Harlan Coben's Shelter (2023) s01e01 Episode Script



[PERSON 1] Come on. Come on. Follow me.
We have to stick together. Stay close.
Shh, quiet. Quiet.
[PERSON 2] We are not going
to let you get hurt ever again.
You understand?
- [OFFICER] Kasselton Police!
[PERSON 1] Someone's coming.
[OFFICER] Kasselton Police! Open up!
[PERSON 2] You need to get them
into the soundproof shelter,
[KID 1] Wait.
[TEEN] Come on, come on, come on.
Everyone, come on!
[KID 2] No.
[TEEN] Come on, please.
Quiet. Okay.
[PERSON] Brad?
Hey, it's Brad.
I can't get into it, but
we are back in the States.

You know what, just please call me back.
I'm so sorry.
Everything good?
Who were you on the phone with?
Uh, your new coach.
I'm surprised he didn't tell you.
He wants me to try out for the team too.
- [MICKEY] Oh.
- [BRAD] Ah!
- You sure about that?
- That was it was the wind.
[LAUGHS] The wind's going that way.
You know, you can
still change your mind,
if you want to.
What do you mean, "change my mind"?
[MICKEY] About this whole LA thing.
What if moving out here
was the wrong decision?
Well, then, it was wrong.
We move again.
Nothing stays constant, Mickey.
It's like I always told you,
you can't get a hit if
you don't swing the bat.
Don't worry.
- Who's worrying, huh?
- [BRAD] Give me the ball.
- Huh?
- [BRAD] Me.
I'm worried that you're
actually getting too cute.
- [KITTY] Aww.
- [MICKEY] Oh.
- [BRAD] What?
- We can we can go now.
[BRAD] You don't want to
see your mom and dad do this?
- Huh?
- [MICKEY] Okay.
I'm gonna be in the car, guys.
- [BRAD] Can't you feel the love?
[KITTY] Sure can. [LAUGHS]
I can't. I'm too hungry.

- Can I please DJ this ride?
Uh-uh. You know the law.
The driver chooses the playlist.
That's not even fair. I
don't have a license yet.
Aww, he doesn't have a
lic babe, you know what?
That sounds like a you problem.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] You're defending him?
Wow. Okay, I'll remember that.
Yeah, yeah. Remember this.
After 25 years, I
forget what it's like ♪
[BOTH] To do the same old
shit on every Saturday night ♪
And all this gridlock,
gridlock, coming in hot ♪
[ALL] It's got me shell-shocked ♪
Tell me why time's gotta stop ♪
Whoa ♪
There it is.
[SINGER] Time to run it home ♪
Come on, come on. Sing it. Sing it.
[ALL] And it's a slow burn, baby ♪
- [BRAD] There it is.
- [ALL] I can never ignite ♪
Till I'm already underwater ♪
Feeling barely alive ♪
Whoa ♪
- [BRAD] Okay.
[WHISPERING] Stay still.


