Harley Quinn (2019) s04e10 Episode Script

Killer's Block

Give him up.
I'll never betray the man I love.
Even after he disgraced your family?
- On a podcast!
He shot my friend.
Now tell me where he is.
[SPITS] I'm an ER Nurse.
You'll have to kill me, bitch.
- I was hoping you'd say that.
Get out of our house, clown.
You don't wanna do this.
Try me.
Uh, fuck.
Bravo! Threatening children.
It's certainly a new color
of heroism for the Bat family.
I'm not in the Bat family anymore.
Hope my favorite patient's hungry.
- Three pillows?
Come on, LeAnne.
- That is some shabby service.
I said I'd call you when I'm discharged.
I thought maybe your phone was stolen.
Medical facilities are
infamous for electronics theft.
I asked for space to adjust to
being paralyzed from the waist down
and you keep filling
my room with casseroles.
Who do you think washes all these?
I assume LeAnne. Not like
she's doing anything else.
Dude, I only have four
minutes before shift change
to hack into the billing system.
So, thanks for stopping by.
I think she's on her period.
Oh, Fates, release your grasp.
Take me instead.
When I find the monster
responsible for shooting my Babsy,
these old tuna cans are going
to tear him limb from limb,
eat the very flesh from his bones,
then make a soothing
broth with his carcass
to use as a base in stews.
Then I'm going to learn
how to make a stew.
Look, I totally feel you,
and I wish I could help,
but I'm taking some me
time away from hero-ing.
My first time was in the back
of my mom's station wagon.
I did it with 20 other people.
I was the only woman.
Mine was on my wedding night.
My husband's still mad.
But you never forget your
first corporate takedown.
To Ivy.
- Aw, thanks.
But, you know, it still
feels very unresolved.
Like Like, nothing's changed.
Honey, we're trying to get paid.
On to more pressing topics,
- Lex's birthday party on the moon.
You Lex as in Lex Luthor or
He's turning 40 for the 16th time.
Guys, we just cheers-ed
to me defeating him.
Last year, he rode in on
the back of the JFK car
in Jackie's pink suit.
It was so funny.
Wait, wait, wait. With Lex gone,
we now have the ability
to create something new.
Like a Like an all-female LOD.
We could really do some
socially conscious evil.
Aw, you were serious about that?
That's why I took the
job. To make real change.
Ivy, you know how it works.
We win, we lose, we go to parties.
It's business. Don't
make it so personal.
Now, in honor of your big day,
which of these sad, flaccid businessmen
do you wanna throw spoiled fruit at?
Is this because I lied
about killing Nightwing?
See, I had to shoot
Batgirl to make up for it.
Now my comeback's double squashed.
I have 1,000 "Joker shot Batgirl"
T-shirts sitting at the printer.
I'm going to lose my deposit.
- Order up.
Oh, Harley. Come on.
We both know this is not how I die.
Right, this is gonna be
too quick with hyenas.
- I'm gonna lose the meat juice.
How many times must we do this dance?
No, no, no. I'm just debating
the perfect way to kill you
that won't offend my
friend who hates killing.
I know killer's block when I see it.
How'd you like me to hook
jumper cables up to your 'nads?
Jumper cables?
You've seen too many
shitty A24 horror movies.
- You're allergic to peanuts, right?
- [JOKER] Shellfish.
If you were bad, you
would have done it by now.
And if you were good, I'd be in jail.
So which is it, Harley?
Are you good or bad? [CHUCKLING]
Maybe I'm neither.
Maybe I'm in the middle.
You know who's in the middle?
Normies. Uggos.
That forgettable drip I
send my itemized receipts to.
You want vengeance?
- Come at me, dawg.
Oh, my business goddess needs me.
Damn. How did she even get
the camera to that angle?
[LAUGHS] Another stall.
Wait. Can I get some trail mix?
My blood sugar is crashing.
[POISON IVY] Fucking, what the dick?
All these one-percenters
and butlers of one-percenters
wouldn't know accountability if it
stopped up their golden shitters.
Are we not still happy
that you took Lex down?
I mean, it's never enough for
you moguls. You're insatiable.
[SIGHS] I didn't take him down.
He just basically relocated to the moon.
Oh, oh. You know what
makes me feel better
when I can't destroy my enemies?
