch him in the act.
All right, three teams.
Keith, Mishal, it's your lucky day, you're up first.
Renko, get some rest, we'll take the late watch.
Have you got a minute? Absolutely.
Come in.
Kick off your shoes, loosen your tie, have a drink.
So, how's Renko working out? Yeah, great, yeah.
Is she working for you? Absolutely not.
No, to the best of my knowledge, this is a straightforward transfer.
No agenda.
No agenda? The words, "It is not true.
"It is not" were overheard by residents of houses backing onto the canal just before the gunshot was heard.
They're presumed to be DCI Butler's last words, or words spoken by his killer.
Cause of death - single gunshot to the head, fired from a distance of perhaps five feet.
A good shot.
Which seems more indicative of a professional assassination than a crime of passion, but due to the clandestine sexual nature of DCI Hicks's relationship with DCI Butler's wife, we can assume that DCI Hicks would've known he risked becoming a suspect in DCI Butler's death and staged the crime accordingly.
At times, DCI Hicks seems anxious.
Scared, even.
He doesn't seem to me like a man with nothing to hide.
But when he claimed to have loved DCI Butler, there's no question that I believed him.
Actually, it might have been the only true thing he said to me all day.
Your name's Musa.
You're working here illegally.
See, I know everything about you.
I know everything about your wife and your daughters.
Now all I need from you is a pass key and for you to keep your mouth shut.
You do that, you never have to see me again.
Hello, Daniel.
Hello, Mum.
Is he ever coming out of there? How've you been keeping? So anyway, I started a new job .
which means I can come and see you.
If you'd like that? Do you like these? I mean, I-I assumed you like them.
I'm sorry, I .
I don't know.
I suppose I should know, but I don't know how I would know, you know? Anyway It's OK.
I like them.
Can I have one? Course you can.
Mishal and Keith, checking in.
Hang on, I've got the guvnor.
Boss, are you going to get here any time soon? All right, how are you getting on? Any updates? Nope, no movement.
Well, you can stop sulking now.
We'll be there in a bit to relieve you.
Keith's busting for a wee.
Oi! Well, tell him to hold it in.
BUZZING What've you got? The mother lode, bruv.
I'm going to make you well-monied.
I'm already well-monied.
I ain't got time for you to be a dick.
Do you want it or not? Where shall we meet? Usual place.
BUZZING HE SIGHS DCI Hicks? Hello, boss.
What's up? You need to pull the surveillance on Ramachandran.
Yeah? Who's saying? The Lord himself.
I'm just down from the top floor.
Did he say why? He didn't need to.
He is your Lord and your Master and you feel it a pleasure to serve him.
Fair enough.
Well, we'll be back at the shop in an hour.
What was all that about? We have just been told to withdraw the surveillance.
By who? Oh, top brass.
Which means top brass will be getting it from Whitehall.
What, MI5? Yeah.
See, the thing is, Spooks hate to get embarrassed.
So if Ramachandran's been rummaging around the government's underwear drawer, they're going to want to brush it under the carpet.
They'll write off their victim as a suicide.
So what do we do? Well, if our boy's been going around throwing people out of 15th-storey windows, then I want him.
Oh, here we go.
What've you got? Renko? Are you there? Yeah.
Why would you show me this? I don't know why you would do that.
I've got children! Renko! Arrgh! Enough! Police! That's enough! That's enough! So what's on here? Hm? What, some insider information that you were going to sell to him? See, the thing is that, no offence, but I mean you're looking a bit 1%.
So, if this is just some insider information, well, then why have you come over all strangely? Eh? Well, I can see that this must be worth a lot.
Yeah, and for a kid like you, bit of a dick, but basically harmless, to decide it's worth killing for.
What do you mean .
killing for? Oh, what? You didn't know? Oh, mate! Eh? You are in such shit.
And this Lloyd Hammond? I thought he was your mate.
He was a character, man, but I loved him.
All right, so what happened? He was so excited that he'd found it.
He was he was all wired, mental, he was pacing the floor back and forth and everything.
He couldn't wait to leak it, but I didn't think we should do that.
No, because you wanted to sell it.
Because I wanted to think about it, yeah.
So we had a ruckus.
Not even a ruckus, really.
He just went over.
Right, seriously, this is doing my head in.
Don't look at it.
Boss, chain of evidence.