[SHIRA] Like, I'll be around, all right?
- Let me stop you there.
- Good morning!
Breakfast in ten.
No, I'm not talking to you.
Okay, if he violates the
injunction one more time,
I'm gonna put his balls in a vise.
You understand?
um, yeah.
My client has put up
with enough of his shit.
No, no.
The time for compromise is over,
and so is this phone call.
- Shit.
[CHUCKLES] Good morning.
Um, you sleep well?
I told you, I don't need
you to cook me breakfast.
Oh, um, well, you know, I'm your aunt,
and it kind of comes with the job title.
You don't have to try so hard.
[SIGHS] All righty.
Besides, my mom will be out soon enough.
I want to see her, today.
All right, just remember
what Dr. Shippee said, okay?
Your mom needs time to heal.
I just want to see her.
- Okay, Mickey
- [MICKEY] Come on.
You can't just check, please?
Will you do that for me?
I'll call.
I'll call.
Hey, look, look.
I know that you are
grieving, but we both are.
I mean, you lost your
father, and I lost my brother.
I gotta go.
First day of school.
Hey, hey.
Well, you know, don't pull a
muscle with all of your enthusiasm.
[ARTHUR] Mickey Bolitar.
Hi. Arthur Spindell.
Kasselton Camel junior,
same as yourself.
Hey, look, man, I'm not
here to ask you for money
or anything like that, okay?
That won't start till after
you graduate, you know?
I'm with Kasselton High
School Camel Council.
It's a student-run organization
focused on cultivating
a welcoming and inclusive environment
throughout our green-bannered halls.
And I, Arthur Jean
Spindell, have been assigned
to escort you, Mickey
Middle Name Bolitar,
transfer Camel neigh
to your first day at
come on, guys, let's say hello!
I'm just kidding. It's just me.
at Kasselton High.
Um, no, but
but thank you.
I like to walk alone.
Okay. All right.
Are you sure you don't want to know
when basketball tryouts are?
Sorry, I didn't I didn't mean
just because your dad, he's
I mean, he's a legend.
He broke every scoring record.
His name's, like, all over the place.
That's not my dad.
That's my dad's brother.
Oh, okay. So your dad's
Oh, shit.
Mickey, I'm sorry.
I didn't
hey, hey, hey.
Look, I'm always here
to dish one of these out
if you need it, okay?
All right. Thanks.
I'm good. I promise.
I think I'll just walk.
Well, I'll see you there.
[ARTHUR SR.] Wait, he's not coming?
- [ARTHUR] No, he's not coming.
[ARTHUR SR.] Why not? You
were awesome. I mean it.
[ARTHUR] Okay. All right.
Get in your little truck.
Let's go to work.


[SINGER] I don't wanna go
back to the daily routine ♪
Don't put me back in that world ♪
And I know there's
comfort in consistency ♪
And lookin' like every boy or girl ♪
After 25 years, I
forget what it's like ♪
[BOTH] To do the same old shit ♪
[SINGER] On every Saturday night ♪
And all this gridlock,
gridlock, coming in hot ♪
It's got me shell-shocked ♪
Tell me why time's gotta stop ♪
Whoa ♪
Party's over, time to run it home ♪
And it's a slow burn, baby ♪
I can never ignite ♪
Till I'm already underwater ♪
Feelin' barely alive ♪

I totally forgot to mention earlier,
avoid the third stall in
the bathroom by the gym.
There's tons of splash
back in the flush.
Like, really violent stuff.
It all just jumps back up inside you.
Wow. Good to know. Good to
Yeah, don't mention
it to my dad, though.
It's kind of a sore subject.
Not his fault, though.
He's head janitor here, by
the way, so don't litter,
and you and I'll be cool.
Hey, do you know anything
about that creepy house
on Hobart Avenue?
Bat Lady's?
Wow, you're deep into
Kasselton lore already.
Yeah, she's our town boogeyman.
She only comes out at night
and she steals children
and she eats them.
And only the bad ones, though.
I'm kidding. No, it's she's not real.
It's just a house, you know?
May I escort you to the
Camel Commencement Ceremony?
Come on.
Let's do a bit of humping.

Sorry, you're gonna have to excuse me.
Principal Gorelick?
Principal Gorelick. Hey.
Yeah, no, don't you'll deafen us all.
Yeah. No, input two.
[SINGER] When it go-goes ♪
My friends go kind of crazy ♪
What do you know of crazy? ♪
Stay shy ♪
Yo, you're Myron Bolitar's kid, right?
Uh, no. Nephew.
Oh. Lit.
I'm Troy Taylor.
Varsity captain of the basketball team,
leading scorer for the past
three years, but whatever.
- [RACHEL] Hey, are you new here?
- [TROY] You play, right?
No, no, no. I don't.
Bro, you don't have to
lie. I know you play.
No, no. I used to, but I but I quit.
Usually when people say that,
that means that they suck.
- [RACHEL] Hey.
Oh, hey, babe. This is my girlfriend.
Hey, I found a new kid.
She's gonna try out for cheer.
Don't be rude, babe.
- I don't know you.
- I'm
Yeah, this is Myron Bolitar's nephew.
- What's your name again, bro?
- Mickey.
My name is Mickey. I'm new here.
Oh, my God. That's perfect.
You two can be friends.
We're such good matchmakers.
Oh. You're new here?
Yeah. [LAUGHS]
I'm Ashley.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Mickey.
- Aww, look. They're in love.
[GORELICK] Attention, students.
No, put that down.
There's no way I'm staying for this.
I've gotta run, but
are you good with him?
Yeah, I'm good.
Thanks for showing me around, Rachel.
I'll see you later, right?
3:00 p.m. on the field.
- [ASHLEY] I'll be there.
- Yeah? Okay.
You be nice to my new kid.
- [MICKEY] Yeah.
- Or else.
[GORELICK] Camels, please be seated.
[LAUGHS] "Or else."
[GORELICK] We'll start the
assembly in five minutes.
[ASHLEY] Do you want to go sit down?
[MICKEY] Yeah, sure.
Lead the way.