Dry humping in the closet.
What are these bags?
They're from the EWBC lunches. Ugh!
Those business tote-cunts.
Is that a typo?
You know what? I have an idea.
Wanna be my plus-one to a
birthday party on the moon?
[GASPS] Do I have time to shave my legs?
Fuck it, yes! Rip out Lex's fillers
and show everyone I am
a very decisive revenger,
not a staller.
So, you Wait, you
haven't killed Joker yet?
I'm so sorry to make
your thing my thing.
Boss Bitch Level Infinity.
Okay, this one's kind of cute.
No, I know. Let's bring it.
The mother box.
My favorite means of intergalactic
travel and body part. Wink.
Harls, focus.
I can't wait to see those
EWBC turncoats' faces
when I fucking destroy
that little birthday boy.
Ivy? Oh, you've come to your senses.
Yep. That's what I've done.
And you brought your hag. Wonderful.
- Talia al Ghul.
- We've met countless times.
Smells like [SNIFFS]
- corporate espionage and Gotham Lady Perfume.
[CHUCKLES] Are we at Lex's b-day party?
You're not a guest. You're luggage.
Everyone knows if you don't kill
a hostage in the first 24 days,
it's never gonna happen. [CHUCKLES]
Ooh, good to see you, girl. [LAUGHS]
I just had my ass done
and if I pop a stitch, I'm
out of pocket for touch-ups.
Love your leash. [GIGGLES]
Did you copy it from me?
Oh. Ooh, Harley, come
join the plus-ones.
playing a little five-card stud
with your wives' purse money?
[CHUCKLING] Well, we do
like to stir up trouble
while our ladies talk shop.
You know, being an evil She-EO's
plus-one is harder than it looks.
Can't wear socks with loafers anymore.
Hmm. That must be a challenge for
those of you with feminine ankles.
[LAUGHS] Wit. You are funny.
We have been looking
for a funny plus-one.
Any of you cucks know
where I can take a wiz?
Girlfriend, no.
Guests of guests aren't
allowed to use Lex's bathrooms.
You'll need to go next door,
which requires finding a valet,
and then take a moon buggy, and then
Yeah, I'll figure it out.
So, now that you've
proven to be sound of mind,
I'd love to let you in on my plans
- for Lazaru and the Hot Springs.
We're taking anti-aging science
to the brink of legality.
Edging with the legal
system is my love language.
Still waiting on that trail mix.
I'll take baby pretzels
at this point, Jesus.
You're lucky I don't feed
you to the dark void of space.
Ugh, no ladies room on the moon.
Fucking figures.
Help me. Harley!
- Superman?
No. No photos.
Okay. Do you know where the bathroom is?
Quick! That button turns off
the kryptonite force field.
Uh I don't wanna get involved.
What? What about the hero code?
Okay, I am a neutral third
party these days, hello!
Here for the free drinks and mingling.
Oh, and, of course, to
support my bae killing Lex
due to their business, but
also personal strifes, you know.
She won't be able to
defeat Lex. [GROANS]
He's become too powerful.
Where's that over the hill hosebeast?
[EMCEE] Welcome! Our
gracious host, Lex Luthor,
has planned a night
of treats for his 40th.
We've got poppers, crypto scratch-offs,
and now, a performance by Clayface.
I planned to join in person,
but those monsters
at moon customs denied
my emotional support capybara.
[SINGING] Happy birth ♪
- 'Tis I! SuperLex Man.
He used the ozone laser to block
the sun until I was weak enough.
I'm the most powerful man alive.
Then he took me prisoner,
took my cape, drained my powers
absorbed him
physically and mentally.
and worst of all,
- he has my hair!
- I have his hair.
Oh, fuck. Ivy!
Hey, what about me? [THUDS]
Happy Birthday ♪
- To you ♪
- Ivy, how big of you to come.
Sadly, the caterers
didn't plan for crashers.
Oh, I'm not here to eat.
I'm here to kill you and then
wear your skin as a trophy.
How does it feel to be less
powerful than me in every way?
[SCOFFS] You have
always underestimated me.
I think I estimated you accurately.
- Some light compliments, a gorgeous PR team
- and you became a perfectly ineffective puppet
- Ah!
- to warm my seat at the LOD while I built this.