Christ, how long has this light been red? Drive! Drive! MI5? It's got to be.
What are you doing? What are you doing?! Come on! Come on! ENGINE DOESN'T STAR Come on, come, God, I've got no signal! Come on!! Damn it, there's nothing, come on! Jesus.
What is on that flash drive? Shit! The engine's flooding.
Keep trying! Keep trying! Drive! Drive! Drive! We need to get somewhere public! Ditch your phone.
I'm not throwing this.
Stop! Through here, through here.
CAR ALARM BLARES My name is Charlie Hicks! I am a police officer! I am unarmed and I am under attack! Call the police! Tell them officers Charlie Hicks and Elaine Renko are under attack! Take note of these people! Photograph them if you can! Commit their description to your memory! CAR ALARMS BLARE You need to hurry! Boss, seriously! I'm doing it! What do you think it is? Don't look.
Yeah, but what is it Don't! Come on, what we got to lose? Don't you need to know? Cos I do.
I need to know.
That can't be real.
It can't be.
It's real enough to kill for.
Yeah, but how long does it say we've got? Five years.
Where are you going? It's MI5, they don't give up.
Look, I need to talk to my wife, tell her to get somewhere safe.
You should do the same.
RINGING Hicks residence.
Charlie? Charlie, is that you? Who is this? Who are you? I think you know who we are.
Is it true? What I saw.
Is it true? Look, this is an awful mess.
Last night was very badly handled on our part.
But is it true? But to be fair, you should've pulled the surveillance when you were asked to, so there's blame on both sides.
Is it true?! Yes.
Which is why I'm reaching out to you, Charlie.
I'm asking you to help me.
Where's Simone? Where's Hailey? They're safe.
For the moment.
And you can keep them that way.
You can keep them safe.
All you have to do is come in.
Come home.
Bring me the flash drive.
We both have daughters, Charlie.
How is knowing about this going to help them? How's it going to help anyone? I need that flash drive.
They, er, they threatened my family, Elaine, my wife and .
and my daughter.
So you give them what they ask for and suddenly your family's safe? Yeah.
That's not how this plays out.
You know that.
I can make it work.
No, you can't.
You don't know me.
You can't game these people! You're not listening to me, all right? They threatened my daughter! And my wife! I mean, Christ, she's she's pregnant.
If you do what they want, we're dead.
So is your wife, and so is your daughter.
You'd know that, if you were thinking straight.
They'll be on to your boy next.
What, Daniel, is it? I mean, how old were you when you had him? What, 13? 14? What was it? Incest? Rape? OK.
You are not listening! They're going to keep this secret, no matter what.
Why does he hate you so much? So all we can do is stop it being a secret.
Go public.
Take it somewhere, a newspaper or something.
How many times did he stab you? Christ! What does it take for a boy to do that to his own mother? Once that's happened, their hands are tied.
I mean, they can prosecute us if they want.
They can send us to prison.
But they cannot kill us to keep a secret that isn't secret any more! Give it to me, Elaine.
Look, this is my family.
And I need them to be safe.
Come on, just give it to m Aargh! Damn! THEY GROAN SNAPPING, HE YELLS Pushing through the market square So many mothers sighing Sighing News had just come over We had five years left to cry in News guy wept and told us Earth was really dying Dying Cried so much his face was wet Then I knew he was not lying Lying I heard telephones, opera house, favourite melodies I saw boys, toys, electric irons and TVs My brain hurt like a warehouse It had no room to spare I had to cram so many things to store everything in there And all the fat-skinny people And all the tall-short people And all the nobody people And all the somebody people I never thought I'd need so many people It was cold and it rained so I felt like an actor And I thought of Ma and I wanted to get back there Your face, your race, the way that you talk I kiss you, you're beautiful, I want you to walk We've got five years Stuck on my eyes Five years What a surprise We've got five years My brain hurts a lot Five years That's all we've got Have you been watching the news? The Hard Sun.
I mean, all you want to do is protect the people that you love.
So how are you supposed to deal with it, knowing that you can't? Right, knowing that no-one can? Ever? Are you still friends with Charlie Hicks? I wonder, could you give him a message from me? I'm saying that we do this.
Me and you.
What, with no backup? It's either me and you, or it's everyone, and if it's everyone, we might as well kill those kids ourselves.