[ASHLEY] Look at her.
Isn't she gorgeous?
Yeah, she's definitely a locker.
Oh, someone left you some wall art.

[LAUGHS] A hippo?
What? It's cute, right?
I know it sounds kind of lame,
but this is my first locker.
Oh, excuse me. Are you Mickey Bolitar?
Yes. Hi. Nice to meet
you. What's your name?
I'm Mrs. Friedman.
Your father, Brad, was in my
class when he was your age.
And he was the most
brilliant, sweet soul.
It's a tragic loss. I'm very sorry.
Now, I have you in my class
tomorrow, fourth period.
And I look forward to seeing you then.
[ASHLEY] Fourth period,
European history,
Mrs. Friedman.
We're in the same class.
I'm really sorry about your dad.
Mine died too, four years ago.
It still doesn't feel real.
I'm sorry. It it sucks.
Hey, it's the first day.
We can't be the mopey new
kids with the dead dads.
Are you doing anything later?
- Like like, tonight later?
- [ASHLEY] Yeah.
I was thinking maybe we could
go to a diner or something.
Yeah, um, that that's cool.
How's, like, 6:00?
6:00 is good.
Yeah, I think I'm
good I'm good at 6:00.
You know what else is good, though?
- Your phone number.
[SINGER] Saw he was nervous,
I thought it was cute ♪
Till I found out that
his mom made the food ♪
It was good, though ♪
Boy number two had a beautiful face ♪
I highly agreed to go
back to his place ♪
We go up, wind, grab, look.
[SINGER] She was sweet, though ♪
I've been on this ride ♪
This roller coaster's a carousel ♪
And I'm getting nowhere ♪
Boys around the world ♪
- I want to believe ♪
That when you chase a girl ♪
It's not just hunting season ♪
"I can see the future" ♪
Say it like you mean it ♪
"I got a beach house in Malibu ♪
And I'm probably gonna
hurt your feelings " ♪
Yay! Okay, I'm gonna need you
to stop staring at your boyfriend.
Have you checked in yet?
[ASHLEY] Not yet.
Well, come on, girl. Let's go. Hustle.
Come on, hustle.
[SINGER] Told me he loved
me the very first night ♪

[PLAYER] Let's go, baby.
Right here. Get it in.
Watch your side, watch your side.
- [PLAYER] Good shot.
- [PLAYER] On three.
[PLAYER] Good shot, Troy.
[PLAYER] From downtown, from downtown!
[PLAYER] Tighten it up, tighten it up.
[PLAYER] Pass it
through. Pass it through.
[TROY] 10-0, us.
[UNDERCLASSMAN] This isn't fair.
You want to switch up the teams a bit?
No, bro. We gotta work on our plays.
You know, new game, our ball.
to go to the bathroom.
Yo, stop being a puss.
[UNDERCLASSMAN] Troy, really, I do.
Yo, Bolitar, you want to jump in?
Nah, I'm good.
[TROY] I mean, if you don't want to.
[P-LO] P-P-P-LO, time
to bring the bass back ♪
No, I'm in.
[P-LO] First off, let me say ♪
I'm just out here
getting money every day ♪
I'm just out here, got
'em sour, lemonade ♪
That was a foul.
[TROY] Bolitar, you calling that a foul?
No, let's keep going.
[P-LO] Where the bad bitches at? ♪
Let me see some ♪
Go ahead, make it poke ♪
Like a speed bump ♪
Yeah, I'm really from the soil ♪
Like a tree trunk ♪
If you thinkin' that I need you ♪
Bitches ask me, "Please" ♪
I got no time to hang ♪
Like bitch, I need cheese ♪
I'm too sauced, I can
bounce back from a loss ♪
I'm just trying to
get my point across ♪
Yeah, I'm too sauced, I
can bounce back from a loss ♪
I'm just trying to
get my point across ♪
[UNDERCLASSMAN] Go, new kid!
Weren't you taking a shit or something?