[GRUNTS] Oh, I I I'll
show you who's a puppet.
This is why I don't do private gigs.
I should have learned my
lesson at Cher's Easter brunch.
[VERONICA] I saw Tony
Robbins do this in Miami.
Then he ate my gooch on
the sundeck for three hours.
Oh, you think this is a party trick?
Wake up! Don't you see
how dangerous he is?
Fighting Lex at his own party?
Such a bad look.
Powerful businesswomen
take an L and move on.
I thought you would understand
that from my mentoring.
Lose my number and my real number.
Screw this. I don't need friends.
I I'm a powerful businesswoman.
Lady trees, socially
conscious evil, splashy words.
But ultimately, you accomplish nothing.
Nobody pins Ivy in the corner.
I get better workouts digesting dairy.
This is so embarrassing.
I just feel like nobody [SIGHS]
Nobody takes me seriously.
It It's almost like you can't
change the system from the inside.
We both tried and look what happened.
Wow, you really went through
it with the plus-ones, huh?
I actually meant the Bat family.
Screw those narcs.
I mean, you work so hard.
I was basically the Bat family's
hot stepmom no one trusted.
Well, that's bullshit.
And by the way, you'd
be the hottest stepmom.
Plus, you and I both know
it's the kids you can't trust.
I wonder if Princess
Ladyfingers still exists,
since, you know, we
stopped the apocalypse,
and, like, changed the
whole course of history.
We did do that, didn't we?
You know what? Fuck it.
We are so powerful.
Even if none of these
assholes can see it,
we're gonna show them anyway.
Oh, I miss seeing that
destructive glimmer in your eye.
[GASPS] Let's do this!
For our daughter, who
may or may not exist
and may or may not try to kill us.
But wait, what are we doing?
We're gonna make the
world a better place.
Now, let's go find
that dumb ozone laser.
- Gotcha, bitch. Gotcha, bitch.
Jeffrey, you are a trip.
It's funny 'cause I don't even eat cake.
- Seriously, someone take this
Every woman in STEM knows
that lasers have three functions.
The task they're designed
for, removing hair follicles,
and blowing shit the fuck up.
- And that's the function we'll be using.
Ugh, God, Batgirl will
be so great at this
breaking into the laser thing.
She loves codes and typing and shit.
Too bad she's mad at me.
- Shit.
All right. Lex is
following us. Call Batgirl.
No, no, no. Listen.
- She needs to focus on her recovery, okay?
- Besides, I can't feed into this computer obsession.
She might become one of those people
who gets addicted to her online life,
and then forgets to eat anything
but salt and vinegar chips
- and dies of scurvy.
Fucking call her, Harls.
- Fine. Ugh!
[ON PHONE] It's me,
Harley. Don't hang up.
I'm sure you're busy
eating powdered applesauce
glaring at LeAnne, but
Stop treating me like a victim.
I get enough from my dad, my doctors,
the old lady who comes in here
and thinks I'm her dead husband.
Uh Didn't know you felt
that way. But, uh, yeah.
- I'm calling you for serious world saving help.
Ivy's here. You're on speakerphone.
- Hi, Ivy.
Hi. Um, so can you, like,
hack into a moon buggy?
Easy. Hit me with the model number.
It's printed above the left bumper.
[POISON IVY] M as in motherfucker,
B as in bitch,
dash, 0, 5, 6, 7.
[HARLEY] And, listen. Take
it slow. If you can't do it
I'm in.
My buggy's busted.
destination has been rerouted.
I demand to talk to whoever's in charge.
Perhaps your male superior?
This is a one-woman operation, asshole.
Batgirl did it! We're in.
What What are you doing?
[POISON IVY] Mowing down tech, oil,
and cosmetic pharmaceutical companies
in the name of socially conscious evil.
Oh, I love the plan, very
emotionally cool, obvs,
but maybe first, let's
evacuate the buildings, huh?
I mean, do we really have to, or
I just remotely pulled all
the fire alarms in Gotham.
Okay, now you're just showing off.
Who we gonna blow up first, hot stuff?
Let's rain fire on EWBC!
Veronica Cale's company, boom!
Talia's Wayne shit, boom!
That overpriced oyster place
that isn't even good, boom!
What the zuck?
What the fuck?
- [BATGIRL ON SPEAKER] Evacuate the building immediately.