[P-LO] I'm going off ♪
Three, two, one ♪
I'm going off ♪

I'm going three, two, one ♪

[PLAYER] Whoa!
Oops. Sorry.
Hey, that's a cheap shot.
[TROY] Nah, that's game.
Good try, Bolitar. Maybe next time.
Come on. Come on. There we go.
Now I know why you didn't
go out for the team.
I mean, that'd be like LeBron
playing with the third-graders.
Basketball's crazy, man.
So are you in one of
those fancy AAU leagues?
No, I don't play anymore.
At all?
Stopped liking it.
- You good?
- Yeah. No, I'm good.
That's the sound I make
when somebody tells me a lie, Mickey.
Excuse me?
You love basketball.
I can tell.
It's kind of like me with corduroy.
I'm like a fucking teddy bear.
I mean, like, somebody stuff me!
I I used to love basketball.
I just stopped.
Basketball is what I used to
do with my dad, you know, and
the whole reason why
we moved back stateside was
so I could play in a high school team,
get recruited, play D1, you know, and
and then my dad died and I
feel like if I never played
Hey. Hey.
None of that's your fault. Okay, Mickey?
Kind of is, though.
Have to go get my things.
[ARTHUR] Yeah, okay.
You do that.


[SINGER] After 25 years,
I forget what it's like ♪
To do the same old shit ♪
On every Saturday night ♪
And all this gridlock, gridlock ♪
Comin' in hot ♪
Got me shell-shocked ♪
Tell me why time's gotta stop ♪
Whoa ♪
Party's over, time to run it home ♪
And it's a slow burn, baby ♪
I can never ignite ♪
Till I'm already underwater ♪
Feeling barely alive ♪
Whoa ♪
I don't know if I can let it go ♪
When collisions are all I know ♪

Counting all the drivers
not looking at the road ♪
MAGA sticker on the
back of Japanese cars ♪
Buddy, I'm just as
confused as you ♪

[BAT LADY] There he is.
Look at you.
You've grown a lot, Mickey.
How do you know my name?
[BAT LADY] Listen to me carefully.
Your father
your father is not dead.
He's very much alive.
Believe me.

No! No!
No, no, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no. Oh!
No, please. Wait.
Please, please.
[EMA] Hey.
What are you doing?
Do you live here?
Does it look like I live here?
[MICKEY] I'm sorry, I just
I just saw an old lady
with, like, long, gray hair.
Oh, the Bat Lady.
She show you her fangs too?
- What?
- [EMA] Who put you up to this?
Is it Troy and his Cro-Magnon posse?
I literally have no idea what
You know what, never mind.
I literally I don't care.
Try picking a less cliché
target next time, okay,
and get a fucking life.

[SINGER] Sunday
morning, flowers bloom ♪
Sunday morning, sun shows through ♪
I'm dreaming ♪
On a Sunday morning ♪
[SINGER] Don't you know
it's been a long time ♪
Since you've been seeing me here? ♪


[BOB] He's an adolescent
who just lost his father.
He hates everything.
[SHIRA] Yeah, including
Eggos, Pop Tarts,
and every desperate thing
that I have done to try
and connect with him.
You know, this isn't what they
say would happen in the books.
[BOB] Because the books are useless.
Teens can sniff out
the self-help lingo a mile away.
Ugh, good Lord.
You are a worse therapist
than you were a husband.
Oh, hold on. I gotta go.
Hey, hey, hey, don't ignore me.
[MICKEY] Did you call?
My mom. Can I see my mom?
Not anytime soon.
Great. I bet you're thrilled.
[SHIRA] Why would you even say that?
Come on. Because you hate my mom.
That's not true.
- Okay, Shira.
- Don't "Okay, Shira" me.
You're the reason he's dead!
If it hadn't been for
you not wanting my dad
to be with my mom so much,
we wouldn't have moved overseas,
we wouldn't have come back to LA,
and we wouldn't have been in that SUV
and he'd be right here
right now instead of

He's very much alive.
Believe me.
Where are you going?
Fucking fuck!
[MICKEY] Hey, I know you're in there!
Open up!
How do you know about my dad, huh?
- How'd you know that?
Open this fucking door!
Open it up!
Open this door!
[TAYLOR] Put your
hands up and don't move.
What the hell do you
think you're doing, huh?
It's private property, you know.
You're trespassing.
You're making a hell of a racket.
Get over here.

Am I under arrest?
You want to be?
No, sir.
[TAYLOR] Where are you from?
Here, Kasselton.
Impossible. I know every kid in town.
I just moved here.
- [TAYLOR] What's your name?
- Mickey.
- Mickey what?
- [MICKEY] Bolitar.
You don't look like a Bolitar.
I look like my mom.
Why don't we get in the squad car, son?
I can walk. I live
just around the corner.
Oh, I know where you live.
But we're not going there right now.

Bolitar, let's move.

[TAYLOR] Lean on him a little bit.
Make him sweat.
[SECRETARY] Kasselton Police
Department, how can I help you?
I heard you moved back.
[SHIRA] It's temporary.
Seriously, Ken?
He was trespassing.
[SHIRA] By knocking on a door?
The neighbors reported
suspicious activity.
"Suspicious activity."
You sure that had nothing to do
with my nephew's physical appearance?
[TAYLOR] No clue what
you're talking about,
but I can charge him.
Trespassing, disturbing the peace.
And I can prosecute for
harassment with a racial bias.
We both know you don't
want to go there with me.
Now take those off of him.
You haven't changed at all, huh?
I've decided to release
your nephew tonight
but with a warning.
By the way,
he was at the house on Hobart Avenue.
Not such a smart-mouth now, huh?
Get out of my station. I
don't want to see you again.
What were you doing at that house?
You know about Bat Lady?
[CHUCKLES] Of course.
An urban myth so kids
don't stay out after dark.
You're the new kid.
Did someone dare you to go inside?
What? No, no.
Well, then why did you
wait, wait, wait.
Did your father tell you?
Tell me what?
About the time he went
into Bat Lady's house?
I mean, he must have been about,
I don't know, nine or ten.
And this kid in town,
Dylan Shakes, vanished
after a little league game at
What do you mean, vanished?
Never seen again.
Anyway, kids started making up stories
that Bat Lady ate poor Dylan Shakes.
And it scared the crap
out of every kid in town,
including your dad.
You going in there or you
gonna be a little baby?
[SHIRA] And one day, these older kids
and they were bullies, really
dared him to go knock
on Bat Lady's door.
[BULLY] Go in there!
[SHIRA] And it must have been unlocked,
because it swung open.
And when Brad went inside,
the door shut behind him.
After a long wait,
one of the bullies started
pounding on the door.
They thought that Brad was
gonna be the next Dylan Shakes.
Then what?
I mean, he came out eventually, but
I know this sounds weird,
but your father was
never quite the same.

[BRAD] Hi, Shira. It's Brad.
We are back in the States.
I can't I can't
really say much right now,
but you are the only one that I trust.
And if anything happens to Kitty and I,
just please look out for Mickey, okay?

[BRAD] Shira!
- Brad?
- [BRAD] Shira! Shira!
- Brad?
- [BRAD] Shira!
Open up!
I'm so sorry, Brad!
I'm so, so sorry!
[VOICE CRACKING] I'm so sorry.