[CLAYFACE] Drats! Bankrupt again.
- Curse you, White Collar Wine.
The world needs Batman
Do it. Call Judge Chase.
Tell him his stepdaughter got an
internship at WayneTone Records.
have you out by lunch.
I love when we're in sync like this.
Yeah, like back in '53,
when Dizzy Gillespie horned
it up with Charles Mingus.
Turn that thing off.
You're gonna break the moon.
Yeah, and for my motherfucking encore,
the Legion of Kaboom!
What? Ivy, are you sure?
What about everything you've built?
I didn't build anything, Harls.
I was just part of the problem.
the building immediately.
So do we work from home now? Or
Gotcha, bitch.
Hey, this is kind of
weird for me to say,
but your occasional
willingness to help people
even while blowing the shit
out of them is inspiring to me.
Like, tote bag level-inspiring.
Aw, thanks, Ive.
But it's a real pain in
the ass being in the middle.
Baby, you're not in the middle.
You're on the outside.
And that's what I
love about you. I mean,
it's your It's your superpower.
Steppenwolf! You came?
No RSVP, no problem.
The caterers planned for crashers.
[POISON IVY] Thanks, Steppy.
No, wait!
- I thought we were business bros.
We gotta get out of here.
- Oh, shit. Hold my leash.
What What happened?
You forget your purse?
You gonna tell all the hoes in the
Justice League a normie saved you?
I always knew you were a hero.
I'm better than a hero.
I'm Harley fucking Quinn.
I started a Fortune 500
company just to commit a crime
worthy enough to land me in Blackgate.
The food is good, but not that good.
While I'm intrigued to dine at
Dominique Crenn's commissary pop-up,
- I actually did it all to be reunited with [GASPS]
Master Bruce.
Hey, Alfred. Got my own ride. Thanks.
- I'll see you at the Manor.
Oh, shitstick. Did I forget
my own birthday again?
- You and me are gonna have some fun
A24 horror movie style.
My daughter turned me on to those films.
I don't get them, but I do understand
what jumper cables can
do to a man's 'nads.
Someone just shoot me already.
Or at least take me to the
printers to pick up my T-shirts.
God, longest pee ever.
I just had to pay my respects
to the GOAT. [EXHALES]
Hey, so what's next for a
couple of outsiders like us?
I don't know.
But, we're gonna do it together.
Right, peanut?
Wow, that is messed up.
Oh, come on.
My hands weren't even in her pants yet.
I was talking about the moon.
Thanks for your help up there,
by the way. You did good.
I wouldn't be here without
you, you little nerd.
Well, I'm glad you called me.
It felt good to do something that
matters with people I care about.
Even if you did end up blowing up
half of Gotham with a laser, you B.
Fuck the rules.
F the rules indeed,
That's why I can't
stay in the Bat family.
I quit, too.
Shit, yeah, dog!
So is that why you called us out here
to the cemetery in the
middle of the night?
I thought you guys invited me here.
Mm, sorry for the
late-night theatrics, ladies.
Oh, wow. I mean, hey.
[CHUCKLES] It's you.
There you are. Where you been, girl?
I'm all right. I'm good.
I I am standing on a casket,
which is, you know, not awesome.
But I was just doing a
little light grave robbing
when I stumbled on some missing
booty I thought my interest you.
Someone dug up Nightwing.
And they left the custom casket?
[WHISPERING] That was very expensive.
Selina, I'm sorry. Are
you looking out for us?
Aren't you supposed to be
on some art heist in Monaco?
Maybe the call of the Gotham City
sirens was just too seductive.
Pinch my fucking nips!
The Gotham City Sirens
is a good nickname for us.
Well, I I don't know if it's,
like, better than the Cobb squad,
- but, yeah, you know
Um, what about the birds of prey?
- No.
- I'm not a bird, you know what I mean?
- There's no flying, really.
- None of us are even bird-themed.
Well, that settles what's next.
The Gotham City Sirens are gonna
find out who stole Nightwing.
I mean, we'll obviously
take the weekend off.
What's the worst thing that can happen?
He's already dead.
[BATGIRL] It's not that funny.
Now, Damian, don't be alarmed.
Your friend will be a
little different, but better.
Where the fuck is Harley Quinn?
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