[TROY] Heard you met my dad last night.
Oh, yeah, pretty nice guy.
You kind of piss me off, man.
Buck, what about this guy pisses me off?
Probs his face.
Hey Buck, did you know that koalas have
the smallest brain-to-body ratio
of all animals?
- I don't care
- Yeah?
- [BUCK] freak.
- Oh, sorry.
I just thought you'd
probably want to know
about your competition.
Oh. What?
I think he's calling you dumb, bro.
[CHUCKLES] Say it again.
- Did you know that
- [BUCK] Say that shit again.
Say it again!
What the oh!
- What the fuck, bro?
- [TROY] Dude, come on.
[BUCK] You want to go right now?
Troy, don't hold me back right now.
- [TROY] Not worth it.
- [BUCK] Bullshit!
Don't ever touch me again.
Where did you learn that?
I did it in Salvador Bahia with my dad.
Can you teach me,
please? Can you teach me?
- I will. I can
- Okay.
- Spoon?
- Yeah.
Oh! Oh, yeah.
No, no, it's for soup and
and self-defense.
- Good, right?
- Yeah, it's good.
- Yeah.
What's your name again?
- We've talked a lot, man.
- I know. I just
- We've had many conversations.
- I forgot.
You know what, I like Spoon.
Spoon's a good nickname.
- Can you call me Spoon?
- I can call you Spoon.
[FRIEDMAN] Welcome to European history.
I'm Mrs. Friedman.
I don't teach in chronological order.
[ASHLEY] Fourth period,
European history,
Mrs. Friedman.
We're in the same class.
[FRIEDMAN] Now, can anyone tell me
who this young lady is?
Mr. Bolitar.
[CLEARS THROAT] Mr. Bolitar?
Who is she?
- Anne Frank.
- [FRIEDMAN] Correct.
Have you read her diary?
[FRIEDMAN] Well, can you
tell me where she hid?
In the attic behind
her father's business
on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam.
[FRIEDMAN] Uh-huh.
Imagine hiding in an attic for two years
before being discovered.
Anne was then taken to
Bergen-Belsen death camp
where she was killed by either
disease or something worse.
But there's no definitive
proof that she died.
There was no record of her death.
Now, this is thought to be Lizzie Sobek,
a young girl from the Lodz ghetto.
She was ripped apart from her family
and taken to Auschwitz.
But then, somehow, she escaped.
And little Lizzie Sobek
is said to have rescued
over 100 children from the death camps,
mostly on her own.
It's amazing what a young person can do
when they put their
mind to it, isn't it?
Oh yes. Yes, Ms. Caldwell.
What happened to her?
[FRIEDMAN] Oh, Lizzie Sobek
was shot by a Nazi soldier
and most believe she
died from her wounds.
But then again, there's
no definite proof.
Some believe that she
might have survived the war
and is even alive today.
Hey, I'm Mickey.
We met yesterday.
Uh, yeah, yeah. Assembly, right?
Right, yeah.
You remember that new
girl that I was with?
- Ashley?
- Yeah.
We were supposed to meet up
after cheerleading tryouts,
but she never showed up.
Maybe she changed her mind?
'Cause you see, she was
she was supposed to be in
that class, and she wasn't.
And she won't pick up any
of my phone calls or texts.
It's like she vanished.
Yeah, or, you know, maybe she's trying
to send you a message to not
not do all that, you know?
Hey, Ema.
How was your summer?
You miss me?
I'm just trying to be nice.
Maybe if you were nicer,
you wouldn't always be
sitting alone.
Do you smell something, Buck?
Whoa, chill out.
It's like it's like
[GAGS] Oh, my God, Buck.
Did you just shit your pants?
Okay, whatever, freak.
Have fun sitting alone, freak.
[STUDENT] That cannot be real!
[STUDENT] It looks so gross!
Oh, wow.
[LAUGHS] That's a lot of chocolate.
What is your deal?
I like turkey.
No. Like, why are you sitting here?
I'm not friends with
those guys, you know.
I am
they actually kind of hate me.
Okay, so who are you friends with?
No one. I'm the new kid, remember?
Just don't think that
we're gonna be friends.
Got it.
How'd you know he was gonna sit there?
Because he did it every
day last year, so
- What's your name?
- Mickey. What's yours?
- Ema.
- Ema. That's a nice name.
- Let's stop talking now.
- Okay.
I've gotta talk to you guys about this.
Business. No, I'm kidding.
First things first,
home ec room has a sewing machine.
Why did nobody ever tell us about it?
Look at this.
- [MICKEY] Oh, my God.
- I just did it.
- It's pretty sick, right?
- [MICKEY] Yeah.
Ema, come on. You like it, Ema?
- Ema, do you like it?
- [MICKEY] She likes it.
- I think she likes it.
- She likes it.
- It's pretty good.
- It's pretty good.
Wait. Hang on. Call me Spoon.
It's official. I
already texted the rents.
The rents? What?
Rents means parents, Mickey.
Wait, so why did you say
you saw Bat Lady yesterday?
I didn't say I saw the Bat Lady.
I said I saw a creepy old
lady at the Bat Lady's house.
Jesus Christ. Choose
your words carefully.
You don't want to be ageist, okay?
[MICKEY] What do you mean ageist?
What do I mean, ageist?
I'm not saying she was creepy
because she was old.
I'm saying she was creepy and old.
What did she do after opening the door?
Um, she waved at me.
- [EMA] She waved at you?
- Yep, she waved at me.
[SPOON] That was sweet of her.
Mm-hmm. [MUMBLING]
Yeah, that was really sweet of her.
- [MICKEY] Yeah.
- You seemed really shook
when I saw you on her porch.
Look, I don't know what to tell you.
You know, there was a creepy old lady
in front of Bat Lady's house,
and, you know, it was probably nothing.

- [SPOON] Hey, Mickey!
- [MICKEY] Oh, my God!
[SPOON] I thought you'd come.
We've been waiting for an hour.
Wait, what are you guys doing here?
We know that there's more to your story
than just a friendly wave.
Do you have any idea
how boring this town is?
It's so boring, Mickey.
It's not that.
[EMA] Okay, then what is it?
I got this.
Is it hug time?
No. No, no, I'm fine.
I just Bat Lady
didn't just wave at me.
She called out my name and she said
my dad was still alive.
What a twisted bitch!
No, like, seriously,
that's so fucked up!
Like, why would somebody say that?
- Are you sure she said that?
- [MICKEY] I swear.
And I know it can't be true
because I watched him die.
So are we, like, egging
her house now or
No, no. No egging houses.
I I just want answers.
Well, we need to break in now, right?

Are you sure you don't
want us to come in with you?
Yes, yes, I'm sure.
I just don't want you
guys to get in trouble.
Plus, I need scouts.
Give me your spoon, Spoon.
- What?
- Give me your spoon.
Spoon, give me your spoon.

A spoon? Are you serious?
Wow. Well, damn.

[MICKEY] Hello?
I'm Mickey Bolitar.
You called out my name the other day?
You spoke to me about my father.
[EMA] Mickey, status?
[MICKEY] Still looking.
If Bat Lady has a gun,
you know what we do, right?
- Can you not go there, Spoon?
- We fucking zig-zag.
You zig-zag and she can't aim.

How do you know my dad?
[SINGER] I don't wanna go
back to the daily routine ♪
Don't put me back in that world ♪
And I know there's
comfort in consistency ♪
And looking like every boy or girl ♪
After 25 years, I
forget what it's like ♪
To do the same old shit
on every Saturday night ♪
And all this gridlock,
gridlock, coming in hot ♪
Got me shell-shocked ♪
Tell me why time's gotta stop ♪
- Whoa ♪
[SPOON] Houston. Houston,
we have a problem.
[SPOON] Mickey. Earth to Mickey.
[EMA] Oh, my God.
Mickey, you need to get
out of there right now.
You're gonna get caught.
[MICKEY] Just a few more minutes.
Buy me time, if you can.
[WHISPERING] Shit, Mickey.

[MAN] What are you doing here?
[EMA] Whoa!
What the fuck, man?
Do you just get off
watching kids just make out?
Just gonna stand there
with your pants down?
I'm calling 911.
Oh, my God, why is your dick out?
- Dude!
- [EMA] Just put it away.
- Zip your pants up, man.
- [SPOON] Oh, my God, dude.
What the fuck?
There's a pervert in this neighborhood!
[MAN] Leave.

[ASHLEY] I'm really
sorry about your dad.
Mine died too, four years ago.
It still doesn't feel real.
[SPOON] That was my first kiss.
[EMA] What?
That was my first kiss.
[EMA] Really?
Sorry, I guess.
No, no, it's okay. No, it's okay.
You had to do it to save our lives.
Spoon, you're not gonna tell
anybody about that, okay?
You're not gonna tell Mickey.
You're not gonna sing
it in the cafeteria.
[SPOON] Mickey, you'll never
guess what just happened.
[EMA] No, no, stop!
Did you find anything?
[MICKEY] Look.
Look what I found at Bat Lady's house.
[SPOON] William the Hippo.
That's the unofficial mascot
of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
That's my third favorite
museum in New York City.
- What does it mean?
- [MICKEY] Look.
No, no, no, this is Ashley's. Look.
It has the same heart emoji stickers.
It's the same magnet.
No, no, the Met has an estimated
5.6 million visitors per,
most of whom frequent the gift shop.
That doesn't make sense.
There's no way this is a coincidence.
We were supposed to go
to a diner the other day,
and she never shows up,
and then she doesn't pick up
any of her phone calls or text messages.
It's like she's missing.
We should should we call the police?
I just broke into a
house. What am I gonna say?
Yeah, and Troy Taylor's dad hates him.
I'm just thinking maybe
she's not ghosting me.
Maybe she's in serious trouble.
We should go to her house.
I don't know what her address is.
I tried looking her up online,
but her address doesn't exist there.
Spoon, you're on that thing, right?
I'm on a lot of things.
Oh, the welcoming committee, right?
- Yes.
- Oh, just Camel
KHS Camel Counsel.
Yeah, on it.
There's a song playing on
Bat Lady's record player.
And it's the same song
that my family and I
used to listen to all the time.
Yeah. That's that's weird.
I I've got to go.
Has she always been so mysterious?
Yeah, no, there are rumors
she's got it tough at home.
I know a shortcut.

[JEWEL] People living
their lives for you ♪
On TV ♪
They say they're better than you ♪
And you agree ♪
- [OFFICER] Stop right there.
- [MICKEY] I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
My friend lives here.
I just wanna make sure
I said stop.
You seem to pop up wherever
there's trouble, Bolitar.
I'm sorry, please. I
just take it easy.
[JEWEL] Boys there
ain't nothing for free ♪
Ashley. Ashley! Ashley!
Cuff him!
[SPOON] We're her fucking
friends, motherfucker!
[TAYLOR] Cuff him!
[MICKEY] Ashley!
Get off me! Get off!
[TAYLOR] You're both under arrest.
- Ashley!
- We're her fucking friends!
Cuff him!
Ashley, are you okay? Ashley!
Mrs. Kent. Mrs. Kent. Please!
I'm a friend of Ashley's!
- Get off, please!
- [OFFICER] Quiet!
I said quiet.
Who who is Ashley?
Your daughter, Ashley, is she okay?
I don't have a daughter.


We lost Ashley.
But I will find her.
No need.
You've done enough.

[TAYLOR] We just
received an anonymous tip.
About me?
Mind if I ask what that is?

[SPOON] So Dylan Shakes goes
missing on September 8th.
that took Dylan also took Ashley?
It doesn't feel like a coincidence.
- [MICKEY] This is my fight.
I can't put you and Ema at risk.
Ashley needs us.
Your dad would want me to protect you.
[MICKEY] He was gonna tell me something.
I don't know what the hell
my parents are wrapped up in.
We're gonna dig up my father's grave.
What are we gonna find?
[MICKEY] What the hell is going on?
Can you just, like, let this go?
[MICKEY] I just want answers.
[EMA] Let's focus on Ashley.
I can't remember if I'm claustrophobic.
I'm not. I'm not claustro
I'm not claustrophobic.
[MICKEY] Hey, stop!
You have a hero complex,
and it's kind of dangerous.
[MICKEY] You know I can't walk away.
Guys, I remembered. I
actually am claustrophobic.
Isn't that funny?
Do you remember anything
else about this day?
Anything at all?
[SPOON] The butterfly
in Ashley's locker.
[MICKEY] The paramedic,
he had a butterfly tattoo.
Are you saying that the car
crash was not an accident?

I know you and Bat Lady
had something to do with
Ashley's disappearance.
[BAT LADY] Oh, you know that, do you?
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